I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 56 - Invitation (3)

Author: CleiZz





Fran rushed in and opened the door.


The smell of blood filled the room.


“…oh my god.”


Tierra, who also eventually entered the room, covered her mouth.


“Close the door quickly, are you going to let everyone know about Ruel-nim’s condition?”


Cassion said in a grumpy tone.


“I apologize.”


Tierra hastily closed the door.


“How’s it going?”


“You don’t have to make a fuss.”


Who the hell called Fran?


Ruel shot a look at Cassion.


“What do you mean by a fuss? I hear you vomited blood. Blood, nothing else.”

Unlike her bewildered face, Fran sat calmly and checked Ruel’s condition.


“As always, they are only symptoms.”


Thanks to the medicine Tierra gave him, the pain stopped.


He was just lying in bed dizzy because he was vomiting blood.


Compared to before, the recovery speed has definitely improved.


“Will you be careful next time? I don’t want to worry the people here.”


“There was no rush. I will be careful next time.”


Fran lowered her hand and opened her mouth.


“The condition is… It’s just like before the Lord left.”


Fran’s stiff expression softened a little.


Ruel raised the corners of his mouth.


In fact, before Fran came, Leo ate black things until his stomach was full.


Perhaps Fran was surprised because of the smell of blood in the room.


Ruel stroked Leo’s head. A commendable fellow.


“Do you have anything to say?”


After the examination, – when his condition was called ‘absolutely stable’ – it was time to leave, but Fran sat with a complaining face.


“Did you feel the cold wind?”




Fran grasped my hand at my bold answer.


“After you left, you came back with another disease.”


She could not raise her voice and was seen holding back her anger.


Ruel also held back his laughter.


“You have a cold. It’s showing signs of getting worse, so I’ll prescribe you some medicine.”


No wonder I had a runny nose.


Standing in front of Liberan’s mansion seemed to be the cause of trouble.


“I will prepare for treatment starting tomorrow.”


Fran said firmly.


“No, start the day after tomorrow. Get some sleep now. It’s a pity to see you like this.”

From looking at her face, I couldn’t tell who the patient was or who the doctor was.


“That’s all right. I’m more afraid that your condition will get worse any minute. You don’t know how many times my heart dropped when I got here today.”




This time, Ruel willingly took back a step.


She’s trying so hard to cure him.


“You’re not going to leave now?”


“I have to go out in two weeks.”


“Two weeks later. All right. Take a good rest. You should take a good rest. Please, take a rest.”


After saying it not once, but three times, I nodded because I felt like I would be in the wrong if I did otherwise.


Fran’s stiff face smiled.


“You must keep your word.”


Emphasizing repeatedly, Fran went outside after she bowed.


“I’ll come back later. I’ll be careful this time.”


Tierra smiled at Cassion and followed Fran out.


It was only after confirming that they went out that Ruel’s long sigh was heard.


“Cassion, has it been once or twice I’ve vomited blood?”


“I’m not a medical doctor. If the beast is stable after eating Ruel-nim’s black food, why are you trying to guess when there’s a doctor?”


“Look at Fran’s face. She looks like she’s been up all night for a few days, so it’s not a big deal to call her.”


One corner of Cassion’s mouth went up.


And soon he began to speak like a man of spirit.


“Before that, how about checking Ruel-nim’s complexion first? You look like someone who is going to die soon.”


That’s right! Ruel’s face is always white, but he’s even whiter today. It’s like flour.


When Leo intervened, Ruel had nothing to say.


“I’ll prepare a light dinner, so take a nap until then. I’ll put the heat patch on beforehand.”


“… Damn it.”


Ruel lay in bed in a fit of annoyance.


“Do you hate being treated like a patient?”


“I know my body is like glass, but no, it’s okay.”


Ruel covered himself with a blanket and closed his eyes.


‘I am sensitive today.’


He could have been annoyed because he missed a clue that was right in front of him to figure out the disease.


Cassion quietly went out of the room.


They were not even called by anyone, but the servants gathered and asked for the condition with their eyes.


“There is no need to make a fuss. Act as usual. Ruel-nim wants that.”


The servants dispersed quickly after being relieved.


‘Today’s dish should reduce vegetables and increase meat.’


Hoping at least much food would make him feel better, Cassion moved his feet.



“My lord, I have told Setiria.”


At the voice of Hoswell, Banios spoke modestly.


“Come in.”


Hoswell looked at Banios’ desk full of books.


Because of his lack of strength and power, he had no post in the royal family.


Nevertheless, Banios was a man who made things on his own.


Recently, his skin has become dry because he has been very concerned about the alliance with the Cyronian Kingdom.


“How was it?”


Banios asked in anticipation.


“As Sir Croft said, he’s not in good condition. I’m worried about going all the way to the Cyronian Kingdom.”


“You can’t fool your eyes.”


Banios himself was ordinary except for his position as a prince.


Therefore, he instructed Hoswell to go directly to check his condition because he could’ve been deceived.


When it was confirmed that he was really sick, Banios smiled embarrassingly.


“I’m kind of sorry.”


“It was Sir Croft who pointed it out himself, not Your Highness. There’s no reason for your Highness to blame yourself because the only person he can trust here is the lord of Setiria.”


“I could have stopped him, but it is true that I didn’t.”


The moment Ganien mentioned the name ‘Ruel Setiria’ in front of the king, a heavy silence fell.


Without the word Setiria behind the name, the silence would have lasted for quite some time.


Subsequently, the ministers became engulfed in dissatisfaction and protested.


Who doesn’t know that Setiria is collapsing and that its owner is ill?


Still, Ganien did not budge.


“It seems like the lord of Setiria doesn’t like the noise. I’m afraid he’ll get angry.”


“He was already angry when I handed over the letter.”


“It’s my mistake, so shouldn’t I give him a gift? A way to get rid of the interest in Setiria and to quell dissatisfaction.”


I don’t know what he’s up to, but Banios laughed very pleasantly.


“Your Highness, for now, wouldn’t it be more important to protect the lord of Setiria than that?”


Through the Red Ash he had caught, he heard that what they were aiming for was Ruel’s life.


“That’s important, too.”


It is said that the great first step begins only when Ruel dies.


The moment he learned that Red Ash was targeting Ruel, the fight became very clear.


Protect Ruel or not.


That was the key to the outcome.


‘The dice has already been cast.’


It is almost certain that Ruel will go to the Cyronian Kingdom.


I couldn’t get bitten now.


Banios kicked his tongue.




Ruel endured trying to crumple the letter from the royal family.


No matter how many times I read it, it was like a hell gate to my suffering.


How long will it take for me to get to the Cyronian Kingdom?


‘I’ll have to go for more than a week, right? I was thinking of going… Damn it.’


At least not now.


Can my body bear it? That was my biggest concern.


Are you full? This body will eat for you.

Leo spoke brightly as Ruel’s hand stopped and didn’t move.


“No, I’m going to eat it.”


Restraining Leo’s short front paws, Ruel put the sliced ​​meat into his mouth.


As soon as anything went into his mouth, his body seemed to spring up with vitality.


The materials Banios sent were not much different from those obtained from Liberan.


The data from Liberan’s house was just evidence, nothing more.


Do you have no appetite?


Although he was paying more attention than usual, Ruel was chewing instead of eating.


“No, I have a lot on my mind. It’s more delicious than usual.”


Ruel tried to smile.


It felt bad to be stared at without knowing the reason, but that was just my thought.


For now, there was no answer.


I had to eat so that my body could hold out.


It’s not too late to find out then because Red Ash will be after me again anyway.


What I have to do is to maintain the balance of my illness. That was the highest priority.


A way to live, number six.


Keep your balance.


Unlike other methods, it was a way to keep the disease as it is until it disappeared.


Ruel inhaled Breath and then exhaled deeply.


He poured all his irritation and anxiety into it.


And soon he grabbed a fork and put the chewy meat into his mouth.


Leo looked at him with bright eyes, and Ruel opened his mouth in a pleasant way.


“It’s so delicious.”




Two weeks was both fast and slow.


Ruel moved diligently, considering the time he was in Cyronian.


“Uncle, is there any progress on the warp devices?”


After looking at the starlight that Tyson makes for a long time, Ruel opened his mouth.


Only then did Tyson look at Ruel, startled by his question.


“Ruel, is it okay if you walk around like this?”


“Both legs are fine.”


“I’m always worried. I hope the new doctor will treat you well.”


“I’m just coming back from treatment.”


The medicine that Fran made all night long was administered today.


“You mean this quickly? Are you okay?”


Tyson’s anxiety was understood.


Without the power of recovery, I would have felt so uneasy.


Since the medicine was administered earlier than expected, Fran reiterated that he should call her if any abnormal symptoms occur at any time.


Her treatment was to kill his disease, which was mixed with several diseases, one by one. 


Of course, it took a very long time even if the medicine was administered quickly.


“Is there any progress?”




Tyson soon smiled broadly.


“Space transfer magic is a very unstable magic. It took the most time to hold on to it. Look at this.”


He brought a device that looks like a block as big as a finger and left it at a certain distance.


When Tyson started the device, it was as big as a fist, but there was a warp.




“First of all, I succeeded in holding it. We’ll have to grow this size.”


Soon he made a fire out of his hand and aimed it toward the warp.


The flames gradually went out as they repeatedly moved from warp to warp.


“Congratulations, Uncle. And thank you for listening to my unreasonable request.”


“It’s crazy. If you wish, you can secretly put warp devices among the royal family.”


He could feel that it was from the bottom of his heart, so Ruel just laughed.


‘All I have to do is wait for my uncle.’


Ruel left the basement and headed to the training ground.


“Are they the ones who passed the test today?”


Ruel saw the new chicks who were just becoming knights standing in front of him.


As soon as they made eye contact with them, they immediately showed their tense expression.


“Yes, by gathering the reserve knights, these are those who have passed the benchmark through various test formats such as the tournament format and the actual battle format.”


Cheynol was proud of them.


To prevent the same thing as before from happening again, the reference point was raised not to be compared to the past.


Nevertheless, quite a few people passed.


Aris was among them.


Ruel smiled at Aris with a smile of satisfaction.


Aris was a wizard, not a swordsman.


No matter how much you train your body, there must have been one or two disadvantages.


Cheynol pressed his stomach and shouted, “On behalf of the reserve knight, Aris, who passed the exam as the top of the class, will come forward!”


Ruel was surprised to hear the name.


‘Aris? He’s a wizard.’


Because of Cheynol’s nature, Aris is his escort, so he would not have given extra points or treated him specially.


—Wow, was Aris the best?? It was worth letting him play with my body.


Leo, who was on his shoulder to see what was the fun, waved his tail.


Ruel attached the badge of the Knights delivered by Cassion to Aris’ chest.


Aris looked at himself with a look of anticipation.


“Good job, Aris. It’s amazing that you passed the senior year!”


Aris smiled proudly.


“It’s all thanks to Ruel-nim. I’m not just saying this, it’s true. I had a lot of teachers, but the best teacher among them is Ruel.”


Ruel looked puzzled.


“Didn’t you teach me more than any other book? Ruel-nim taught me all about anger, shame, pride in protecting, and trust.”


It wasn’t just to please himself.


Every word was filled with sincerity and it was embarrassing.


“It’s all thanks to you that I was able to come here.”


With a bright smile, Ruel reached out his hand.


Aris was embarrassed, but Ruel still had his hand out.


Reluctantly, Aris held hands.


“I look forward to your continued support, Sir Aris.”


“Yes! I’ll protect you from now on!”


After Aris, Ruel wore a badge on all the reserve knights and shook hands with them one by one.


There were some people who shed tears because of the handshake.


“… Ha.”


Ruel inhaled Breath and let out a long sigh.


After meeting the Knights, I visited the Knights of Magic.


They also have reserve magicians who have not yet been tested.


After that, he held a meeting to check the situation of each village and whether they needed anything, and the marriage issue was mentioned again, so he pretended to be sick and came out.


‘I’m tired.’


When he was lying on the bed to close his eyes for a moment, Cassion opened his mouth.


“Jirie is here.”




I’m sure Jirie promised to come today, but I didn’t expect it to be that time already.


Ruel rose from his seat, leading a heavy body.


“Cough, cough.”


“It’s Ruel-nim who has a tight schedule.”


Holding Ruel’s chest, Cassion opened his mouth at Ruel, who frowned.


Are you all right?


Leo patted Ruel on the head.


“I definitely stopped you.”


When Cassion handed over the medicine, Ruel took it.


“… I know.”


I purposely made a tight schedule.


For the rest of his time, I wanted to focus on exercising and moving shadows.


In addition, dealing with the big problems earlier made the future easier.


Ruel limped off to the sofa.


It seemed more tiring to walk around the mansion than to ride in a carriage.


‘There were a few papers I had to deal with after I met Jirie.’


Even if most of them stop at the Billo line, the important thing is that it went through your own hands.


It’s been over a week since Plane disappeared, so it’s time to report back.


The meeting with the barons also confirmed that the overall crime rate in the village has risen a little.


Plane seemed to be in brief chaos that came with the loss of the central point.


‘I need to see the guy next to Plane.’


Knock. Knock.


“It’s Jirie.”


“Come in.”


“I’ll bring the tea.”


Cassion went outside.


“I see you, Lord. Have you been well?”


“You look very good.”


Jirie seemed to have gained more weight than before.


You’ve gained as much weight as the antenna of an ant.


“Thanks to the Lord, I’m flying around these days.”


“You wouldn’t have come empty-handed.”


“Of course. I don’t know if you’ll like it, but I prepared a little bit.”


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