I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 48 - A Noble Person

Author: CleiZz


Until he got into the carriage, Ruel maintained an angry expression.


But as soon as he sat, he put his hand on his stomach with a languid face.


It was difficult for him to make this expression.




After patting Leo on the head, Ruel opened his mouth.


Shortly after riding the carriage, Aris looked at him with respect.


“I’m so proud of my decision to follow you.”




“But I think you can be more greedy.”


“I was greedy.”


Thanks to Plane*, Liberan’s nemesis, he learned about the weaknesses of the head of Prios, and as an added bonus, he received an oath of allegiance.

T/N : Plane here is a merchant from chapter 41, in the previous chapter he was translated as Flenn. Actually, they are different people. So Plane is a bad guy here, the rat. Flenn is still the leader of Hand of the Wind guild. I’m so sorry for the misunderstanding. 


Isn’t that completely beneficial?


What more can I be greedy about?


Aris laughed.


“Yes, it’s like Ruel-nim.”


“The pride of Prios are the artisans.”


Cassion spoke with regret.


Ruel was impressed when he heard that only a few of them could have been brought out.


I didn’t know that.


The pride of Prios are the artisans.


Had I known that fact, of course I would have added it on the condition.


‘Well, it’s a bit disappointing, but I can bring them back even after this is over.’


—Ruel, Ruel. Black things are growing. But this body is full now, so I’ll eat it later.


Leo laughed as he watched the food increase.


No wonder my head was throbbing.


“Come on, let’s go to the inn.”


“You seem to be in good health though. There was no loss of consciousness like before.”


Cassion calmly pulled out his handkerchief as he started the carriage.


“Give it to me.”


Looking at Ruel’s hand, Cassion searched his pocket without a word.


He took a basket of snacks out of his pocket and handed Ruel a meat pie.


Preservation magic was applied, so it was warm as if it had just been baked.


“Astell cared more. In addition to meat, only ingredients that Ruel-nim can eat have been added, which are good for the body.”


After passing the meat pie to Aris and Leo as well, Ruel took the pie in his mouth.




A pleasant sound was heard.




Stretch. Stretch.


An annoying noise was heard throughout the meeting.


The client’s agent was impatient and pointed to the man in the fox mask.


“Hey! Why do you keep eating?”


“Oh, I’m sorry. It’s time to take my medicine.”


Regardless of whether his eyes were focused or not, Ruel finished what he was eating and raised the corners of his mouth.


He originally hated herbal medicines or things that are bitter, but he started taking herbal remedies to help him regain his vitality.


Rather than getting frustrated because only painkillers work, wouldn’t it be better to take herbal medicines to keep the body healthy?


“What are you doing without explaining? They’re all waiting.”


Ruel’s brazen tongue made the agent feel ridiculous.


He stopped talking because of someone.


“Hmmm, the brief introduction ends here, and now I will tell you what you need to do.”


“It’s bitter.”


Without paying attention to the agent’s subsequent explanation, Ruel put into his mouth a medicine that looked like uhwang-cheongsimhwan instead of just drinking it directly.

T/N: Uhwang-cheongsimhwan :  a pill formulated with a variety of herbs, used to treat various symptoms such as traumas, paralyzed limbs, etc., from a stroke, etc.


The bitterness came right up.


“Don’t leave anything behind, drink everything.”


All herbal medicines have been made by Cassion after consulting a well-known pharmacist in Leponia Kingdom.


“The task you have to accomplish is simple. It is to deliver our products safely and in good condition. The number of wagons is four. There are hundreds of things in it. The value is indescribable.”


‘I need to find out about the doctors and pharmacists.’


“This time, our Carpen merchant has made a deal with an important customer. That’s why we need the help of all of you.”


‘After this is over, I’ll have to look at the Birds’ status and ask them for information.’


“We will start here from Prios, cross the Masu Forest, and head to the Kran Kingdom.”

T/N: For reminder, masu forest is a beast forest.


Ruel gave a long yawn as he had already heard the information.


“I would like you to form four groups of five people and protect one wagon. Let’s set the group right now.”


I ordered Cassion to look inside the wagon in advance.


According to Liberan’s plan, which they got in advance, there was one sealed item for each wagon.


“You know…”


It was Aris who went out to draw lots on behalf of his party.


“I know.”


What’s the point of having one thing sealed?


He already knows where it is.


Ruel ate cookies mixed with akal’ herb and secretly put one into Leo’s mouth, who was invisible to others.


—Oh, this one is very sweet, too.


It tastes good and relieves the pain, so it sticks to my mouth.


“Don’t eat everything at once, and have fewer snacks.”


Cassion slipped out.


No matter how much conservation magic was put on, the amount did not increase.


If two people share a limited amount, it will be depleted quickly.


Cassion was worried that Ruel’s body that had grown would shrink again.


“You can make it again.”


“It’s very easy to say. Are there cooking utensils lying on the street?”


“Oh, really? I thought it was in your pocket. I’ll control myself.”


As the sincerity was buried in Ruel’s words, Cassion let out a sigh.


He wasn’t omnipotent, no matter how good he was.


“What’s the result?”


About the time the twentieth cookie entered Ruel’s mouth, he stopped and asked.


“Got it.”


To avoid manipulation, the wizard and the swordsman were drawing lots separately.


Because Aris was a swordsman externally, he picked number 3 very easily.


When Aris sat down and everyone had finished drawing the lots, the agent informed everyone of the result of the lottery.


Ruel listened to the names of those who would be in the same group as him.


If someone gets in the way, it’s better to get rid of them.


“We’re leaving at 5 a.m. tomorrow morning. We’ll give everyone the same 10 gold coins, as posted on the request.”


The pay was enormous.


It cost more than 1,000 gold coins to buy a failing merchant.


Twenty percent of the money was wasted to summon 20 adventurers.


‘Well, it doesn’t matter whether the amount is large or not.’


In the first place, the Carpen merchant was not an existing one.


It was just a hastily created merchant group to trick everyone’s eyes.


In other words, it doesn’t matter when or how it disappears.


The adventurers were bewitched by 10 gold coins and sold their lives.




Ruel clicked his tongue and waited for the meeting to end.

Explaining the route of the agents and the items in the wagon, it was so boring that he fell asleep.


“Is it strong?”


Ruel yawned and asked.


“No, it’s worse than Aris.”


Cassion simply replied.


Aris clenched his fists, he was slightly unhappy that the reference point became him.


But he couldn’t say much.


Still, compared to Cassion, isn’t he the same when he was armed?


Ruel coughed and glanced at Cassion and Aris.


Obviously, Cassion had brought up Aris’s name on purpose.


‘The crazy one keeps stabbing the already intimidated kid.’


“Well, let’s be quiet now.”


They sat in the back row, but the adventurer sitting in front of Ruel couldn’t help but speak.


The sound of coughing, of constantly eating something, and above all, the comments about being weak was very annoying.


Ruel raised the corner of his mouth when he deliberately picked a fight.


“I’m sorry I was so loud because I caught a cold.”


He spoke as politely as he could.


There is no reason to attract unnecessary attention.


He tried to say more, but he was caught up with the two people giving him death stares from both sides of Ruel.




The adventurer who swallowed dry saliva mumbled after turning his head.


“Be respectful to each other… Let’s keep it that way.”


“Yes, let’s do that. I’ll be as careful as I can, so I’m sorry again for the noise I just made.”


With a cool apology, the adventurer looked straight ahead as if he were dead.


After the long speech, the adventurers gathered a team on their own.


Ruel stood up and hinted.


“You decide and let me know.”


“All right.”


Group 3 consisted of themselves and two soloists.


One appeared to be an archer, and one appeared to be a shield-wearing swordsman.




Cassion simply said, no more, no less.


“Nice to meet you. I am…”


“You will need my arrows in the future. Speaking of my skills…”


There was no need to look any further.


Let’s say those two can’t come out because of a sudden stomach ache.


Ruel concluded and spoke.


“Let’s not talk in a place like this. How about this?”


Then he made a drinking gesture, and the two immediately smiled.


Ruel asked.


“Do you know a good place?”


“Of course!”


The swordsman wearing a shield proudly tapped me on the chest.


“Guide me, it’s on me.”


“Haha! Unlike your appearance, you have a lot of courage. I like it!”


“Are you going there by any chance? Bitter beer.”


The archer asked the shield-wearing swordsman.


The swordsman opened his eyes wide and soon laughed cheerfully.


“That’s the best place in Prios.”


“No one is there…”


The two immediately became close friends over alcohol and walked forward.


“The symptom is a stomachache.”


“Yes, I have a medicine we can use. Those three days will be pretty tough.”


“Okay, do that.”


“But do you know how to drink? Aris, you too?”


Cassion looked at those who were not yet adults and was thinking about what to do.


Aris shrugged his shoulders.


He never had a drink.


Ruel had never even had alcohol in his current body.


“You’ll know when you drink it.”


Shouldn’t it be alcohol that I’m going to drink?


His mouth is watering already.






Ruel drank the best liquor in the store without hesitation.

Checking for allergies, He just dropped some on his tongue, and when there was no reaction, he had one, two, and more and more glasses.


Whether it was the one with the shield or the one with the bow, the two had already gone to the bathroom and did not come out for a long time.


“… Huh, it’s like a beached whale.”


Cassion laughed despondently, putting the side dish in his mouth.


Drinks are as good as the meal.


Aris hit his head on the table as soon as he touched the booze.


The only thing they could hear was breathing with no movements at all.


Leo was busy eating snacks from Cassion under the table.


Ruel, who was drinking the whole time, suddenly put down his glass.


“That’s weird.”


Ruel stopped looking at the glass and inhaled Breath.


“What’s wrong with you? There’s still alcohol in the glass.”


“‘Wiing!’ It’s just the beginning. I’m a drinker. This can’t be happening.”


Ruel smiled softly with sullen eyes.


Cassion immediately drove the booze out of the way.


“Let’s go back now.”


The only way to find out whether alcohol was harmful to Ruel was to make him drink it first.

No more alcohol.


Cassion put a piece of information on the checklist.




As Cassion put the notebook in, Ruel banged his head on the table.




There was a long sigh.


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