I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 37 - The Great Purifier and Ruel (4)

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When he felt something soft touching his face, Ruel opened his eyes in surprise.

-Wake up, Ruel! This one was reflecting while you were asleep.


“The monster… ?”


-Listen carefully to what this one has reflected on. First of all, I chased you just because there was delicious food. This is something that even children do not do. Also, breaking your arm by hitting it recklessly is something that even a child does not do. And then…

Grabbing Leo’s chattering mouth, Ruel looked for Cassion.


“Are you up?”

Cassion, who had just entered the room, had a washbasin in his hand.


When I turned my head and looked at the window, the sun was rising.

“What about the monster?”


“The monster went away. Maybe Ganien is on his way back from cutting it down. He was excited and chased after the monster.”

Cassion said disgustedly.


“Did you see that?”


“What do you mean?”




“I saw it. If I pretend I don’t know, can’t you just let it slide?”


It wasn’t something to let go of.

‘The sensation and voice that came into my head that I felt were definitely real.’


‘Did the original Ruel have the power to control monsters from an early age?’

‘Previously, I was dumbfounded to hear that Drianna had saved them, but now I can see what happened.’


Old Ruel had used this power to rescue Drianna and them.


“Who else saw it?”

Ruel was not happy.

Beasts were monsters that were rejected in any country.


Being able to control them meant that he, too, might be marked as a dangerous being.


“Aris saw it.”


“Who else?”


“Nobody, other than the fact that Drianna noticed.”


“That’s a relief.”


“Relax, Ruel-nim is supposed to be recovering from a previous injury.”



Ruel inhaled the Breath.

He came to know this power unintentionally, but he saw the monster he so desperately wanted to see.


“How was the training?”


“It didn’t stop even after Ruel collapsed. From what I can tell, everyone cheered up and showed unexpected skills.”


That’s it.

It was a satisfactory result if he could do his part even if he collapsed.


“I’m going back today.”

If the Head of a Household leaves the mansion for a long time, what’s the point?




When Ruel returned to the mansion, he didn’t waste any time.

He sent Cassion in advance to check the condition of the barracks in each village.

He stopped by the barracks in the village of Sisel, the closest to the Masu Forest, and praised them for their progress.

One after another, Ganien and the two knight corps quarreled and overturned the barracks in all villages.

He did not forget to correct his instructions, just as he did at the barracks in Sisel.


“Messing up. This is pretty fun.”

Ganien said satisfactorily in the carriage.

At first, he was just a knight, but when he led them for the third time, he took the lead without saying a word and led his knights.


‘He is very excited.’


Ruel arrived in Apor, the center of Setiria, where his mansion was located and stopped at the merchant of Beto, who first settled in Setiria.


As he sold off the loot from the monsters, his pockets became quite thick.

‘I’ll have to do this quite often in the future.’


Ruel smiled satisfactorily and entrusted all of the money he received to Jirie, the merchant owner of Beto’s upper management, for equipment expenses for the two knight corps and any other knights.





Ganien opened the door on his own.

I was about to change my clothes and rest.



“I’m sorry to say this during your break, but I have to leave now…”


“Cassion, can I have some tea?”



While Cassion brought the tea, Ruel slowly got up and guided Ganien to the table.


“Tell me when the tea comes. There’s nothing urgent.”


“That’s true.”

Ganien sat down smiling.


After a while, Cassion came out and Ganien opened his mouth.


“I want to see a Turbulent Day Sword before I leave.”


“Cassion, bring it.”

Cassion reluctantly went out of the room after asking with his eyes several times, ‘Is it really okay to bring it?’


“Are you going to leave now?”

Ruel asked as he put down the teacup.

His broken arm was all healed, but it would be strange to see that his arm had healed in a day, so he was wearing a cast.


“Yeah, Setiria is also slowly finding stability, so now I have to go do my job.”


“The alliance between the two countries is in your hands, so I have to ask. How was it here?”


“It was fun.”

Ruel was quite satisfied with the positive response.


“Except for Aris not calling me a teacher.”


“You must know the reason for that.”


“I know why he can’t call me that. The country is different, so what can we do?”

Ganien sighed loudly.

If he had found Aris a little faster than Ruel.


Ruel ate a cookie without saying a word in his open disappointment.


Crunch crunch.

“Ruel, I’m sorry I couldn’t catch that rat with you.”


“If you stayed much longer you would have been under pressure from your home country.”


“Did you know?”


“It would be silly not to know.”


Ganien giggled at Ruel’s words.

He stayed longer than expected, but the time was never boring.

Ganien turned his head and looked toward the door.

Listening to Ruel’s cough, he saw a sword carefully appearing.



Ganien got up and looked at the heirloom, the Turbulent Day Sword, firsthand.


‘You passed.’

Ruel smiled and drank tea.


“Are you saying this is the Turbulent Day Sword of the rumor?”


“That’s right.”


“It’s somewhat mysterious. But I can’t feel the strength of the sword.”


“That’s why it’s an old story. Do you want to swing around?”


Ganien wondered how well the sword was made.


He asked with a little excitement.

“Can I really swing it around? I’m going to.”


“Since we’re close friends, Cassion, lend him your gloves.”

Still, even if he asked, I couldn’t let him touch it with his bare hands.

Ganien pulled out the sword from its sheath while wearing Cassion’s white gloves.



The sword sheath and other leaf patterns were densely engraved up to the blade.

“It must have been quite old, but it looks new.”


‘It doesn’t look new, it is new.’

Ruel raised the corners of his lips again.

A light sound rang out every time he swung the sword to see if Cassion did his job properly.


Crunch crunch.

As he put a cookie in his mouth, Ruel identified a strange curiosity in Ganien’s eyes.


He shook his head without saying a word at Cassion’s glance at him.

Let him do whatever he wants.

No matter how fake it was, he spent quite a bit of money on it, so Cassion felt uncomfortable.

But what could he do? His Lord had commanded him to stay still.




When Ganien drew his aura into the sword, a blue aura that resembled the sky appeared.

“Wow, look at this. Also, rather than exploding. Even if you put an aura, it will hold up… ”



Even though Ganien’s words were not finished, the blade split in half.


Ruel drank tea silently.


The sound of the teacup being put down was so scary.

Ganien’s eyes shook while his face gradually paled.

“Ru, Ruel, this is…”


“You owe me another debt.”

Ruel smiled furiously.


“Because you broke my family heirloom.”


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