I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 39 - With the moonlight (2)

Author: CleiZz




“Hey, I feel refreshed today, unlike yesterday.”

Ruel put on a heat patch and walked around the room as if to impress Cassion.


“There’s still a slight fever.”


“My body temperature must naturally run high.”


“Isn’t it only natural for someone who didn’t eat for two days and has a slight fever to not feel well?”


“You probably didn’t eat enough.”


“No, I ate lots!”

The impulsive Leo insisted. 


Cassion smiled for a moment and pointed to the bed.


“Call Aris. I’m going to the Hand of the Wind Guild. It’s been a while since I’ve had an appetite, so it’d be nice if there was a lot of meat. Oh, I’ll also have ice cream for dessert.”


Cassion thought for someone who has a fever to have ice cream…

“Ruel, even if you don’t do anything, the rats won’t run away.”


“I haven’t moved for two days.”

Even if Leo ate a lot of the black thing, or the power of recovery did its thing, I had to suffer for two days with a fever.

Even though I was hungry then, I couldn’t hold down anything, so I couldn’t eat properly.

Ruel tried to be as patient as possible while caressing his rumbling stomach.

“Like you said, the rats won’t run away until they think there’s no more food to be had, but it is also true that we cannot afford to delay this any longer.”

I inhaled Breath.


“So, I’m going to throw some bait.”

I had intended to wait a little longer.

Ganien isn’t here, and Aris isn’t ready yet.

However, Leo’s appearance made immediately implementing the plan feasible.

If I utilize both Leo and Aris, isn’t it like having a not-totally-reliable Ganien?


Ruel walked to the table and shook the documents.

“The rats are so busy that they don’t have enough hands to do their dirty work, so they’re hiring adventurers, right? We cannot miss this opportunity.”


“Just the two of us will go. Ruel-nim, please go to bed right away and calmly go to sleep.”


“I want to, but I don’t know why Setiria’s Ears are in the hands of the rats. I need to go and check.”


“Is it Minart? Jirie? Or is it Flenn?”

Cassion wore a displeased look because this information was something he didn’t know.

“We’re going to find out soon.”

The answer was Jirie.


As our interactions with merchant Beto increased, so did the flow of information.

Specifically, he told us a rumor about Setiria’s Ears being in prison in one of our transactions.

It was information worth checking.

“I wonder who it is?”


No matter how much Cassion poked and prodded, Ruel remained tightlipped on the answer.

Previously, I was in no shape to acquire Setiria’s Ears, but now? A chance to finally catch the rats, and at the same time Setiria’s Ears? You bet I’m going to make a move.


“A night like this is perfect to do things quietly.” 


“Have you already forgotten how much you groaned in pain all day long?” 



Ruel asked back, fawning surprise.

Cassion let out an exasperated sigh.


“And the ice cream. I’m sure you said you wanted to eat some?”


“Of course. I only like things that are good for my body. I’d also like to have some ginger tea with dessert.”


When he saw Ruel’s smile, Cassion started to rummage through his pockets.

‘Should I put this guy to sleep forcibly?’


“This body likes ice cream too.”

Leo, who’s always prancing around, said while grinning.

“Hurry up. I’m hungry.”



As soon as Ruel sat on the bed, he started to munch on the meat pie he had on hand. 

Seeing the crumbs falling all over, Cassion lifted his hand from his pocket.

‘Yeah, this is how you should be when you’re sick.’


Knock, knock.

After Cassion left, someone knocked on the door.

“Come in.”


“Did you call for me, my lord?”

Billo bowed his head at a perfect angle, like he was meticulously measuring it to be just right.

As I thought, he’s a real butler. 

Cassion could learn a thing or two from him.


“Are you feeling unwell? You look out of sorts?”


“How could I?”

Ruel went straight to the point before Billo could speak any further.

“I was hoping to leave a certain matter to Cassion, but you know how he has a habit of just killing anything he finds annoying.”


“Are you perhaps referring to the dogs you caught?”


Cassion captured 1 of the 18 groups that were buzzing around the gates like flies.

The wizards were safely locked up in the basement, but now we need them to talk. 


“Yes, I’ve heard you’ve done it before. Torture.”


“It’s an unwanted skill.”


“Can you do it?”


“For you, my lord? Anything.”



From the way he looks to the way he speaks. If only Cassion could learn to also be this way. 

“I know you’ve been working incredibly hard and are busy…”


“Say no more. The repairs to the mansion are almost done anyways.”


“Marvelous. Let’s all live well and don’t dwell on the details.”


“Of course. I’ll live up to your expectations.”

Billo smiled graciously.


“By the way, I think I may be absent from the estate for a while.”


Billo’s kind smile stopped at Ruel’s worrisome words.

“The lesser nobles run the estate well enough, and the two knights ensure the mansion is protected. With a competent butler taking good care of the matters of the mansion, inside and out, I can go without worrying.”


“I’m worried that your health may decline further.”

Billo grabbed Ruel as he tried to earnestly dissuade him.

What a good expression.


Ruel smiled and said.

“I have to catch the dirty rats in Setiria. I don’t think I can leave it alone any longer. So Billo, take care of the simple things here while I am away, but contact me if big things crop up.”


“All right. Please come back safely. If you get hurt, this time, I won’t end it with just nagging.”






The carriage was silently moving under the cover of darkness.

Cheynol and Tyson were left to protect the mansion, and Astell gave me my snack rations.

My clothes were a far cry from my normally exquisite apparel and Cassion wasn’t in his black butler uniform.

Actually, we were wearing normal clothes for once.

Few people even knew Ruel’s face, nor would anyone think of him if they saw him right now.

“It’s heavy.”

Ruel tried to lift his sword with one hand but had to let go.


And with that, the silent atmosphere of the carriage abruptly ended. 


Cassion snorted.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to become an adventurer? Useless poser.”


“I can probably manage a dagger.”


“Ruel-nim, should I be the one to pose as an adventurer?”

Aris, who was clearly sitting uncomfortable, asked carefully.

“That’s probably for the best, because apparently I’m useless.”

Having voiced his sarcasm, Ruel inhaled Breath.


“Flenn, The Hand of Wind Guild guild master will doctor our careers well. Just don’t mess up until the rats take the bait.”


Normally, adventurers would have to complete a certain number of requests before being able to raise their rank.


“If actual adventurers hear about this, they’ll definitely wring Ruel-nim’s neck.”


“What’s wrong about using your connections to get ahead?”


“So how are we doing this? Do I just complete actual requests?” 

Aris was clearly very excited.


“Try focusing only on the high profile ones.”


“How about this body? What can I do?”

Leo’s eyes were twinkling as he wagged his tail.


“You can be in charge of clearing out the flies that buzz around me. In other words: protect me.”


“But… I’m no good at fighting. I’m not confident.”

Leo’s tail quickly stopped.


“Then just cover me with rocks as needed. You can’t fight, but you know how to defend, right?”


“I know that!”




After briefing the group and assigning roles, Ruel tried to get some rest.

He had to seize every opportunity to replenish his stamina.




Flenn was shown all the quests the Hand of the Wind Guild was currently offering.

And they were also quickly given three silver plaques, as if they were freebies.

Aris decided to register with his real name because he said his name was quite common, same as Cassion.

“Is your arm okay, Ruel-nim?”


“Oh, I just rolled a bit. I’ll be fine.”


Flenn looked at him as if something precious had been tarnished.


What kind of ‘rolling’ do you have to do to break your arm? The only thing he knew is that he wanted his master to remain safe for as long as possible.

“Don’t worry. I have medicine here that can heal broken bones in a jiffy”


“I said I’ll be fine.”


Flenn reluctantly dropped the issue and went back on topic.

And all this while, the fox was sleeping on Ruel’s lap.


“Originally, silver plaques were only issued to adventurers who’ve successfully completed 300 Grade B or higher requests, so I hope your side kept things confidential.”


“Of course. This is my guild.”


“My kids are already out and about. They’ve already settled down nicely here in Setiria.”



Ruel inhaled Breath.

I hope everything goes as planned. Quick and efficient. 


“But why didn’t you alter your faces at least? You can even use magic to do so.”


“Do we stand out?”


“Very. In particular, Ruel-nim leaves a strong first impression.”

With a deathly-ill face, pale skin, and trembling lips.

Above all, the green eyes that seem to see through everything–simply unforgetable.


“It seems someone failed to mention it so I had no idea.”

Ruel really had no clue.


If Cassion had said something, I would have done something about it.

“Aris, would you happen to know a spell to change appearances?”


“It’s in the magic book, so yes, I can.”


“I think it’s a bit too much for you to handle that kind of magic, Ruel-nim.”

Cassion chose his words extra carefully.


The mana that keeps the alterations active will inevitably penetrate the body.

It doesn’t matter how much resistance you have, you won’t be able to stand it. 

“Then do you have anything that can cover my face, Flenn?”


“There are. Among adventurers, those wearing masks are quite common, so you don’t have to worry.”


“Masks are common?”


“Masks are convenient for hiding your identity and protecting oneself. Adventurers aren’t the sort to mind doing dirty things.” 


After saying all that, Flenn got up from his seat to rummage through the nearest drawer.

In the meantime, Ruel perused through the requests.

He only picked out the ones who gave the most money and the most dangerous ones, and set everything else aside. 


“Ruel, my ransom is more expensive than you thought.”

I only chose the best paying ones, but they didn’t always catch Cassion’s interest. 

Just how expensive is this ransom?!


Ruel ignored Cassion, as he had no choice in the matter anyways, and only asked Aris for his opinion. 

“Do you think you can handle this?”


It was the most lucrative and thus the most dangerous request. At least, among the ones that don’t require killing people. That’s where Aris draws the line.

For him, letting people die and actually doing the killing yourself was completely different.


“You’re too soft on him.”

Upon seeing the request, Cassion made a knowing smile. 


“I think it’s too early.”


“Well. I disagree.”

Cassion chose another request.

One that paid more, was more dangerous, and involved killing. 


“Cough, cough.”

Ruel glanced at Aris through his coughing fit. 

In the end, he will decide what to do. 


“Thank you for your consideration, Ruel-nim, but it’s okay. I’ll do it.”


‘Murder… You can’t be saying you have experience? Is that why Cassion said I was too soft on him?’

It was an action that did not match with Aris’ pure eyes. But in the end, Ruel nodded. 


“If you say so.”

Aris smiled at Ruel’s calming words.


While Cassion and Aris were actively choosing requests, Flenn handed him a mask.

The mask was mostly white, and was made to look like a fox. The eye holes were covered by something similar to cellophane.  

“It is a magic item. The device conceals eye color, but doesn’t impede sight. When worn, it locks in place and isn’t easily taken off, even when hit.”


“Are you giving this to me?”


“It’s small, but consider it a gift.”


Ruel chuckled.

“At least you know how to be grateful.”


“It’s only natural. The grace I received from Ruel-nim was so great that I wanted to do even a small thing like this.”



Ruel spoke calmly.

The respect and loyalty in Flenn’s eyes were sincere.

Having left his original home to build a new one here in Setiria… Just how much trouble did he go through?

My investments are finally paying off.


Since they started working with the Client Office, sales jumped four to five times from their heyday.

Even for himself, Ruel is hard-pressed to find anything more beautiful.

‘As expected, money is the best.’

Ruel saw Cassion and Aris.

Everyone stood up at the signal that they had chosen previously.

“I’ll be right back after I take care of this.”


“We’ll be waiting for your return in the meantime.”

Flenn saw Ruel off and returned to examine the request they took.



Although he paid me a lot for my cooperation, he also took the most dangerous and troublesome request out of my hair. 

The client was a smartass and normal adventurers didn’t want anything to do with him, so this has been a constant pain in the ass until now. 

He must have taken it on purpose.


‘It seems I owe you another favor.’

What should I give to Ruel-nim next, Flenn pondered.

‘I think he was raising a pet…’


I remembered a fox sleeping calmly on Ruel’s lap.

‘Nah! What does he need the most? Medicine! Health is wealth, right?’


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