I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 23 - One by one (2)

Author: CleiZz


“He is 17 years old.”


“… What? Isn’t he 14 years old?”


Cassion said to Ganien as if he were pathetic.


“How did you propose they become close friends when you didn’t know his age?”


“How old is your friend? If you like that, everyone will be friends.”


Ruel looked young because he was shorter than his age.

As a butler, I work hard to feed him, but where does it all go?


‘Is the amount of recovery power consumed greater than I thought?’


Cassion thought for a moment, then headed back to the kitchen to make a snack for Ruel to feed him.


However, he felt a strong gaze from behind, so he reluctantly opened my mouth.

“If you can’t go in because you feel guilty, take a walk around. I have to pack Ruel’s snacks, so…”


“Me too.”


“Don’t you have feet? You can go downstairs and order.”


“You’re a cheap shot.”

Ganien leaned against the window, smacking his lips with regret.

It was even more regrettable that Cassion’s trust in Ruel seemed deep and he could not even come up with a proposal now.


‘… Let’s see, Ruel is 17 years old…you’re an adult next year and everything happened when you were 12?’

His face was stiff.


12 years old…

Ganien sighed deeply.






Ruel was eating a meat pie elegantly.

And with the cake cut in the other hand, he looked serious.


“You eat it, too.”


Ruel offered Aris a snack.


“I ordered extra snacks, so don’t worry about it.”


Three pieces of the cake had already fallen into Ruel’s stomach.


‘Why don’t you gain weight when you eat like that?’

Cassion was worried about Ganien’s words.


He thought about whether he should increase the amount of his overall meal, and then felt someone’s gaze and looked back.

Aris then hurriedly turned his head, holding a spoon.


“If you wait a moment, the food will be served soon.”


“Thank … you.”


Aris, who turned his head again, made eye contact.


His eyes, which he thought would be dead, were rather full of intelligence.




Cassion knew those eyes.

It was a more difficult being to kill than a swordsman, the eyes he often saw in wizards.


‘Let’s see what the owner of those eyes chooses.’


Cassion slightly raised the aura and poked Aris.



Immediately to protect the master, the mana swayed and counterattacked.

It was very fierce and brave.

It was mana with a golden hue that shone so brilliantly that it did not suit Aris, who was intimidated.


‘I don’t know if my Master is lucky or just has a good eye.’

Cassion just looked at Ruel proudly.


“What’s wrong?”

Feeling his gaze, Ruel asked Cassion.


Contrary to words, his eyes were wary of not wanting to be taken away.

The temperature difference was funny, so Cassion smiled lightly.


“It’s all right.”

When the mealtime, which was a time of happiness for both Ruel and Aris, was over, it was time to talk.


“Speak comfortably. I’ll help you. Cough, cough.”


Aris was surprised by Ruel’s coughing.


“Are you going to get sick?”


Aris felt a little burdened by Ruel’s appearance of pain that did not match the words of help he spoke. Maybe it wasn’t him who needed help, but the person in front of him.


“I’m fine, so tell me your story.”

Aris wriggled his fingers because he knew the look of enduring pain.

His heart was heavy.


At that time, Cassion handed over cocoa with plenty of chocolate.


“You can speak comfortably.”


“Help me…”

Aris said, looking at Ruel, who reached out to him for the first time.


Three years ago, Aris said he was sold to cover his uncle’s debt. The phrase ‘sold’ was used, but he did not speak ill of the farmer there, who was apparently doing quite well on the farm. 

However, a year ago, he claimed to be the debtor by forcibly stealing the farmer’s farm, and Aris had no choice but to go to him. Since then, he was forced to work in the mines and was injured and was trapped in the guild basement of Matyros as a product for human trafficking.

If it’s useless, then sell it.


Aris wriggled his fingers and said, “…they taught me how to obey. I was beaten because I didn’t obey.”


“How many people are there?”


“I don’t know, but there were a lot of people.”


In the novel, Ganien attacked the trading site.

There were also quite a few people who were captured as slaves.

But the real thing was the guild.


‘You’ve been thinking a little bit.’


Who would have thought that a place to tame slaves was built in the basement of a crowded guild?


“So what do you want? Revenge? Or do you want me to save everyone?”


“… Save me.”


“Of course, I’ll take revenge for you.”



Aris’ eyes got bigger.

His face looked as if he was looking at a Savior, so Ruel turned a blind eye to it and ate cookies.



I happen to have some business with Matyros.






“Tonight, move quietly and bring me proof. The more detailed, the better.”


“All right.”


Anything had to be rooted out at once.

Since two cases were intertwined with one person, it is a good opportunity to uproot them.

Ruel sneaked up the corners of his mouth.




“Cough, cough.”

Ruel felt pain, gripping his chest with a cough that began this morning.


‘Damn body.’


“You’re coughing a lot today.”

Cassion, who came to wake him up, quietly spoke out.


Knowing what kind of gossip would continue, Ruel hurriedly showed his palms.

Matyros was very interested in the Hand of the Wind guild, so he knew they came by.

Perhaps a spy planted inside the guild heard the deal.

It was the best timing to break in before defending something.


Cassion was preparing to raise his eyebrows and stick out a basin of wash water.

‘It would be nice if the exclusive magic handkerchief was completed.’


“It’s all right, Cough, Cough.”


“There’s no shame in being sick, Ruel-nim.”


He couldn’t even say that bullshit was bullshit, and Ruel inhaled Breath in a hurry as he came from choking.


“Well, I can’t. I’ll tell Ganien and Aris well.”

Ruel grabbed Cassion. His hands were always skinny.


I fed him like that yesterday, but it’s the same.



Every time he breathed, the breathing became harsh, but Ruel laughed.


“…it stopped.”


“Ruel-nim, you don’t look very well today.”


To prove it, Ruel inhaled Breath once more.


“I’ll take care of myself on your behalf. It’s easy to come back with a will and a head cut.”


“Get ready.”


‘That stubbornness.’

Cassion sighed loudly.

Preparing to wash his face, he looked at Ruel.

Ruel’s breathing was more stable than before.

But his cheeks were a little red.


Occasionally he frowned as he felt pain in his body.

‘It’s not good.’


Today, I was going to pay close attention to Ruel. All you have to do is force yourself to sleep.

“Cassion, you have work to do.”

Cassion’s hand stopped.


“I’ll meet with the Ganien and the Barons, and you’ll start with the trading place and save the people trapped under the guild.”


“Isn’t this something Ganien can do?”


Of course, as Cassion said, it was something Ganien could do.

But I don’t want to lose them to Ganien.


Because there were a lot of people who were sold instead of debt, mainly because they did tough work, their basic physical strength was much higher than that of ordinary people, and strangely, there were quite a few people who had a talent for magic… as was written in the novel.


I was thinking of making them official Setirians.


People tend to lean toward the person who saved them rather than the person who made the rescue plan. I didn’t want them to be taken away. Because Setiria lacks talent.


“I’m asking you because I trust you more.”


“It’s not a request, it’s an order.”


“That, that’s it.

Ruel said sourly. I heard a slight sigh.


“You have to take care of yourself.”




“Don’t listen half-heartedly, and you’re not feeling well today.”


“I know.”


I knew that I was in a bad condition more than anyone else.


“I’ll be careful.”



Ruel bought a shield-shaped necklace before stopping by the Baron’s house.

As he had to gain the upper hand from the start, he prepared to bury himself in the name of the Blue Knight.


“What’s wrong?”

Ruel slowly felt burdened by Ganien’s constant gaze at him.


“No, by the way, is that it?”

Obviously, Cassion must have asked him to take a good look at him.



Ruel nodded, covering his mouth.

I’ve been coughing a lot since morning.

I felt a little impatient because I was nervous for no reason.

The evidence Cassion had gathered was well kept in Ganien’s arms, and now it was enough to drag enough time to catch Matyros so he wouldn’t run away.


‘But I’m still worried about something.’

Ruel inhaled Breath and looked at the sumptuous mansion.

And he smirked.


‘I’d be able to afford the debt if I sold that mansion. You can’t give up, can you?’


“Please reveal your identity.”

The soldier blocked Ruel’s party.


Ganien showed me his necklace and said, “I am a Blue Knight from the Cyronian Kingdom.”


The soldier was so nervous that he lowered his spear at the sound of a Blue Knight while staring at his necklace.


Ruel showed the necklace he bought a little while ago.

“I’m from Setiria.”

Arrogant voice and shield patterns.


The soldier undoubtedly bowed to the two men as he looked at the blue knight.

“Si-r, excuse me! I’ll report to Mr. Matyros right now!”


Thanks to the name Blue Knight, the necklace bought with 10 fairy tales passed lightly.

Ganien sneaked a thumbs-up at Ruel.

He really went through without even examining it properly.


“… You know?”


Ruel smiled arrogantly.



What Ruel asked for was simple.

Hold on to the weight. To protect yourself.

After a while, the soldier who had gone inside jumped in.


“Please come inside.”

The door opened.


Ruel was pleased to inhale Breath.

When the soldier guided him to the entrance of the mansion, a man who appeared to be Matyros approached the party, greeting the servant.


“Nice to meet you, Nobleman. Knight of the Blue.”


For the first time in his life, Ruel had goosebumps.


‘What a noble man.’


“This humble man is Matyros Henya.”

Greeting politely, Ruel didn’t miss the look at him.


“Nice to meet you, let me know if I have something to say rather than an introduction.”


“All right.”


There was no reason to introduce him because he was the one who would not see him today anyway. Matyros led them into the room without a murmur, as his status was previously confirmed.


“Which tea do you want me to bring?”


“Oh, get me some Akal tea.”


I usually wouldn’t drink it, but I had to wait until the promised time, so I remembered the tea Cassion gave me.


“What would you like, then, sir?”


“I’m good.”


“All right.”

Matyros asked the servant for tea and sat down again.


Ruel began to use his tongue to ease the tense atmosphere.

“You must have been very surprised by the sudden arrival.”


“No, the Noble has come, and I am sorry that I have not been able to meet you on my own two feet.”


“I’ve been watching your business, Matyros.”


When the business story came out, Matyros’ eyes looked greedy like a merchant.


“You run an adventurer’s guild, don’t you?”


“Yes, as for my adventurer’s guild…”

Despite not saying much, Matyros began to stretch his guild’s strengths alone.


Ruel relaxed and listened to everything.


How should he pay off his gambling debts? When he had a hard time thinking, a man and a knight suspected to be a nobleman came to him.

How happy you must be.


Ruel sneaked a look at Ganien.

He told me it was time to hold the weight.

As the atmosphere of the room changed, Matyros suddenly stopped talking.


“I hear you owe a lot of money to gambling.”


“Well, it’s, uh, it’s not that long. Did you hear the rumor spread? The reality is different from rumors.”


“I’m sorry to hear that. I heard the guild is flying away. Such a great guild is gone. This is a huge loss.”



Matyros swallowed without realizing it.

In the context of the atmosphere, there must have been talks of lending money.


“I’m sorry, what time is it?”


However, what he actually said was asking for time.

Matyros was in the mood for something mischievous because he couldn’t get rid of steam.


He wanted to argue with his heart, but when he saw the knight sitting next to him, he felt as if his throat was going to run off at any moment.


“Now, excuse me for a moment.”


“Of course.”


Matyros went out briefly to check the time and came in with the servant.


“It’s 11:23.”


“I see, thank you.”


Ruel picked up the tea set by the servant and smelled the incense first.

The scent of Akal was more intense.

He seemed to have put in some pretty high-quality tea to make himself look good.


“It smells good.”


“Thank you.”

Sweating profusely, Matyros laughed.


Ganien glanced at the teacup, smelled it, and gave Ruel a look.

‘There’s no poison.’


Reading Ganien’s eyes, Ruel continued.

“So, can I keep talking?”


“Of course.”


“Cough, cough.”

Ruel had no choice but to drink tea to stop the coughing that had started again.


‘Oh, it’s hot.’


He couldn’t express his feelings, so he closed his lips and barely opened his mouth.


“Isn’t it a loss to have a great guild gone?”


“I’m just grateful that you see me like that.”


“Not your guild, but the Hand of the Wind Guild. A very good guild. Isn’t it a waste to disappear as it is?”


“… Yes?”

Matyros had a stupid look on his face.


“Did you mistake me for a savior that would pay off your debts? I’m sorry about this. I don’t even want to step into that crap.”

Ruel raised the corners of his mouth with his fingers crossed.


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