I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 109 - To firmly brace

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“… Ruel-nim! Are you okay!”


“Huh… !”

Ruel panting and opened his eyes.

“Breathe slowly.”


While listening to Cassion’s words, Ruel inhaled Breath.

As Ruel’ breathing gradually returned, he saw Fran and Tierra who were greatly relieved.

‘… Why is she here?’

She checked Ruel’s eyes by shining a light on him, checked his pulse, and went through various checks.

“Everything is fine. But just in case, I’ll give you a tranquilizer.”


Fran held out her hand and Tierra quickly filled the syringe with medicine.

“… what’s the matter?”

Ruel belatedly opened his mouth. His body felt strangely heavy.

He asked as Cassion frowned at him.

“You had a pretty bad seizure.”



Is it because of a dream?

Or maybe it was because he met the Great Man.

“You must be sleepy. Don’t resist it and sleep.”

Fran smiled and told him not to worry.

As soon as the tranquilizer was injected, his arm became hot.

Soon, the drowsiness came in like a wave, and his eyes closed on their own.




Ruel opened his eyes again.



With the sound of the curtain being lifted, sunlight poured onto his face.


—Ah! This body is awake!

Along with Leo’s voice, Ruel felt the soft fur on his face.

Then, the spirits started to stick to his face.

—Cassion kicked me out of bed all of a sudden. This body is angry!


It seemed like Cassion had kicked Leo out because of his seizures.

—But this body is the Great Purifier. This body waited for Cassion to open the door and sneaked in! Ahem!


Leo extended his short legs gracefully and raised his snout in a haughty manner. On top of him, the spirits hopped around energetically. It was a strangely fitting combination.


Leo received Ruel’s touch and soon curled up into Ruel’s arms.

—Yawn, this body feels a bit sleepy from waiting for Cassion to open the door, Leo murmured.


“Okay, get some sleep.”

After stroking Leo’s head a few times, he immediately heard a snoring sound.

Ruel inhaled Breath and then called Cassion.



As Cassion revealed himself, he immediately spoke up.

“Are you alright? I was a bit startled this time. Fran too…”


“I met the Great Man.”

A long sigh was heard from Cassion.

Ruel found it difficult to explain to him how he met the Great Man.

‘In my dream, I suddenly changed to a different place. Or is it all a dream… ’

Ruel bit his lip slightly.

“Fran mentioned that the seizure you experienced this time doesn’t seem to be due to an illness. Did he do something to you?”


“I think he probably touched the mark.”


“Fran briefly visited during dawn, but there was no mention of anything significant. We’ll see.”

Ruel frowned and grabbed his head.

‘Is it really all a dream?’


-Wait. Now my time has come.


‘No, it can’t be a dream. The voice is still so vivid.’

Ruel grabbed his hair tightly.


“My situation, no, things have changed in the Red Ash, they are trying to break the silence and move.”


The change in the situation of the Red Ash that Adoris had mentioned and the words of the Great Man were plausible.

We need to know whose shell the Great Man was wearing.

Ruel inhaled Breath and told Cassion of what he saw in his dream.


“I also met the King.”




The being with beautiful scales was the king.

“I think we met when I was young, but honestly, I don’t remember.”


-You are not the same child I saw before.


The king recognized that he was not Ruel Setiria.

Is that possible?




‘What were you going to say after that?’

His head was throbbing and he frowned.


“Are you in pain?” Cassion asked, concerned.

Ruel shook his head in response to Cassion’s question.

Ruel felt more annoyance than pain. 

He met the king, but he could not remember where it was.


“Ruel, you’re like an… onion. Is there nothing left? For example, if you were to say that you’re not a being of this world, I think I could believe it now.”


Cassion’s sudden words made Ruel calm his pounding heart for a moment.

“Don’t talk nonsense, but have you heard from Ketlan?”

Adoris decided to pass on information about ministers connected to the Red Ash through Ketlan.


“Not yet. Instead, a letter came from the Shio family.”

It seemed like news of Rie Kuhn meeting Ruel had reached them.


“Hand it to me.”

Cassion took a letter out of his pocket, and placed it in Ruel’s palm.


Ruel burst out laughing.

It was a letter filled with all kinds of rhetoric, but in summary, it was a scolding asking, ‘Why would you leave his daughter behind to meet someone else?’

‘What an amusing person.’


Cassion was already taking out a small desk.


“No, never mind. I’ll send a leisurely reply.”


If he’s that anxious, he should meet him.

Of course, when you’re anxious.

A suspicious smile appeared on Ruel’s face.


Cassion flinched as he put the desk back.

“Where are you going again?”


“No, I’ve been thinking about how to separate the two who are on good terms.”


“You mean Huan and Diagos?”


“Yes, they are the ones who did the same thing anyway, so they have each other’s weaknesses in their hands, like Diagos and his guild Prostone.”

Ruel smiled pleasantly.


“If I just throw a spark, wouldn’t it burn on its own?”

Of course, the hard part was obtaining that spark.

The first thing he had to do was meet Huan, but he had work to do before that.





“Let’s eat first.”

Ruel doesn’t know what time it was, but it was just around the time he was feeling peckish.




“Uncle, I’m here.”

Tyson stopped what he was doing and immediately welcomed Ruel.

“I thought you were here because the surroundings were noisy.”


“I tried to come in quietly, but I was caught by Drianna.”

As soon as Ruel came down to the basement where the magic knights resided, he ran into Drianna.


Soon, magic knights came rushing out at the sound of her voice, and Ruel was quickly surrounded by them.

They chased him to Tyson’s room causing him some trouble. 

Tyson chuckled.

“Everyone likes you, so don’t be too cold.”


“Yes, I understand.”

Ruel answered calmly.

They would be pleased to know that the research funding support has increased.


“Ru, Ruel-nim! Sorry! I greet you, Ruel-nim!” A person sitting in the corner suddenly exclaimed, and it turned out to be Aris.

He hastily bowed to Ruel, his face filled with surprise.


“Are you doing research together?”

Ruel asked, pointing to Aris.


Aris shook his head.

“No. I just came to ask a quick question.”


“That’s good, do you have a moment? Is uncle free too?”


“I’m fine. Is there anything I can help you with?” Aris asked with a confused look on his face.


Ruel shook his head.

“That’s not it.”


“Dear nephew, even if I don’t have time, I would make some.”

Tyson smiled brightly.


“After today’s meeting, I would like you to lend me an entire day. Aris, you too.”



Aris answered nervously.

What did he even call Tyson?


“I understand.”


“Then uncle, please explain each step of the process.”

The first thing that had to be built was a defense mechanism.

As Setiria was the gatekeeper, he was the first to face the enemy.

The Tonisk Empire is quiet now, but he didn’t know when or what would happen.

Ruel’s face brightened as Tyson’s expression became enthusiastic.


“The defense mechanism can now be attached to each village after a final confirmation.”


“Will Cassion do the final verification?”


“That’s right.”


‘It would be worth seeing.’

He might have to grab a bunch of pies and have a look.


“I think the warp device, in its current state, will be able to give us good news in two months. and…”

Tyson was silent for a moment.

He expressed everything unsaid with his facial expressions instead of words.

“Black water has nothing to do with it yet. I confirmed that the decay of black water briefly subsided with your mana, but the research was delayed for a while because I couldn’t confirm whether black water only works on humans.”


Tyson must be anxious because he heard from Ruel that black-blooded men do not die.

It was not clear whether black water would respond similarly to animals like humans, so it seemed that they could not even experiment hastily.


Ruel soon realized his mistake.

“Today is difficult, and I will help you tomorrow. I’m going to bring Leo too. Please check then.”


“I’m sorry.”


“No. I should have checked that fact first.”

Ruel should have expected that Tyson wouldn’t even be able to speak up for himself.

It was a waste of time.


Ruel inhaled Breath and checked the clock in Tyson’s room.

The meeting time has come to an end.

“Anyway, I’ll see you later. Aris, you too.”




During the meeting held a week ago, Ruel couldn’t attend due to an injury. However, they had given orders to each nobles to build a new wall, and distribute the already provided weapons and armor to the soldiers. Additionally, they didn’t forget to issue various minor commands, such as maintenance of dams in each village and particularly emphasizing repairs to the gates in the Sisel Village.


“Report each situation.”

He had already heard the reports on the situation in each village from Dion. However, the information given from the nobles could differ from what was presented. Therefore, Ruel listened attentively, eager to catch any discrepancies.


‘… Nothing much has changed.’


There were some minor adjustments due to the cleaning of back alleys, but it was as Dion had informed them. Ruel looked at each noble one by one and asked, “Double-check if the preparations for winter are properly done.”


“Yes, don’t worry. I will check again.”

Minart was the last to answer.

He cautiously opened his mouth, looked at Ruel.

“In a few months, won’t it be time for your coming-of-age ceremony, Lord Ruel?”


Ruel immediately noticed the way he spoke while paying close attention.

He was planning to bring up the topic of marriage again.

“I’ll dismiss it.”

At Ruel’s firm words, the other nobles, excluding Minart, looked at Ruel as if the world had collapsed.

“From now on, you are prohibited from mentioning matters related to me in future meetings, do you understand?”


“Th-then when should we inquire about your well-being?”


“Contact me directly. I will accept it any time.”



The nobles had a regretful look on their faces and quietly lowered their heads.

“I have one more thing to tell you.”

Ruel mentioned Gors and the back alleys.

This was something the nobles needed to know.


“…So we’re going to create a new village on the vacant land, and I hope you all help as much as possible.”


“Of course. We’ll definitely help, without a doubt.”


“It’s your task, Lord Ruel, so we’ll assist.”


One after another, they expressed their willingness to help, leaving Ruel slightly surprised. He had expected some opposition.

After all, back alleys were generally avoided and considered dirty by the general public.


‘What’s this? Shouldn’t there be opposition or someone trying to maintain neutrality?’


While marriage was a significant matter, it seemed much less confrontational than when the topic had come up before.


‘The other day, they explained how important marriage was to the point where his blood ran cold in his veins at the topic.’


Ruel looked at the nobles with a puzzled expression.


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