I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 12 - I'm Back (6)

Author: CleiZz


As soon as the words resounded, light rose on Ganien’s sword, and Cassion disappeared.


Carbena did not try to stop them like she would’ve done. After all, there were only two people.


2 against 100. The outcome was easy to imagine.


She sat comfortably on the side, watching the current situation.


However, as time passed, the situation was progressing to a more and more unexpected result, as Carbena watched the scene her face turned pale.


Each time the two swung their blade, lives were extinguished like candles amidst a storm.


It was someone’s feet, and someone’s head that flew away.


The chasing, bloody rain turned inside out.


The two weren’t human, they were monsters.


Badumpp… Badump!


Her heart was pounding. Everything in front her has become a grotesque mess.




She couldn’t stand the disgust and threw up whatever was inside her.


“Look right. That’s what you did.”


Unlike the staggering body of Ruel, his voice was steady.


He looked like an uptight tree, unmoved by the hellish scene in front of him.


His figure was so dissimilar to herself that Carbena looked up again at him.


“You sold out Setiria and I will claim it back.”


Ruel’s words shook her heart.


It was something she wanted to deny for a long time.

Because she was under influence and with her mind far from reality, reasons was something that had abandoned her long ago.


“I didn’t sell it! I have it! I’ve got the Setiria!”


“Then, what is that?”


Ruel pointed to the dead and dying littered on the ground. Speechless Carbena clutched her skirt tight.


It was a bloodbath. The blood and body parts were scattered all over the place. The dirty sight was difficult to behold.


“You don’t have Setiria.”


“I’ve got it, I’ve got it all! I have Setiria, the protectors of this land! It will be recorded for the first time in this country!”


“You failed. You’ve mistaken to rely on drugs for Setiria.”


“Shut up, shut that mouth of yours! Shut that mouth!”

Carbena screamed as she scratched her head again and again.


“Direct bloodlines, direct bloodline, damn the main branch!”


“Tsk, is the one I’ve been talking to degraded to her state? What a waste of time.”


“Don’t look at me like that! Don’t you dare look at me with those arrogant eyes!”


Jane walked out from behind the screaming Carbena. She looked at Mineta with disgust.




And ran towards Ruel.


She brandished a dagger that was hidden under the folds of her skirt.

“It’s over if you die! Hehe, hehe!”


Ruel made a face. It was so cliche that he was worried that the laughter he was holding in would burst out.


“Why don’t you at least pretend to avoid it?”


Cassion, suddenly appeared in front of Ruel, swatted Jane away with a kick.




Jane flew away coughing, rolled several times and landed on the outermost of the training ground.


“I can’t run.”


“It’s too exhausting.”


The sound of the swinging finally stopped.


Ganien walked to Ruel side with his sword sheathed.


“……Ha, that was really boring, can’t even be called a fight.”


He sighed, longingly glanced at Cassion and quickly turned his head away.


What can he do even if he tried provoking Cassion? That guy doesn’t have any intention of competing with him.




Ganien clicked his tongue.


Ruel passed Carbena and stood in front of Mineta’s chosen servants and thugs.


“What do you guys think?”


“Save me! Save me! Please show us mercy!”


It turned into a sea of tears at once. This got Ruel.




Everyone shut up without a peep.


They knew, for the strongest person here was the one in front of them, who was likely to collapse just by pushing lightly.


“I’m going to clean up this house first today. I’m sure there are some people who feel that this is unfair.”


Many pairs of eyes had a strange look at Ruel’s equivocal remark.


“So what?”


I felt my heart drop when I said it out loud.


“Are you dissatisfied? Then come out here in front of me.”


The sound of a coughing echoed.


No one could come forward because the sound was like a bell announcing their end.


Then, a woman walked out. There was flour and sauce on her apron.


Ruel smiled..


“It’s unfair.”


She looked at Ruel, trembling but confident.




“I was called here to make a pie.”


“Is that so… What kind?”


“It was a meat pie.”




She glanced at Cassion.


“The pie he made was better than mine. So I was angry. I wanted to be personally evaluated by the Lord in the morning.”


Her face blushed as she spoke. She doesn’t even know what she is talking about.


Ruel observed her very close, her composure contesting the rest of the group who could only shed tears.


“What’s your name?”


“This is Astell.”


“I like meat pies. I’ll look forward to it. Come this way.”


Only then did Astell sink into place, perhaps she had so tensed that legs gave away at the moment of relaxation.




The crowd watched with bated breath until Cassion helped her back.


Are you really saving her life?


Ruel saw them just as they saw Astell.


There could be someone as unfair as her.


But there was no more.


Ruel turned his head away at the sight of the gathered crowd.


Astell approached Ruel safely and opened her mouth to speak.


At the same time, Ruel ordered.


“Do it.”



The calm voice of Cassion flowed over the suffocating coughing sound.


“The bodies were neatly removed, and the two women were held in strict custody. And Mineta couldn’t overcome his shame and committed suicide. Here’s the will.”


Ruel received the will helplessly.


It acknowledged Carbena and Jane’s crimes and wrote down what they had done neatly.


-… … And above all else, there are sins that I want to be forgiven for. There is only one thing they asked of us. ‘Open the door of Setiria.’ Knowing this is treason, we carry out our plan… .


It was a very good phrase. Ruel laughed hard.


One of the documents Carbena had collected was a contract.


A sneaky hand that can turn everything upside down.


It was a simple contract that said, ‘Open the door to Setiria,’ but the meaning was never simple when Setiria is the gatekeeper of the Kingdom of Leponia.


This would become a treason against the royal family and even the country.


“Cough, Cassion.”


“Stop being stubborn and I’ll just tell you the current situation. Then that’ll be it all for today. I can’t get rid of this fever.”


That night, Ruel collapsed.


I’ve been suffering for three days, like that time where I collapsed from over working. I’ve only just come to my senses today.


Cassion looked pitifully at the owner who does nothing but to roll around in his tired body.


– Report the situation.


‘That’s what you say as soon as you wake up.’


He wanted to steal that will that was in Ruel’s hand and get out of here immediately.


“The content is good.”


Ruel passed the will back to Cassion, who was pleased that he laughed.


In the first place, the will was ordered by Ruel before he passed out.




“I’m leaving. I also need to rest, I’m refusing to do anything annoying.”


“…You can get sick?”


‘Damn it.’


Cassion pointed at Ruel’s chest chuckling.


“I’m going to rest until Ruel-nim’s fever goes down.”




“What should I do?”


“Make a copy of the will and hand it over to the debtor. I’m going to meet the aristocratic debtors, so handing them to the barons will do. Ah, and say Ganien, the Blue Knight of the Cyronian Kingdom, will back it.”


Cassion waited as he knew that Ruel wasn’t finished yet.


After inhaling deeply using Breath, Ruel continued.


“Do you want to continue? If you want a small debt underneath it, write to Carbena and Jane.”




“They are no longer part of Setiria. I severed their names.”


Pretending to use scissors, Ruel laughed again.


Then, he grabbed his chest and frowned as he once more started coughing.


‘The damn body is going to be ruined……!’


After a moment of derisive laughter, Ruel raised his head.


Cassion bowed as politely as ever.


“I’ll be right back.”


As soon as the door closed, Ruel closed his eyes.


‘Lying through his teeth, he has no shame.’


Of the things he ordered, Cassion does it himself, but most of them were by the guild members.


Nevertheless, it was funny for a suave person like him would to request him to have his rest that brazen.


‘What a cheeky fella.’





Ganien came in moments after without courtesy to knock.


Ruel opened his eyes and looked at him.


“It’s too much.”


Ganien stuck his butt where Cassion sat.


“Not much.”


“Here we go.”


“Right, it’s just the beginning.”


“The Setiria has not been rebuilt yet, so I’ll shield you in the meantime. Use me to your heart’s content.”


“I’ve already used it.”


At the Ruel’s confident tone, Ganien struck me on the knee and laughed out loud.


“I’m going crazy. Did you sell me out already?”


“You never told me not to use it? It’s too late to say anything.”


“A knight never goes back on his words. You couldn’t have sold it to the wrong place, and the more your name is known, the better. That’s why I allowed it.”


Ruel asked him in a favourable tone, as he glowed like a protagonist.


“Am I still weak in your eyes?”


“It’s strange that you’re getting far from that term.”


“Then you’ll help me a lot in the future. Because you’re a knight.”


“I’ll help you as long as you don’t veer off the right track. As a close friend.”


Ruel laughed, satisfied.


Ganien was a man of his words.




He said in a heavy voice.


“Your actions are like that of a true Lord.”


It was something of an embarrassment but it didn’t feel so bad to be complimented.


“I’m a knight, so I only know how to fight. I respect the fight because it is an honor for a knight to uphold justice.”


Ganien was a man of the righteous but he was ruthless in combat.


“Your battle, it wasn’t wrong.”


That’s how much Ganien could see.


Such Ganien admitted to acknowledging Ruel’s action.


Ruel’s eyes grew hot. A lot of people died at his word.


He remembered those eyes engulfed in blood and resentment that were aimed at him.

If only he had made the wrong choice.


He was afraid to even bring up such a thought.


“Get some rest.”


Ganien turned around with a smile.




Ruel whispered as a choked whimper escaped from his chest.




The door closed and Ruel wept, silencing all noise.




“Thank you.”


Cassion bowed to Ganien.


At this Ganien quickly brushed him off.


“If that’s what you’re talking about, cut it out. I’m just saying what I truly meant.”


“That’s why I want to thank you.”


Ganien looked at Ruel’s room. As a close friend, he felt sorry for him.


Wouldn’t it have been better if his body was normal?


“He’s not used to watching people die yet.”


“That’s right.”


“Stay tuned, people like Ruel will burn their body to protect something they care about.”


Cassion sighed deeply, signaling that he knew enough.


“…… not much time left.”


“What do you mean?”


“Don’t pretend you don’t know. You know Ruel’s life is numbered.”


Cassion laughed inside.

I shut up because there was no reason to let him know that Ruel had the power to recover.


“It’s a year at the most.”


“Why do you care so much? To be honest, if this place goes under, it’s good for you.”


“Who cares if there’s a man who wants to protect this place for the rest of his life?”


“Is it because you’re a knight?”


“Yes, I made up my mind when I became one. I will only follow my code of honor.”


“That’s a very rigid way of thinking.”


Instead of answering, Ganien patted Cassion’ shoulder and walked away.


‘Everyone has their own worries.’


Cassion shook his head shaking while looking at Ruel’s room and Ganien alternately.


Knock, Knock.


“I’m coming in.”


“You’re already done……?”


Cassion pretended not to see him as he hurriedly wiped his face.


“I recharge fast.”


There was no reason to waste his time when there were many people under him that could do it.


Ruel glanced at him with an inquisitive expression.


So what if you doubt it?


Cassion sat next to Ruel with an impassive face.


“Cassion, what do you want me to do…….”


“For you to get well soon.”


“Don’t you want to claim the heirloom early?”


Isn’t life supposed to be tiring?


Cassion smiled kindly.


“It’s simple.”


“Say it. I’ll be right there.”


“Tell Minart to find out where those who originally worked in this mansion are.”


When he saw Ruel already thinking about what to do next, even though his body was still a ball of fire, he remembered what Ganien had just said.


-Watch closely. People like Ruel will burn themselves out to protect something.


‘Even if you have the strength of recovery, isn’t it useless if you burn out too fast first?’


Cassion briefly agonized between seeking the heirloom and handling his butler’s work.

Since I already gathered one, it’s okay to get the next one at a slower pace.


“No, I don’t want to.”



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