I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 55 - Invitation (2)

Author: CleiZz




Ketlan made a surprise visit to Liberan’s mansion at the appointed time.


Because Cassion formed the evidence, Ketlan proudly announced that Liberan was the one who killed the barons based on the evidence.


“Thank you, Lord. It’s just a pity that I’m so grateful that I can’t express it all in words.”


Ketlan bowed his head to Ruel.




Laying down the teacup, Ruel smiled faintly.


“I just kept my promise. You can go now, and there’s probably no one to disturb you.”


Someone who felt that everything was a well-organized script could complain.


But it was up to here that Ruel will be involved.


The rest was something Ketlan had to pass over on his own.


“The grace I have received is so great. It’s just not enough with words.”


“Then send some artisans to Setiria. Of course, keep it low and don’t attract attention.”


If the high-purity ore of Setiria was carved by the artisan’s hands, the price would soar more than double.


I could imagine Jirie liking it so much that he would run wild.


‘I’ll have a lot to lose.’


Ruel opened his mouth to Ketlan, who still had an I’m-lacking-expression.


“Deal it directly with Beto Merchant. The ore from Setiria is of very good quality, unlike other places.”


“I’ve heard of the Beto Merchant. As you said, I heard that the ore is very popular now because the purity of the ore is high and has a good price.”


“Send the remaining adventurers as well.”


Regardless of whether it was an adventurer or a merchant, Setiria had to attract more people than it does now.


Because of the Carbena, commerce lost its power, and the adventurers left. 


The workers also could not stand it and left for other territories. 


If there was one thing that Setiria, who had everything, lacked, it was people.


Ruel inhaled Breath.


“If there are any remaining workers, send them. I’ll pay you a fortune.”


“Yes, I will. Actually, there’s nothing special about Prios. The only pride we have are the artisans.”


Ruel listened to Ketlan as he put his mouth on the teacup.


“It is my personal wish, but I would like Prios to be closer to Setiria.”


“That’s a nice wish.”


Since Prios belonged to Ruel anyway, it was also beneficial to himself that Prios became bigger.


To this, Ruel pointed to Ketlan’s heart.


“But don’t forget, the oath embedded in your heart.”


Ketlan smiled brightly at those resolute words.


“Yes, of course. It’s all thanks to you, Ruel-nim, that you brought me here, who was helpless.”


“All right, don’t forget my kindness. I’ll ask for it every now and then, so be prepared for it.”


“Please come anytime, anytime. I’ll welcome you even in barefoot.”


His eyes full of trust toward him were a little burdensome, but that was enough.


“I hear Prios supports the Second Prince, is that true?”


“We will quit. It wasn’t the will of Prios, but it was Liberan’s will.”


“No, until I give you an order, please don’t be so squeamish as you are now.”


“Prios will stand with Setiria.”


“Cough, cough.”


As Ruel coughed, Ketlan asked in a worried voice.


“Your health… seems to be not as good as rumors are.”


“Never mind that. Let me know if anyone approaches you. Let me know everything if you hear the name Red Ash mentioned.”


Ruel put down the tea cup and got up from his seat.


Ketlan also got up in a hurry.


“Are you leaving already?”


“I can’t hold you busy. Thanks for the tea.”




The sound of the cane resonated.


Ruel stood in front of the door and paused for a moment.


“If you have a reliable escort, don’t leave his side. Don’t go out for a while even after this incident is over with.”


“I’ll keep that in mind.”


After Ketlan saw him off, Ruel went outside.


“Cassion, leave a few people behind. I don’t know what kind of trick the Red Ash will do.”




“I’m more worried about Ruel-nim.”


Aris opened his mouth with a stiff face.


Ruel ruined the Red Ash’s plan again.


It was the same for Ruel to have to worry about what would happen to him.

“Why me?”


Ruel stared at Aris as he tried to get on the carriage.


Only then did Aris admit that he had made a mistake and bowed his head.


Ruel believed in Aris, but it was not appropriate for him to worry about Ruel.


“I made a mistake.”




As soon as he sat in the carriage, Ruel thought, stroking Leo who welcomed him.


The head of the Red Ash is called the ‘Great One.’


The reason why they’re aiming for me is for the ‘Great First Step.’


It is said that even nobles who were not barons joined the Red Ash, and it is said that the Red Ash was involved in the accident that Ruel’s father suffered from, and that he also planted a disease in Ruel.


‘My illness is…’


It was iffy. The disease was artificially caused by the Red Ash.


I don’t know if it’s a curse or a disease.


A long sigh escaped from Ruel’s mouth.


“Do you feel complicated?”


Cassion asked as he climbed into the carriage.




Ruel finished answering and inhaled Breath.


His mind felt complicated.


What the great first step is, and who the great one is. These were never mentioned in the novel at all.


That’s why his mind felt complicated.


“Do you have a lot on your mind? I’m afraid you’ll fall ill.”

Aris looked worried at Ruel’s frown.


—This body knows how to get rid of worries, so this body will tell you. Listen up, Ruel. Worrying happens because you’re hungry…


Ruel grinned at a thought that suddenly came to mind during Leo’s speech.


‘In short, it means I’m very important.’


The fact that the Red Ash keeps trying to kill him means that his existence is that important.


‘I’m gonna have to talk to Banios.’


Banios may say something similar to Liberan since he was also captured by the Red Ash.


Then, how much will my value go up if I make him talk?


“Ruel-nim, what else are you planning?”


“I was thinking about how to get someone to talk… Cough, cough.”


I had a runny nose maybe because I was in a cold place for a long time.




“Let’s go home.”


Ruel said while taking the medicine that Cassion gave him.




“Hello, Lord.”


As soon as they got home and got off the carriage, a well-groomed old gentleman greeted Ruel with respect.


“Who are you?”


“I apologize, I’m late to introduce myself. My name is Hoswell, the butler of the third prince. On behalf of the prince, I came here with a royal letter for the Lord.”


“A letter?”


“Yes, this is a letter containing the hope that Ruel Setiria will be the representative of the delegation going to the Cyronian Kingdom. Of course, you can refuse. Either way, the choice is yours. First of all, please take this.”


Cassion received the letter instead and handed it to Ruel.




Ruel paused for a moment.


I didn’t think he would really try to make me go.


I have said that I was weak and that I’m not feeling well.


His head was throbbing, and Ruel grabbed his head and frowned.


He could feel the heat through his hands as if the fever had risen.


“Doesn’t the prince know how weak I am?”


Ruel’s tone wasn’t too polite.


I didn’t like it when he openly tried to make me work.


“With all due respect, rather than my master’s will, this decision was made with the opinions of Ganien Croft, the representative of the delegation who came here for an alliance.”


‘… Ganien, you son of a bitch!’


Ruel staggered for a moment as his blood pressure rose.


“Are you okay?”


They spoke to Ruel almost at the same time.


“I just got dizzy for a second, so don’t worry.”




Ruel breathed in through a runny nose and asked Hoswell a question.


“When is the date of departure?”


“You will be leaving from the palace in two weeks. Now then.”


Hoswell bowed politely.


“Why are you so busy? Don’t you have something to give me? I have something to give to His Highness as well.”


Hoswell smiled softly.


“All I’ve been told from His Highness is to tell you to take care of yourself until two weeks later.”


Ruel nodded lightly.


“Okay, tell your Highness not to worry.”


“Then, I shall take my leave.”


With a simple greeting, Hoswell climbed on his horse he had come on.


Ruel looked at him and soon looked at Cassion.


He had a thought that Banios didn’t just send his butler to deliver the letter.


Cassion nodded instead of answering.


Meaning, there was something else besides the letter.


“Let’s go in.”




The cane rang cheerfully.


“When you look at his posture, he seems to have been a knight.”


Cassion uttered in a low voice.




With Leo’s sudden exclamation, Ruel hurriedly stopped walking and covered his mouth.


‘Damn it.’


Something hot surged from inside.


The stabbing pain began again, starting from his head and spreading to all over his body.




Ruel shivered.


“I’ll support you. In the meantime, please cover yourself with this.”


Cassion handed his handkerchief to Ruel.


It’s suddenly increased! I think it’s because this body wasn’t able to eat it!


Leo had eaten some black stuff in the carriage, if not much.


‘…that’s not enough. If the balance is not maintained, the symptoms come right away.’


Ruel’s pale complexion became whiter.


“Rather than supporting, I will cast <hold> to move.”


Aris looked at Cassion without panicking.


His condition had worsened, but fortunately, the strength of resistance remained the same.


“Move him carefully.”




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