I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 61.2 - Who cut the waves (2)

Author: CleiZz Editor: Aker and Jada


The Knights were divided into two groups, and one of them approached Ruel.

But Ganien blocked their steps.

He couldn’t trust them with the Red Ash potentially mixed among them.


“It’s alright! I took the knight’s oath and I uphold it.”




He simply struck his sword, but he felt great spirit from Ganien.




Although he was also a knight, Ganien was the leader of the Blue Knights. He was the main character and carried a different aura.

Ruel raised the corners of his mouth.


‘It’s good to have a good debt.’


The commander stared at Ganien for a moment.

However, he soon lowered his head lightly and combined the two groups he commanded.


“Annihilate the enemy!”


They shouted loudly and rushed toward the enemy.

Ruel looked around, inhaling Breath.

There was a big hole in the bridge where the carriage was, and Aris and Leo were talking to each other.


“You can put me down now.” 


Ruel showed him the necklace Tyson gave him.


“Oh, I forgot.”


As soon as Cassion put Ruel down, he lifted his leg and kicked something.




Ruel couldn’t see what went flying.


“Stay still here, Ganien is here and I’ll go and clean up the area.”


Cassion looked around and quietly went into the shadows.

Even if Cassion wanted to run rampant, it was better for Ganien too.

Cassion was externally a butler.


“Are you cold?”


Ganien asked, cutting down on the enemies rushing for Ruel.



Ruel bit Breath in his mouth.

Every time he took a breath, he smelt blood.




In an instant, Ganien, who moved behind Ruel, blew the enemy’s head.




As Ganien stomped his foot, he saw a waving figure staggering near Ruel.






The swords collided, but Ganien’s blue aura destroyed even the sword.




Contrary to what he said, Ganien was smiling.

The fight seemed to be pleasant.

Ruel blew Mana into the ring rather than paying attention to the blood flowing under his feet.


‘It’s so cold.’


He had asked Tyson to put a communication device function in the ring to contact him whenever he really needed him, like now.




-Ha, have you arrived yet? Are you okay?


“No, I got into a fight… ”


-I’ll be there soon.


“No, no, the sea breeze is so cold that I want to get some warmth.”


Instead of words, flames came out through the ring and wrapped around Ruel.


“A little loud, isn’t it?”


It was not a regular flame.

It was a blue flame that seemed to melt just by touching it.


I just expected a warm bonfire.


-Wouldn’t it be bad if you catch a cold? Don’t worry, the fire will go out automatically when you collect mana in the ring. Is that all for you?


“Yes, that’s enough. Till then.”


Ruel cut off the communication because he was afraid to say something that would worry his uncle.


“Your uncle must have surpassed his wall. The quality of his mana is different.”


After hitting the enemy in the face with his elbow, Ganien expressed his fighting spirit.


“Oh, he’s gotten a lot stronger~”


Ruel looked at the sound of the sword and the bursting magic with calm eyes, and waited for the enemy’s real attack.




Ganien turned his head to the left.

Soon he clenched his sword.


“The waves…”


“There’s one more coming.”


Ruel’s breath leaked out of his mouth.

The crashing sea was visible through the cracking ice on the left side.

The enemy backed away, as if the moment they were waiting for had come.


“The waves are coming again!”


One of the knights shouted.

There were waves approaching on the right side as well as on the left side and the hole grew larger.


“I’ll cut one of them!”


Ganien bellowed so that everyone could hear him.

On Ganien’s sword, the baby blue sword aura became darker and darker.

Ruel felt sick at the momentum.


“Why don’t you put out the fire for a while?”


Cassion, who appeared from Ruel’s shadow, looked at the blue flame.

It was not a fire that couldn’t be extinguished, but he did not want to dirty his gloves.

Ruel gathered Mana into the ring.

As the cold hit again, Ruel grabbed both arms, shivering.


“Ruel, I’m ready,” Aris said, with Leo in his arms.


“Cassion, bring in Sir Torto.”




Ruel bit Breath with his blue lips and with the other hand, he pointed to the waves coming from the right.


“Aris, the opportunity is yours to seize.”


“I see.”

E/N: I vote we change this to “sea“ hehe. Pun intended~


Aris put Leo down and took out his sword.


He himself was a swordsman in appearance, so he studied with Leo on how to put mana on the sword like an aura.

Today, he would cut the waves with that sword.

Aris walked with Leo towards the waves.



He exhaled.

Looking closely, the size of the waves was so huge that it felt like they were going to be swallowed up at any moment.

But he had to cut it.

If he ran away, Ruel and everyone else might be swept away.


“Did you call me?”


The commander rushed to Ruel.

There was no tension in Ruel, even as the waves approached.

“I’ll leave the middle part to you. Can you cut it?”


“I can cut it. But before that, the Lord should take refuge.”




Ruel grasped the cane in his hand.


“Do you think that I, who can’t even run, can escape this wave?”


Torto bowed his head immediately.


“I’m sorry.”


“Protect me.”


“Of course!”


Torto, who raised his head, placed his hand on a token indicating him as a Royal Knight.

He swung his red cloak and drew his sword.

Seeing the sword imbued with aura, Ruel asked Cassion,


“What do you think?”


Cassion covered Ruel with a blanket.


“It’s not reliable, but at least it’s not an enemy.”


That’s enough.

It was fortunate that the commander of the Knights was not a member of the Red Ash.


“If it were me, I would have avoided this farce.”


“Perhaps. I want to see how much my escort has grown.”


“You really care about Aris.”


Cassion smiled faintly.

It was a fight that could have been avoided since the waves were expected.

Even so, why he didn’t avoid it was for Aris.

Everyone was unaware, but right now Aris is standing shoulder to shoulder with the two knight commanders.




The blue aura slashed the waves with the roar of a beast.




Then another aura suppressed the waves.

And the flame on Aris’ sword gradually turned blue and cried quietly.




When Leo blew on the sword, the flame grew to the point where it seemed as if Aris had put gas to a flame.

Aris opened his closed eyes and swung the sword wide, twisting his whole body.

The blue flames wolfed down the waves.




The waves evaporated with a violent sound.


‘That’s cool.’


Ruel watched as everyone looked at Aris.

Aris looked at Ruel with a short breath.

Only when he laughed, did Aris finally lower his sword.

His face was pale, but Aris was smiling.


“As expected, he’s my student.”


Ignoring Ganien’s quiet proud comment, Ruel looked at the Knights.

The silence turned into surprise.

It was this moment of surprise that Ruel had aimed for.

It was a good opportunity to lay the foundation for how great his escort was.


Aris staggered while holding Leo and walking towards Ruel.

Following Aris’ steps, the eyes of the knights followed.


What should I call that?

The bluish glow was obviously magic.

But he used a sword.

Magic was to be borrowed, not to wield.

It should have been.

But what did I see with my own eyes?


“…Magic swordsman.”


One of the knights opened his mouth.


“It has a good ring.” Ruel grinned.


It didn’t matter whether Ganien cut the waves or whether the Knight Commander suppressed the waves.

It was Aris who took everyone’s attention, so he will earn a title today.

A wave-cutter.

Aris the Magic Swordsman.


“Good job.”


Ruel patted Aris on the shoulder with a gentle smile so that everyone could see whose escort he was.

Aris felt his trembling hands. His Mana had almost hit the bottom so he felt sick. He wanted to sit down right away. Tired. Very tired. But he was happy.

He had borrowed Leo’s help, but he had cut the waves himself.

He succeeded in putting Mana across the blade.

The fact was so thrilling that his heart beat joyfully.


“It’s all thanks to you, Ruel-nim.”


If I hadn’t met Ruel-nim. If he hadn’t taken him.

I could never have gotten this power.

Aris bowed to Ruel.


“It’s Ruel-nim who gave me this strength. Thank you.”


“No, you did it, Aris. You’ll be even stronger in the future.”


At that moment, Aris’ eyes shook.

“Have I become strong…?”




His voice was as calm as ever.

But Aris was choked up.

It was not in vain.

He wanted to kneel down and cry in front of Ruel right away.


“Aris, not here. Look at them proudly and follow my footsteps quietly.”


“…Yes, sir.”


After answering, Aris bit his lips tightly.

Without Leo rubbing his face with his tail, it would have been hard to hide his feelings.


“Will you upright the wagon?”


Ruel pointed to the carriage that had fallen before the battle.

The dazed knights belatedly came to their senses at the sound of coughing.




The commander approached Ruel, glanced at Aris, and opened his mouth.


“You have a great escort. I can’t believe he’s already in that state at his age. I’m looking forward to his future.”


It was Aris and Ganien, whose lips twitched, receiving the praise.


“Thank you, you were very good, too. As expected of the commander of the Royal Knights.”


“I’m flattered.”


Torto looked at Ganien with his head bowed.

It was the level of skill Ganien possessed that bothered him.

The commander noticed that his skills were better than himself with his clean cut of the waves.

The Blue Knights of Cyronian were famous, but he didn’t expect them to be so outstanding.

Torto’s heart was boiling long after the fight.

He walked over to Ganien and held out his hand.


“It was really good work.”


“I was really surprised, too. If I have a chance, I would like to compete with you. What do you think?”


Ganien did not miss the opportunity to approach him.

His hands were itching because he also saw Torto’s skills.


“All right. After this, it’s good to cross swords in a friendly bout.”


“Thank you, Sir Torto.”


Ganien smiled brightly with a voice filled with sincerity.

He was the commander of the Royal Knights. How can he miss fighting such a commander?

Ganien tried to calm down and walked to Ruel.




After inhaling Breath, Ruel opened his mouth.

Ganien waited for Ruel’s words with a smile on his face.


“The Red Ash were mixed among the wizards. I leave it to you to deal with the aftermath.”


Ganien’s face quickly darkened because of the whispered words.

He went back the way he had come and walked towards the wizards.

Ruel followed Ganien then looked away.

The rest was Ganien’s job.

When the wind blew, Ruel immediately trembled.


“Except for a few scratches it looks fine.”


When the Knights overturned the carriage, Cassion carefully examined the outside and inside of the carriage.

After organizing the mess, he pointed to the carriage.


“Now get in.”


“Cassion, you need to drive the carriage for a moment.”


Ruel gestured to Aris with his eyes.

It would be difficult to drive a carriage with such a low level of mana.


“All right, I’ll drive.”


“I’m fine. You don’t have to worry…”


“Aris, get in the carriage.”


At Ruel’s firm words, Aris replied without question, “I understand.”


The Knights finished reorganizing, and the carriage departed.


“Is it… Is it okay if Cassion-nim isn’t here?”


The appearance showed while cutting the waves was nowhere, and Aris was restless and opened his mouth nervously.

While stroking Leo’s stomach lying down, Ruel smiled.


“It’s not that bad.”


—Right, thanks to this body’s hard work.


Leo was flattered and tapped his hand with his tail when Ruel stopped petting him.


‘This one. Who’s raising who?’


“I will…”


“Why do you feel pressured?”


“I don’t know what to do if Ruel-nim’s condition gets worse.”


“It’s Cassion’s role, so turn off your thoughts and take a rest, your face looks blue.”


Aris’ mouth opened and closed.

Isn’t it Ruel who always walks around with a pale face?

It was only for a moment, but he could understand how Cassion felt.


‘You’re always having a hard time.’


Aris lay down grudgingly under Ruel’s gaze.

Amazingly, it was more comfortable than he thought.


“Is it okay if you don’t lie down, Ruel-nim?”


“I get motion sickness when I lie down.”


Ruel rubbed Leo’s stomach with one hand and inhaled Breath with the other.

His hands trembled from the lingering cold.


“I want to ask you a question.”


“Tell me.”


“What do you want, Ruel-nim? Besides Setiria.”


Ruel has always put himself on the back burner.

So Aris really wanted to ask since he had the chance.

Because a sword is directed by the master’s will.


“A life where I don’t have to be the center.”




“A rich, comfortable, peaceful life.”


A smile hung around Ruel’s mouth.

It was like a person who went out for a walk in a quiet place.


“Okay. All right.”

Aris also laughed.

As the carriage crossed the bridge and returned to the plains, Ruel laid down on his back.


‘Red Ash, these rotten bastards… ‘

Ruel was resentful when he recalled his goal, which had been distorted thanks to Aris.




At the end of the night, the carriage stopped in front of a small village.

It was a village in the outermost part of Cyronian.


‘Slowly, we are coming to the place where the power left by the hero is.’


In the novel, Ganien gained a power from a cave beyond the village here.

It was discovered on the way back after having to bypass the mountain due to heavy snow.


‘There’s no way it’s going to snow all of a sudden. What should I say to go there?’


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