I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 114 - Deceive and be deceived

Author: CleiZz Editor: Aker and Jada


There was the sound of the door opening before Banios’ voice was heard.

“I’m sorry, did you wait long?”

Looking at his apologetic appearance, Ruel shook his head.


“No, thanks to you, I was able to take a short break, so no need to apologize.”


“It sounds like you’re directing a thorn in my side.”

Banios smiled lightly and sat down.


Soon he began fidgeting his fingers before cautiously opening his mouth.

“Did you have a good conversation with His Majesty?”


“Do you really want to be king?”


Banios’ eyes widened at Ruel’s sudden question.


“Your Highness began by saying that you would become king to protect this country from Prince Adoris. Wasn’t it simply handing me a gift when you said you would challenge the throne at the banquet?”


Ruel was serious.

After hearing about the relationship between the Royal Family and Setiria from Brans, this was something he really wanted to ask Banios.

From anyone’s perspective, the only person Brans could let inherit the throne was Banios.

Banios took a calming breath and looked at Ruel.

“I have never once taken this matter lightly.”

Banios’ voice was heavy, and his eyes were unwavering.

“I will definitely become king.”


“Good, that outlook is enough.”

Ruel smiled slightly.

“May I explain what it was like to have a conversation with His Majesty?”


“Give it a try.”




Banios paused at the stronger-than-expected remark, and Cassion quietly covered his mouth.

“Are you that angry?”


“I would like to tell you what I discussed with His Majesty, but I cannot.”


“I understand, I won’t ask any more questions.”


Ruel patted Leo with a cool expression.


“I am the main character on this stage, but in fact, I am not the real protagonist.”


What was the best way to summon all the nobles and ministers?

The simplest and most certain method.

It was the matter of deciding the next successor.

Originally, Adoris naturally had to take the throne, but Banios’ participation changed the flow.


There was sufficient reason to select a successor to prevent wars that would be waged by their children and check competitors that would arise among the nobles.

“Perhaps the stage will be set to decide on a successor. That’s why the real protagonist is me.” (Ruel)


“So why did you ask?” (Banios)


“Isn’t this the person I will support? I’m just asking to make sure I know before I dip my toe in for the last time, so I hope you’ll be lenient.” (Ruel)


Banios smiled happily.

“What could be happier than your support?”

It’s obvious.

Ruel reacted calmly and asked about the actual matter.


“What do you have to say to me?”


“It looks like I’ll be able to make an appointment with Cron, Luluan’s henchman you told me to recruit, soon. When is a good time?”

It was Banios who threw the bait, and it was Ruel’s role to grab the lure to the door.

“I’m sorry, but please postpone your appointment.”


“Didn’t you say to hurry? Or did something happen?”


“I have some work to do with Prince Adoris.”

Banios rubbed his arm with a puzzled expression.

“I heard what you were doing something with my brother, but I didn’t hear any specific details.”


“You’ll probably see it today. You might be a little, just a little surprised, so don’t panic.”

At Ruel’s suspicious smile, Banios frowned slightly between his eyebrows.

He couldn’t even guess what he was thinking.


“It’s your job, so you’ll do it right, but is it dangerous?”


“Well, you might be a little surprised.”

Ruel hesitated.

“Anyway, postpone your appointment with Cron, and in the meantime, capture his heart with your brilliant speech.”


“Is my eloquence as good as yours?”


“How can I do as well as Your Highness?”


Banios laughed out loud.

“You don’t look very good.”


“Can you tell?”


“It wasn’t noticeable, but your tongue was slicker than usual, so I wanted to bring this.”


Banios took out something and placed it on the table.


It was a piece of paper.

“Just in time, I have a gift here to brighten your mood.”


“What is?”


“See for yourself.”

Ruel immediately grabbed the paper and lifted it up.

Soon a smile appeared on Ruel’s lips.

The paper contained a statement that granted the right to trade some of the items the Royal Family needed.

“I thought this would be an appropriate gift, even though it’s not worth as much as what you’ve done for the Royal Family and the country.”

Jirie’s pleased expression was already apparent.


At the same time, the birds’ territory could naturally reach the Royal Family.

‘It will make the investigation easier.’

Ruel doesn’t know if Banios gave it to him because he knew about the birds of Setiria, or if it was pure compensation, but since he gave it to him, Ruel won’t give it back.

“I will accept it gratefully.”

Ruel entrusted the deed to Cassion.

“That’s all I have to do. If you’re free, we can talk more. If you’re busy, I can leave now.”

Ruel held his cane and rose for a moment before sitting down once more.


Ruel wanted to resolve everything that bothered him, so he asked Banios.

“Are you still awkward with Prince Adoris?”

Banios, who had been waiting to hear what he was going to say, froze for a moment.



Banios rubbed under his chin.

“To be honest, I don’t know what to do.”


“It’s not my place to interfere, but Prince Adoris cares for you a lot.”

Soon there will be two brothers instead of three, so shouldn’t they get along well with each other?


“Have you forgiven what he has done to you…?”


“The relationship between you two has nothing to do with my forgiveness.”

Ruel raised the corners of his mouth.

“How great it would be if forgiveness could end with words.”


“That’s right. That doesn’t end with words.”


“If you really feel sorry for me, you can give me gold coins to buy snacks, surprise gifts, and a lot of those items anyway.”

Banios looked at Ruel in surprise.

“Prince Huan will be watching, so I’ll head out so that no one gets suspicious.”


“L-Lord Setiria.”


“Yes, please speak.”


“That is… Is that really true?”


“Why would I tell you a lie? Please give my regards to Prince Adoris as well.”

Ruel bowed his head and went out.

Banios looked at the place he left for a long time and then belatedly laughed.


‘I’m going crazy.’

He’s not even a child, but snacks and gifts.

How funny this sounds.

Not once, but how many times have I already received his help?

What he received this time was too great.

Thanks to Ruel’s words, Banios was relieved of the heavy burden that had been weighing on his chest after hearing what Huan had done.

‘What…should I give to you?’

He had no idea what to give Ruel.

Maybe he should keep this gratitude for the rest of his life.




“Is the carriage ready?”

Cassion sighed in response to Ruel’s question.




“It’s ready. Even if Ruel-nim tells me to find diamonds in the desert, shouldn’t I search?”


“Do it in moderation before you really do it.”


Aris looked puzzled by the two peoples’ conversation.

Cassion sighs as he prepared the carriage.

Aris didn’t hear anything from Ruel and Cassion.

As soon as Aris left the castle and saw the carriage, he noticed something was strange.

It looked similar to the carriage made by Tyson, but it was not the original carriage.


Noah, who was already riding in the coach seat, also looked strangely anxious.

When Aris looked Noah in the eye, he pointed to Ruel.

‘Did Ruel-nim change it on purpose?’

Aris thought a few times before carefully speaking.

“Ruel-nim, I have something to tell you…”


“Aris, this time you get in.”

When Ruel saw Aris in confusion, he noticed that Cassion had not spoken about the matter to Aris.


“Pardon? But I have to protect Ruel-nim outside.”


“Get in.”

Ruel gave a simple command and entered the carriage.

Aris hesitated and glanced at Noah.


“Ha… let’s survive. Then I’m running away.”

Noah tightened the reins and muttered something.

Aris had no choice but to enter the carriage under Ruel’s gaze.

It wasn’t until Cassion got on the carriage that the door closed.


—This carriage is narrow. Where did the original carriage go?


“I changed it for a moment.”

Ruel answered Leo’s words and inhaled Breath.

The person that felt most uncomfortable right now was himself.

Ruel felt suffocated caught between all the cramped spirits.

He already missed Tyson’s carriage.


Knock. Knock.

Cassion knocked on the carriage wall and the carriage started.

Ruel calmly opened his mouth.





“There will be an attack.”



Aris was startled for a moment, and soon revealed a fierce look.

“I’ll be prepared.”


“No. There’s no need for that.”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about…”


“It’s a coordinated attack, so I have to take the hit this time.”


“So, did you change this carriage for this attack?”


Ruel grinned.

“That’s right. Since the attack will happen regardless, it would be nice if the carriage exploded.”



Cassion sighed.


“You’re the one who pops it, Aris.”

Ruel’s finger pointed at Aris.

Aris hesitated and then became embarrassed.


“H-how could I do something like that…” 

Aris soon clenched his fists in pain.

“I’m unable to. I can’t believe I’m attacking Ruel-nim. I will not do this even if it is Ruel-nim’s order.”

Ruel bit Breath and let out a laugh.


“Why am I asking you to attack me? What you need to attack is the carriage. Cassion will evacuate me, so you don’t have to worry.”


“Is that true?”

Only then did Aris relax his hardened face.




“Sure, then I will try to explode it properly.”

After several discussions with Prince Adoris, it was agreed that the attack would be launched when they reached Setiria.

For that purpose, they didn’t bring the two vice-captains and only a few knights.


Ruel looked at Cassion and signaled to Aris with a nod.

“Give him the device.”



What Cassion handed over to Aris was a device the size of a thumb. A red button appeared in the center.

Ruel pointed to the center button.

“If you press that button, the carriage will explode.”


“It’s not exploded with magic?”


“If you use magic, it leaves a trace.”


“Even if you use a bomb, it still leaves a trace… Ah, I understand.”

There are shadows that erase traces well, so why worry?

Aris immediately smiled.


“You should be able to recognize the signal Cassion emits.”


“Then what are you doing in the meantime, Ruel-nim?”

Aris was happy to be recognized, but there were many people who could have pushed the button.

It wasn’t something he had to do himself.

He tried to ask that, but turned it into something else.


“Are you dissatisfied with me asking you to do something I can do?”

Ruel looked at Aris carefully.


“No. I will do it.”

Aris’ smile deepened.

Ruel inhaled the Breath and answered Aris’ question.

“I have to act from here on.”

It would be strange that the carriage exploded but he remained unharmed.


Even if you’re really lucky and get moderately injured, wouldn’t it only be real if you bleed a little, have messy hair, and have torn clothes?

Aris glanced outside.

“Are you not planning on telling the knights?”


“Yes, because they really have to fight.”


“They’re not the real enemy, are they? They might get hurt.”


“Why don’t you ask who’s the real enemy?”

Ruel’s words paused for a moment and then looked at Cassion.

“Are the enemies shadows?”


“That’s right. I need to become a daily adventurer and run around completing jobs.”

Behind Ruel’s happy laughter, Cassion’s sigh was heard again.



“It’s the enemy!”

At Aris’s words, the knights simultaneously drew their swords and took an alert stance.


“They’ve grown so much.”

Ruel watched the scene from afar and spoke leisurely.


—It’s like hide and seek.

Leo giggled and was happy.


It was Cassion’s responsibility to be busy.

He caught a deer running in the forest and sprinkled blood on Ruel’s body.

Ruel frowned.

The bloody smell came up in an instant and made him feel sick.

Leo dissipated his smile and looked at Ruel restlessly.

“It’s not painful, so you don’t have to look at me like that.”


—I understand.

Leo ran around with his ears perked up again.






“Do you have to do this?”


“Yes. I have to get to this point for Prince Huan to move. He and his people are difficult to move into action.”


As Huan gained strength in the Red Ash, how anxious would he be to hear that Adoris almost succeeded in killing him?

‘You’ll definitely come running to Setiria, right?’

Ruel smirked.


“I was injured in an attack, and when Huan finds out that the assailant was Adoris, he will come to me and tell me who the culprit is. It’s a good opportunity for me to pretend that I believe in Huan, and a good opportunity for Huan to think that I really believe in him.”


“I don’t think that’s what Ruel-nim is aiming for.”


“That’s right.”


It was also an opportunity to unite the Shio family at once.

“Okay, now let’s move.”

Ruel grinned as he grabbed Breath.



The carriage Ruel was in exploded spectacularly.

It exploded from the inside.

At this incredible sight, all the knights looked towards the burning carriage.

They were filled with a deep sense of despair.


Aris shouted desperately.

Afterwards, the knights called out to Ruel in unison.


Everyone approached the carriage, leaving the enemies in front of them.


Aris gritted his teeth and calmed the knights.

“There are still enemies! I’m saving Ruel-nim!”

Aris immediately used water to put out the fire.



A coughing sound was heard from the smoke-filled area.



Aris immediately shouted and informed the knights of Ruel’s dilemma.

As Aris hurriedly removed the remains of the carriage, he saw a slightly smoky Cassion wrapping his arms around Ruel.

“Ruel-nim was injured.”

Cassion’s voice trembled slightly.

His voice was shaking as he desperately tried to hold back laughter.

He stood up while holding Ruel and located Noah.

Ruel ordered that one horse be secured before the carriage exploded.


“There’s a horse over there! It looks like Noah kept the horse!”

Aris looked around and pointed to Noah leading the horse.

His face had turned completely white.

His legs were shaking every time he walked.

Aris thought that Noah had at least left a means to protect himself, but there was nothing like that.


The carriage really exploded.

He felt like he was about to cry.

‘Damn it. If only it weren’t for the money.’


Aris ran to Noah, escorting Cassion, who was holding Ruel.

“Give me the horse.”

Noah was going to give it to him even if he didn’t ask.

Noah handed the reins to Aris as if throwing them.

At the same time, Aris slipped a gold coin to Noah.

Noah’s eyes changed.

He immediately took out his bow and shouted solemnly.

“Are you okay, Ruel-nim? I will protect this place, so go quickly!”


Cassion got on the horse with Aris’ help.

“Go first!”



Aris reacted to the attack and raised his sword to block.


Even though more than half of her face was covered, Aris recognized it as Hina.

She smiled, lowered her body, and swung her foot towards Aris’ leg.

Aris’s centered weight collapsed.

He fell backwards, but a strong wind blew from behind.

Hina stepped back, covering her face with her arms.

“No one can get ahead of us.”

Aris, who regained his balance, glared at Hina bearing a sword and a lightning bolt.

It was so good that it could not be considered as complete acting.

Her eyes smiled again.


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