I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 47 - Prios (4)

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“It’s Ruel Setiria.”

Since Ganien, whose name was the most formidable to use as a disguise, had left, Ruel used his own name.


“I, I apologize! I’ll get in contact right away!”

The soldier freaked out and hurried into the mansion.

Who in the world would use the name of a powerful family head other than the head themself?


Looking at the soldier running in without checking his identification, Ruel inhaled Breath.

Ruel was holding a cane.

Even if he could walk without a cane, he didn’t intend to change his image of being weak.


“Do you have anything to pick up this time?”

At Cassion’s question, Ruel was willing to answer.


“There is.”


There is only one line mentioning Prios in the novel: ‘I went through Prios to get to Shio’s estate.’


It was a very uncharacteristic place.

There was only one thing to pick up here: Prios’ Lord.

Ruel only smiled but did not answer exactly what it was.

“Don’t be nervous, Aris.”


“Yes, I’m fine.”

Aris, not Ganien, was standing behind him.


This was the assessment that Cassion had bestowed on Aris’ skill.

The word ‘so-so’ in the eyes of a monster was taken as that it was better than most adventurers.


Soon the soldier returned, and Ruel went inside under the guidance of a servant.

Ruel was slightly offended by the servant’s words that the head of Prios had already entered the room.


‘Their treatment toward their guest is awful.’

Although he spoke his name, he was still Setiria. He didn’t think he deserved to be treated this badly.

Since the other party didn’t keep to their manners, Ruel had no intention of keeping his either. Ruel took all members of his party and entered Prios’ room.

There were no butlers or servants in sight to stop this.


“There are many eyes.”

Cassion spoke quietly before opening the door.


—Should this body protect you?


“No, it’s okay.”

Looking at Leo sitting on his shoulder, Ruel nodded towards the door.



With the sound of the cane hitting the floor, Ruel entered the room.



The family head of Prios was sitting at the table and biting his hand with his head bowed.

At his actions as if being chased by something, Ruel grinned.

“Thank you for welcoming me even though I came without prior notice. I am Ruel Setiria.”


Only then did the family head of Prios get up in surprise.

“Oh, I’m sorry I couldn’t meet you in person. I’m not feeling well today. I am Ketlan Prios.”


“Let’s clean up the area first since there are many flies around. Aris.”

There was no need for Cassion to come forward. Even in Ruel’s eyes, people surrounded in mana were seen here and there.


Aris pulled out a sword. It was best to get rid of buzzing flies.


“What, what are you doing?!”


“Sit still.”


Ruel was known for being sickly, but his spirit was extraordinary.


Ketlan covered his ears.

Ruel sat down at the table leisurely, listening to the screams and the sound of the sword being swung.


Tock. Tock.

He then tapped the table with his finger and drew Ketlan’s eyes to him.

“You’re of a collateral line.”

His voice was buried by the background, but Ruel’s mouth shape was clearly visible to Ketlan.

Ketlan lowered the hand that covered his ears.

He couldn’t help but listen.

“You’re of a collateral line, but how did you climb up to where you are now?”


Tock. Tock.

Ruel kept tapping the table and made eye contact with Ketlan.


With the last blow, Aris sheathed the sword.

Ketlan only later realized that there was blood and corpses around him. He vomited.

“Who placed you in the position of the lord?”






The finger that was tapping the table stopped.

Leo, who was sitting calmly on Ruel’s lap, pricked his ears.

“Do you not get the picture?”

Ruel’s voice became fierce.


At the tone of the voice that made him feel like he was caught by the collars, Ketlan looked at him while covering his mouth with his arms.

Too mature to be called a boy and too young to be called an adult, the lord of Setiria looked as sickly as ever. However, his green eyes shone like bright stars in the dark.

“I’m asking you a question.”


How could that arrogant smile suit him so well?


“Who made you lord?”


“… My mother.”

Ketlan could not bring himself to speak carelessly even though it was not a threat.

“Don’t you feel like dying from having to live such a fake life?”



Ketlan burst into tears when he saw the eyes that looked to be looking straight at his heart.


“… Yes, I feel like dying.”

He didn’t know why, but his mouth moved at its own will.

To think that the person to whom he would confide everything in – about his sufferings from pretending to be a fake – would be someone who he met for the first time today.

Ruel listened to Ketlan’s complaint.

Seeing him covered with tears, Ruel tossed him a rope.

“Do you want to get away from Liberan?”


“Get out… Can I?”


“That’s right. That is if you come under me.”

At Ruel’s response, Ketlan stopped crying.

His head naturally bowed.

So this is how it ends up again. He would have to live another life of being used and monitored by someone.

Ketlan thought this as his heart pained.

“Is the position of the lord of Prios heavy?”




“Do you want to escape?”


“Can I get out of here?”


“Is there anyone who can replace you?”


“… There is no one. The direct line of Prios is already… There’s no more.”




“They all left lamenting about being trapped in a cage. They were the last ones.”

Ruel lightly kicked his tongue.

They were terrible beings to drop their responsibilities and run away.

Ruel glanced at Cassion and Aris diligently cleaning up the corpses and removing their traces before opening his mouth again.


“So, do you want to quit playing Prios’ Lord?”




“Can you leave everyone behind in Prios?”


Ketlan still failed to answer.


“Cough, cough.”

Ruel coughed to the point his back bent at the force. He made a face at the pain that rose at the same time as his coughs.

“Being a lord myself, it’s a tedious position. It’s the kind of thing where if I disappear, everything collapses. It’s really hard to change that. I wouldn’t know about later, but if I disappeared now, Setiria will definitely fall into ruins.”


Ketlan clenched his hold on his knees at Ruel’s calm voice.

“If you disappear, will Prios not collapse?”


“… it might collapse.”


“I’ll help you leave this place if you can handle all the resentment and tears.”


“I can’t go…”


Ruel grinned at Ketlan’s answer.

Ruel believed that Ketlan, though of the collateral line, was better than those of the direct bloodline, who left everything behind, not caring whether or not Prios was destroyed.


“You are the only direct line of Prios.”


“What… ”


“Live as the proud head of Prios.”

Ketlan silently looked at Ruel.


“It’s simple to come under me. Don’t look down on Setiria. Help Setiria. I’m asking you to come under me for those two conditions.”


“What, what about surveillance?”


“For what?”


“Don’t you want Prios? If you put a leash on my neck, you can enjoy more money and power. And you don’t have to deal with dirty things with your own hands.”


Ruel snorted.

It was funny because what Liberan had made Ketlan do was so insignificant.

You only took control of Prios for that?


Ruel expressed his opinion exactly after inhaling Breath.

“I don’t want it. Setiria is a much better place than Prios. Money? Power? I have enough of those right now. Oh, it’s good to have more money, but I’m not in an urgent need to squeeze Prios dry.”


“Is, is it fine to require only those two conditions from me…”




‘I knew it,’ Ketlan calmed his excitement and waited for Ruel to speak.


“You are the lord. Whether you are of a collateral line or of a direct bloodline, I don’t know. Let’s make this clear.”

Ketlan had on a stupid face. He wanted to talk, but his mouth didn’t move.

“Remember this. You and I met today because I needed to borrow money from you.”

Ruel then pointed to the body that had yet to be cleaned up.


“Form an excuse saying there was a slight dispute. These things will be changed out anyway. Since it’s me we’re talking about, they’ll let it slide.”

Ruel urged Ketlan after inhaling Breath.

“What are you doing?”




“You’re not swearing the Mana Oath on the terms I said. Should I even tell you how to do that?”

Ketlan’s breathing got a little faster. There was a very small light reflected in his dead eyes.

“Really, would that be enough? Really?”


“Do it.”


Ketlan smiled for the first time at the firm answer. It was a rope of salvation. There was no reason to refuse.

This was someone who gave him back his hands and feet and drove out those who planned to take his neck.

Ketlan said after a hasty oath of Mana,

“The lord came to borrow money from me, and I refused. As a result, there was a slight dispute.”




“You and I have never officially met.”


“That’s right.”

Ruel smiled satisfactorily.


“I’ll chase out the rat. I will wash away your stigma as well. Instead, swear your loyalty to me.”


“Of course. I’ve already sworn allegiance in my heart.”

The coward that was seen at the beginning was no longer there. This must be the real Ketlan.


Ruel was done with his business. All that’s left is to kill the rat in order to fully get Prios in his hands.

“Let’s go.”

Ruel got up from his seat with the cane. For the sake of acting, he put on a fuming face as he left the room. When the door closed, Ketlan firmly bit his lips. For the first time since he’s climbed up here, he’s become a person. For the first time, he could breathe.

Tears streamed down his face, eyes brimming with emotion.


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