I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 61.1 - Who cut the waves (2)

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Cyronian was a kingdom located in the north.

Therefore, the further we went, the lower the temperature became.

The first thing they saw after leaving the neutral zone was the open sea.


“It’s pretty.”


Ruel smiled at the sea that appeared through the window.

He felt that winter had arrived by seeing the slight freezing.

He tried to open the window to feel the wind, but Cassion stopped him.


“It’s colder as we head to Cyronian. You still have a fever, so just look.”


Whether the carriage is wider or the carriage has a bed, the body was still burdened just by moving, and Ruel’s fever has risen.

It was a simple fever, but Cassion paid more attention because he was on the move, not resting in the mansion.

The heat patch had already been applied.


—Ruel! Ruel! There’s a lot of water. I want to go in and swim.


Leo wagged his tail constantly as he hung from the window with his short legs.


“If you jump into the water on a day like this, will you catch a cold?…Can spirit’s get sick too?”


—This body can’t catch an illness like that. Isn’t it Ruel who is sick every day?


Cassion quietly covered his mouth and smirked as Leo poked brightly.


Ruel tried to squeeze Leo’s tail, but he was powerless and left it alone.


“How much time do we have left?”


“Probably four more days. There is a bridge between Cyronian and the Neutral Zone, but it sometimes submerges depending on the flow of the waves, so you should consider it an additional three days.”


A sea existed between the Neutral Zone, the Cyronian Kingdom, and the Kran Kingdom.

A bridge was set up to connect the sea and the neutral zone.


“The waves appear to be calm.”


“It looks like that with the naked eye, but shouldn’t we be prepared?”


Ruel exhaled lightly.

Another good place to play tricks.

The carriage stopped before the bridge after running non-stop for a while.


Knock. Knock.


Cassion answered when someone knocked on the carriage door.

It was Ganien.


“Ruel, from here on we’re going to cross the bridge.”


“I heard it’s submerged by the waves. Is everything alright?”


“I contacted my home country in advance, so the wizards are here. They’re going to freeze the surroundings and start the carriage. Don’t worry too much.”


I would have been relieved if it was Cassion who said that, but unfortunately it was Ganien.

The main character who brings incidents just by breathing.


‘Something’s going to happen.’


After Ganien left, Ruel thought, touching his stomach with his hands.


“If you’re swept away by the waves, it’ll be hard for even a knight to survive, right?”


“What are you worried about?”


“Bring Aris for a moment.”


Aris was the only wizard here.

Right now the wizards of Cyronian will be freezing the waves, so there was time to talk.


“I see.”


Cassion went out for a while and came back with Aris.


“Did you call me, Ruel-nim?”


Ruel glanced at Leo, who was still hanging on the window, and said as he tapped his side,


“Come here, Leo.”


—This body is busy seeing the sea.


“The great purifier has something to do.”


Tap. Tap. Tap.


Leo ran to where Ruel pointed with his hand, his eyes sparkling.


—What does this body have to do? This body is a great purifier.


“Aris, you and Leo have something to do together, although there is a precondition.”


“What are the prerequisites? I’ll do anything.”


Aris uttered a word with a firm will.


“I think something is going to happen while crossing the bridge, can you get rid of the waves?”


—Do I have to swim?


Leo wagged his tail.


“I heard that the wizards of Cyronian are freezing the waves briefly. Are you afraid that the Red Ash will bring the waves? If that’s true, I’ll talk to the wizards over there.”


“No, I don’t trust the wizards of Cyronian, it’s you two who I believe in.”


There was a possibility of Red Ash among the wizards of Cyronian.

The corners of Aris and Leo’s lips twitched.


“Cassion, if the knights are swept away, can you use the shadows to rescue them?”


“Do I have to?”


Cassion uttered a wry voice.

What does it matter if some of the Knights die or not?


“I am on my way as the representative of the delegation. I don’t want any more drawbacks even if my name has already fallen.”


“… Let’s give the command first. By the way, can we not think about acting as the dummy this time?”


“That’s okay, I’m going to reveal our power this time. I have a name to promote.”


Ruel saw Aris and Leo.


“Can you do it if you work together?”


—This body can do it. 


“I’ll give it a try.”


Aris and Leo were already in a constant state of contact through several training sessions called practice.


There was no combination with as much synergy as these two.


“Cassion, one more thing.”


“Yes, go ahead.”


“If any of the Cyronian wizards do something useless, deal with it. It will only interfere with my future trip.”




Cassion raised the corners of his mouth.

Ruel frowned at his throbbing head while inhaling Breath.

After Aris returned to the driver’s seat, a new drug was administered to Ruel.

And the carriage moved.


“It’s going to shake a little.”


As soon as they crossed the bridge from the flat ground, the carriage shook violently.

I thought of a modern bridge because it was built over the sea, but it didn’t seem like that.


“…That is not a little bit.”


Unlike Leo, who was excited, Ruel’s face turned blue due to dizziness.


“Are you okay?”


“I feel dizzy and nauseous.”


“Unfortunately, there is no medicine to calm motion sickness.”


Ruel got up.

It was much better than lying down.


When I looked out the window, I saw the frozen waves first.

The size of the bridge was bigger than Ruel thought because it was only a six-lane road.

There was a deep tension in the faces of the Knights surrounding the carriage.

No matter how frozen the waves were, they were on the sea.

If something happens, it’ll be a big deal.

Ruel kept frowning as he inhaled Breath.


“How long is the bridge?”


“You have to go further for at least 30 minutes.”


Cassion’s voice was full of joy.

Ruel stopped putting up with it and was about to pour out his stomach’s content, but he realized that this was the carriage that the king had gifted.

Knowing that the smile did not fall from Cassion’s face.


‘Is the Mana Oath working well?’


There was no problem halfway through the bridge.


The knights’ faces loosened up a bit, and Ruel didn’t waste that time.

With the power of recovery calming his stomach, he felt more comfortable distracting himself talking with Billo.


-… … When Cheynol-nim struck with all his might, the defense device created by Tyson-nim was broken after a total of 20 hits, and the Knights broke it after 150 attacks.


“It’s more than before.”


-Yes, we’re moving fast. And the number one in the back alley has been decided. What should I do?


“Educate them so that they don’t cross the line. After that, I’ll take care of it when I get back to the mansion.”


-All right.


“What about the warp device?”


-The Magic Knights are working together to increase the warp. But I think it’s still difficult.


Knowing that even modern science could not jump over space, Ruel had no intention of rushing the warp device.


-The merchant of Beto sent equipment for the two knights to use as a token of gratitude. Thanks to the workers and artisans sent from Prios, it grew in size. 


“Of course it has. So, were there any problems with the mansion?”


Billo remained silent for a moment.




-Actually, there was an intruder. Don’t worry, the mansion is safe.


“Is it Red Ash?”


-It looks like that. They tried to self-destruct and I couldn’t identify them. I’m sorry.


“No, tell each of the barons and ask them to increase the number of soldiers patrols a little more.”


-All right.


Ruel turned off the communication device and handed it over to Cassion.


“It seems to be another psychological attack rather than the beginning of a real attack.”


“That’s what I think.”


There has never been a raid on the mansion before.

But this attack happened for the first time while he was away for a long time.

Ruel grinned.


“It stopped shaking as much.”


“Excuse me.”


Cassion put Leo into Ruel’s arms and opened the carriage door.




When the carriage door opened, both Ruel inside the carriage and the knights guarding the outside were startled.

Cassion held Ruel and exited the carriage calmly.


“It wasn’t on either side but from beneath. I don’t know how sturdy the carriage is, so I’ll try to avoid it myself for now.”




Ganien came running calling out to Ruel.

He had already drawn his sword.


“Leo, come here.”


Aris, who got off the carriage, reached out for Leo.

Leo alternately looked at Ruel and Aris and rubbed his face against Ruel.


—This body is better with Ruel.


Thank you, but now is not the time to say that.


“Leo, go to Aris. Did you forget what I said in the carriage?”


—Ah! I see!


Leo jumped into Aris’ arms.


“We will live up to your expectations.”


Showing the same spirit as a knight, Aris broke through the knights and went out.


“All of a sudden, what is this…”


In response to the sudden action, the commander of the knights approached Ruel.

But he couldn’t continue.






A large stream of water popped out from the point where the carriage was.

Among them was an enemy dressed in white.

Ruel was lifted into the air above Cassion’s shoulder, and as soon as he saw the carriage crash to the ground, he swallowed.

It was not crushed or broken for now.


“It’s a pretty sturdy carriage.”


Cassion moved swiftly, uttering a relaxed sound.

In case Ruel got wet, he escaped from the encircling knights, avoiding splashing water droplets.




Ruel was surprised by Hina’s voice coming from behind.


“I cut their necks. Two.”


After bringing it up, Hina disappeared again.

Ruel frowned.


I expected it, but I didn’t expect two of them among Cyronian’s wizards.


“Are you cold? I should have brought a blanket.”

Ruel’s condition was conveyed through his shivering hands.

He was already feverish, but with the cold his whole body was trembling.


“Protect the Lord!”

The commander of the Knights shouted loudly.

At the same time, he looked at Ruel with concern.


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