I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 40 - With the moonlight (3)

Author: CleiZz




“Cough, cough, cough!”


As he was leaving the room, Cassion put a magic handkerchief on Ruel’s head to cover his mouth.

“At least cover your mouth when you cough.”


Ruel couldn’t answer because the coughing wouldn’t stop.

Cassion looked at Leo trying to soothe Ruel and asked.


“Can’t you eat more?”


“I’m full…”


The coughing fit was harsher than usual because Leo had had his fill of the black things already.


“Wasn’t everything going well? Why are you like this again?”

With the coughing fit showing no signs of stopping, Cassion handed Breath to Ruel.


Ruel, who had finally managed to breathe properly, stopped coughing like magic.

This damn sickness had no middle ground.

With his chest in pain, Ruel just had to say something while in pain.

“At least… we know… it’s working very well…”


“I’ll organize a special group for now. I know that no matter how competent my guild members are, you can’t trust just anyone on a matter as important as this, right, Ruel-nim?”


“It’s good that you know.”


Cassion sighed while he brought the table within arm’s reach of Ruel. 

“There’s water here if you need it. Drink some if your throat hurts too much.”

Ruel only frowned.




At Cassion’s call, Leo turned and looked at him.

“Protect him. No matter what.”


“This body has never tried to protect anyone before, but I will protect Ruel.”


I can’t say that his words were reassuring at all.

When Cassion heard Aris approaching, he reluctantly started to move. 


“Don’t hold back in letting things out if you have it. Even if it hurts, it’ll make you feel better.”


“… Fine.”


“I’ll be back soon.”

Cassion, an assassin turned adventurer, sighed and went out of the room.


Ruel bit his lips and closed his eyes.


The whining sound hadn’t started yet, so things were still tolerable.

He struggled to get up to inhale Breath. His hands trembled from the effort. 


“This body will give it to you.”


“It’s fine.


Rather than relying on those short legs, it was better for him to use his hands, even if they were trembling. 


Even the shadow in the bedroom stirred. The guild member Cassion had assigned to protect Ruel was stirred to action by worry. 


“I’m really fine.”


Trying to sound reassuring, Ruel spoke his words softly. 


And finally managing to take his medicine, he immediately collapsed on the bed as he fainted. 


Cassion and Aris left.


Even though he knew the situation was very dangerous, Ruel felt relieved. 


[Ruel, this necklace has a protective magic on it. And this ring is imbued with attack magic.]


[How do you use it? There’s no way I’ll bother you with such trifles. Leave the controls to me. So relax. I’ll protect you even from afar.]


Remembering Tyson’s words, I peeked at the ornaments I wore. Ruel smiled.


‘It’s like having a lackey.’

I was a bit worried that I’d screwed myself for accepting something I didn’t want in the first place.


‘Is uncle personally controlling it? Does that mean he’s also acting as a surveillance camera?’

That thought was a bit disconcerting.


I definitely should ask Aris when he comes back.


“Does it still hurt?”


“A little.”

Ruel closed his eyes, fiddling with Leo’s fur.


After a time, unbeknownst if he had fallen asleep or simply fainted, Ruel found himself being rudely awakened. With eyes still heavy, he awoke.


“… Wake up.”


A woman’s voice was heard.


It was difficult to know who it was because it was still dark.


“Who are you?”


Ruel asked quietly.


He could hear Leo, still asleep, breathing heavily on his fingertips. 


“I’m a shadow.”


It was the one Cassion’s.

“What’s going on?”


“Please excuse me, but the enemy is here.”


She then carried Ruel and jumped out the window.




Having been woken by the commotion, Leo was about to complain when Ruel quickly shut his mouth.


“Keep quiet.”


Leo nodded.




The sound of clashing swords could be heard from the inn they were just in.


‘Are they from the 18 flies?’


Ruel tried to think of possible culprits as they were being carried away.


“My cane.”


I left my cane at the inn.


“Cough, cough.”


I tried to block the sudden cough, but to no avail.


The woman put down Ruel for a moment and parried something with her sword. 




It was a mana covered dagger that failed to hit its mark.


“I’ll be dropping you off soon. Are you good at staying still in one place?”


“Of course.”


If anything, I am confident in my ability to stay still. 

Just how long do you think I’ve been lying motionlessly in bed?


“That’s a relief.”

She smiled brightly and carried Ruel again.


“Are we at the point where we need to fend for ourselves?” 


“Not yet.”


I patted Leo’s head to calm him down.


Exactly who’s protecting who? 


“Thank you.”


Ruel suddenly thanked her, knowing it was quite awkward.


I knew that if I didn’t do it now, I wouldn’t be able to say ‘thank you’ to her face even if I wanted to.


“So not sorry, but thankful, eh?”

The woman audibly grunted.




Ruel glanced back at the sound of metal hitting metal again.


Somehow, though the moon shone in the sky, it was dark.


I couldn’t even figure out where the attacks were coming from from where I was.


Ruel looked at her.


“Just to let you know, I intend to have you work for me far into the future. So let me know if you need anything. I’ll try my best to accommodate you!” 


“What I need is a vacation.”




“… Huu.”


An exasperated sigh was let out. 


This interaction was somehow funny and familiar. Like how it is with their guild master. 


The moment we got down to the ground, I suddenly felt lightheaded. 


We were at a dead end, with a wall behind our backs. 


Shadows fluttered on the wall and two more people suddenly appeared.


“Protect him.”


She put down Ruel and ordered them.


“Otherwise, you’ll be killed by the chief.”


At that moment, the two shuddered.


Ruel asked a question while still plopped on the ground.


“What’s your name?”


“I’m Hina. I’m the vice guild master.”


Ruel’s own introduction was unnecessary.

I’m sure you know lots about me.


Hina hid herself in the shadow like Cassion.




Leo looked at Ruel anxiously.


Ironically, he should have been the person who was most anxious.

My weak ass body.


“You. Protect me.”


“Yes! I’ll do that.”


Leo pulled out of Ruel’s embrace and looked towards the two shadows with his tail erect.


The silence was broken when the enemy appeared.


Ruel wore a smile as a big fireball hurled towards him. Is this how it is to live dangerously?


‘This night is shaping up nicely.’




The fireball hurtled towards them as if in sync with Ruel’s coughing.


“I’ll protect you!”


Leo slammed his front paws to create a wall.




The other side of the wall blazed with an inferno. Finally, something warm. 

I had been cold since I was only wearing thin clothes.




Leo flicked his ear and looked behind him, seeing one of the guild members already intercepting the assailant. 


Swords clashed and sparks flew everywhere.


The altercation caused a dust cloud that only made Ruel cough worse.


‘Leo is always one step late.’


All of a sudden, I got goosebumps.


Ruel turned his head toward the blocked wall.


The wall was making a huge racket.


“Don’t worry!”


Leo’s wrapped the very thick and sturdy wall around Ruel like a dome.


Boom boom boom!


Almost immediately after, a rumble could be heard from the other side of the dome, like someone was trying to break down a door by recklessly kicking. 




However strong the dome wall was, that little crack heralded its demise. 


A person wielding a blood-stained sword wrapped up in aura could be giving him a death stare from the other side. 


Ruel found the red eyes full of madness unsettling.


And his aura caused my body to tremble. 


“Well, you seem excited.”


The sword moved, but the necklace activated.




A magic shield formed around Ruel.


“Don’t steal my prey!”




Sparks flew across Leo’s body.

Without caring about whether or not his short legs were enough, Leo found himself already rushing towards the enemy. 




With the sound of something breaking, the enemy flew away while being engulfed by lightning.


‘Oh right. I was hit by that attack.’


At that time, my broken arm started to throb.

Meanwhile, the ring started to buzz.


Multiple sharp ice arrows were fired at the enemy from the ring.


Shush Shush.


The enemy could only do so much mid-air, so he could only swing his sword to try to avoid fatal wounds. 




Soon, a scream was heard.


“I’ll protect you!”


Leo’s ears stood up, and a tree quickly grew under the enemy’s body.


When the enemy’s hands and feet were tied, an ice arrow was fired again.




All the arrows went straight through the head.


‘Uncle must be very angry.’


The ring’s buzzing stopped when he died.


The two new shadows appeared at his back.

Ruel turned his head towards them.


“It’s strange that you were discovered so quickly, since you only just arrived. Did you perhaps leave a trail for them to follow?”

Hina was standing next to Cassion.

She looked at Cassion like a starry-eyed child that wanted to be praised.

“You forgot about this.”


Cassion flicked Hina’s forehead lightly and walked to Ruel.

Ruel was handed his cane.


“Ruel! Ruel! This body kept you safe. Ahem!”


“Good job, Leo.”

Before I realized it, I was already petting Leo.

In any case, it is true that he protected me. Albeit, a bit late. 



“He went to the commission.”


“How was it?”


“Well, it was okay. As strong as one of my fingernails.”




Ruel stood up with the help of his cane while Leo continued to gleefully beg for pets. 

“I was just sitting down the whole time, but I’m a mess.”


“It’s the 18, right?” 


“Maybe… At least, that’s what it looks like.”

“It seems that they really don’t like you, Ruel-nim.”

Cassion smiled lightly.


“At the very least, you’ll be able to hear all about it right now. Hina.” 


Hina came dragging someone.

The man she brought was bloody and his limbs were broken.

She threw the man on the floor.


Cassion took out a bottle of drugs.

“This is kind of like a truth serum. In the first place, these guys don’t like to talk.”


‘I made Billo open his mouth, so when I go back to the mansion, I’ll have to check if the information is correct.’


Ruel unconsciously glanced at Leo resting on his shoulders and keeping his neck warm.

When the man was forcibly given the truth serum, he opened his eyes instantly. 


“What’s your goal?”

When Cassion asked, the man answered without hesitation.


“To kill Ruel Setiria.”




“For him.”




At first, Ruel wondered if these guys were the same ones Ganien was involved with, but it seems they weren’t. 

The novel’s events mainly occurred in the Cyronian Kingdom, Ganien’s homeland.

His enemy was part of the nobility that didn’t want the Blue Knights to grow in power.

‘If they weren’t mentioned in the novel, who are they then?’

Ruel furrowed his brow in thought.

I mentally prepared myself when I took in Ganien, but things seem to be rapidly diverging from the events of the novel since I didn’t die.



“Who are you?”


“Red Ash.”

When the man finished answering, he suddenly began to laugh like crazy.

And he looked at Ruel with an eerie smile.

Ruel trembled from the thick vicious aura.


“I will kill you! I’m going to kill you! Because you’re alive! Not dead! Everything started…”

Before the man could finish, Cassion slit his throat. 


It was unpleasant to hear more.

“Are you okay?”

Ruel’s hands were trembling as he inhaled Breath after the execution.


‘Why do you have to kill me?’

The story of the novel had almost nothing to do with him anyway.

He was nowhere near where the story occurs, and he could barely even be called a side character as he was just a person who supposedly dies in Volume 1. 

It was unpleasant.

It’s so frustrating when you’re not in the know.

“Cough, cough.”


The cold night air that flowed through Breath soothed his throat.

“The soldiers are coming.”


“They’re coming fast.”


I don’t know how long it’s been, but it felt pretty fast to me.


At least my displeasure lessened due to the prompt actions of the soldiers, way different than usual. 


“Let’s go.”


Cassion’s guild members will clean up.


Ruel looked at the bright moon with a serious look.




All hell broke loose when Cassion and Aris began to sweep the most lucrative and most dangerous requests the Hand of the Wind Guild posted.


Titles, even the flashy ones, weren’t all that important to adventurers.


All they knew was these men were shamelessly stealing food from their rice bowls. 


‘Very good.’


Whatever. Ruel’s aim was to become famous anyways. Doesn’t matter how.




Flenn carefully called out Ruel.




At Ruel’s prompt, Cassion took out a pouch of money out of his pocket.


Flenn’s eyes twinkled with the sparkle of gold coins.


“Distribute it evenly. Complaints will subside.”


This is a job you do for money anyways, so if you just give them the cash, they’ll quiet down. 


It was only a fraction of the money earned by Cassion and Aris.


Ruel smiled at Cassion’s dissatisfied look. 


I’ve shown off that I’m filthy rich.


As he inhaled Breath, he was sure.


“I’m sure we’ll get the request any day now.”


It was the perfect time for the rats to take the bait. 

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  1. i wonder if the 18 has any relation to perhaps a ‘god’ of this world , trying to rectify ruel’s actions in changing the story’s projectory ? thank you for the translation !!

    1. Maybe someone else who wants to control the beasts- or doesn’t want someone who can? Let alone the fact of having a strong Setiria which hinders their plans