I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 16 - The Wizard Came

Author: CleiZz


Setiria served as the gateway to the Leponia Kingdom and because of its location adjacent to the Masu Forest, there were small and large barracks in every village.


When I followed the children, I checked the barracks in the center of town, so it was easy to find.

There were only two soldiers patrolling around the barracks.


‘It’s very quiet.’


“What’s going on?”


One of them saw Ruel’s party and blocked the road with a spear.


“There was a commotion at the Request Center, but they did not come to the rescue, so I came to see them.”


At that moment, the sounds of overlapping laughter of both men and women could be heard from the barracks.

The soldier was slightly perplexed and turned away.


“I’ll be ready soon to go to the barracks. For now, you guys better go back.”


“What are you talking about?”


“It’s none of your business.”


There was a strong smell of alcohol coming out of the window someone had opened.

The most vigilant time for soldiers was at night.



Ruel let out a laugh.

As I thought, this is a mess.


“Isn’t it too early to have a drinking party?”


“I told you to go back.”


“Thanks to you, I’m really going to have to root it out.”




“Tell him the Lord has come.”

Cassion brought it up politely.



The soldier suddenly turned into a gentle lamb and blinked quickly.


“Tell them.”

At Ruel’s smile and command with arrogance, the soldier rushed into the barracks.




How busy it must be since the banquet they have opened has been canceled.


Ruel said to Ganien.

“Catch everyone and tie them up.”


“Even women?”


“Of course, everyone. If they resist, you can knock them out.”


“All right, I’ll clean it up.”

Ganien strode into the barracks excitedly.




I could already hear a scream.



Ruel kicked his tongue.

This place was full of mess. Everything from big matters to small things need to be fixed. 


‘Let’s fix everything we see.’


Although money could not be obtained immediately, public security was different.

If they fix their rotten heads, it will be somewhat resolved.

After about five minutes, Cassion opened his mouth.


“You can go in now.”




I went into the barracks with Cassion.

I had them all kneel on the floor to see if they had realized their mistakes.

Everyone had a bruise on their face, apparently they were hit quite a bit.


“Who’s the captain?”

Without needing to say anything, they all looked at the same man.


“I’d like to cut them all, but I have a lot to pack, so let me put it simply. Cough, cough.”


A strange skepticism appeared in their eyes as the coughing sound followed.


It was as if they were saying, ‘The sick man should go away?’


‘Isn’t this the third time already? I want to do this better.’

But it was hard just to move Mana because of this weak body.

I can’t.


Ruel showed a pattern indicating that he was the head of the household.

Then their faces turned blue.


First, alcohol is prohibited. Drink alcohol when you take a break. If anyone sees a bottle of alcohol, you all have to take off your clothes as a solidarity responsibility. Second, it is forbidden to bring women who are not soldiers into the barracks. Do it while you rest.”


Ruel inhaled Breath and wiped away the cold sweat before bringing it up again.


Third, for longer distances when an incident occurs, soldiers should arrive in up to 10 minutes. Short distances should be dispatched within 2 minutes. Fourth, divide the village of Sisel into 4 districts, and patrol in two groups of four and send them to each district. Especially at night patrols. Fifth, of course, it is forbidden to act violently.”


Tak. Tak.

Ruel rolled his cane.

“I don’t take questions. Starting today, these rules will be effective immediately.”


They were all embarrassed of being caught today. I’m sure the buzz from the alcohol has already been blown away.


“I’m going to assign a watchman on this and ask the villagers, so don’t act recklessly. Don’t forget, this responsibility belongs to all of us.”


“I, I…! Lord! My-, My lord!”


As it was, Ruel turned around. It was a waste of time to hear excuses. When I left the barracks, the night wind brushed against my body.

Once I got rid of the things I could see, I felt relieved.


“It’s windy.”


I also had a cloak on, but Cassion still took off his cloak. I didn’t refuse and put on another cloak.

I felt a chill down my spine. It’s probably because of the cold.


Cassion asked.

“Would you like to stay here?”


“No, I’m going to the mansion. I have a guest to greet, so I’ll have to prepare for that.”


Shouldn’t he bring the knights who will wait for him?


“All right.”



At Ganien’s words, Ruel looked at him.


“Are you going to keep doing this?”

He didn’t know what he meant, but Ruel laughed playfully.


“It’s a mess, is it fun?”




Ganien blurted his words, but showed no sign of dislike.

How fun it must have been since he’s never done it as a knight.

What was better was the fact that there was more to go.

Ruel tempted him softly.


“Do you want to continue your stay here? If you do, I’ll appoint you to be in charge of making a mess.”


Ganien’s eyes shook for the first time.


Cassion looked at him with sympathy and turned to Ruel’s gaze.


“As you can see, I’ve never been off the right track as you say. It’s pretty reliable, isn’t it?”


For a moment, Ganien looked at Ruel in a state of question. No matter how hard you look at it, Ruel was far from reliable.

Rather, I think he should be receiving help from others.


“Okay, fix your words.”

Ruel admitted his mistake.


“Doesn’t it look like someone you can trust rather than trustworthy?”


“That’s right.”


Unlike a while ago, the answer came out smoothly.


‘Damn it.’

Something felt bad, but Ruel persevered and laid paving stones so that he could use Ganien more.


“So do you want to try?”


“I won’t be bored then while I’m staying here.”


“Then let’s take it as yes, let’s back. To the mansion.”


Ruel turned his back and grinned.

For a while, I was able to treat Ganien like an escort.

It was not enough to hand over hundreds of jewels, but they were free to eat because they were close friends.

‘Haha… This is free manpower.’



The carriage moved.

Blisters formed on Ruel’s feet from how much he had walked throughout the day.

Cassion took out a few bandages and an Akals from an X-Raemon-like pocket and treated it.

“I don’t think you’re used to walking yet.”


“I’ve never seen blisters form just this much.”


Even though he knew that Ganien had no intention of being sarcastic, it sounded harsh.

He himself barely walked for five years, and he was both an ordinary man and a patient.

Ganien continued to talk even though he saw the look on Ruel’s face.


“It feels strange to know how weak your body goes day by day.”




“You’re so weak physically, but you have a strong mind like a knight. There is a strong mind in a strong body. That’s what the people who hold the sword know. But you, you are different. You  take your strength for granted.”


The words grew longer and Ruel didn’t notice what Ganien was talking about.

Ganien rubbed the back of his neck for a moment and moved his mouth embarrassingly.


“I mean, you’re amazing. You’re weak, but not weak.”


“That’s a compliment, isn’t it?”


“Yes, I’m not very good with words.”


“It’s okay to call it a compliment. These are the words of a Knight of the Blue Knights, and it is an honor that will be passed down from generation to generation.”


Ruel lowered his head slightly.

Ganien’s embarrassment also subsided deeply for a while.


“Anyway, your actions are great, but I want you to move in moderation. This is my request as a close friend.”


‘How am I supposed to move more moderately?’


It was my third outing in five years.

I stayed in Sisel and the unnamed villages for a while, but it still took me about a day to get here.

Here, the word ‘moderate’ sounded similar to a voice telling you not to go out.


‘Well, there’s something that’s bothering me.’

Today alone, I collapsed and vomited blood.

I thought that because I have a lot of thoughts.


“Good word Ganien.”

Cassion finished treatment and carefully put shoes on his feet.


“I don’t think it’s not a bad thing to listen to your friends.” Cassion said. 


Ruel felt burdened by the gazes of the two.

Even Cassion, who is troubled but knows he doesn’t die, thought about whether he really moved recklessly.


“As long as I’m around, it’s fine, but have you thought about it after that? You need someone like me who’s good at it and who’s going to work for free.”


I’m getting prickly.

Ruel suddenly felt a sting in the back.

He knows I’m using him, but he lets me take advantage of him.


‘Is he the main character because he has a big heart?’


“Have you thought of anyone?”


“There is.”

I answered without hesitation.


Ganien smiled reassuringly without asking who it was.

As he came to the Kingdom of Leponia, he met many talented people.

Whether it was an accidental meeting or an approach based on the possibility, the person he took was enough to create knight squadrons.


It seems that all the talented people are all gone, but as a Leponia person, how can I just look at it? I’m gonna take everything Ganien should’ve had.


‘To live.’


Suddenly the carriage stopped. Ruel’s body shook at the same time.

In the meantime, Ruel had no choice but to put his tongue out when he saw Cassion and Ganien, who were not budging.


“I’ll go check it out.”

Ganien opened the carriage door and went outside.


‘Is the cliché showing up?’

Ruel was a little excited.

The reason the carriage suddenly stops is usually because of ignorant thieves.


“I’m sorry to barge out like this.”

A woman’s voice was heard through an open door gap.


‘Isn’t that a cliché?’


“Who is it?”

Ganien had a fierce voice.


“My name is Drianna, a disciple of the Magic Knights of Setiria.”


‘You’re a disciple of the Magic Knights of Setiria? Was there such a thing in Setiria? Of course, there was a wizard in ‘SSS-class Knight.’


Everyone had mana, but using that mana to turn it into magic was another matter, so it was a rare existence.


“Is this the carriage that the Lord is riding?”


“That’s right.”

Calling himself, Ruel opened the carriage door and looked at her.

The soles of my feet hurt to go down.


“Why are you looking for me?”


“I know it’s really rude, but could you show me the crest?”


“No, today’s minutes are up.”

If I showed the crest too much, I didn’t know if I would faint at once, dye the wagon with blood, or maybe both.


Drianna grabbed her skirt with a troubled face.


“So, what’s the matter?”

It felt like she was going home excitedly after work, so she couldn’t look good when she stopped the carriage.


“Are you really the Lord?”


“Ganien, come back. Let’s go home.”

I turned a blind eye to her rudeness even though I made time for it, but it was suspicious enough that she would come back after me. 

I was tired. My head started pounding.


“Well, I…!”


When Ganien got back on the wagon, Drianna clasped her hand in bewilderment.


“Let’s go.”

With the word that Ruel took out, the carriage started again.


“You don’t mind if you don’t hear her story? No one is dare enough to sell using the wizard’s name.”


“I have a headache.”


“Okay, I won’t ask you any more.”


Ruel smiled leaning against the wagon.

He did not know what she was approaching him for, but the basics of the deal were the fact that if someone was in a hurry they should bow their head.




Ruel opened his eyes listening to the bird chirping.

Looking around, I couldn’t see the Cassion.


‘Is it too early?’


It was cloudy looking out the window.

Ruel got up from his seat and looked at his feet. All the blisters were gone.


‘That’s the power of recovery.’


If anyone knew the power of recovery, they might point fingers right away, but anything small was good.


‘Peaceful, normal life.’

Ruel laughed as his mind wandered and pictured this enthusiastic prospect in his head.


Knock, Knock.


“Did you cough, my Lord?”

Astell’s voice was heard.

It was somewhat awkward for someone other than Cassion to take care of him.


“Come in.”

Still, Ruel sat with dignity as the Lord.


“The butler left hastily because of the guest.”




Hmm… Is there anyone who wants to see me? 

“Is the guest’s name Minart?” Ruel asked, recalling Minart.


“No. I’ve only heard that she’s a disciple Magic Knights of Setiria.”


It must have been quite urgent.

Ruel was already excited because he didn’t know what Drianna might have brought.


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