I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 20 - Knock. Did You Come to Pay Off Your Debt?

Author: CleiZz


‘Damn body!’


He recalled Ganien’s words that his bowl was large, but he could not contain it because the bowl was too weak.


‘The Archmage…’


Ruel suddenly opened his eyes with chills while swearing at his body.


“Do you know that you just tried to kill your nephew with your own hands?”


Ganien suddenly jumped at the man in anger.


Caught by the collar, he bowed his head like a sinner, and Drianna, standing next to him, could not stop him.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”


“Do you know how long Ruel fought alone, holding on to that body, while you were locked up?”

The man’s complexion simply turned pale.


“He walked for the first time in five years.”


The man looked up at Ruel, raising his bowed head.

On the face of guilt, Ruel’s face showed nothing.


“Water,” Ruel said.


Cassion got up and went outside.


“Stop it, Ganien.”

Even though it was a small sound, Ganien let go of his hand and pushed the man away.


“I’d like to talk to you.”


“… Okay.”

Ganien and Drianna went outside.


Ruel inhaled Breath with trembling hands.

The man looked at the Breath.


“That Breath… Are you not getting any rest?”


“After we finished our conversation.”

Ruel checked his breath as he returned and pointed to the chair next to him.


“Sit down.”


The man didn’t come up to me in a hurry.


“Uncle, I’m tired.”


Only then did the man rush and sit down.


He rolled his eyes around, anxious like a person sitting in a chair for the first time.


“It’s all right.”


“… But,”


“I’m alive and I’m not dead, so it’s okay.”


“I’m sorry…you’re right.”


Feeling like he’s not referring to this one, Ruel asked.


“What do you mean?”




For a moment, Ruel noticed.


A man named Ruel’s uncle had a great deal of guilt on him.

It was roughly expected.

Maybe he could have saved Ruel’s parents, but he couldn’t save them, and he could have stopped them when Ruel was kicked out.

I wondered why, but I didn’t need to know.


“Forget about the past.”

By forgetting the past, that man could not be bound by the past.


And cover the past so that he can get his hands on the Knights of the Magic.

The man made eye contact with Ruel for the first time.


Ruel laughed when he saw the eyes of a man full of fire.

His eyes are not dead yet.


“Can you protect me this time?”


That man couldn’t protect Ruel’s parents or Ruel, but he had to protect himself.

I’ve given him a chance.

A man must hold his hand because he has lost everything.

The swollen man’s eyes turned red again.

Ruel reached out his hand.


“Let’s say hello. My name is Ruel Setiria.”


Introduce yourself.

The act of sharing names with people you meet for the first time.

Ruel completely covered the past.


The man bit his lips hard.

No matter how ugly you are, you can’t even show tears to your nephew.

“My name is Tyson Setiria.”


Ruel held his skinny hand.

“Can you protect me this time, Uncle?”

Ruel raised the same question as before. He, who was a child, had grown up with adult eyes.


In the past, Tyson was nearing the completion of his research, and everything happened so he could save no one.

He ran away like that.


If he had known, he would have run right away to study or whatever.

If it were, my brother would have been alive, and Ruel would still have the eyes of a child.

Even now, the regrets remain.



Tyson closed and opened his eyes.

He was like my son.

He almost killed such a child with his own hands.

He got down on his knees and bowed his head.


“I will protect you even if I have to give up my life.”

He made a pact of mana himself.

This was like atonement for the past and a commitment to protecting Ruel.


“It’s done. I don’t want anything grandiose like that.”

Ruel reacted sullenly.


Even if Tyson didn’t risk his life, Cassion was next to him.

Tyson laughed silently. The smile seemed somehow aloof.


“I just need you to do a few things.”


“It’s the same.”




“You say a few things, but it’s not a few things, right? It was like that when you were a kid.”


“You can’t say, ‘You can do it indefinitely.’ Cough, cough.”


Tyson stood up at Ruel’s cough.


“It’s all right.”


“What kind of disease do you have? Can you tell me…?”


Ruel was puzzled by the careful question.


“Isn’t it from childhood?”


“You were healthy when you were young. You don’t know how much my heart shrunk when I heard that you got sick and kicked out.”


‘I was healthy when I was young?’

Ruel had doubts.


Ruel Setiria, what a sick nobleman.

‘Did he get sick from when he was kicked out?’


Carbena and Mineta tried to take advantage of the bottle.

In other words, it wasn’t them who made him sick.




“You don’t believe it.”

As the long silence continued, Tyson sat down sullenly again.


“It must sound like an excuse because even after that, I didn’t look for you. However… ”


“I believe you.”

Ruel cut off the conversation, fearing it would take a long time.

Tyson smiled and moved his mouth without noticing it.


“Yes, what do you have to ask of me?”


“Come back to Setiria.”


“Will you accept me?”


“I’m not your disciple, but set aside your time to teach someone anyway. I want to ask you one thing right now.”


As Tyson looked surprised, Ruel smiled palely and said, “Now cover up the past.”


“… Yes, I’ll do that.”

Tyson clenched Ruel’s hands.


“Tell me what you need to do right now.”



Cassion brought two cups of water and a small basin.


“Show him the cookies.”


“All right.”


When Ruel rinsed his mouth with water and watered his dry mouth, Cassion took a basket out of his pocket and handed over several cookies to Tyson. Tyson’s eyes changed when he received cookies. The light was hovering in his eyes.


“Where did you get it?”


“Is there something wrong?”


“Every time, what do you call this? The power of healing or regeneration? Well, that’s what’s in it anyway.” Tyson said.


‘As expected.’

Ruel laughed.


“It’s a very small amount, but it’s great. How could you put this power into a cookie?”


“Di-d you say a small amount?”


“Yes, I need to look into it more, but if it wasn’t for trace amounts, it would have been a great discovery.”


“It worked for me.”


Excited, Tyson’s face darkened sharply.

“Did, did it work?”


“That’s right.”


“So this is… I’ll have to do more research, but the power that lies here is… It has the power of regeneration that restores it to its original state. If it’s working for you, it means you’re not in that good condition…  .”

He started talking more and more.


In the end, Ruel’s poor condition meant that Astell’s strength in the cookie was greatly exerted.


‘I feel bad, but if it works.’

Ruel ate a cookie as if he was satisfied.

He felt refreshed as soon as he ate the cookie.


‘This is the best.’


“Can’t you tell me what kind of disease you have?”


“Don’t worry, I won’t die. Anyway, I asked for it.”

Ruel got out of bed.

There was no problem getting up, even though it was a little staggering.

Cassion immediately handed over the cane to Ruel.

I wanted to lie down a little longer, but I was busy on my way.


‘I can rest later.’


Tak. Tak

Feeling a familiar touch, Ruel moved his cane.


“Rue-, Ruel…!”


“Go back to Setiria first.”


“You’re not well yet! You need to rest!”

Ignoring Tyson’s words from behind, Ruel stepped out of the room.


“Isn’t it a little too much to move already?”

Ganien leaned against the wall and asked.


“I’ll rest in the carriage. It’d be frustrating to stay here all the time.”



The door opened hard and Tyson rushed out. There was a pretty thick tingle around him.

His bloodshot eyes didn’t look normal.


‘I’m gonna have to take it off.’


Because he had lost his composure, Ruel understood his earnestness.

But it was difficult when that heart led to obsession.

He should have been fine now.


“I can’t send you out like this. If I lose you too… I am, I am…”


“Ganien, have you ever faced a wizard?”


“Of course I have.”

Ganien pulled out his sword.

His smile was already prevalent as if his body was itching for a fight.


“He’s my uncle, so please be polite.”


“I’ll do enough to get his act together.”


“Let’s go, Cassion.”

Cassion stood behind Ruel and followed him.



When Drianna, who brought the tea, saw the confrontation between Tyson and Ganien, she was startled and broke the teacup and kettle.


“Hey, what’s going on?”

Drianna asked in dismay.


“His uncle doesn’t want to let his nephew go because he cares too much.”


“… You can’t move yet!”




“Yes, yes!”


“Ganien will take care of himself, but just in case, evacuate the neighborhood. Oh, he’ll lose, so I’ll call a doctor.”


Drianna knew that the Blue Knight was famous.

However, it was embarrassing to easily declare the defeat of her master, the Knight of the Magic.

Ruel laughed. Like a man who knows everything ahead of time.


Drianna couldn’t bring it up when she saw the smile.

She just stared blankly at Ruel’s back.


“Isn’t that too much?” Cassion smiled lightly and said.


“It’s true.”


“Yes, the wizard has lost his mind, and Ganien is strong.”


“How long do you think it’ll take?”


“There’s no easier prey than a mad wizard. In my experience, I think it’ll be over in five minutes.”



To Cassion, shrugging his shoulders, Ruel smiled and headed for the carriage.

About five minutes later, Ganien got on the wagon.


“Did it take long?”

Considering the time it took to get to the carriage, it meant that it was settled in at least three minutes.


‘It’s a monster, a monster.’




“He cried.”


“Did you hit him enough to make him cry?”

Ruel asked with a grin.


Then Ganien voiced his voice as if he was falsely accused.

“No way, I just spoke politely, with a sword. I’m not good at talking.”


He must have been a huge fan.

With his occasional satisfactory face, Ruel didn’t want to hear any more of it.


“Is there any damage to the surroundings?”


“No, that’s rude.”


Isn’t it rude to beat people?

Ruel suppressed the question and leaned against the carriage.


“… I want him to know.”

That he’s busy.


“He’ll know. That’s why he cried.”

Ganien calmly frowned.

He and Cassion looked at each other with warm eyes.

It was just the expression of looking at his nephew, who was just for his uncle, with a happy expression.


It was so offensive that Ruel quietly covered my mouth.

‘… I can’t say I saw Tyson for the first time today.’

The carriage moved quietly.



Knock. Knock.


“Young master.”


“What?” The man spoke bluntly.


His blush was red, and his whole body smelled of alcohol.

The servant carefully opened the door, shrugged once, and entered the room only after confirming that the owner was not throwing a drink.

With a very nervous expression, the servant spoke to the owner who had been drunk since broad daylight.


“The Blue Knight of the Cyronian Kingdom has come to see the young master.”


“… What?” The man put down the glass he was going to drink.


“A little while ago, the Blue Knight of the Cyronian Kingdom came to see you.”



Suddenly, he laughed hysterically and the servant trembled.

Then he rolled his eyes around to avoid things that might come at any moment.


“Are you crazy?” 

The man had a straight face in an instant.


“Why would the Blue Knight come to see me?”


Although he was the eldest son of the Lumina family, he was wretched and fell behind the ranks. No one didn’t know about it. And the famous knight of the Cyronian came to find himself?

It was a really bad joke.

The man tried to throw a glass of alcohol.

If it wasn’t for the urgent word of the servant.


“And there was someone next to him.”




“I don’t know.”


In response to the servant’s answer, he shook the glass he was about to throw, shot the servant a look once, and drank.


‘Is it similar to them?’

A year ago, some strange people came to see him.

They said that if he granted them one request, they would make him the successor right away.

He kicked them out, dismissing them as crazy people.


‘The knight, the Blue Knight, came to me. With someone next to him?’

He didn’t know the answer at all. The man kicked his tongue and said. “Bring them in.”



“Come in.”

The servant opened the door politely.


“I’d like your name.”

Ruel spoke with pleasure while talking to Ganien.


For himself, Ruel couldn’t mention his name, because he had to work hard to rebuild Setiria.

The servant looked at the sickly-looking boy speaking vaguely with the Blue Knight and had his doubts.


“Could you please guide me?”

Cassion said, enjoying the gaze of the servant who looked at them here and there.


“This way please.”


As Ruel approached the room where Lumina’s eldest son, Hale Lumina, smelled strongly of alcohol.


‘He’s a nobleman who drinks all day.’


Ruel knew this sort of thing.

There was a strong feeling of a spoiled man in web novels.

As the door opened, he saw a man whose face was flushed red.

Seeing and greeting his guests was not even expected in the first place.


Even though they came, Ruel thought the three-year-old had a higher insight into drinking.

A maniac shouldn’t be treated as a normal person.

It was all wrong from beginning to end.


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