I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 21 - Knock, Did You Come to Pay Off Your Debt? (2)

Author: CleiZz


“What’s the matter?”

Hale did not even make eye contact with Ruel’s group and suddenly treated them like dirt.

The sight made the servant restless.


“Get out.” Ruel sent him away.


“Oh, I see.”


Cassion closed the door and stood in front of him.




He didn’t act like a human, so he called Hale like an animal.


“Are you…?”


Hale quickly grabbed the glass and threw it at Ruel.

However, the glass of wine, let alone the drink in the glass, did not reach Ruel.



It was Hale who rolled the floor.


Ganien grabbed the glass at the same time as he held him in.

Ganien waved his hand with a glass and introduced himself with a smile on Hale.


“Ganien Croft, the Blue Knight of the Cyronian Kingdom.”


“You don’t have to introduce yourself.”

Ruel sat in the chair where Hale sat and looked down at him.



Hale grabbed his kicked chin and looked at Ruel.

Because he had been humiliated like this by a guy who was less than a fist, his anger was boiling.


“You crazy thing!”


“You’re the one who’s crazy. Now, I’m gonna say something very important. You have to listen carefully.”

Ruel inhaled Breath and smiled at Hale.


“You lent me a lot of money to get Setiria. I don’t think it came out of your head. Who did you hear that from?”


“… What, are you from Setiria? Why, are you scared?”

Upon learning the identity of Ruel’s party, Hale began to act as if he had put aside the upper hand.


Ruel asked again.

“Who told you that?”


“I’ve had a hard time getting there. So, I’ll give you more interest.”

Hale laughed at Ruel with a scornful laugh.


Ruel also smiled at Hale, pitifully.

“Interest? Debt? You don’t know the situation yet.”


“Are you scared?”


“You touched your father’s money, and you lent it to Mineta. Minetta died of treason.”


“… What?”


“You lent money to someone who rebelled… Isn’t that very suspicious, Ganien?”


“The laws vary from country to country, but taking part in treason is obviously treason.”


Ruel laughed, perhaps pleased with Ganien’s answer.


“What, what are you talking about?” Hale asked.


“Crazy? Oh, I didn’t introduce myself. I am Ruel Setiria, the Lord of Setiria.”


Hale snapped and stopped as if time had stopped for a moment.


Even the same aristocrat knows well that there is a difference between the family head and nobility. His complexion soon turned pale, reflecting on how arrogant he had been.


Ruel ordered. “Lower your head for your lord.”


“Sir, that was only a slip of the tongue!”


Perhaps he was sober at once, Hale got up in place and bowed his head to Ruel.

“I am Hale Lumina, the eldest son of the Lumina family.”


“No, your introduction is wrong. You’re a traitor.”


Despite Ruel’s ridicule, all Hale could do was to think hard.

Didn’t he know he just stole his father’s money?

But treason. That stupid Mineta did that?

He resented his head for not working well because it was dangerous to raise the word treason recklessly.


“You wonder why I came here?”



His heart beat so fast that Hale was suffocating.


“Have you been playing well with Setiria until now? It must have been fun and has been different from the reality of being the eldest and crawling behind the ranks.”

Ruel got up from his seat.


“For-forgive me…”



Cassion took out the copied documents and put them on the table.


“Read it carefully and try it.”


The scoundrel was not a man.

The scoundrel who touched Setiria wasn’t even human.


Ruel headed to the door to the sound of a cane.


“Well, hold on a second!”

Hale’s voice calling for Ruel and his hands trembled. His body staggered.


“Forgive me!”


I kicked the weirdos out, but I made a joke out of what they alluded to.

‘Because I had nothing to lose.’


But it wasn’t true.



I still had something to lose.




The name of a nobleman.

Even that is likely to be lost.

Ruel stopped for a moment and saw Hale pouring tears and a runny nose.


“My Lord, I, I’m foolish…”


“What would you be if you lost the name of a noble? Are you penniless?”


The door closed with Ruel’s sneer, which filled the room.

Hale just collapsed.




“Are you going to finish it here?”

At Cassion’s question, Ruel freaked out.


“What do you mean, I’m gonna put a debt on it.”


If the child did something wrong, shouldn’t he go to his parents?


‘And his parents are also guilty.’


If the family head didn’t know that his son was stealing his property, he was disqualified as a family head. I’m sure he didn’t touch it on purpose because things are going well.


‘That’s the parents, that’s the son.’

If you owe me this much, you won’t have to eye on Setiria anymore.


“Ganien, I’ll have to borrow your name again.”


“I’m going to be so famous.”

Ganien laughed playfully.



“Welcome, Blue Knight. I’m familiar with your activities. You’re… “

Lumina’s Lord, Corrence Lumina, greeted Ganien with great pleasure.

Soon he turned his head and looked at Ruel and Cassion alternately, and his eyes fixed on Cassion.


‘Ha, I’m a nobody. Is this it?’

At best it was a servant’s look.


“Cough, cough.”

Ruel coughed and looked at Corrence.


He looked kind, but his son could tell him that there were thousands of needles in it.

Ruel approached Corrence first and reached out his hand.


‘Cause you did it first.’



I felt like I was going to laugh because I wanted to shout it out right away.


“Nice to meet you.”


“…what did you say?”


“Ruel Setiria, Corrence.”


For a moment, Corrence’s eyes lit up with embarrassment.

What kind of embarrassment was that Ruel had no way of knowing.


“Ruel Setiria…?”


“Excuse me.”


It seemed that it took quite a long time to get the old name out of his head, so Ruel was willing to show a broad mind.


“I’m Ruel Setiria, the Lord of Setiria.”

A boy who looked like he’s about to fall over as he’s blue and young.

Corrence couldn’t control his emotions and looked at Ganien.


“Yes. This is the Lord of Setiria, Ruel Setiria.”


“Huh, I’m sorry about this. I didn’t know if it was because the world was dark. Good to see you, Ruel.”


“That’s fine, we came here for each other today without revealing our names.”


“Come this way.”


“I’ll wait here.” This time Cassion couldn’t follow in. He was attentively out of sight.


“Wait for me.”


Ruel broached the word and followed Corrence.


“What about the tea?” 


Leading to the room, Corrence still suggested in a gracious voice.


“That’s good.”


“I’m fine, too.”


When the two refused, Corrence sent the servant out.


“Did you come to see me for something important?”


“It’s not a long story, so I’ll make it short. Your son has committed treason.”


At the end of Ruel’s words, Ganien handed out the documents from Cassion to Corrence.


“Ruel, treason! This is not something to say lightly!”


“I swear on the name of Ruel’s best friend and Blue Knight, that it is true.”


Because he sold his name at the right moment, Corrence had to get the paperwork without much fuss. There would have been no excuse to make a fuss about the fact that the Blue Knight’s words were true. As he was reading the papers, Corrence was astonished as if he had seen it for the first time and even his hands trembled.


“I’m sorry. I raised my son wrong.”



Ruel let out a ridiculous laugh.

It was so funny to see him trying to lower his crime, saying he raised his son wrong.


“Oh, I can’t, I still can’t believe it.”

The kindness disappeared from Corrence’s face, and a viper took its place.


“The family head. Isn’t it your responsibility that you didn’t even know you saw this?”


“Responsibility, that’s a good thing. Then you have to take responsibility, too.”


“If I’m guilty of raising my son wrong, I’ll gladly accept it.”


“Ganien, take out one more.”

How would you have prepared just one in front of a poisonous snake?

Ganien pulled out one more document and handed it over.


“Here’s proof that your son left your safe unattended even though he confirmed it.”

Corrence laughed.




“Also, proof that you know how your son spends his money and neglects it. Ah, your son stole it. Evidence that you put more money into the fund.”


It was him who made it, but it was Cassion who did all this.

It was obvious how overworked his guild members must have been.

Corrence’s face hardened.

He looked at Ruel as if he had seen a ghost.

The evidence that he thought had definitely been eliminated made him feel embarrassed.


“What do you want?”


“Pretend you didn’t owe me anything, and a mana contract that you will never cross Setiria again. The knight next to you will confirm.”


“Will that be all?”


“No, I need you to do one more thing. You will not retaliate against Setiria for this. Of course, with the Mana contract.”


Corrence’s lips trembled.

A vein ran down his neck, and his eyes widened.

But he persevered.

His treason was by sit-in. Isn’t it cheap for the price of his life as branch families?


He opened his mouth consoling himself.

“Okay, I’ll do it right away.”


“Very good.”

Ruel laughed spitefully as he inhaled Breath.


Corrence signed a memorandum of renunciation of debt and two mana contracts.


“Exactly both times, we signed a contract normally.”

At Ganien’s words, Ruel rose from his seat.


I didn’t want to be in a place like this anymore.

But I smiled leisurely, holding a cane like an aristocrat.


“It’s meant to be, so let’s be friends.”


At least you won’t get bitten because you’ve put a leash on a noisy crying beast.



Ruel thanked Ganien.


“You love to say thank you so much.”


The two went around the way they came.


Cassion asked, looking at Ruel’s bright face. “You must have finished it well.”


“It’s thanks to you. Thanks.”


“… Well, I’m glad it was helpful.” Cassion smiled awkwardly, as it was a little harsh to say thank you.


‘It seems like most of my guild members have been stabbed.’

At least he confirmed that he had a conscience.


Ruel has now safely crossed a bridge, but he thought that he had to somehow compensate the guild members of Cassion because he had helped him so far.


“Let’s have a meal.”

But the meal came first now.

Ruel spoke pleasantly.



When he had to eat the dishes Cassion had made outside, Ruel burst into discontent.


“If you do something wrong, you’ll really die.”

It was not until Cassion gave a fierce warning that he took a step back.


It was not good for my health to go to a place where many people go, so I got a room and started eating there. It was delicious, but I didn’t feel good, so I stared at the dishes of Ganien and Cassion.

“I envy you.”


“The food I made tastes better.”

Cassion quietly boasted of his cooking skills.


“It’s just that I feel like it.”


“Are we going straight to the Shio family?”

Ganien asked a question and immediately put a juicy steak in his mouth.


‘Oh, I’m going crazy.’

He was eating meat, but originally, other people’s rice cakes looked bigger.

T/N: Other people’s rice cakes look bigger means a person does not always seem more appealing than the things he or she does have.

He looked at the steak, putting the meat in his mouth as if it was a crisis.




“I’m not going right away.”


“Well, is there a stop somewhere?”


“There is, the Adventurer Guild.”


“Would you like to be an adventurer?”

Cassion brought it up as a joke.


It was because I thought there was no reason to go to the Adventurer Guild even though I was confident.


“How did you know?”

Ruel was a little surprised.


“… What?”


“What did you just say?”


Looking at the startled pair, Ruel raised his lips playfully.


“Are you going to be an adventurer?”


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  1. Amazing Ruel, you showed them their place. That was satisfying but that Corrence guy is still suspicious, perhaps because of his rude behavior that looked down on Ruel. Anyway Ruel becoming an adventurer is unexpected but also somehow not weird.
    Please look after your health Ruel