I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 106 - 5 years ago, that accident

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Ch 106 5 years ago, that accident



Cassion infused an aura into the communication device.



Immediately, Rie’s voice came through.


It sounded warm enough that one could sense that it was a welcomed call.

“Lord Kuhn, is now a good time?”


-Yes, it’s fine. I was simply working on some paperwork.


“Can you relay a message to Prince Adoris right away?”


-What happened? Prince Adoris has never left the castle before.


“We’re having a bit of a problem.”

Ruel had told Rie that Adoris was Red Ash, so he had to explain it later.

It was such a hassle.

“For that matter, I would like to meet with Prince Adoris. An explanation will be provided after this issue is resolved. Can you arrange it?”


-Yes, I can. What should I tell him?


“Just let him know that I would like to meet with him at the Lumina Family today.”


-That’s easy enough. Is there anything else I can assist you with?


“That’s sufficient. Thank you, I’ll take my leave now.”


Ruel ended the communication and called the next person.

“Contact Corrence Lumina.”



As soon as the communication device light came on, Ruel opened his mouth.




-L-lord Setiria, what happened…?


Corrence’ voice trembled, perhaps because he was nervous.


“His Highness Adoris will come to your house, so prepare yourself.”


-… Pardon?


With a gesture from Ruel, Cassion ended the communication.

“Who should we contact next?”



Ruel inhaled breath and stroked Leo’s stomach, who had just fallen asleep.


* * *


On a dark night with the full moon rising, a carriage adorned with the crest of the Prios family came to a stop in front of the Lumina Family mansion. The rain drizzled down, and the head of the Prios family, Ketlan, holding an umbrella, was followed by two attendants donning flipped cloaks.


“Welcome. I came out because I was worried about the rain,” Corrence greeted them at the front gate.


“Thank you for the escort. Has His Highness Adoris arrived?” Ketlan asked.


Glancing behind him, Corrence quickly replied, “He has already arrived.”


“We should hurry, then.”

The group swiftly moved forward.


* * *


Corrence and Ketlan stopped in front of a room, their gaze fixed on a young boy.

“I’ve never been here, you’ll have to keep that in mind.” Ruel said, removing his cloak, his gaze lingering on Corrence.


Ketlan answered with a smile, and Corrence, slightly taken aback by Ruel’s scrutinizing gaze, replied hesitantly, “Understood.”


Ruel handed over the cloak to Cassion, received his cane, and entered the room.

Adoris watched Ruel approach with a sidelong glance.


“Your Highness, please forgive my impoliteness.”

Contrary to his words of apology, a smile spread across Ruel’s face.


“Are you now unwilling to even feign expressions?” Adoris chuckled as if finding it absurd.


—Amazing! Every room is different!

As soon as they entered the room, Leo darted off, while Ruel strolled leisurely. Through Cassion, Ruel was informed that no suspicious individuals were following them.


“Since Your Highness set the stage last time, allow me to make it today,” Ruel said, even without Adoris’s permission, as he took a seat and inhaled Breath.


After taking a look at Leo, who was moving around, he smiled at Adoris, who had a disgruntled face.

“Is Your Highness’s request from before still the same?”

Adoris’s brows furrowed.


“You know that things have changed since Banios declared his ascension to the throne. Did you call me here to make fun of me?”


“I will protect His Highness Banios.”

Ruel’s smile showed arrogance.

“As a bonus, I will also help you deal with the Red Ash hidden in the royal family.”


“What are you up to now?” Adoris glared at Ruel, unable to believe his ears. Could his reaction be any different from that at the banquet?


“I received the hint you furnished me well with,” Ruel said, causing Adoris’s eyes to widen.


“I am also very grateful for your protection,” Ruel reached out his hand to Adoris.


Though it was an audacious gesture, Adoris couldn’t blame him for it.

“I’ve only given you a single clue. How did you know?” 


“I will skip the complicated explanation. After all, Your Highness isn’t interested in that,” Ruel replied.


“So, are you trying to give me what you presented earlier?” Adoris asked.


“Yes, that’s correct. But, of course, it won’t be given freely. First, tell me what you would like in return,” Ruel said.


“That’s right.”

Adoris held out his hand and clenched his fist.


“I believe the reason you entered the Red Ash was related to my past.”


“That’s right.”


“And the reason you helped me was not due to personal conscience or any other reason, correct?”


“That, too, is correct.”


“Regardless of the reason, you’ve helped me, so I will add one more thing. At least this way, I can repay the favor.”


Ruel waved his outstretched hand. “I can’t hold it for long. My arm hurts.”


“You haven’t forgotten to mention what you wanted,” Adoris said.


“It’s a cliché, but since you insist on hearing it, I’ll tell you,” Ruel chuckled.


“Please tell me everything you saw five years ago. I’m a little free today.”

The carriage Ruel was riding in was first sent back to Setiria along with Aris, Noah, and the knights.

Officially, Ruel has returned to Setiria.


“Ah, have you ever shared a Mana Oath with an enemy before?”


“There is.”

Ruel’s expression was slightly crumpled.

“It’s not something you need to worry about. The oath I made was to give away one of the royal treasures demanded by the Red Ash when I become king.”


“Red Ash doesn’t do anything meaningless. Why is there a prerequisite of ‘if you become king’?”


“I don’t know what it is like in other countries, but only the king is qualified to enter the royal treasure trove.”

It was a nice thing to hear.

‘So you’re obsessed with the throne?’

Adoris held Ruel’s hand.

A non-binding contract was concluded.


“We won’t make oaths that benefit each other. You and I must continue to be enemies, even if it means deceiving the eyes of the Red Ash. Isn’t that right?” 


“You’re truly a fearsome person.”


“What are you talking about?” Ruel looked at Adoris with an innocent face that watched Adoris’ expression crumpled even more.


“Seeing how far you’ve come with just one hint I gave you, you truly are a frightening individual.”


—No, Ruel is not scary! Ruel is a kind person that humans don’t know about!

Leo, who had been circling around, suddenly jumped and playfully growled at Adoris’s feet.


Ruel chuckled at the sight. It seemed he was unintentionally mocking Adoris as his brow furrowed even deeper.

Ruel had no intention of clearing up that misunderstanding.

“It’s a hint you gave me to understand, so shouldn’t I notice it?”


“First, let me state my position: I have no interest in the throne.”


“Yes, those are kind words. Then, how about we have a conversation while enjoying some snacks? My mouth feels a bit empty,” Ruel suggested, dismissing the topic of the throne as if it were a trivial matter.


‘He has no interest in the throne?’ Adoris continued to scrutinize Ruel with a subtle expression.


Knock. Knock.


“This is Cassion.”

Ruel found Cassion’s voice to be incredibly welcoming. It was perfect timing.

Seeing Adoris’ wary eyes, Ruel leaned back on the sofa and said.

“You don’t need to be on guard, he’s my butler. By any chance, does Your Highness enjoy macarons?”


“I eat them, but not to the extent of seeking it out.”

Adoris answered with a stern face.


Naturally, Ruel was taking the lead in the conversation. It was easy to forget that they were inside the Lumina mansion. The owner of the estate, Corrence, couldn’t even enter. Ruel Setiria had already taken full control of him.


At first, Adoris casually mentioned that Ruel was scary, but now that he saw him like this, he truly was a terrifying person.


‘…Could it be that Lord Kuhn has also been won over by Ruel Setiria?’


“Don’t be nervous. I keep my promises. I have even exchanged an oath with His Highness Banios not to betray each other.”


Only then did Adoris relax a little and take a deep breath.


“Do you perhaps have your sights set on the throne?” Adoris asked.


“Why would I have my sights set on the throne?” Ruel countered, leaving Adoris speechless.


“I am satisfied with Setiria. Anything more than that would honestly be too much.”


It was a laughable remark. Based on what he had seen of Ruel so far, he was someone who could aim for more.


When he said that he had made an oath with Banios, Adoris decided to believe him and did not mention anything more.

“Your Highness, may I bring my servant inside for now?”


“Very well,” Adoris granted permission.

Only after receiving Adoris’s approval did Ruel bring Cassion inside. The tray was filled not only with macarons but also with savory meat pies, cookies, and apple tea.


—This body likes apple tea! This body likes sweet things too!


Leo immediately ran to Cassion and circled around him.

—This body… Hup! This body can’t eat right now. This body cannot eat… Ruel.


Leo’s tail, which had been gently moving, stopped.

Leo stood in place and looked up at Ruel.

This was not something Ruel himself could do anything about.

Initially, he told Cassion to be quiet, but it was Leo who insisted on following him.


—No. This body can endure.


Cassion bowed and went outside. Surprisingly, he closed the door slowly.

‘He’s taking care of Leo more than I thought.’


However, to his disappointment, Leo didn’t go outside. He stayed there, looking at Ruel while drooling.


“Please have some,” Ruel recommended the snacks to Adoris.


Adoris picked up a fork but hesitated. Seeing this, Ruel grabbed a piece of the meat pie with a hand and took a bite.




As expected, it felt good to have something to know on. It was only then that Adoris’s hand started moving.


“I’m ready to listen. Please tell me now.”


“… I’ll let you know,” Adoris slowly spoke, his expression cautious, as if opening a tightly sealed box.


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