I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 32 - What happened at the gate

Author: CleiZz


Everywhere there existed a place called the underworld.

Setiria was no exception.

As it collapsed, quite a few people seemed to have flowed in.

The number of rats was not a problem.

The real problem was now that they had consolidated their forces into one.


“The rats who fought against each other suddenly formed a camaraderie and recently joined forces?”



Ruel laughed at something that wasn’t even funny.

“Someone intervened. Who was it?”


“Them? We are looking into it.”


“Isn’t it supposed to be them?”


“Oh, you mean that group? I named it 18.”


“What an amazing name, 18. You named it very well.”


Ruel let go of the paper.

At Ruel’s gesture that showed that he had seen it all, Cassion took the documents back.

When Ganien, who was standing like a gatekeeper, approached, Ruel familiarized himself with turning his wrist.

‘I’m in good condition today.’


Ruel was going to leave the room today, regardless of whether or not Ganien was okay with it or not.

Wouldn’t it be better than staying inside for another two weeks?


Ganien’s fingertips gleamed with light. As he carefully checked Ruel’s condition, he smiled brightly.

“You’ve gotten better. It seems that the disease has abated a little.”


That was because of the further growth in the power of recovery and the fact that the medicine that Ganien had given him was effective.

However, the disease had only slowed marginally.


‘Where did he learn all this?’

Ruel pretended to be surprised and praised Ganien’s medical skills.

“Why don’t you become a knight and a doctor?”


“I hoped for it, but I didn’t know I had the talent, it surprised me too.”

Ganien raised his nose high.


“Thank you.”

With Cassion’s sincere gratitude, Ganien looked at Cassion blankly.


Crunch crunch.

After eating up the last of his meat pie, Ruel touched his cane after a long time.

‘As expected, this feeling.’

He stood on the ground on both legs, using his cane as support. People also had to walk.


Ganien was startled and stood in front of Ruel.

“Wait a minute. Your body is just entering the recovery phase.”


“Ganien, I know how hard you worked for me, I’m so grateful. It’s hard to take a break like this. I have so many lives to take responsibility for, you just heard that rats are eating up my territory, right?”


The moment he saw Ruel’s unwavering gaze, Ganien gave way.

It was impossible as a swordsman to stop him from going to fight.


“Mr. Ruel.”


“I’m going to go even if you stop me.”


“Let’s wear something else and go out. The newly customized clothes arrived yesterday.”


“I don’t remember measuring myself…?”


“Oh, I had to measure Ari’s figure as a reference, but I forgot.”


“Then I’ll be back.”

Ganien and Cassion rushed outside as if they were chased by someone.

‘What is this? It’s scary.’




Ruel wore newly tailored clothes and went around the mansion first.

He wondered how much the butler Billo decorated the mansion and he wanted to remember the new faces.



Ruel was astonished.


He couldn’t see any cracks or peeling floors and wallpaper.

Looking at the newly decorated walls in neat basic colors, it felt like he was in a new house.


“It’s like my home now.”

Plants and sculptures were placed in a flat area to relieve boredom.


“But what about money? I can’t open my personal safe. Did you pay for it?”


“Mr. Billo took care of everything.”




“He said it doesn’t matter how much it costs as long as he can relieve his debt to Ruel.”


“It seems that he has already grasped Setiria’s financial situation.”

Their situation was like a fine-looking vase. Beautiful on the outside, empty within.

It was a little difficult to go around the whole mansion, so Ruel mainly went around the main areas.


When he saw the servants in person, he realized that the inside of the mansion was running properly.

Some of the servants were still clumsy, but their appearance was neat.


“Good morning, my lord.”

Every time he walked, he was greeted, and Ruel was thrilled to feel that he had become the real head of the household.

Billo, who was instructing his servants, turned to the unique sound of Ruel’s cane.


“Can you move already?”


Cassion shook his head left and right behind Ruel.

Billo smiled graciously as if he hadn’t seen anything.


Ruel coughed and continued.

“I’m really surprised that it’s changed a lot, now I feel like I’m in a mansion. It must have been hard for you to manage.”


“There’s nothing to suffer from thinking about the past.”


“What about those who took them? Is it worth it?”


“It’s good to start with the basics. Thanks to this, I’m glad this old man is not lonely in his later years.”


“You’re old, so take a break if you’re tired.”

Cassion let out a short laugh. He was worried about whether the words coming out of Ruel’s mouth were correct, so he asked him about his condition.

“Do you have a fever?”




“How about choosing one more exclusive butler for the Lord? Cassion alone seems a bit overwhelmed.”


“That’s true.”


Cassion quickly picked up the food that Billo had taken out.

“That’s okay, Cassion is a very competent butler. Then, I’ll be going now.”


Ruel smiled and walked past Billo. Cassion sighed deeply and reluctantly followed him.


At Billo’s voice calling him, he stopped for a moment and looked at him.

“I don’t know where you came from, but you’ll have to point the sword you hold at the master’s enemy.”


“You are doing well. Even my master couldn’t keep it, but he seems to have the pride to preach to me.”


Billo was not an assassin. However, the smell of blood emanating off of Cassion’s body was the smell from those who had killed many people.

If so, in the end, he could not protect his master.

“Don’t be angry. Since I smelled something familiar, I just remembered something and was talking about my old self.”


“If even you had saved Ruel, wouldn’t many things have changed?”


Cassion didn’t like to project his dirty old self, so he stabbed hard.

But Billo just smiled and said with kindness.

“Please, don’t walk the same path as I do.”

Cassion did not answer. He followed his Master’s voice calling out to him.





Aris breathed shouts and stabbed the sword in front of him aiming for the knight’s abdomen.



The knight, who barely blocked Aris’s sword, pushed it with all his strength, and took advantage of Aris’ stumble, and aimed at his leg.

Aris’ eyes showed the trajectory of the sword.

The first thing to do was to get in position. Aris rolled his back feet hard and kept his balance and avoided the approaching sword.


The knight’s body was bent to aim for his thighs.

Aris took a big step and raised his knee.




Since he was hit properly, the knight’s body bowed further toward the floor.

Just as he was about to lift his knee one more time, something touched the nape of his neck.



Suddenly, the knight’s sword in his hand was aimed at Aris’ neck.


“Did you fall for it again, Aris?”

The knight giggled as if he had never screamed and stretched his back.


Looking at his playful face, Aris put his hands up.

“I lost.”


“You should’ve stabbed me in the back with a sword, not kicked me again.”


“You’re becoming better.”


“Of course. It’s only been a week since I’ve held a sword.”


The knight smiled pleasantly and handed over the water bag to Aris, holding it in the corner of the training ground.

“Thank you.”


“You should add Horen-hyung at the end.”


“Thank you, Horen-hyung.”

TL/N: Hyung is a word used by Korean males to address another male older than them who they are close to. Hyung literally means “older brother”.


Horen sat down, gulped down the water, and glanced at Aris.

His disappointed face was exposed so he almost spewed water along the way.

“Aris, you are really greedy, no, you are obnoxious.”




“Who can fight a knight less than a week after holding a sword? You’re a genius, so please, don’t feel any more despair.”


“You’ve seen me a lot.”


“No. Look, I’m a knight. not just a soldier. Haa… That expression came out. A genius has an expression that does not understand the subject.”


Horen grumbled and knocked next to me.

“Hey man, you should be more confident. Ruel-nim personally appointed you as his personal escort.”


“I haven’t been officially appointed yet.”


“Are you doing this because you’re afraid that Ruel-nim will say something negative?”


Aris clenched the water bag instead of answering. Horen really spewed water this time.

It wasn’t because Aris’ words were outrageous, but because Ruel was walking towards him.


“I see you, Lord!”

Horen straightened his chest and put his hand on his left chest. Aris, who was shocked still, bowed as well.

“I see you, Lord.”


“You were resting, but I intervened without realizing it.”


“No! It’s okay!”

This was his second time seeing Ruel in person, so Horen was very nervous.

Reul’s face reflected so much of his pain that Horen wanted to lay him on his bed right away.

He seemed to be a little taller than before.


“It’s been a while, Aris. Tall… You grew up again.”

Ruel noticed that his gaze at Aris was higher than before.


‘What is he eating that he’s growing up like that?’

‘I thought I grew up.’ Ruel held the cane hard.

He was upset.


“Are you feeling well? Can you stand up like this?”

Aris looked at Ruel once, and his gaze was fixed on Cassion.

Cassion shrugged his shoulders as he asked if he could walk around.


“Aris, I unintentionally overheard the conversation. Are you anxious?”


“Yes, I’m nervous and because I’m inexperienced.”


“Sir Horen.”



Horen, who was suddenly called by name, was startled. Ruel knew his name.

He was deeply moved.


“How long has Aris been like this?”


“It’s from the day that Ruel-nim did not regain consciousness.”


“Thank you, Sir Horen. For raising Aris’ spirit.”


“No. We are protecting Setiria, but Aris is the one who will protect Ruel-nim.”

Ruel smiled happily. He liked the way he distinguished himself well.



The sound of the cane approached Aris. He bowed his head.

“Aris, why are you lowering your head?”


“I am ashamed that I cannot stand by your side.”


“Don’t raise your expectations on your own. You’re weak.”


“… I know.”


“So, don’t set your expectations on yourself. I told you to be strong because you haven’t turned your back on it yet.”


Ruel laughed at Aris’ shaking hands.

When expectations were placed on someone they were put under pressure, nothing could be done.

He didn’t expect anything.

‘I have to show him reality to shatter all of his expectations.’

Ruel turned his head to look at Cassion.


“Can I add one more load?”


“It’s okay.”


“I’m sorry, but the training ends here, Sir Horen.”


“I’ll follow your orders.”


“Sir’s swordsmanship, I saw it well. Cough, Cough…”

Hearing a deep cough, Horen noticed that Ruel was overdoing it.

Ruel walked to Horen. When he looked closely at Ruel, he could see the traces of his long battle with the disease.

Somehow he felt ashamed of himself. Wasn’t Ruel the one who threw himself into the revival Setiria even with such a messed-up body?



Ruel patted Horen on the shoulder. Even though he tapped lightly, the weight was as light as a feather.


“I will continue to work hard.”

Horen spoke more sincerely than any other moment, under the constant shaking of Ruel’s hands and his wrist that seemed to be ready to break.


“I’ll do my best to protect Setiria!”


Ruel was slightly perplexed.


He thought it was ordinary encouragement. As he had traveled through the mansion, he had encouraged many knights.

They burned like a Horen every time he did.



As he turned around, he looked at his hand.

‘Is there a power I don’t even know about?’


There was a possibility of that.

If this was a novel, his life would have already ended.


“Follow me, Aris.”




After confirming Aris’ stupid face was following him, Ruel left the training ground.


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