I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 42 - Cleaning for sure (2)

Author: CleiZz




Gold coins poured down. It always looked beautiful.

Following the orders given to him, gold and silver coins really fell into his hands.

‘You idiot.’

Plane remembered the lord, who had returned a few weeks ago.

He seemed to be trying to do something on his own, but how desperate it would be to find out that it was all just a futile struggle.

Soon, Setiria would be dominated by the rest of the world.

He dug a tunnel hard for that.


Plane wanted to see the lord’s desperate expression.

‘Before that, I’ll have to figure out what the lord’s up to.’

He had been stuck in the mansion for long and didn’t think of what he was doing.

Not long ago, the lord went to the Masu Forest.

However, the protection of the knights was tight, so he failed to grasp his face.


Knock, knock.

“Come in.”


“Mr. Plane, the wagon has arrived.”


“Oh, I can’t believe it’s already here. They’re pretty useful.”

As the long-cherished plan was nearing the end, he kept rushing in, so he had to lend his hand to adventurers.

‘Adventures are very convenient. Even if I kill them, there is nothing holding me back.’

It was a profession where adventurers died so frequently that they were told that they were working with their hearts out.

Even if they were surrounded by monsters to the point of being killed by one, no one doubted it.


‘Did he say that he was Han? I’ll have to use them a few times and put them away.’

But too many deaths could lead to suspicion, so Plane stood up, carefully and cautiously contemplating a plan to kill them.


“Everyone must have arrived, right?”


“That’s right.”


“Follow me.”

The place where he stopped was a safe made of a thick layer of metal and various magic devices.

When the door opened, numerous drugs were piled up like mountains.

Plane smiled so widely that his mouth reached his ear.

If that amount was released at once, what would happen to Setiria?

Both the aristocrats with high pride and the knights who regarded their beliefs as their lives were bound to collapse over that.

‘…Oh, I’m going crazy just imagining it.’

An ecstatic expression cast on Plane’s face.




The sound of something tapping filled the cave.




The sound was quite close.

As soon as he looked back, Plane stiffened.

“I saw it very well. Thanks to you, I know for sure what you’re aiming for, thank you.”


“… Han?”


“It’s an honor to have you remember my name.”


“How can you be here…”


“Because I’m a bit competent.”

Ruel pointed to the inside of the open safe.


“Burn it.”

It was just a small gift for eating Setiria little by little.


“Oh, no!”

Plane reacted late, but the flames had already touched the safe.



As it exploded beautifully, Ruel smiled in satisfaction.


-Did you see it? This body did it! I can do it because of this body.

Leo laughed triumphantly and ran around Ruel.


Ruel took one step, then two steps, and caught the sight of the burning fire.

“Looking at the sheer amount of it, it seems like they have been collecting them for years. Are you upset?”


“… Ugh.”

Plane groaned on his knees.

The servant, who was driven into the corner, did not know what to do.




It was clear what to do in the current situation.

Aris sprinted and cut off the head of the servant.

Then, he shook off the blood from the sword and aimed it at Plane’s neck.


“What’s going on?”

People flocked late to the sound of the explosion.

The moment they saw a sword pointed to Plane’s neck, they uniformly pulled out a sword.


“Kil, kill me! Just kill me!”

Plane shouted ferociously.

There was blood in his eyes.

Bits of burnt drugs drifted before his eyes.

His anger grew at the two intruders for destroying those lovely things, and he wanted to tear them apart.

Plane ignored the sword pointed at his neck and glared at Ruel with eyes full of hatred.

Blood dripped from Plane’s neck.

As the pain came, his reason returned a little.


[“The injury I suffered from the previous request has not healed yet. However, it won’t interfere with your request, so don’t worry.”]


Suddenly he remembered what Han had said.

Plane tried to think by forcibly suppressing the anger that pervaded his mind.

The safe was burned, and his henchmen came from the east of the cross aisle, and the distance was close to the place where Han stood.

At best, Ruel seemed to be standing defenselessly.


“I’ll kill you. For sure!”

In response to Plane’s deathly threat, Aris thrust the sword into his leg.



Plane, while screaming, forcibly lifted his finger and pointed at Ruel.


“Catch him! Catch him!”


“It’s useless…!”

Aris twisted the sword he had stabbed in.


Despite the screams that followed, his finger was still pointing to Ruel.

Aris wanted to cut it off right away, but he endured it.

The sound of footsteps rang loudly.

Following Plane’s instructions, his men began to move.

Aris’s head heated up.


—First, take a deep breath.

Unlike his head, his body cried out to run ignoring Ruel’s instructions.


—Count to three.

As Ruel told him to do, Aris took a deep breath and counted up to three seconds.

—One step behind. Slow down. That’s how it is.


‘… Ruel-nim.’

Aris walked toward Ruel slowly, one step behind Plane.


“Give up!”

The enemy’s sword touched Ruel’s neck. Ruel slightly raised the corners of his mouth.


A silly smell emanated.

—Never let go of the sword even if the enemy makes you surrender. Pour out your fighting spirit until the opponent runs away in fright.

Aris’s sword did not stop.

He cut down the enemies in front of him with force to chew the sword that was aimed at Ruel.

His fighting spirit was blazing.

He burned his hatred.



Swords clashed into each other. Subsequently, several swords approached.

—I’m a black beast. I eat up everything.

He pushed his opponent with the teachings Ganien gave him in his heart.

He avoided the approaching sword and rushed back.

He believed in the sword given by Ruel and struck it vigorously with the determination to break the enemy’s sword itself.






After several moves, the enemy’s sword was broken.

Aris breathed in once and did not stop his hand.

The faces of the enemies turned pale as the sword path continued again.

They were not backed out even if they were pushed, but at that moment, someone opened their mouth to the momentum that was pressing them.


“… Monster.”


In their eyes, Aris began to look like a beast.


“Retreat with him!”

Plane opened his mouth while watching the situation.

There was only one opponent.

Nevertheless, dozens of his subordinates were being pushed back.

Plane split his subordinates in half and let some deal with Aris, and some ran away with Ruel.


“You held it in well.”

Cassion appeared only after confirming that they had run away.

With a drooping head hanging in his hand. With a surge of blood.

The assassin was angrier than ever.

It was because of his master’s ridiculous plan.

He held it in until his heart hurt. But he couldn’t stop him.


“You’re having a hard time, too.”

He didn’t know he’d say what Ganien said.


“You have to follow me. It’s an order.”

Aris clenched his fists and looked vaguely at those who had taken Ruel away.


The order given by Ruel was simple.

While he drove the rat king and some of his men, he ordered them to slaughter the guild members without sparing a single one in the central base here.

It was a reckless plan.

However, there were too many exits here.


—This work doesn’t just end in Plane’s line. Prazio came out. 18 is also taking part in this. The hard-to-get Prazio. If a single person escapes, it will be noticed at the top. I’m going to catch the mastermind.


He couldn’t figure out all their escape holes.

They might have a hidden path.

Therefore, Cassion failed to persuade him to the end.


Cassion grasped the dagger again.

He already alerted Hina. She’ll figure it out on her own.

“I’ll be back after finishing it quickly.”




Rats were supposed to be scattered when they were cornered.

It was simpler than he thought to make them stick together so that they didn’t scatter.

He just had to lend his hand a way to turn the tables.

So, Ruel decided to give them a way when they stopped to take a breath.


“You’d better let me go.”


“You bastard! You won’t die in peace!”


Plane’s face turned red and blue, and he smashed Ruel’s face.



He heard a fierce sound.

-Hiss! I can’t forgive him!

Leo stared at Plane angrily.

Leo was only visible to Ruel because he told him to hide his appearance.



Ruel stopped Leo. It’s not time yet.

In addition, compared to the pain that occured irregularly, it was weak.

Because he endured well, Ruel did not scream.


He just liked the mask Plane gave him because it was so strong.

-Ruel, Ruel, are you in a lot of pain?


“Cough, cough.”


“It hurts, right? You punk.”

Didn’t even know it was the sound of coughing because of the disease, Plane laughed.


“I feel kind of dirty.”


The cane, which he had missed as he fell after being hit in the face, rolled over Ruel’s head.


‘My cane.’


When Ruel saw the cane, Plane smirked again as if he had found delicious food.

“I guess it’s hard for you to walk without a cane.”


Plane touched Ruel’s cane with his dirty hands.

He lowered his cane to his knees to see if it would make him suffer frustration in front of his eyes.



There was a sound of something else breaking instead of the cane that should have been broken.



Ruel couldn’t hold back his laughter.


He soon became suffocated and had no choice but to inhale the Breath.

‘Indeed, Cassion, you’ve got a very sturdy one.’


“What the…”

Plane looked at Ruel as he threw the unbreakable cane.

Anxiety flooded his mind.


‘Should I let myself get one more blow?’

Ruel soon gave up his thoughts.

He had already been hit once.


“You’d better change your mind, Plane.”

Plane’s flustered face turned white.

Some of them dropped their swords on the light blue shield pattern that appeared on the back of Ruel’s hand.


“Lo, lo, … Lord.”


“Yeah, it’s me.”

Ruel smiled at them.


“Fo, forgive me… !”


“Shut up!”

Plane grabbed the collar of his subordinate, who was lying flat, and shouted.

A smile bloomed on his face, which had turned ashen. It wasn’t a normal reaction, but Ruel wanted to see that reaction.

“Oh my, isn’t this the lord of Setiria? How can you get to such a shabby place?”

Plane laughed at Ruel as soon as he straightened his bowed waist.


“Did you think I’d say that? Hahaha! A lucky charm rolled on its own! Good, very good!”

A trump card that could turn the tables at once has rolled to his feet.

The fact that the lord became an adventurer and came to his own place was something he had been preparing for a long time.

He destroyed what I owned, so he should pay it back equally.


“Gather the rest of you.”

Now that the lord had been captured, the knights and soldiers were bound to come.

To prepare, he had to gather his subordinates spread out in the tunnel.

Wasn’t it a tunnel created for this purpose?




“You search his body and see if there’s any tracking magic.”

Plane hurriedly rushed to the place they had come from.

He made several exits just in case, so it was troublesome if there was a location tracking magic.


Ruel looked at the approaching man and said.

“I’m allergic to mana, so I will die when mana comes in.”


The man paused and looked at Plane.

Ruel pointed to where he came from.

“Look, they’re still not chasing me, there’s no location tracking magic in the first place.”


“Don’t try to fool me. Isn’t that a magic item that you’re wearing?”


“I’m a little weak. It’s like a life support device. Cough, cough.”

Ruel let out a cough.

He didn’t feel good because he felt nauseous.


“Then you can try it. You know that if I die here, you’ll have no answer, right?”

Ruel bit Breath, but Plane grasped his hand.


“What’s this?”


“My lifeline.”


“Are you going to call your knights with this?”


“If I could call the knights with this, I would have called them sooner, idiot.”


Plane tried to yank it by hand, but the cord was so hard that it could not be cut.

The Breath was pulled out of his neck without a choice.


Ruel also tried to resist, but he couldn’t even do it.

‘Damn it… .’

Losing the Breath was unplanned. Ruel’s breathing slowed down.


“Bo, boss. No contact.”


“What do you mean? Try contacting other tunnels.”


“I can’t reach anyone.”


“Give it to me!”

Plane took the communication devices and connected them one by one.


As the non-response continued, he threw the communication device to the ground and approached Ruel.

Bzzt. Bzzt.

Ruel smiled as Plane grabbed his neck.

The two knights and the soldiers seemed to have cleared all the tunnels.

The rest were just them.

It was insignificant.


He thought there would be more, but the hard work was not worth it.

“You! You! What do you know? What the hell is going on!”

Plane’s grasp on Ruel’s neck tightened and he lifted him into the air.


“Le… O.”


-Alright! This body is coming out!


The cave was full of moisture, so Leo could gather water very easily.

One drop was small, but when tens of thousands of droplets gathered, it became a very terrifying power.

Leo fired tens of thousands of droplets at once.

Toward the very bad people who attacked Ruel.


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