I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 57 - When I open my eyes, the royal palace

Author: CleiZz


What Jirie took out of his pocket was something wrapped in a white cloth, a luxurious box, and a collar.


“A good sword came out so I bought one. And this.”


Jirie opened the box.


There were several bottles inside, each containing yellow powder.


“I tried to prepare only the best medicines that the Lord can take.”


He then turned his eyes to Leo, who was lying on the bed.


“These days I hear you have a fox. How about putting on a leash?”


When I saw the shimmer around the jewel, I knew it wasn’t a regular necklace.


Ruel looked at the presents with satisfaction.


“I’ll take the presents.”


“Yes, of course they’re gifts.”


“Why did you ask me to see you today?”


“I have come to borrow the power of the Lord.”


“Go on.”


“As you can see, the demand for ore is very high. But to keep up with that demand…”


“If you’re talking about workers, they’ll arrive tonight or tomorrow.”


“… huh?”


Jirie showed embarrassment.


The conclusion was reached before he could bring up anything.


In a very good way, too.


“I wondered if there would be any dissatisfaction with simply selling ore, so the artisans will arrive around that time, so let’s try selling ore crafted items as well.”


Jirie’s eyes widened at what followed next.


“Let’s try to expand the scope of the deal to Shio and Lumina. Is there anything else you want?”


“Ru, Ruel-nim?”


Ruel smiled haughtily.


Business needs to be expanded so that there will be more to gain.


“Well, there seems to be a lot I can give you, so I’ll make a suggestion.”


“Please say anything!”


What more could you want than for workers and artisans to expand in their fields?


“I want to put my birds on your peddler, and of course, I want to expand my range of hearing, not just keep an eye on you.”


“Okay, can we take action from today?”


I thought Jirie would be a little hesitant.


So I threw a lot of things in front.


‘If I knew this would happen, I’d save my words a little. Though, that doesn’t mean I gave you everything.’


Ruel comforted the regret internally.


“The sooner, the better. When Cassion comes, I’ll call my birds’ heads.”


“I’ll be waiting at any time.”


From Flenn to Jirie.


Once they tasted the money, they had a tendency to wag their tails.


They both had a leash, so I left the rest to themselves with confidence.


“I heard that you are going to the Cyronian Kingdom.”


“I see news spread fast.”


“Is it okay for you to travel such a long distance?”


“If I refuse, there will be many disadvantages waiting for me when coming back.”


“Yes, there will be a lot of disadvantages. But apart from that, I’m very worried. Whatever decision you make, I will help you unconditionally.”


Jirie expressed his feelings as a person who was indebted to Ruel.


After inhaling Breath, Ruel laughed lightly.


“Has your flattery skills grown?”


“I’m not here to make a deal, so I’m not here to talk about my intentions or to win your heart. And I always show you the results.”


Ruel laughed really loudly at Jirie’s last sentence.


“If you have any inconveniences or improvements when leaving, please let me know at any time. Whether it be by carriage or horse, I’ll get you as much as I can. Of course, I’m going to give them to you as a gift.”


When Jirie, – who became a merchant to win Ruel’s heart –  basically said he was not doing business by giving them to Ruel as gifts, it was so funny that Ruel hit his knee.




Cassion came inside after a light knock.


“Cassion, call Dion.”


“Yes. I’ll be right back.”


After dropping off the tea, Cassion went outside.


And soon there was a knock on the door again.


It was time to take a couple of mouthfuls while the tea was still hot.


Jirie couldn’t ask, but looked at the door with a surprised look.


“Did you call, Lord?”


Dion looked more comfortable than before.


It was worth training with the Knights.


The first mission was successful, and the second mission, Banios’ ears, was in progress.


So Ruel took a little pause before he opened his mouth.


“You’re already on a mission, but do you mind if you take on another? This mission is a long-term one, too.”


“Please give us any order, our birds have already given their lives to the Lord.”


Dion said without hesitation.


It was a very desirable attitude.


Ruel said with a smile.


“Join the merchant of Beto and collect all the rumors of Red Ash. The merchant owner of Beto here, Jirie, will help you.”


“I will take measures in advance, so you can come at any time with confidence.”


Jirie spoke to Dion, and soon rose to his seat and bowed to Ruel.


“Then, Ruel-nim, I’ll take my leave now. You don’t look as good as before.”


My condition did not worsen. I was just tired.


“I’ll leave, too. I’ll discuss the details with Jirie-nim.”


“Good work.”


Ruel calmly saw the two off, and then laid down on the bed with a heavy body.


I will drink the tea.


“No, it was delicious. Give it to me.”


Ruel stroked Leo with his eyes closed.


There was a refreshing taste of apple in my mouth.


Leo’s eyes sparkled as he sniffed.


The sweet and sour scent was smelt.


This body wants to try it, too.


“It’s hot.”


It doesn’t matter to this body.


Ruel saw Cassion through his half-opened eyes.


“It’s almost time for Fran to come. If you want to drink tea, you’d better drink it quickly.”


As Cassion spoke, Ruel glanced at an object wrapped in a white cloth on the table.


Take medication three times a day.


I took one in the morning, so this would be the second time.


“Oh, no. I’ll give you half of mine.”




Leo smiled with his eyes and wagged his tail.


It was cool enough to drink, so Ruel gave Leo half a cup of tea. Meanwhile, Fran came.


The new drug was administered only after the condition was checked and there were no sequelae.


After taking the medicine and lying down for about half an hour, Ruel got out of bed and sat down at his desk.


Sweeping the snacks into his mouth with one hand, he checked the documents with the other, signing them.


I had a simple lunch.


After that, I thought I could close my eyes for a while, but before I knew it, I was lying on my desk and drooling.


“What time is it?”

Ruel looked for Cassion in surprise.


Leo woke up and stretched.


“You slept for about two hours, so it’s 6:24 p.m. I’ll be getting ready for dinner.”


“Why didn’t you wake me up?”


“It’s been a while since you’ve been out of breath, so I just let you be. Isn’t it okay to put it off for later?”


All that came to me were big events.


They were only the things that needed my permission or that I needed to know. For example, events such as an appeal that a dam collapsed and a large-scale labor is needed, announcing that the deployment of soldiers has changed, or a budget problem, have been posted.


Ruel inhaled Breath. He frowned at his long signature.


“No, there’s no end to it, there are more documents coming in tomorrow.”


When there were no documents, there were none, and when they were pushed back for later, more rushed in like waves.


Billo took care of this when he went out, but now that Ruel was in the mansion, he couldn’t leave it to him.


“Is everything alright? Do you feel dizzy or nauseous?”


Cassion was holding a notebook before he knew it.


“What do you think, Leo?”


What Leo saw was more accurate than what he felt.


Leo stared at Ruel repeatedly, going left and right.


This body’s legs seem to have shrunk.


Leo’s legs were short. Cassion felt it was wrong of him to ask.


“The heaviness seems to have disappeared. Anyway, there are no aftereffects.”


“All right, for now. I’ll go prepare dinner. Please take your time before then.”


Cassion looked at Ruel with observing eyes, bowed his head, and walked to the door.


Grasping the handle, Cassion let out a long sigh.


He knew why Ruel was trying to get things done quickly, but he tried to pretend he didn’t know.


But he also did not know the proper line to cross or not to cross.

I can give you some advice.


Cassion looked at the door and said, “Since there’s a long way to go, please refrain from moving mana as much as possible, and refrain from sneaking out and running around.”




As expected, a sour answer came back.


Cassion tried to say it one more time.


If you had listened to me, you’d be in bed, and not on the desk.


“Cassion, take that before you go.”


Ruel pointed to the sword wrapped in white cloth.


For a moment, the corners of Cassion’s mouth twitched.


It was his, too.


He changed his gloves and carefully opened the white cloth.


A bright smile spread across his face.


“Thank you, Ruel-nim.”


He tries to be strong even with that sick body, so as a butler, shouldn’t Cassion close his eyes once even though he knew everything?


Certainly, Ruel is bigger than before.


He was getting taller.


At this rate, I might have to call the tailor again to refit his clothes.


Cassion went outside with a happy face.


Ruel, Ruel.


Leo, who couldn’t overcome the boredom, called him when Ruel repeatedly looked at the documents and signed them without a word.




You don’t know how to rest?


Ruel stopped moving his hand and looked at Leo with a look of absurdity.


“What are you talking about?”


Why don’t you take a rest when people around you nag so much? It’s like you don’t know how to rest.


Leo smiled broadly as if he was proud of what he said.


“I can’t rest.”


Shouldn’t you just go to bed now? This body will teach you!


“I can’t rest.”

Leo tilted his head as he ran to the bed.


Ruel started moving his hands again.


“I’m like a moving cog in the middle. If I rest, the rest all stops. That’s why I have to work hard.”


Then why is everyone telling Ruel to rest? Is it a big deal for Ruel to stop and take a break?


“It’s because they care about me. I know. I also just want to close my eyes and rest.”


Do you want to?


Ruel’s hand stopped again.


“I’m not ready for that yet, that’s why I’m moving. And resting won’t cure me.”


If he had rested and gotten better, he would have been in bed instead of being at the desk.

It’s tough all around.


Resting didn’t mean that I didn’t vomit blood or that I didn’t feel pain.


It just took a little fever, and it took a little while before losing consciousness.


Is Ruel happy?


“… What?”


Isn’t Ruel moving for everyone? So is Ruel happy?


It was a very abstract question.


Seeing Leo’s innocent eyes looking for answers, it was an unavoidable question.


Ruel closed his eyes for a moment and thought.


The memory of repeated vomiting and collapsing was vividly depicted in my head.


‘Should I say this is good?’


Leo walked up and looked at him with sparkling eyes.


He didn’t know what to expect, but Ruel opened his mouth.


“I’m happy.”


You can think of it as working overtime.


There is no monthly tax, and you don’t have to be swayed by relationships. I eat the food I want to eat, my house is spacious, and there are many people to work for.


Well, wouldn’t this be enough to make you happy?


This body is happy to meet Ruel, too. I’m always happy because you’re so happy.


Leo smiled brighter than any smile he had ever shown.


“That’s a relief.”


Ruel smiled at Leo and recalled the necklace he received from Jirie.


“Leo, how about this? It’s a necklace.”


The necklace was studded with green jewels resembling the eyes of Ruel and Leo.


Nice! I like this body to shine!


Even though it seemed uncomfortable because it was the first necklace he was wearing, Leo stood by Ruel’s feet, looked at the necklace and laughed again and again.


Scratch. Scratch.


The sound of a pen marking the paper filled the room.




Is Aris happy?


Leo asked after putting food all over his mouth.


When asked a sudden question, Aris blinked and laughed.


“Yes, I’m happy.”


Hehe, this body is happy, too. Is Ruel’s uncle happy, too?


Leo called Tyson uncle because Ruel called him uncle more than by his name.


With affection, Tyson looked at Leo wagging his tail.


“I’m happy.”


Soon his eyes turned to Ruel.


‘What else are you doing?’


Ruel’s hand holding the spoon shook for a moment.


Leo’s eyes turned to Cassion, who put down the plate.


“Is Cassion happy, too?”


Cassion glanced at Leo.


Then he looked at Ruel.


Ruel shook his head at Cassion’s silent question of why Leo was like that.


“What if I’m not happy?”


Leo staggered at the unexpected answer.


You’re not happy even after meeting Ruel. This body will teach you how to be happy.


“I’m happy, so you don’t have to teach me.”


Cassion changed his words because it was obvious that it would get annoying if he didn’t.


Only then did Leo’s tail move again.


Ruel made this body happy. Ruel made everyone happy.


“Cough, cough!”


Ruel choked on his food at Leo’s ridiculous conclusion.


Aris and Tyson nodded their heads as if in agreement, and only Cassion, who was always stressed by Ruel, stuck his tongue out, but after recalling the sword he received, he pulled back the twisted corners of his mouth.


Chomp. Chomp.


Satisfied, Leo put his face in the bowl again.


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