I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 51 - Can you use magic?

Author: CleiZz



“Confidential documents…?”


Banios’ eyes grew sharp.


“Yes, Leponia’s vulnerability is written down, to be precise, an attack plan. First of all, it’s about me. After killing me, the is plan to bring down Setiria and crush the royal family using the secret passageway.”




Banios’ teeth cracked.


“Who the hell!”


“I don’t know.”




“I was going to chase after the man His Royal Highness caught, to find out where he was, and then I was going to beat Liberan. He knows something.”


Ruel laughed bitterly.


The goal was him again.


The beginning of the Red Ash was him, and the end was Leponia.


Why is it that bad things always start with himself?


Ruel was displeased with the fact that he seemed to take on unsolved homework.


Ruel Setiria, the sick noble.


Turns out I could see a spirit.


Turns out I am able to control the monsters.


Unlike the web novel, In which he was not mentioned at all because Ruel died, but it turns out that the living Ruel was very special.


To the point where the enemy is so impatient to end him.

In the latest episode he read, the atmosphere of the Kingdom of Leponia, Cyronian, and Kran was sharp as if war was about to break out at any moment.


‘Maybe because of this confidential document.’


The possibility is quite great.


If there is a place that is presumed to be the stronghold of Cyronian, many people must have  colluded with the Red Ash.


‘Is it the war that Red Ash wants? Or something else.’


Ruel closed his eyes for a moment, inhaling Breath.


“Do you think that the place where the second prince is located is also the base of Red Ash? I think so.”


“Pu ha ha ha.”


At Ruel’s sudden attack, Banios laughed as if he had seen something interesting.


Ruel casually brought up the fact he had wanted to deny.


“Are you originally like that?”


“That’s right. Please don’t be offended by it.”


“That’s right, what you think is correct. I covered my eyes, I covered my ears, because I thought the king’s seat was not mine.”


“Cough, cough.”


Ruel turned his head and covered his mouth with his hands.


“At least you shouldn’t have closed your ears.”


“I know, I regret it.”


“How much work did you do?”


“Khun, Prios, Lumina. Three families are on my side.”


When he heard Prios and Lumina, Ruel smiled softly between his covered hands.


The problem was the Kuhn family.


A powerful family that has been protecting the royal family since long ago, they are in-charge of escorting the entire royal family.


“So you need Setiria.”


“Isn’t the importance of the guards of the kingdom and the guards of the royal family different?”


“Your Highness.”


“Tell me.”


“What can I give to you, your highness, who has managed to find both ears and eyes?”


Banios frowned slightly.


It was because he felt that it was a statement that crossed the line.


“Lord Setiria, although…”


“My lord, my family is Setiria. Whether the wings are broken or both legs are broken, Setiria is Setiria.”


Ruel, who spoke softly, showed greed like a merchant.


“I am also the last remaining Setiria. If you want to protect this country, I have to live. Isn’t it?”


“What do you want?”


“Give me everything I want.”




“I don’t covet the throne. I don’t want to make Your Highness into a puppet. You can just feel that I’m not yet an adult, and I’m greedy, so I have to do everything in my power to survive.”


After saying everything, Ruel smiled broadly.


“I think my existence is worth it.”


At Ruel’s words, Cassion sighed as if he were looking at the child who had an accident, and Aris clenched his fist at his confident appearance.


Leo, who wanted to run to Ruel right away, pouted his mouth and tapped Aris’s arm.


“You’ve gone too far.”


Banios managed to suppress his anger.


“You can be arrogant. But the difference between having one and having three is huge. What would you do?”


The side that needed urgent help was Banios.


It was for his own good, not for Ruel, that he blocked the information heading to Setiria.


It was all for Banios himself that he investigated Setiria and chased the Red Ash.


So Ruel was going to get everything he could use for himself.


Banios wanted to contort his face, but then he laughed out loud.


“Indeed, Sir Croft was right. You’re a big shot.”


“Thank you for having a good impression of me.”


“So what do you want?”


“How about an oath that we can trust each other?”




Ruel took another oath to his heart on the condition that they would not betray each other.


“Is this how trust was built?”


“It’s just a small stepping stone. I don’t know you, so it’s normal to take precautions.”


However, he trusted Ganien’s eyes and made an oath.


The main character’s ability to choose people was amazing.


Cassion, Aris, Jirie, etc.


How many people are there already?


“I’ll take care of Liberan. It’s none of your business.”


“I know, I’m too big to move.”

T/N: He’s saying about his position.


“Now, I want you to bite off the ears that you put in Setiria.”


“I’m just listening. I don’t mean to get bitten or bite you behind your back.”


The determined voice irritated Ruel, but he stepped back gracefully.


“I didn’t know Your Highness cared so much about your ears, so I’d like to ask you a question. Is that okay?”




“Why is the enemy after me?”


“Why do you ask if you know?”


“Let me ask you a question again. Why are they after me, not Setiria? If you’ve been watching, I think you know the answer.”


The goal of the Red Ash has always been himself.


Even at the time of Carbena and during the raid. Always.


“You are the lord of Setiria.”


‘Oh, it’s frustrating.’


You didn’t get the gist of the question.


Since Banios was in the position of the ruler, his thinking seemed a little different.


The answer he wanted to get was Ruel’s hidden use.


It seemed he won’t get the answer he wanted.


‘I’ll have to get myself buried in the library.’


If I wanted to gain knowledge, books were the best.


If it’s your house library, you can learn about Setiria’s history, so maybe there’s something there.


“That’s all for my questions. Thank you, Your Highness.”

The conversation ended here.


Ruel sighed a long sigh after inhaling Breath.


“It’s not an apology, it’s an alliance, so I’ll give you a present.”


“Give it to me.”


“Aren’t you going to refuse?”


“It won’t hurt even if I receive it. Give me a good one.”


Banios chuckled and laughed.


He liked his boldness very much.


“I heard from Sir Croft that you’re so weak, I’ll send you a doctor and a pharmacist, and don’t worry, It’s not someone famous, but I guarantee their skills, so please stay healthy.”


“Thank you.”


“Take this first.” 


What Banios gave him was a ring.


He already had a ring on his finger, so it didn’t feel very good.


At this rate, the rings seemed to take over all ten fingers.


“It’s a dedicated communication device to contact me directly, so don’t lose it.”


“Don’t worry, I’ll keep my hands to myself.”


Since it was an item given to him by a prince, it would be disrespectful to lose it.


I thought I’d ask Tyson to change it so that it could only be connected to his mana.


“I’ll take that guy, and I’ll send it to the location that is supposed to be the stronghold of Red Ash, so wait.”


“Yes, I hope you’ll have good news.”


As soon as the conversation was over, Banios turned and walked to the place where his soldier disappeared.

Ruel let out a long sigh.


‘… Ganien.’

The main character definitely left, and I didn’t know the prince would intervene.


‘I thought I blocked the information well. If Setiria became bigger than it is now, all kinds of forces would be attracted.’


Ruel rose from his seat.


“I’m going back.”


There was nothing more to do here because the prince took the guy with him.


He needed to prepare before going to Liberan.


‘Let’s take a break before that.’


Ruel wore his mask again.




Before going back to the mansion, I found the head of the Wind Guild.


“…so, you want me to manipulate the information?”


“It’s not fabrication. It’s true. Oh, just a few requests stuck in the warehouse.”


A smile quickly bloomed on Flenn’s face.


The more hard and difficult requests were resolved, the greater the influence of the guild.


In addition, Cassion’s face is wrinkled.


“Didn’t we stay in Setiria for a few days?”


“Yes, I stayed in the village of Franna because of a request for protection.”


“Okay, then.”


Now we’re on the same page.


“We carried out the request steadily, and the client liked us very much.”

“He was very satisfied. If we keep going like this, it’ll be our guild’s starting push!”


At the sound of saliva, Ruel put a cookie in Leo’s mouth one by one.


Han and his party have never been to Prios, nor had they ever shared a request from the merchant of Carpen.


Ruel asked with a satisfied smile.


“Where is the resting place here?”


“It’s a shabby place for you.”


“I don’t care.”


If only he could lay down.


“I’ll be right back.”


Flenn got up from his seat and ran to the room.


Before he came, Ruel saw Cassion and Aris.


Cassion, who is already dissatisfied, and Aris, who shows enthusiasm, as if he’s ready for anything.


Their different looks made him laugh.


“Do you know we need to be famous, Cassion?”


“Well, I don’t know.”


At that moment, Cassion frowned.


Lying was not the work of a loyal butler.


“You’re watching them from behind today. Aris and Leo will do it themselves.”


—This body, too?


Leo pricked up his ears.


“Yeah, when I saw the two of you play together, it was a good match for Aris. If you’re good, I’ll go home and ask them to make you some ice cream.”


—Good. I’m willing to go.


Contrary to speaking in a solemn voice, Leo’s tail fluttered uncontrollably.


It was very easy. No one is as easy to seduce as Leo.


“What do you think, Aris?”


“Just leave it to me.”


“Cassion, you choose the client, and if you think it’s hard, come forward and help.”


“… I see.”


Cassion looked displeased, but failed to refuse.




Seeing Flenn return, Ruel rose from his seat.


“Take it.”


Then he took the medicine and handkerchief that Cassion was giving him, and followed Flenn.


“I’ll rest, so don’t let anyone come.”


Ruel left the words behind and went into the room led by Flenn.


As soon as the door closed, he couldn’t stand it anymore and vomited blood.


Bright red blood.


Ruel stumbled and just sank into place.


He went up again and covered his mouth with a handkerchief.


‘Damn it…’


If he thought he was getting better, his condition would get worse and try to eat himself.


It didn’t seem like a disease.


Should it be called a disease when symptoms appear and worsen unexpectedly like this?


It was as if the disease had even malicious intent to kill him.


‘What should I say about this…?’


Ruel felt his fingertips tremble and closed his eyes.


‘It’s not magic.’


If it was a series of black magic, there was no way that Tyson wouldn’t recognize it.


Magic and other things.


It’s not obvious, but misfortune can come and kill the opponent.


‘…a curse.’


Ruel clenched his handkerchief.


It was a concept that did not exist within the ‘SSS-class knight’ novel.


If there were, he would have thought about it sooner.


‘Red Ash, you’re the same.’


The corners of his lips went up.


That group was also non-existent in the web novel.


I don’t know if it was in the author’s settings, but I couldn’t have known myself as a reader.


‘This is fun.’


Maybe the group called Red Ash was the enemy of Ganien that the author wanted to portray, or it could be the group that came out because Ruel wasn’t dead.


Whatever it was, Ruel’s illness occurred five years ago.


It coincided with the time when the Red Ash was approaching Carbena.


“… Hina.”


Blood flowed down again with the words.


Ruel wiped the corner of his mouth with a handkerchief and said to Hina, who appeared at his call.


“Give me some water.”


“Here you are. The chief gave orders before he left.”


Hina shook her head as Ruel tried to grab the cup.


“He even told me to feed you directly because you’ll break the cup after throwing up blood.”


“I’m sorry.”


Hina was neither his butler nor his servant.


So he was sorry.


“Can I just pat the spirit instead?”




“Then you don’t have to be sorry.”


Hina helped Ruel, who couldn’t even stand, into the bed.


“Chief, stop making me work.”


Ruel inhaled Breath with his trembling hands.


“… I have to say it right. Tell the chief to stop overworking you guys.” 


For a moment Hina’s lips twitched.


I knew you’d want to hear that, too.


Ruel closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them.


He only asked this and thought well.


“Are you aware what a curse is?”


“Is there anyone you want to kill? If you ask, I will do it for you.”


“Then what do you think of a curse?”


“I know it’s useless, but it’s something you inflict to someone annoying enough to want to kill them, isn’t it?”


“… Yes.”


If the deputy guild leader brought it up like that, then a curse was just a simple word.


‘It’s no different from the novel.’


With some unknown relief, I felt frustrated.


‘Then what? This disease… ‘


Ruel did not think much more and fell into a faint sleep.

Hina retrieved the cup of water she had handed over.


“Put him to sleep.”


Recalling Cassion’s last command, Hina stared at Ruel.


She understood why he gave such an order in person.


If I didn’t put him to sleep, he would have endured the pain and ponder about something constantly.


‘What makes you so anxious?’


Aren’t you the head of Setiria?


It was a position where he could live his whole life without doing anything.


It was strange.


She didn’t understand.


But she liked it.


Unlike other aristocrats, he enjoyed working even though he was tired.


Hina smiled and quietly retreated into the darkness.


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  1. Oh, something that is not in the plot of the original novel. Hmm. Interesting.

  2. I knew it was a curse! But this is, indeed, getting more interesting…
    Again, I wonder if he was the hero who got in the way of whoever last time, and this organization praises the one he defeated as the hero, which is why they cursed him to die before he could gain his powers back. Heck maybe his controlling the beasts is a side effect, maybe it’s something else. Like think about it, he has the power to see mana which is a talent for an archmage, and if he was fit I bet he’d be good at combat (they did mention him keeping fit as Kim Han at the beginning), not to mention whether he could control monsters. So before he got good, they cursed him. Something like that idk but is interesting