I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 6 - Why are you coming out of there? (3)

Author: CleiZz


“Are you okay?” asked Ganien.


How could I be all right? I planned to live quietly without getting involved with the main character, but now we’re already face-to-face.


This situation was completely different from the one in the novel. First, Ruel hadn’t died, and second, the main character became a glutton.


‘Yeah, he’s still a glutton, mooching off me.’


I need to kick Ganien out before he gets too involved.


“Excuse my rudeness, I didn’t greet you earlier.”


l tried to make my voice sound very solemn, but my voice still cracked.


“No, I thought I’d say hello to you, the owner of this mansion, but I think I was greedy for nothing. I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry, Cassion.”




“Don’t treat our guests poorly when they go.”


“Yes, sir.”


Ganien bowed and went outside.

Just as Ganien turned to go outside, he smelled the scent of blood.


When he saw the blood in the basin, he frowned. Ganien smelled a familiar scent mixed in with the blood.


“Excuse me.”


When Ganien turned around and came towards me, I was greatly unsettled.


I didn’t even think I would suddenly throw up blood again.


‘Now, everything is really ruined.’


My heart beat frantically.


“Get out of here. Even a guest won’t be shown any more respect.”


Cassion restrained Ganien.


However, Ganien adamantly opened his mouth, not showing any intention of backing down.


“Your blood smells like it’s been poisoned.”


‘Not everyone has a dog nose, you know.’


I wiped the blood off my mouth. It was the same black blood again.


Aside from the vertigo from throwing up earlier, I was feeling much better.


“I’ll introduce myself properly. I’m Ganien Croft from The Blue Knights of the Cyronian Kingdom.”


Even though he knew it was discourteous, Ganien revealed his identity as a knight. This showed his attitude to intervene in this matter.


“I’m ignorant of many things aside from the sword, but I do know a little bit about medicine. Please allow me to check your condition, Lord.”


It was true.


Ganien’s grandfather was a very famous medical doctor, so Ganien naturally learned medicine from him.


Cassion looked at Ruel. I waved my hand lightly.


“Feel free.”


I couldn’t kick out a knight from another country for no reason. Things will get even more troublesome than it is now.


However, there might be other benefits if the main character gets involved in this…


With this thought, I stretched out my bloodstained hand to Ganien. It was not a bad idea considering there’d be no loss for me because even if Ganien doesn’t know the name of the disease, with that personality of his, he will at least owe me a favour.


As Ganien held Ruel’s wrist, warm light blossomed on his fingers.


There was no concept of divine power in web novel, ‘SSS-class knight.’


If there was such a thing, I would have rushed to the temple right away and begged every day to God to heal this bloody body.


When the light on Ganien’s fingertips disappeared, Cassion asked.


“How is it?”


Ganien had an embarrassed look on his face.


It was the first time Ganien had come across this type of disease.


To medical practitioners, a disease looked like shapes.


Severe diseases were usually caused by 5 to 9 different types of these shapes bumping into each other creating conflict.


A medical practitioner usually would treat the body using similar shapes counteracting them and creating a stable balance. However, within Ruel’s body, there were almost a few dozen of these shapes and those were the only ones he can see due to his weak power; if he were a bit stronger there could be at least hundreds more of these shapes wreaking chaos on Ruel’s body.


“How are you still alive?”


Ganien asked sincerely even though it was a rude question.


“Somehow.” I replied unfazed.


Only then did Ganien realize his mistake because Ruel is alive right in front of him.


“Ah, I’m sorry.”


“That’s all right. Anyway, can you treat it?”


“It’s impossible. I’m sorry for my lack of ability, but I can cure the poison.”


“Thank you, that’ll be enough.”


Ganien lowered his hand and looked at Ruel. Ganien felt heavyhearted when he saw Ruel’s young face. He couldn’t even imagine how many life and death trials this young man has faced.


Ruel smiled faintly at Ganien’s expression.


‘You look like you want to help me.’


It was a successful ruse in owing a debt of the heart.


Ganien was visiting the Kingdom of Leponia for the purpose of sightseeing. However, that was just a superficial camouflage and the actual reason was to confirm the reconciliation with the Kingdom of Leponia was even possible. He was commanded by the Cyronian King to check the situation.


Everything Ganien sees and feels here will affect the relationship between Leponia and Cyronian.


‘I can get rid of the idea of chasing him away.’


For helping him out in time of his need, I have made him indebted to me. Maybe I can use the name of Blue Knight at least once for my needs?




Ganien hesitated. He was thinking if he should step in.


Help me, so I can cease my worries.


“Cassion, did you clean the back?”


I asked, wiping my mouth with a handkerchief.


“Yes, I cleaned it up with Sir Ganien’s help.”


“Sir Ganien, I’m ashamed. It’s my bad reputation that got you involved in this.”


The hesitation in Ganien’s eyes disappeared. It was because he found a chance to intervene.


“I’d like to ask you a question while I’m at it.”


“I’ll try to answer as much as I can.”


“Why is the family head…”


“Sir Ganien.”


Cassion stopped Ganien, and Ruel in turn stopped Cassion.


“It’s been taken away by someone else, I will soon reclaim it.”


With just the two of you?


Ganien already knew they were the only ones in this mansion.


Ruel smiled.


“I know what you’re going to say. But I don’t want to be a coward who runs away without trying.”


Ganien reacted loudly to his words.


In the knight’s Initiation test that Ganien took, a monster suddenly popped up and posed a problem for everyone and when he was asked to run away Ganien said those exact words and valiantly confronted the beast.


Ganien had shown his will to the world at the time.


“How are the Blue Knights?”


“What do you mean?”


“I’m asking how much is the name of the Blue Knights worth in the Leponian Kingdom.”


I caught him.


I laughed out loud inside.


“Of course, it’s a great title.”







Sitting unceremoniously in the backyard, Ganien frowned as he called Cassion. He couldn’t sit still after seeing him helping Ruel in their rehabilitation training, so he spoke out.


“Don’t you think you’re pushing him too much?”


“It’s the master’s will.”


“Oh, right.”


My figure could be seen, struggling to run. Sweat pooled with each step I took.


“I know that. But look, his muscles are too atrophied, they aren’t ready to walk yet.”


“That’s true, but it’s the Master who is very determined.”


He can’t even talk about the contract with Ganien, who is a stranger. Since he was now a faithful butler due to the contract, his heart would throb in pain whenever he opposed Ruel’s words.


“That’s not the answer, Cassion. Are you going to mess up Ruel at this rate? He’s already worn out due to his hot weather.”


“Then you can try to persuade him. What power would I have as a servant?”


Cassion smiled lightly.


Whenever Cassion did something, he didn’t like to be nosy except when it comes to certain people of interest.


“All right.”


Ganien got out of place and stood in front of Ruel blocking his path.


l continued trotting in the garden, I would’ve seen Ganien if I had the strength to lift my head.




Ruel did not react.


I kept on willing myself to move.




At this sudden noise, l raised my head, seeing Ganien clapping his hands.


I looked at the obstruction while taking a short breath, Ganien flinched for a moment as he looked at my eyes.




“Get… out of the way.”


It will be over in a short while.


Ganien hesitantly stepped aside while looking at my back.


“This stubbornness is no joke.”


Cassion’s voice had a slight mixture of laughter.


Ganien nodded, his eyes following Ruel.


I collapsed breathless, completely drained of energy when I reached the end of the lap marked with a pole.


I exhaled a Breath and inhaled after.


‘Is that a magic tool?’


Ganien then raised his eyebrows and said.


“Just because you’re determined doesn’t mean your muscles are in place. I can be your guide.”


When Ruel looked over to hear what he meant, Ganien gave Ruel a little bit of his power.


“My strength will guide you, It will show you how to use your muscles effectively.”


“Is it okay to infuse an aura?”


Cassion asked with a slight surprise.


It was similar to the method he thought of, but he didn’t want to take action as it may have the opposite effect on Ruel.


“This should be ok, but you have to put in just a bit. Ruel’s vessel is very big, but as you know, he is weak right now and won’t be able to hold it all.”


At Ganien’s words, I felt a slight loss.


If I could really get better, I could become a great archmage.


After steadying my breathing, I stood up with Cassion’s assistance.




I felt a fiery power in my body.


This power was different from the recovery ability.


‘Is this the power, Ganien infused in me?’


A force could be felt coursing through his body, pooling most of it toward the inner soles of the feet and thighs, as if to show where the power should mature and develop.


“You should follow it.”


At Ganien’s words, l held onto the pole as before.


It was much more comfortable.


I raised my head and gazed at the sky. It was as if this was my first ever sight of the sunset.


Everything about it was beautiful.


However, it is not yet time to enjoy the scenery leisurely.


My life, which is at stake even if I beat the slug, is not over yet.


I had to live. I will live and watch this sunset everyday.





“…so I got annoyed and reported killing them all.”




Lying in bed, I responded sourly.


Cassion expressed his regret because it was not the response he expected.


“It will probably be quiet for a while because they probably don’t have the money to send another bunch of assassins. Also when do you want me to announce the existence of Ganien?”


“Report on the day I can walk.”


“Do you want to go to your mansion standing on your own feet?”


“Of course.”


“Is Ganien helpful?”


“He’s essential to my plan.”


“I’ve confirmed that he is a member of the Blue Knights. So rest assured.”


I smiled satisfactorily.


How good of him to be so thorough at his job, doing all the work without being told.

The corners of my mouth went up at the thought of finding a talent like Cassion to take care of Setiria, with him here I can live a peaceful and normal life.


“You must be in a good mood today.”


“I looked up for the first time. The sky was beautiful.”


“If you walk, you’ll see a lot of things in the future. Well, then, it’s time for you to rest now.”




I grabbed Cassion, who was leaving.


“Do you have anything to say?”


“If you go to the basement of this mansion, you’ll find a red box. It’s not the heirloom, but take it.”




In fact, the heirloom, Turbulent day was twin swords.


One was housed in the basement of this mansion and the other was secured in the heirloom room. Although they look similar, the only thing that could contain special power was the heirloom, which led to the fall of the Cold War. Although the sword was very valuable this was meant to be the use of a sword, and it would be a considerable gift for a sword collector.


“You’ll see when you get there. It’s a gift, and also my encouragement.”


“I see.”


Cassion went outside looking puzzled.


It was because of the sudden arrival of Ganien that Ruel gave Cassion a gift now. Ganien had his covetous eyes on Cassion, Ruel felt that he had to give Cassion something to keep him on my side.


So… Cassion, don’t turn your eyes to Ganien.



Cassion was astonished to really see the red box in the basement. But when Cassion saw the contents, he was so surprised that he looked paralysed.


“… Is he crazy?”


Cassion realized what the sword was when he looked at the blade twinkling daylight as if it had been carved from a star.


“It’s a Turbulent Day Sword.”


No way.


There’s no way that a family heirloom would’ve been thrown here in this depleted mansion.


As Cassion thoughts buzzed through his head, the corners of his lips rose uncontrollably


‘It’s a twin! Turbulent Day was a twin sword!’


The fact that the Turbulent day was twins was a fact that no sword collector knew.


Not only did Ruel inform him of the truth, but Cassion was greatly indebted to Ruel for having received this gift.


Cassion smirked, stroking his new treasure.


‘You want me to follow you to death, huh?’


Such a proposal was very bewitching.




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