I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 53 - Can you use magic? (3)

Author: CleiZz




Liberan must have heard through his agent that the mission was successful, so he could have a week at most.


He gave Cassion a week, so can take care of his work.


Ruel was planning to spend the week to the fullest without wasting any time.


“It’s absolutely stable.”


… Until he heard the stern word.


Ruel, who was stroking Leo, stopped his hand and wrinkled his face.


The medical doctor and pharmacist sent by Banios arrived on time.


The two were sisters and were geniuses among those who graduated from the medical school and the pharmacy school, which were said to be difficult, and passed the royal medical and pharmacist exams with top marks.


They introduced themselves as …


The older sister Fran was a medical doctor and her younger sister Tierra was a pharmacist.


“What did you say?”


“It’s strong. Walking around in this state is like walking around with multiple knives on your body.”


Perhaps the metaphor was so nice to hear, Cassion smiled and nodded satisfactorily.


Ruel gave up his wrist and asked, “What kind of disease is it?”


“This is not a disease.”


“If it’s not a disease, what is it?”


“There is no disease pattern. It’s very random. I’m seeing this for the first time. But it is not a disease.”


Ruel continued to listen to Fran without asking hastily.


“If you look at the shape one by one, you see dozens of different forms of diseases.”


“So it looks like dozens of diseases are clumped together?”


“That’s right, so it’s not just a disease, but it’s a very strange group of diseases. Tierra.”


“Yes, sister.”


“Give me a painkiller.”


“It doesn’t hurt now.”


Fran frowned and glared at Ruel.


“Don’t lie, I know you’re sick. If you’re worried about the effects, you don’t have to. Fran’s medicine is excellent.”


Ganien was described in the novel as a knight, but she has great skill as a medical doctor.


But Fran was different.


He felt that she was really outstanding from the start.


Look at those bloody eyes.


If he didn’t rest, she had the power to tie him up immediately.


Ruel glanced at Cassion.


He was so proud of her that he wanted to hug Fran at any moment.


“I’ll be fine soon.”


“It’s not okay. The lord’s body condition is not good. I don’t mind telling you this so many times.”


“That’s right.”


Cassion finally opened his mouth.


Ruel inhaled Breath and asked the point.


“Is there a cure?”


“I can’t give you a definite answer.”




In a calm voice, Fran said angrily, “But I will treat you. That’s my role now.”


“I heard you volunteered.”


“Yes, I applied. Because my goal is to cure diseases that cannot be treated in this world. You are my first patient with an incurable disease.”


From the very beginning, Ruel was pitiful for Fran, who met the boss, and received the medicine Tierra gave him.


We’ll see each other often from now on, so the relationship can’t go wrong from the beginning.


Ruel, who took the medicine in front of Fran, raised the corner of his mouth.


“You’ll be very upset with me. I’m not very obedient.”


He could hear Cassion sighing.


“The examination will be done before breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. For now, I will only prescribe painkillers.”


Fran rose from her seat and walked to Cassion.


“I heard he has allergies, too. Please give me a list.”


“I’ll bring it to you in a minute. First, let me guide you through the room.”


“Thank you.”


Fran took a step back and emphasized again when he looked at Ruel.


“Absolutely stable.”




I answered, but I never said I’d follow.


Ruel relaxedly fiddled with Leo’s stomach.


Tierra took the medicine out of her bag.

“It’s a drug that relieves anemia. You can eat this when you have a little pain, this is when the pain is strong, and lastly, when it hurts to death.”


The colors of the bottles were red, orange, yellow, and green in turn.


“If you have an allergic reaction after taking any of these medicines, please stop taking it and tell me right away.”


Tierra smiled broadly.


“Are you dreaming big like Fran?”


“No, my dream has already come true. My dream was to become a pharmacist.”


She lowered her head slightly.


“I apologize on behalf of my sister if her tone of voice was rude. She had no bad intentions.”


“I know, so don’t worry.”


“Then rest peacefully, my lord.”


Tierra bent down and followed them who had gone first.


—Ruel, are you okay now?


Leo confirmed that they had gone and brought it up.


“I don’t know, but it works.”


The occasional pain in my body went away.


“What about the black ones?”


It’s the same.


“As long as it’s balanced, it’s fine.”


Ruel closed his eyes, stroking Leo.


“The most basic of magic is to feel Mana. You can move Mana, make it appear, and at any moment you can get to know your own mana.”


Recalling what Tyson said, I felt the mana spread evenly all over my body.


Mana continued to spin along his bloodstream, just as blood was flowing.


He thought about how to move this, and he changed the flow of mana as if drawing a circle in the air.




Ruel soon awoke to the throbbing pain.


The place where he moved mana has been hurting as if It had been cut by a knife.


‘Let’s not change the flow, let’s just follow it.’


He closed his eyes again and moved faster as Mana flowed. Let’s speed up a bit so that it doesn’t hurt.


Like a chick following a mother bird, Mana followed his movements.


How many times did he repeat it, until he felt like he saw a sky-blue mana in front of him.


Ruel opened his eyes.


Ruel! Ruel!


Leo made a fuss and pointed below his feet.


His shadow dithered and appeared as much as his fingernails.


Ha, it’s so tiny that it’s cute.


This body is… Huh? Isn’t it Ruel? Ruel is here, and I feel Ruel here, too.


“My ma…”


Ruel hurriedly covered his mouth. It was dangerous.


He felt the sense of something breaking like that time, so he hurriedly lifted the magic.


The hand covering his mouth trembled.


He felt like crying and bleeding.


He slowly took his hand off, calming down his stomach.


“… Ha, ha.”


Breathing heavily, he bit the Breath in his mouth.


‘It was terrifying.’


He forgot that his body was like glass and moved too much in excitement.


‘Is this the end of the power of resistance?’


It was a shame, but it moved the shadow anyway, whether it was a bean.


Ruel himself was impressed by his adaptability, it was faster than expected.


If his body is not like fragile glass, wouldn’t an Archmage be born really soon?


After resting for a while, Ruel repeatedly moved mana and moved the shadow up until the power of resistance could withstand.




Leo suddenly clung to Ruel’s arm.


That’s it for today.


Ruel was at his limit and could not give an immediate answer.


Didn’t you decide to play with this body? If the filth increases beyond this, the body must also be in bed all day long.


Leo snapped his tail on the bed to express his dissatisfaction.


“What about Aris?”


When he felt relieved, Ruel opened his mouth.


Leo looked dimly at the window.


He’s got a hunch. I’m so bored that I can’t play with this body for a while.




Leo tilted his head and soon saw the wall.

He said something about the wall. This body doesn’t know what it means. If the wall is blocked, you can pierce it. Like this!


As Leo’s tail stood tight, Ruel hurriedly grabbed his tail.




“Leo, you shouldn’t break the wall recklessly. Especially if you break the wall in my room.”


You never know how many people will come rushing in.


Oh, I see!


Ruel released Leo’s tail and grabbed his cane.


“Cough, cough.”


There was a slight taste of blood in his mouth.


Before he went, he took the drug for anemia that Tierra gave him and left the room with Leo.




The sound of a cane rang.


Each of the servants in the hallway spoke with a worried look on their face.


“Where are you going? Are you going for a walk with Leo?”


“Can you move?”


“I’ll arrange a place for you to sit, so please take a break.”


“How about a cup of warm tea?”


At this point, Ruel couldn’t help but think about his appearance.


‘… Is my complexion so bad?’


Ruel asked Leo quietly, still feeling the gaze that followed.


“How do I look today?”


Ruel is always pale. But he looks blue today.


Simply put, it was not good.


For nearly two hours, the power of resistance was moved to its limit.


In the meantime, he felt like he was breaking to pieces several times, so his face was not good.


But he was fine.


Tierra’s medicine also worked well, and the power of recovery was quiet.


Are we playing hide-and-seek again today?


Ruel nodded instead of answering.


He had to train his body, not just magic.


Only then could the power of resistance assigned to the bracelet from Ganien be transferred to magic.


Good! This body will catch Ruel as many times as possible.


Ruel stopped abruptly.


Looking back, the servants pretended to do something urgently.


He wasn’t a fool, and he couldn’t let the sound of footsteps sneaking up from him a while ago any longer.


“I’m really fine, so get back to work. Don’t worry about it.”


“Sorry, I’m sorry, my lord!”


“I’m sorry. Thank you for your concern. But shhh, you know that, right?”


Ruel grinned.


Some people would come running scared if they knew what he was doing around.


The servants nodded warmly at Ruel.


Maybe he’ll slip as he goes.


The servants kept their eyes on Ruel until he disappeared from the hallway.


No matter what anyone said, he was their precious owner.




A week later.


“Are you resting properly?”


Fran checked Ruel’s condition and looked at him suspiciously.


“Of course, of course.”


He rested very well.


The butler, Billo, took care of all the work, so he only had to do the last task, whether it was stamped, signed, or rejected after checking the documents.


If the story of his marriage did not fit into the meeting, Minart would lead and handle barons well, so he could just watch them like a spectator.


In between, I moved my shadow to the point where my resistance reached its limit, and I rested very well except for playing with Leo until I got sick of the soil.


Cassion’s deep sigh was heard occasionally.


I had never thought that I would get out of his sight just because I was covering the mouths of my servants.


He must be watching and hearing everything.


“But why is your condition the same?”


Fran’s eyebrows curled inward.


Ruel pretended not to know and smiled.


“That’s good news.”


Isn’t it good to hear that the condition hasn’t gotten worse?




“Tell me.”


“From today onwards, treatment will begin according to the Lord’s body. Originally, we were going to start when things got better, but if it goes on like this, things will get worse, so we’ll start with a different date.”




Ruel answered calmly and immediately came up with something to do.


“Oh, I’m sorry, but I have to go out for a while. Can you postpone it?”


“Are…you going out? Are you saying that you are going out with that body now? How do you think you’ll get around in that state? I can’t do it if it was me!”


Fran’s voice, which was rising gradually, eventually turned into a swearing.


Ruel showed his displeasure.


“Fran, keep the line.”


It was obvious through words and face that Fran was worried about him.


Still, he was a lord before he was a patient.


“Sorry, I’m sorry. I was too excited. Please forgive my rudeness.”


“I’ll overlook this disrespect if you act accordingly from now on.”


“But I hope the Lord will also consider the condition. If the treatment is delayed, it will be difficult to control the disease.”


With her head down, Fran’s argument did not change.


Ruel smoothed Leo’s fur and gave her a light smile.


“I understand your concerns, but I can’t yield either, I’ll be right back.”




Fran was trying to argue back, but she shut up at Cassion’s restraints.


“I’ll take care of him, don’t worry.”


“… All right. So, let’s take a sample first. Tierra.”


As if he was going to get various samples, such as blood anyway, Tierra’s bag was full of various items of unknown purpose.


“It will sting.”




Fran left the room only after drawing blood into several vials and discussing ‘absolute stability’ several times.


“She stayed up all night yesterday studying Ruel-nim’s disease. Please understand.”


Cassion kept an eye on her even after investigating Fran.


If there is any contact with Banios.


So far, no contact has been seen.


Rather, as Cassion said, she was just immersed in curing his disease.


“I know.”


Ruel responded with a bittersweet smile, and then smiled full of playfulness.


“Cassion, I’ve given you plenty of time, so you should get a good result, right? What’s the situation?”


“As instructed, I killed all the Barons of Prios except Liberan. Those who know that they are the next target are hiding in the mansion.”


Ruel laughed cheerfully.


Cassion was given a week to terrorize and kill the Barons of Prios.


They were attached to Liberan anyway, and if Ketlan wanted to come to power, they had to disappear.


Because of Liberan, the situation in Prios was worse than in Setiria.


It was infested with Bandits, and the people who lived there were leaving for other lands.


Complaints have reached their peak, so it won’t be strange if anything happens.


Ruel took advantage of the situation.


“So, what’s Ketlan doing?”


“I’m following your orders. We’re taking the soldiers first and using them to set up temporary Barons to deal with the situation.”


Even if we fix it, it would be difficult to put the complaints to rest right away.


It was up to Ketlan.


“I’m sure you’ve decorated the traces well, right?”


“Of course. Killing the barons is as well decorated as the bandits.”


It was difficult to move because there were too many rats around to visit Liberan right away.


So he beat the rats first.


To find the king of rats who have become alone.


“Did you call Astell?”


“She is already waiting at the door.”


“Bring her.”


Did Astell bring something delicious?


Leo wagged his tail as Astell often made delicious snacks.


“No, it’s a different business today.”


Leo’s tail soon stopped at Ruel’s words.


While stroking Leo’s face, which showed disappointment, Ruel smiled at Astell, who came in with an innocent face.


“I see you, Lord.”


“I thought you were bold. You were the ear of the prince.”




Astell bowed her head in a hurry.


He was predicting that she was Banios’ ear and after Cassion’s investigation, it was confirmed.


In addition to her, Banios’ ears were spread evenly throughout each village.


“It’s all right, I’m not going to kick you out.”


Why don’t you report something like that?


I didn’t want to give up the snacks and foods Astell made, and the special power she had.


“Report as you always do. I won’t stop you.”




Astell shut up.


A look of guilt appeared on her face.


She couldn’t hide her feelings more than she thought.


“But I want you to tell me what you’re going to report before you send it.”


“My lord, I am ashamed of myself.”


“No, it can be. You are the prince’s ear. You had to get my attention, so you lied to me.”


“…my, my lord.”


“At that time, was it a lie that you wanted to feed me a delicious meat pie?”


Astell, who was restless, turned her head from side to side and shouted, “No! I mean it! My family itself inherited being spies from generation to generation, so I had no choice but to become an ear. But what I really like is…”


“It’s done.”


Ruel stopped talking.


Astell, who was explaining hard, bowed her head.


Ruel smiled as he pressed Leo’s face slightly, staring at him.


“I often heard that you looked very happy making food. Did you have fun?”


“… Yes, it was a lot of fun.”


Astell’s eyes flashed.


“I don’t know if you will believe it, but I like this place better than the Royal Family. If only I could…”


Astell immediately bit her lip. The hem of her skirt was wrinkled.


“Then, can you be my person now?”


It was better to know that Banios’ ears in the mansion was Astell.


She didn’t want to go home like she just said.


She will surely come over.


Astell had to remain ostensibly the ear of Banios.


Information should be delivered as it is now, but information that should not be reached by Banios’ ears should be blocked.


Astell looked at himself with a slightly dazed expression.


“Are you saying you’re not going to kick me out?”


She asked herself and didn’t understand.


The ending of the ears are usually the worst.


Just like how her own father and her mother did.


She was prepared for it, and she set her feet on this mansion thinking that, but she was so scared.


But he says he won’t kick her out.


Then he reached out his hand.


“… Can I be…here too?”


“Yeah, I don’t throw away what I picked up.”


Ruel, with a sour face, uttered casually what he could never say lightly.


Astell’s hand, holding the skirt, loosened.


She enjoyed this place a lot.


She loved this place where she could cook as much as she wanted.


It was the first time she felt happiness.


But she always felt uneasy.


Because she was hiding, being an ear watching Ruel, who accepted her.


“Thank you—”


Astell couldn’t keep up.


For a moment, she choked up with tears.


Even though she knew she shouldn’t cry, all the anxiety she had felt until now came crashing down like a wave and dripping from her eyes.


“…thank you for…your kindness.”


“I’m looking forward to today’s cooking.”


“I’ll live up to your expectations.”


Astell bowed several times before leaving the room.


“You have a big heart. Don’t you call it stupid in other words?”


Cassion frowned and opened his mouth.


“…woa, just leaving. Our loyal butler?”


“Why do you leave your ears alone?”


“Leave it out? Are you crazy?”

Ruel looked at Cassion in bewilderment.


Why would I leave them alone?


They don’t even have special abilities like Astell.


“Did you say that the prince lured the second prince’s ear? What can’t I do? Starting with Astell, I will have everything.”


I will not change the system that is being maintained.


If you change it, Banios will hide it more tightly than he does now.


“Tell Dion. Approach the prince’s ears and make them change their mind within half a year.”


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  1. That was actually super smart.
    If he gets them on his side, then they’ll all be double agents, but the prince won’t know, so no new ones will be sent, and the old ones will be able to filter information back based advantageously for him (Ruel).