I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 58 - When I open my eyes, the royal palace (2)

Author: CleiZz Editor: Lumiere




A day before departure for the royal palace.


“I’ll stop now.”


Aris  stopped the flames that were coming out of his hands.


The shield that Ruel had made disappeared as soon as he sat down.


My stomach felt nauseous.


“You’re amazing. Ruel-nim extended the shield for another two seconds.”


Ruel, who was catching his breath while inhaling Breath, frowned at the word ‘two seconds.’


“Is that it?”


“Even considering the risk Ruel-sama took, keeping the shield for 12 seconds is great.”


“You mean the shield that breaks when you add more Mana?”


Ruel was still dissatisfied.


For the past time, I have focused on developing the power of resistance.


He was seriously contemplating taking poison, but he was caught by Tyson and reprimanded.


Since I nailed that I would never do such a thing again, the only way was to strengthen my resistance while being directly subjected to magic.


Ruel called Aris because Tyson had to focus on building a warp device.


On the first day of training, Aris broke Ruel’s shield.


Who would have thought that it wouldn’t even last a second.


“Don’t say that. It lasts at least three seconds.”


At the mention of three seconds, Ruel smirked.


1 second or 3 seconds.


“Then shall we run simply?”


Leo, who was curled up at the sound of running, woke up in a hurry.


—Are you finally running? This body will arrive first today.


Ruel got up from his seat only after pouring the expensive powder Jirie had given him into his mouth and eating three more medicines.


Whether the supplementation effect came properly, the severity of nausea subsided.


“Cheer up, my lord!”


Horen was the first to shout as usual.


“My lord can finish the race today, too!”


“Strive to finish!”


The Knights, who were training, cheered for him even though Ruel had just risen.


“You’re popular today, too.”


Aris smiled brightly as if he had been cheered.


“It must be interesting to see. The lord, who used to be bedridden, runs while exercising his physical strength.”


“No, all the Knights have respect for you.”


“Well, that’s enough.”


Ruel waved his hand at the Knights with a sour face.


They didn’t stop cheering unless I sent any response.


“Let’s run.”


Ruel ran with Breath in his mouth.


The wind that tickled my face was pleasant.


Ruel was out of breath faster than the others, but the feeling of his legs tiring out made the sound of his heart beating louder.


Fran’s new drug was fortunately working well without aftereffects.


As much as Leo’s two front feet combined, the balance tilted toward recovery, so there were days when there was no slight fever.


Contrary to Cassion’s worries, Ruel did not overdo it and developed resistance and physical strength.


Above all, Ruel knew best that he had to save himself in preparation for leaving for the Cyronian Kingdom.


Only after running so fast that the taste of blood lingered in his throat, Ruel completed the race and returned to the room with Aris’s support.


After finishing a refreshing bath, I filled my stomach with snacks and trained with Aris to develop resistance again.


—This body is going to run now!


Leo now ran to the floor where the circle was drawn.


Ruel sat in place and took out his shadow.


The shadow, which was as small as his fingernails, diligently stretched out to the length of an arm.


Ruel took off the bracelet Ganien gave him.


The length of the shadow quickly increased to more than a leg as the part that the resistance power had to endure was reduced.


“You’ve grown a lot since the last time I saw you.”


Cassion was a little startled.


“Ruel-nim worked really hard.”


Aris was pretty happy with his job.


Before Ruel reached the limit of resistance, Aris had been increasing it by cutting it off like a knife.


“Here we go, Leo.”


—This body is always ready!”


The training method was simple.


If you catch Leo in the circle until you reach the limit, Ruel wins.


If you don’t catch it, Leo wins.


Ruel had never beaten Leo before.


‘Today will be different, Leo.’


At first, I was full of confidence because using shadow was similar to controlling monsters.


But Leo was faster than I thought.


Ruel moved his shadow, licking his dry lips.


It changed into the form of a hand and stretched out towards Leo.


As soon as he thought he caught him, Leo was smiling wide away from his grasp.


—This body is so fast!


‘It can’t be done by standard methods.’


Leo’ short legs were perfect for changing directions at will.


Ruel split a shadow.




Leo was surprised at the first sight, but his eyes widened at his novelty.


Cassion smiled, and Aris glittered at the unusual phenomenon.


I realized it a few days ago.


I don’t know if I should call it a wall, but it was clear that I broke something.


Shadows are not bound by form.


It is not even tied up by high numbers.


In addition to the shadow that was split into two, one more shadow was called out.




Leo was busy admiring, avoiding the two-faced shadow hands well.


Shadows were also not confined to themselves.


From Leo’s shadow slowly rose the shadow he made.


Ruel smiled and grabbed Leo’s tail.




“That’s it!”


Aris exclaimed urgently.


Ruel’s eyes, covering his mouth, bent.


I finally caught Leo.


—You’re so mean!


When the shadow that caught his tail disappeared, Leo rushed to Ruel and jumped at him.


However, Cassion blocked it.


“Beast, don’t touch Ruel-nim right now.”


“Are you all right? I don’t know if I spoke too late.”


Aris was at a loss for Ruel’s mana, which was running out erratically.


When Ruel took off his hand, blood came out.


It seemed to be a problem that the number of shadows increased.




The power of resistance howled.


‘Still, I have grown a lot.’


Ruel closed his eyes with a feeling of breaking down to pieces.






Ruel closed his eyes again.


For a moment, I felt like I could see Banios.


‘My body condition is okay.’


“Are you awake?”


When he heard a voice, Ruel opened his eyes in surprise.


“Your Hi…?”


“Well, I’m the only one with this face. How are you?”


“Why am I here?”


“Well, you’ve been brought here unconscious, you have to keep the appointed time, you’ve passed out. What can I do in this situation? I have no choice but to lend my room. Oh, I slept refreshingly in the other room, so you don’t have to worry about it.”


“… I’m sorry, Your Highness, but how long have I been unconscious?”


“I don’t know about that, but hear the details from your butler. I will be back in a little while.”


Banios rose from his seat.


“I have delayed the departure time, so you can prepare slowly.”


He smiled and went outside.


Cassion and Tyson then came inside.


“Why uncle…?”


It was not until the door was closed that Cassion opened his mouth.


“You didn’t wake up until that day, so I borrowed the power of Tyson-nim.”


“… Did Uncle use magic?”


“Time was running out and I couldn’t help it. Is your body any better? Didn’t I tell you that you should always be careful even if you have the power of resistance?”


Leaving Tyson looking around, Ruel looked at Cassion.


“Don’t worry, I made sure to take care of it.”


Only then did Ruel lie down in relief.


“Are you all right, Uncle? Isn’t space movement magic quite daunting?”


Contrary to what he was worried about, Tyson’s complexion was not as bad as he thought.


“It’s okay because it’s been a while since I crossed a wall… Ah, this won’t do. I’ll call a doctor instead.”


Tyson hit himself in the thigh because he had forgotten the most important fact.


It would have been more important for him not to come by himself, but for a medical doctor to come and check his condition.


“That’s okay. I just used a little too much mana.”


I fainted, but the power of recovery did not reach its limit.


In other words, it is not broken.


It was a good result.


Ruel comforted Tyson and sent him back first.


Tyson looked anxiously at Ruel again, leaving the door in front of him as if he were going.


“Why don’t I follow you on this journey?”


“It’s okay, Uncle. You have a priority.”


“… Okay, don’t push yourself too hard next time. It’s not good to be anxious.”


“Yes, I will be careful.”


Now he really seems to be going, Tyson moving closer to Ruel with a voice full of worry.


Cassion stepped forward.


“Tyson-nim, Ruel-nim needs time to prepare.”


“I’m sorry for the long words. Ruel, when you are in danger, please call me. Find me anytime…”


“Uncle, I’m holding onto your feet, your ugly nephew who always only causes you worry.”


Ruel inhaled Breath. Then he brought up the words that had stopped.


“I dragged my heavy body to do better, but the result was putting a knife in my uncle’s chest.”


“…Oh, no, Ruel, that’s not it.”


“I don’t know what to do with my uncle, because I’m so indebted to him.”


As soon as he finished speaking, Ruel grabbed his chest and smiled bitterly.


It was then that Tyson realized that his worries were too much, and he hurriedly spoke his words.


“Oh my, do not think deeply about what I am saying. I’m leaving, so come back healthy.”


How urgent it must have been for Tyson to go out without listening to Ruel’s answer.


“Cough, cough.”


Ruel’s expression disappeared and his tiredness was revealed.


“I’m sorry. It was my fault for not stopping him.”


“No, I know how much uncle cares about me. What about the others?”


“I’m with Ganien. I stopped him from coming.”


“Well done, I didn’t expect to use the Prince’s room unintentionally, but now let’s get ready. You brought it, right?”


His appearance was exactly what he had worn before he fainted.


“Yeah, don’t worry. How are you feeling?”


Ruel closed his eyes for a moment and checked himself.


The power of recovery and the power of resistance. Both have grown.


“Feeling refreshed.”


“I will change my clothes and take the medicine Fran gave me.”






“… I’m sorry.”


Ganien scratched his cheek without making eye contact.


After changing clothes, Ruel called Ganien, Aris, and Leo.


“I didn’t know you had a conscience left.”


Ruel grinned and stroked Leo.


It was really good that its fur didn’t fall out because it was a spirit beast.


“I won’t make excuses, because I helped you out even though I knew your condition.”


“I’m going to become a debtor like this, and I don’t know how to start repaying.”


There is a lot of debt, but there is nothing he can do for Ganien right now.


Ruel turned his head and looked at Aris.


He was restless and kept getting nervous.


“Pull yourself together, Aris.”


“… All right.”


Aris unraveled his expression, but he was still concerned.


“I heard the news the other day… that the Red Ash is after you.”


Ganien sighed.


“Yeah, I looked through the library to see if there was anything special about my family, and there was nothing special.”


“I’m sorry that I made such a reckless decision without knowing that it was such a situation.”


“All right, I’m the only one in this country you can trust.”


After inhaling Breath, Ruel got down to business.


“When you go back to Cyronian, you drag the Blue Knights out and destroy the hideout. You’re the leader.”


Ruel himself could not go to the Kingdom of Cyronian and make a mess of it.


“Did you notice?”


Ganien was slightly surprised.


“What country makes a regular knight do such a big job?”


“I promise, I’ll destroy the hideout.”


“Leave some mouths open for information.”


“Sure. I’m very curious as to why they’re aiming for you too.”


Ganien sneakily revealed his desire to live.


Then, the door opened wide.


The only person who could come in from here without knocking was the room owner.


“It’s been a long time since people gathered in this room.”


“Your Highness, are you here?”


Everyone but Ruel and Leo bowed to Banios.


“Yeah, it’s easier to talk because we’re all together.”


Banios brought a chair and sat pompously in a place where he could see everyone.


“Aren’t you troubled by what Sir Croft did? Because Lord Setiria wanted somewhere quiet.”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


“So I’m going to give you a present to compensate for this situation. What do you think?”


“What’s that?”


Banios grinned and took the bottle out of his pocket.


The moment he saw it, Cassion and Ganien frowned.


“Your Highness, what are you thinking?”


Ganien couldn’t help but speak.


“It’s safer than it looks, I’m asking Lord Setiria’s thoughts, not yours.”


“I don’t need it. It’s true that I’m not feeling well without that childish toy.”


With the reaction of Cassion and Ganien, Ruel recognized what bottle Banios had.




Ruel decided to go along with Banios’ scheme.


It might have worked better than he thought.


Author's Thoughts

Hello everyone, I'm so sorry for the long update. And I want to say that this series will be on semi-hiatus. Currently, I'm looking for editor. (Urgently looking) If you're interested, you can DM me on Discord. Only apply if you are serious and are not MIA. #CleiZz#5160

Please only contact if you can at least do 2-3 chapters per week. Your role is editing grammar, pinpointing errors in the plot, and rewriting some sentences to make the flow better.

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