I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 49 - A Noble Person (2)

Author: CleiZz




Unlike Aris, who has been suffering from a hangover since dawn, Ruel was busy vomiting black blood.


—Oh, it’s getting more and more delicious.


 Based on Leo’s growing size, a lot of black things are being devoured.


How many side dishes did you just eat at the store?


Cassion shook his head while looking at Leo, who looked at his owner and ate well.


‘The sound of sipping and the groan of Ruel were mixed.’


The pain was even greater because it was torn more than usual.


“… medicine.”


Ruel struggled to get his words out.


I wanted to ask Leo what he meant by getting more and more delicious, but I couldn’t think straight.


Ruel took the medicine that Cassion gave him and fell back on the bed.


“We have to start now.”


We had to get together at 5 a.m.


The clock was already ticking toward 4 a.m.




Ruel closed his eyes tightly, bringing up a brief remark that he would be fine soon.


Who do you blame?


It’s his fault for being crazy about drinking after a long time.


“Cough, cough.”


“I’ll wait until 4:15. If you don’t get better, stay here and return to Setiria, and Hina will protect you.”


Cassion looked at the clock leisurely.


The second hand moved diligently with the sound of chewing something.


With three minutes to go, Cassion’s hand moved.




Ruel coughed up black blood once more.


Only then did Ruel look at Cassion with a refreshed face.


“That’s enough.”


Ruel got up from his seat, putting on the mask he had placed over his head.


He stumbled for a moment, but he didn’t fall.


Cassion sighed as he tucked in his handkerchief.


He set the time short on purpose.


‘The power of recovery has grown more than before. He recovered earlier than expected.’


Cassion followed Ruel, who walked well without a cane.


“… I’m ashamed.”


Aris couldn’t raise his head in shame.


He never thought he’d faint with a drink.


“It’s okay.”


So what if the escort can’t drink?


Ruel reacted sourly and looked at Leo.


“What do you mean by saying that black things are delicious?”


—It’s thicker.


That wasn’t good news either.


“Didn’t it increase?”


—This body didn’t grow even though I ate so hard.”


Leo licked his lips again and smiled mischievously.


‘It’s a relief that he didn’t grow.’


Whether this, which is not known whether a disease or not, is getting worse and spreading, it’s  okay as long as Leo balanced the strength of his recovery.


They arrived at the meeting place by walking in the morning.


By five o’clock, the appointed time, the agent appeared.


Like an attendance check, he checked the adventurers one by one and checked the paper in his hand.


“…and there’s Han, Cassion, and Aris… Where did the rest go?”


There were two missing.


“Come to think of it, we met last night, so we had a drink, but I haven’t seen them since.”


Ruel spoke in a pompous manner.


The agent asked in surprise.


“You mean you don’t know what happened?”


“Yes, we’re in the same group, but I’ve never seen him before. Shouldn’t you figure it out?”


“I see. Group 3 will have 3 members first, and the rest…”


“No, thank you. We’ve been working together, so these three are more comfortable to work with.”


The agent opened his mouth with a ‘hmmm’.

“Would it be difficult with only three people?”


“If it’s really difficult, I’ll talk to you separately, so go ahead.”

Ruel didn’t want to talk any more, so he pushed his agent away.


“Cough, cough.”


Ruel coughed and put a medicine in his mouth that Cassion had passed.


While departing, the agent emphasized the value of the goods in the carriage and demanded that the mission be completed safely.


The carriage left at six o’clock, an hour later, due to attendance checks and speeches.


The wagons, which were going smoothly in Prios, stopped at the gates of Setiria.


“… No, what are you doing? I’ve shown you the merchant token, the referral letters, and the adventurers’ cards!”


The agent raised his voice against the soldier.


There has been news that the gate security has become tight these days, but I didn’t know it would be this much.


“It’s taking time because the merchant token is a bit strange. Please wait calmly.”


“That’s already an hour. An hour!”


The most important thing in the upper convoy was to deliver the goods safely, but the second was to deliver them within the scheduled time.


Unexpectedly, they were kept hostage at the gate.


Ruel yawned and watched it leisurely.


‘I told Baron Will in advance and I’ve got my hands on it.’


He ordered Will, a baron who manages the Sisel Village, to hold onto him appropriately when a merchant named Carpen arrives.


‘Very good.’


The promised date is probably correct, apart from this being a normal convoy request.


‘Your mouth will be dry. We’ve already spent an hour.’


The Masu Forest was an uncontrollable place.


I’m sure it’s the time I expected, so how anxious will it be.


“Cough, cough.”


Ruel coughed while taking the medicine.


“Why don’t you take a nap?” asked Cassion, looking back.


Judging from the commotion in the gate, it was likely to drag on for two, no, more than three hours.




Adventurers who were showing their patience must be feeling the pressure at the gate when irritation arises from their mouths.


“We’ll see how they will handle this.”


Ruel leaned back like a spectator and took the medicine.


“Hey, can’t you get things right? I showed you everything. What’s the problem?”


One of the adventurers came down from the wagon and walked to the soldiers.


The agent calmed down the adventurer as he was about to show it.


“Okay, I’ll take care of it soon. Give me a minute.”


When he slipped a silver coin, the adventurer pretended to hold back his anger and went back to the carriage.


The agent approached the soldier and secretly showed him a flower, the symbol of Prios.


The soldier remained motionless.


Rather, he pointed to the shield pattern engraved on his armor in the sense of why he showed this.


“This is Setiria.”


“Who’s the captain here?”


“It’s me.”


The soldier who was talking to the agent raised his hand slightly.


The agent was briefly embarrassed, but soon whispered.


“Didn’t you hear that?”


“What do you mean?”




The merchant was in a hurry, which could have caused disruptions.


But it’s not this name.


The agent watched the soldier in anticipation.


However, the soldier only frowned as if he were talking nonsense.


“Wait, no one is an exception.”


The soldier turned away.


Ruel smiled pleasantly at the long and hardened appearance of his agent with an absurd face.


‘Then, no one is an exception.’


Despite the adventurers’ frustration and irritation, the gate held on for about two and a half hours and allowed them to pass.


The morale of the adventurers hit the bottom.


Seeing that he was already exhausted before starting in earnest, the agent could not easily straighten his hardened face.


Ruel chuckled to himself and put one meat pie into his mouth.




No monsters came out until they’re in the middle of the Masu Forest.


It was not the order that Ruel gave to the monsters, but it was the result of their knights going to the Masu Forest and subjugating the monsters once after the Plane incident was over.


“We’re halfway there.”

Cassion said.


It was also the sound of the start of the plan.


‘I’m going to bring them in little by little.’


—Ruel, what are you so happy about? This body doesn’t like it here.


Leo leaned against Ruel and crouched.


Isn’t it the place where he was chased by monsters?


“There’s something like that, get some sleep.”


Leo knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep all night.


—Do I not have to protect you?


“Not right now.”


Leo closed his eyes slowly under the touch of Ruel.


“… Would it be all right?”


Cassion asked as he was about to implement the plan.


“Well, that’s fine. I don’t want to leave this power alone, it’s a waste to let it rot.”


How can you discover your own power and just let it go?


Ruel sensed the location of the monsters and summoned them one by one.




His head began to ring.


“Follow me quietly.”


-As you wish. (the monster)


What Ruel wanted was chaos.


He laughed with a bloody nose.


“Are you okay?”


Aris gripped the sword and asked in an uneasy voice.




I felt like countless needles were stuck in my head.


Ruel still laughed.


“Your role in this plan is the most important. You know that, right?”




Ruel’s nosebleed wet the wagon.


In vain, Cassion handed the handkerchief to Aris, who held it out to Ruel and said,

“I know. We’ll make sure we meet your expectations.”


-Did you call me?


-What do you want?


-I’ll do anything for you.


As the number of monsters following increased, the sound that resonated in his head increased as the pain grew.


Ruel endured the pain while holding back the curse that was about to pour out.


‘… It hurts terribly.’


He held his breath once, and only after feeling the rising pain he exhaled.


Dozens of monsters followed.


It’s done now. This number was enough.


“Come this way.”


-If that’s what you want.


The gathered monsters came rushing towards me.


Ruel wiped his nosebleed with a handkerchief and inhaled the Breath.


Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.


A sound was heard.


A smile bloomed over his pale face.


The wagon that was leading stopped, followed by their own wagon.


“The monsters have appeared!”


At the loud noise, Ruel opened his mouth, “…go, Aris.”


“Yes.” Aris ran out of the carriage.


“Do you want some medicine?”




He had no energy left, but as soon as the command was finished, the pain stopped.


Cassion also got off the driver’s seat.


“You have to move.”


“I know.”


Rather than staying still, it was better to pretend to protect the wagon to avoid suspicion.


Ruel was also planning to go out of the carriage when he recovered his strength.


‘I feel dizzy.’


The goods were not in his wagon.


The first wagon.


The carriage on which the agent was riding was mixed up to look like a normal wagon of goods.


A monster attack was needed to naturally approach the carriage.


“Whoo.” With a light breath, Ruel laid Leo on the floor.


Enough energy to stand back was regained.


Getting out of the wagon, Ruel saw the first wagon and ordered the monsters.


“Just attack the carriage.”




The nosebleed again.


Ruel grabbed the wagon he had just come out of and barely fell.




The strength of recovery began to sound disturbing.


‘Not yet.’


Ruel saw the adventurers surrounding him as if escorting the wagon.


The agent hasn’t gotten off the first wagon yet.


As long as he was guarded, Aris’ approach would only lead to suspicion.




Trees fell, and monsters appeared behind them.


They were grotesque.


It was too big to be a beast, and it borrowed the shape of a beast and a monster.




All the adventurers were nervous at the roar of monsters announcing their appearance.


“They’re too many!”


“Fight with your teeth clenched!”


Each of them grabbed their weapons and took a deep breath.


The vicious monsters beat the adventurers and beat the leading fourth wagon and rushed in from the first carriage in the middle.




Who can not think of their lives when they see the sharp teeth of monsters?


The agent gave up the wagon and got off.


“He went in.”


In Cassion’s small voice, Ruel inhaled Breath.






The adventurers moved.


No one had any questions about why the monsters were only aiming for one wagon.


Because the opponents were monsters.


He must have felt relieved that his wagon could be safe.


In a situation where monsters and adventurers were mixed, the confusion only grew.


The agent trembled while hiding in the midst of the adventurers and prayed that the monsters would disappear.


Ruel asked Tyson to look at the situation around him, pretending to use magic roughly.


In case my share disappeared, the adventurers who were covering the wagon they had to protect also moved toward the first wagon when the monster did not move much.


People flocked to the first carriage.


Then, his gaze shifted from the carriage to the monster.


‘Good, good.’


Ruel also moved towards the first wagon.


Cassion followed and informed Aris of the situation in real time.


‘It’s very much like a herd of dogs.’


As if the enemy had been lost by the wagon, the monsters happily ate and smashed, despite the resistance of the adventurers.


In the meantime, Aris appeared quietly.


He cut down a monster and made a trail of battle on his body.




Ruel gave orders, covering his nose with a handkerchief.


As soon as the command was given, the monsters ran towards the forest in an instant.


In the sudden situation, none of the adventurers showed embarrassment.


Rather, they roared loudly and enjoyed the victory.


“The monster has retreated!”




“It’s a success.” Aris said softly and laughed.


There were many things that Ruel asked Aris to do.


Unlock the defense system around the wagon, exchange the item with another object, then restore the defense system.


Cassion couldn’t, but Aris, the wizard, could.


“Hu, hurry up and check if there’s anything missing!”


The agent belatedly came to his senses and shouted at the wrecked wagon.


The adventurers scattered and headed for their wagons.


It was because there was a possibility that someone could tamper with the object by taking advantage of the chaos.


Ruel also entered the wagon.


The object they were aiming for was a necklace with rubies.


Aris showed off the necklace proudly.


It was very faint, but the mana fluttered.


“It’s sealed. It’s a very precise seal.”


Just in case anyone heard, Aris lowered his voice.


“Can you solve it?”


“I can solve it.” He answered without hesitation.


Ruel automatically burst into laughter when he thought about how much other wizards were hung on to this seal.


Genius was different no matter what.


“Release the seal.”




Cassion looked at them and said, “The agent is coming.”


Aris rushedly stashed the necklace into his pocket.


“Is there anything missing?”


“There is none. There is no damage too because no monsters come here.”


Cassion replied to the agent’s question.


“All right. Please keep an eye on it just in case.”


With a sour lemon-filled face, the agent left the carriage.


“Cough, cough.”


Ruel put a handkerchief to his mouth.


I didn’t know if it was the aftereffects of controlling the monster or the disease, but there was red blood around my mouth.


Ruel leaned against the wagon and closed his eyes.




The agent was nearby, and the defense system and items would be fine, so if you unsealed as it is, your purpose would be achieved.


“Yes.” Aris answered silently, took out the necklace he had hidden to unseal it, and moved Mana.


The sound of the wheels rolling was unusually loud.


Leo must have woken up, but a soft touch lingered in his hand.


Ruel opened his eyes with a bite of Breath.


It seems that dirty things have increased. What did you do?


The black ones seemed to have increased for a while as the power of recovery was trying to fix something else.


Ruel did not respond to Leo’s words.


I didn’t want to wrinkle the face of Cassion, who looks at him from time to time, and Aris, who obviously cares about him openly.


He just stroked Leo’s fur.


‘It’s not good for my body to use the power to control monsters.’


It worked very well.


Ruel closed his eyes again.


Just because I did it a few times, my whole body was as heavy as a stone.


“Wake me up when it’s done.”


“All right.” Hearing Cassion’s words, Ruel could no longer resist the force holding him back.


His breathing was slow, but uneven.


“If Ruel can’t breathe properly, pass the Breath over to him. You know what I mean, right?”


“I know.”


“Even if you unseal all the seals, don’t wake him, he’ll wake up in a little while.”


“I know that, too.”


Aris unwrapped the seal with a complicated face.




Ruel opened his eyes automatically with an uneasy energy.


The carriage stopped.


“You can still sleep more.” Cassion opened his mouth, slitting someone’s throat.


Someone’s death is what I see as soon as I open my eyes.


Ruel asked, repressing his bewilderment, “…what’s going on?”


“It’s nothing. As you expected, there was only Red Ash.”


Why is that not a big deal?


Even though the massacre of adventurers had begun, he was too carefree.


‘… No, am I the most carefree person who slept in the middle of this chaos?’


Ruel expected that by the time the carriage reached its destination, Red Ash would appear and eliminate the adventurers.


I would have called them by offering 10 gold coins with that in mind from the beginning.


Ruel! Ruel!


Leo jumped in from outside the carriage.


This body has gathered it all.


Leo’s tail moved gently, hoping for praise.


What does that mean?


Ruel’s gaze automatically turned to Cassion.


“He said he would do anything, so I ordered him to collect shiny things.”

The corners of Ruel’s lips went up.


He rubbed Leo’s stomach, who must have been collecting jewels.


‘Okay, it’s time to give you a sword. There are a lot of artisans in Prios, so I’ll have to ask Ketlan for it.’


“The agent has been held. I’m sure Hina is keeping him well.”


“What about the seals?”


“It has already been solved. He was better than I thought.”




There was the sound of something exploding.


The carriage shook for a moment.


“Don’t worry, it’s the magic that Aris tried. There’s a wizard in the enemy, and we’re dealing with him.”


Ruel walked up to the tent hanging from the carriage.


“Did you kill the adventurers, too?”


“Yeah, it’s better not to have a light mouth at all. They all died in the Masu Forest.”


Ruel frowned slightly but said nothing.


He looked at the magic bursting with colors as if embroidered in the sky and inhaled Breath.


‘It’s going to explode.’


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  1. So what we got from this chapter + previous:
    – the memory that was erased, was him saving the magic knights (maybe from a monster stampede)
    – by saving them, using his monster-control power, he began accumulating this black evil substance in his body
    – so, around 12, right when he was banished, because of his prior dilemma, he got sick but did not know why
    – the original Ruel supposedly died from poisoning; the question is, would this black stuff have killed him, or turned him into something else altogether?
    My bet is on him being some type of demon king, or him being the hero reincarnate who, in order to save everyone, took those powers into himself. But who knows? This is getting good now.