I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 28 - You have to take care of yourself (3)

Author: CleiZz






Cassion carefully put the documents down on the table.

Ruel coughed lightly before looking at Jirie. 

The man looked a little surprised.


“Have you already gone there…?”


“What will you give me if I give you this?”


Ruel pointed at the documents.

It was too important for Jirie to refer to it as simply this.

Not only was Ruel able to restore the people’s lost trust, he was also able to improve public opinion and get a chance to reverse the losses he had suffered.

Rather than glancing at the documents, Jirie looked at the man he previously thought was weak.


‘It’s fun.’

Jirie’s heart swelled.


As long as Ruel had the power and strength, it was possible to make his face immediately touch the floor.

But Jirie wanted to make a deal with him.


The difference between other nobles and him was so interesting.

“What do you want?”


For the first time, Jirie handed over the initiative to his opponent.

What he didn’t have was power.

The essence of merchants was to build up capital by clinging onto those in power and using their influence.


However, Jirie didn’t attach himself to anybody.

Was it because the aristocrats who claim themselves to be noble and the barons under their feet dirty?

It wasn’t.

He was a dirty merchant himself.


But it was pathetic.

The ones he saw were all the same, only the names and faces were different.

Things that shone the more one wiped them, things that were old but valuable because of their old age.

Jirie had seen so many of such things that he didn’t find interest in them.

But Ruel sparkled.

Who said he was a weak nobleman?

Who said he was a poor Lord?



His arrogant smile, his desire to possess, and his blatant intentions were so bright.

There was a smile on Jirie’s face.


“You mean me?”




The value didn’t match. Jirie closed his eyes for a moment.

After he sold Beto’s Merchant, he ceased all his plans without hesitation.


He didn’t need it anymore.

But Ruel appeared.

‘Yeah, it’s kind of an investment.’


Seeing the smile Jirie gave, Ruel already knew he would accept. Jirie made a joke without hesitation.


“I’m expensive.”


“For a failing upper-class merchant, you’ve got a lot of pride.”


“I failed because I had the pride to not beg.”


“So, did you find a place to stay?”


“That’s right. It’s your place.”


Ruel burst into laughter.

It was because he liked how Jirie didn’t disregard his beliefs even in the obvious disadvantage.


“I’ll invest in you.”


“You and I are equal?”


“How can you say that you are equal to a noble? All I’m saying is that during a deal everyone is equal.” Ruel said while reaching out his hand.


“Okay, I like that.”


Jirie took it and bowed his head.


“I’m glad you like it.”


“Cassion, give it to me.”


He handed over a sheet of paper from his pocket.

It wasn’t your normal piece of paper. It was a certificate of something engraved in gold leaf.

“I will hand over temporary ownership of one of Setiria’s mines to you. Call me, and I’ll hand you something delicious one by one.”


Ruel inhaled from Breath.


“Is this a test?”


“Don’t forget. Only you are to blame if it fails. Oh, let me add something. Don’t forget that you are only the temporary owner. Well, do your best.”


Leaving a calm smile, Ruel took his party and left.

After he left, Jirie sat still for a long time.


Setiria was originally one of the wealthiest families. At least that was how it was five years ago.

Now, it was nothing but an empty fancy shell.

But something was changing, and it was changing because of Ruel Setiria.


Jirie sighed.

He didn’t know how Ruel and the others got ownership of the stolen mine, but as long as there was high-purity ore there that could only be found in Setiria, it shouldn’t be a problem to start over.

‘What a huge gambler.’


Who else would dare buy a failing merchant and not cut off their ties? He even gave Jirie temporary ownership of a mine.

Jirie couldn’t think of Ruel’s intentions as simply an ‘accident.’

‘But you won’t regret choosing me.’


Jirie rose from his seat with the certificate in hand.

A piece of paper fluttered down.




–Setiria shouldn’t be in the spotlight yet. Surround yourself with the Hand of the Wind Guild adventurers, Han, Cassion, and Gaff.


Jirie laughed out loud as he read the paper.


‘What a funny person.’




“I have no idea what you’re thinking.”

After thinking for a long time, Ganien still couldn’t find the answer.

He eventually asked Ruel.

“What on earth are you thinking?”



Ruel inhaled using Breath.


“It’s not normal. It’s common to take over a failing merchant group. That’s fine, but you don’t need your own merchant, do you? Why did you save that merchant?”

He stared at Ruel curiously.


“A feeling.”

Ruel answered briefly. He was too lazy to answer.


“Is it? Is it really so simple? That’s simple enough to be called ignorance.”


“I have a good feeling about it. That’s it”


Ganien and Aris were much easier to convince than expected.


“Well, all the choices you’ve made so far…”

Ganien muttered something, but Ruel only looked out, listening with one ear.


The power of resistance.

It was time to obtain it.

The power of resistance resided on the main road from Setiria to the Lumina family.

Ruel couldn’t get to the place because he ran to meet Tyson, the head of the Magic Knights.


However, now that he was back in Setiria, he was now on the main road.

The power of resistance was the power that Ganien did not acquire. An extra was used to boast its power instead and that would then suggest to Ganien that there were more powers left by the hero.


Ganien had been blessed with resistance since birth anyway.


‘I’m different.’

He had to have it if he didn’t want to die because he had nothing but weaknesses.


Cassion kept looking at Ruel with a nervous look.


‘It’s not that I don’t want to go to the bathroom.’

Ruel averted his gaze immediately and looked out again.

By the time his weak body was forced to close its eyes, Ruel said.



When Cassion knocked on the wagon wall, the wagon stopped quickly.


Ganien stopped talking to Aris and looked out the window. He checked the forest spread out on both sides of the road.

“It’s a long way off.”



Ruel replied calmly, got off the wagon, and went into the woods.


Cassion, who followed him, said nothing until Ruel stopped in the middle of the woods and held out his hand.

“Are you sure you don’t want to drink?”


“Give it to me.”


The person who boasted the power of resistance was a woodcutter who saw and ate a precious medicinal herb, like wild ginseng, and found out that it was poisonous.

At that time, after accidentally discovering and gaining the power of resistance, he was so proud of it.

Ruel ordered Cassion to buy the same poison the woodcutter had that made him gain strength.


“I’ll be back, so stand there.”


“What do you intend to do?”




“What are you talking about?”


“I don’t want to be sick.”


Cassion just stared at Ruel, who kept going forward with excitement.

He had no idea what Ruel wanted to do. He didn’t know why Ruel didn’t want to take him with him, but whatever it was, it must be important.

“Be careful, have a safe trip.”

Cassion gave a bow and waited for Ruel to come safely.


Ruel chased the annoying bug around looking for flowers.

It was necessary not to take Cassion. Ruel had to take poison, but if he took Cassion with him, he would definitely get in the way.

‘It’s around here.’

Ruel had to find a red flower near where a tree had been cut.


Ruel wiped away his sweat.

There was no uphill road, but it was difficult to proceed because it was not paved.



Suddenly the power of recovery howled. It was as if it was telling him to look to the left.

He was a little annoyed when he checked the power calling for guidance.

‘Let’s go ahead.’


Whizz, I walked toward the place where the sound came from. There he saw lots of red flowers blooming near the tree that hadn’t been cut yet.


You who possess the power of recovery.


The power inside the flower showed itself even though he didn’t place his hands on the sculpture.

Ruel’s eyes got bigger.


You are one who already knows pain. I will not test you.


‘I don’t need to take the test?’

How unexpected.


Ruel put the poison back into his pocket.


I was born to ease pain. It will only cause more pain to test you who already knows pain.


The power came to Ruel in the form of light.


Don’t get sick. Don’t be in pain. Don’t fall down. I will persevere for you and protect you from the things that make your body suffer.


Ruel closed his eyes and opened his eyes feeling the power enter his body.



A gentle sound was heard from his chest.

‘I got it.’


Ruel put his hand in his pocket, touching the vial of poison he prepared.

‘Do I try it?’

He took his hand out of his pocket while agonizing between curiosity and pain.

His hands turned sweaty, as if the pain he had suffered from the poison last time was suddenly revived.


‘Next time, next time.’


Ruel retraced the way he had come and suddenly stopped.

‘He’s here. Isn’t he?’


Ruel was confused because he was sure the tree was quite far away. Ruel sighed loudly and called Cassion.


“Have you finished your business?”


In Ruel’s shadow, Cassion appeared.

He didn’t really know how Cassion could follow him without a sound. 

So, Ruel looked at Cassion as if he were looking at a mysterious animal.

Cassion also looked at Ruel.


“… Have you gained a power like the power of recovery? I saw something like this.”


“What did you see?”


“A thin film. I saw it surround you. What did you get?”


“The power of resistance, it allows you to endure many things. Like poison.”


Cassion hesitated and asked carefully.

“You didn’t drink it…did you?”


Ruel showed the poison as if trying to prove something.

“Crazy? I almost died from poison. Do you think I’ll dare drink poison again?”


“Yes, I made a mistake. I thought the very Ruel, who treats my own body like stone, would definitely drink it.”


“What are you talking about? There is no one who cares about my body as much as you do.”


Ruel snorted. At that moment, the curse rose to his throat, so Cassion struggled to smile.


“You’re going the wrong way. Follow me.”




“Is it a big one?”

Ganien grinned with his legs crossed. Ruel looked under him.


“What are you doing?”


“What’s the point of staying still in the wagon? It’s so boring, that’s why we train.”


Aris was underneath Ganien.

His hands were trembling just trying to hold on.



Ganien suddenly stood up and went towards Ruel, circling him.


“There was no such thing before. Did you eat something good?”




“Something has happened. Hmm, it’s the first time I’ve seen it, so I don’t know how to describe it.”


Aris, who was breathing heavily, also opened his eyes wider at Ruel.


“The mana I was worried about has become dense.”

Ruel was pleased because he didn’t expect to see even Aris had improved.

Well, he was indeed a genius, so he was different from the beginning.


“Let’s go, let’s not talk nonsense.”

Everyone followed Ruel into the wagon.




When the wagon arrived at Setiria’s mansion, knights in silver armor lined up outside the mansion gate.



As Ruel got off the carriage, the knights all saluted towards him.

“I’m glad you’re back safely!”

Cheynol bowed his head to Ruel on behalf of the knights.


‘It’s quite like a surprise show.’

The corner of Ruel’s lips raised as he looked at the things different from when he first came here.


“You’ve done a great job.”

Ruel patted Cheynol on the shoulder and walked among the knights.


“Cough, cough.”

Even though he walked while coughing, the respect in the eyes of the knights who looked at him did not change.

‘Now everybody looks like true knights.’


Waiting for the gate to open, Ruel told them.

“Be strong.”

He entered the mansion with a bright smile.

The knights did not relax until every single person in Ruel’s party entered the mansion.


–Be strong.

His words and smile were stuck inside the knights’ heads.

During Ruel’s absence, they all constantly trained to death.

But does that mean they haven’t reached his standard yet?

‘Let’s try harder.’

They thought.

To repay the Lord for giving them the opportunity to become knights again.




“What about my knights? Have they gotten stronger?”

Ruel asked Cassion and Ganien, who had gathered in his room.


“I don’t know what your standards are.”


“Well they’re definitely different. We’ll have to fight and see if they’re that strong.”

Ganien fiddled with his sword handle.


The quality of the Knights seemed to have increased to the point where even Ganien wanted to fight them.


“You have to fight to find out. All right.”



Ganien waited for Ruel’s next words with a look of expectation.


“I’ll talk to Cheynol, so you can fight as much as you want. Aris.”




“From tomorrow, I’m going to train my knights.”


Ruel didn’t talk about magic because Ganien was there.


“I see!”

Ganien suddenly looked like he liked training.

Ruel was a little worried, but he was also curious about what was going to happen.


“That’s enough, everybody go back and get some rest. Cassion, show Aris to his room.”




Ruel didn’t know why they rushed to his room, but he was tired.

All he wanted was to kick them all out and lay in bed thinking about what he was going to do next.



Aris said. Instead of answering, Ruel simply looked at him.


“I’ll be strong, too!”



No matter how genius he was, Ruel knew he couldn’t become strong overnight.

He just answered in hopes that they would disappear soon.


“Cassion will show you around your room and how to get ready for a bath.”

Ruel waved his hand.


When they all left, he inhaled Breath and looked back on today.


Fourth, improve my way of life.

Get my hands on the merchant, the guild, and the escort.


I’ve accomplished everything. Everything, except for my health recovery.

‘Damn this body.’


No matter how many times he cursed, Ruel didn’t feel better.

How to get rid of the disease. There was no clue at all.

‘What is this disease in the first place? It’s a disease, right?’


He thought about whether he should find an excellent medical doctor soon, but he put off thinking about it.

Now, what he needed to do was to implement his fifth plan for living.


Knock. Knock.

“It is Tyson, the head of the Magic Knights.”


“Come in.”

Tyson ran in as soon as he opened the door.

He looked all over Ruel’s body and looked sorry for him.

“You’re tired.”


“That’s all right.”


“Your recovery is behind my expectations.”


“Well, something’s come up.”


“How are you feeling? There are no aftereffects of that time…was there?”


Tyson was reluctant to ask more and more questions, but suddenly Tyson closed his mouth.

There was a trembling in his hand.

Ruel hurriedly pulled his body back.


“What are you doing, Uncle?”


I don’t think you’ve already forgotten that last time you did this something big happened.


“It will be okay. I’m just checking something.”


As if his wizard switch was turned on, his face was suddenly filled with emotions. His expression was that of looking at something very interesting.

‘Did he sense the power of resistance?’


“Just stay where you are for a second. I won’t do you any harm.”


Fire bloomed on Tyson’s fingers, although it was as small as a candle flame.


He grabbed Ruel’s wrist and brought it towards the flame.

Ruel thought it would be hot, but it was only warm.


“As expected.”

Tyson laughed.


“You have become resistant to Mana.”


‘It seems that the power of resistance is working properly.’

Ruel was satisfied, too.


“Oh! Wait a minute, take this.”

Tyson pulled a bracelet out of his sleeve and handed it over.

“It’s a magical item created by Drianna. Your body is just like glass, or a piece of paper, so you’ll definitely need it.”


“What about this?”


“It’s a bracelet that boosts Mana’s tolerance.”


The previous words were quite insulting, but it wasn’t like Ruel would reject the items that were coming.


‘Last time, what did Drianna say she was going to do, and she did it to give it to me?’


As soon as Ruel put it on, a tickling sensation surrounded his whole body.

That was all.


“Okay, my disciple. The mana surrounding your body is now more stable.”

Tyson made another flame and placed it on the back of Ruel’s hand.


“It’s as strong as before.”


“It feels less warm.”


“Done. That means it works. That’s not gonna make your body collapse anymore.”


Ruel was a little uncomfortable when he looked so happy.

He was called uncle, but he was a stranger to himself.


“Did you happen to see the boy next to Ganien on his way?”


“Of course I did. I’ve never seen such beautiful mana before.”


Tyson was ecstatic.

“Didn’t you say to have someone from my side teach him magic before?” 


“That’s right. My escort is named Aris. Teach him. You can pour out all the knowledge you have.”

Tyson jumped with joy, as if he suddenly forgot his age.


“This is a miracle! It’s a miracle! Mana blesses me!”


“Cough, cough.”

But at the sound of Ruel’s cough, Tyson’s energy sank at once.


“I didn’t get an answer last time. Is the condition bad?”


“It’s bad. It’s not treatable right now.”


It was better to tell the truth than to give false hope.

As Ruel’s words entered Tyson’s ears, he had become as hopeless as a man who lost his country.


“But… I’m not going to die.”


“… Is it your desire? Or is it true?”

Tyson looked so desperate. Ruel felt he looked a little bit like a man holding onto a rope even though he knew it would break. 

Ruel answered the same way as before. He didn’t want to let him know that there were powers left by the hero.


“I won’t die.”


“Oh, I’ll meet the boy named Aris.”


No matter how he felt about Ruel’s words, Tyson tried to calm down.


“I heard you haven’t announced the thing about the Magic Knights of Setiria to the public yet.”


“… What’s the use of giving an announcement when the owner isn’t there?”


“I’ve brought many people. You’ll see them later. If they have talent, take them.”


The mansion had many vacancies, so all the people brought from the Hand of the Wind Guild stayed.

Ruel was going to have them picked up by Cheynol and Tyson, and then hire the rest as servants or pay them to help them settle in Setiria.


Ruel turned his head and looked at the window.

Before he knew it, the sun was already setting.

‘A meal tastes best after taking a bath.’


Tyson felt sorry looking at the gentleness in Ruel’s gaze looking at the sunset. His mouth moved without realizing it.

How many things do you have in that sick body?




“Yes, go ahead.”


“If the seat of the head of the household is too heavy, you don’t have to carry it.”


‘It’s not that heavy.’


“You don’t have to overdo it if you’re having a hard time. Uncle can raise you well, even if you don’t have such a position.”


There were people who were obedient when asked to do something. 

However, why did he have to leave just because Tyson told him to leave. Why did he have to leave all that he had accomplished just because the burden of a name was too much?


Ruel pushed down the curse about to come out of his mouth and spoke as calmly as he could.


“Uncle. I’m the Lord of this land. Setiria is mine.”


“But the name of the Lord is…”


“Setiria must rise up. That’s my job. I want to rest, so please go back.”


As Setiria grew well, he had to step up his game to be comfortable.

Isn’t that why I’m dragging my fucking body around?


“Ruel, although I have no children, I have always thought of you as a son. Call me whenever you need me.”

Ruel could feel the deep affection between the words. 

However, it was burdensome.

After all, he wasn’t Tyson’s beloved Ruel.


“I will. Definitely.”

But still, Ruel replied with a bright smile.


“Eat a lot because your uncle brought a lot of healthy food for dinner.”

Tyson laughed weakly.


Ruel didn’t want to interpret that smile.

He sighed as Tyson turned around.


‘I’m tired.’

Ruel had already taken care of one thing and was going to rest for the time being.

No matter how strong the power of recovery was, a body that had been burdened as much as Ruel’s was excessive.


I’ve been feeling it desperately lately.

Ruel closed his eyes. Soon, his whole body went in pain and he squeezed his blanket to put up with it.


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  1. I bet you, Ruel is the hero reincarnate. After all, didn’t they say his bowl is huge but weak-meaning he could contain a lot, but can’t withstand it? What if it’s because he needs his powers, and without them, his bowl can no longer handle it? Maybe when he started getting sick at 12, that was the age of his awakening. But his body couldn’t handle it without his powers, and nobody knew the about said powers, let alone that he needed them.
    And like most stories, I bet he IS the real Ruel, who was reborn for some reason or another in Korea before returning to Setiria in the ‘book.’ Now with knowledge to save himself (and likely the world too).
    These are just theories, but I can’t wait to see how it’ll turn out.