I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 68.1 - It's moving

Author: CleiZz Editor: Aker and Jada


Ruel was forced to stand in front of the door in a black suit, which reflected his inner thoughts and others’ surrounding opinions in a manner that was more obvious than normal.


‘I even asked Aris to change my clothes to white…’


Ruel sighed and looked at the large door in front of him.


“Ruel Setiria, the Lord of Setiria, the Noble of Darkness, and Sir Aris, the knight of Setiria, enter together!”


Ruel slightly crumpled his face at the extravagant remarks of the attendant.

But soon he walked leisurely in with a smile.


“You hate it that much?” Aris asked in a low voice.


“Yeah, every time I hear that, I want to grab Ganien by the collar.”


Ruel answered quietly with a smile.

Cassion entered with Aris because he had no title.

He had relinquished his sword, but Aris’ sword was not needed to fully protect Ruel as he was originally a magician in the first place.

Aris kept a reasonable distance from Ruel and followed him.




Ruel, who grew a little taller with the sound of a cane, caught his eyes.


“…that’s why I’m a must-kill for the enemy, Aris. Unlike you, there are restrictions because the enemy is always around me and Cassion is a butler. Your presence will become more and more important now.”


Unlike his still weak-looking face, Ruel is fitter and much healthier than before.

Aris breathed in.


“Protect me, Aris.”


Ruel’s words yesterday were imprinted on his heart like a brand.




With the sound of the cane, his eyes focused.


Without panicking, Aris distinguished the hostility that was evident in many of the gazes that followed them.

It was necessary to identify who was the enemy and who was taking a neutral stance.

This was a battlefield, without a sword.

Ruel glanced at Aris and looked forward once more.

Numerous nobles saw themselves as valuable prey.


‘Yes, let’s stick together closely. We’ll be coveted.’


—Ruel! Ruel! There’s a lot of food! I’ve never seen so much food.




Leo took a breath.


The alliance between Cyronian and Leponia has now been finalized.

Not only did Ruel come as a representative of the delegation, he saved the village of Cyronian, and he was a lord of the Leponia nobility that only had six noble families.

Isn’t that someone you would want to make a connection with?

Nobles above the rank of a count had already secured a good seat and watched Ruel raptly.

At the time when they were trying to get the timing to approach Ruel, Ganien, who was already attending the banquet, moved.




The nobles grumbled their annoyance.

Like the last meeting, they were worried that Ganien might block them.


Ganien Croft.

Croft’s status as the youngest son of the Marquis alone was difficult, but in addition he was the youngest leader of the Blue Knights, one of the most famous Knights of Cyronian.



Ganien welcomed Ruel with a loud voice.

Everyone had seen the good relationship between the two at the parade.

However, they didn’t know they were close enough to call each other casually without hesitation at an official meeting.


“Aris, stop following Ruel around and try some of the delicious food here.”

As Ganien finished making his way over, he mentioned the man known as Ruel’s escort.

The eyes of the nobles turned greedily.

Wouldn’t that knight be easier to chat with?


“Thanks for the offer, but I am unable to fulfill your request, Sir Croft.”


Aris declined politely.

It was called an alliance, but this place was still another country.


“You don’t have to be so formal. This is not the first time we’ve seen each other.”


Ganien put all the food in sight on a plate and handed it to Aris.

Ruel hadn’t asked for anything from Ganien except for messing up other’s plans.

He asked him to act as usual.

Ruel himself was a delicious prey, but most of the nobles could be blocked with just the existence of Ganien.

He didn’t care enough to attempt to distance himself from them.

The real plan would begin when those who approached him despite Ganien’s presence.

Red Ash would be among them.


‘What method should I use?’


Ruel inhaled Breath, looking knowingly at those who were still looking for an opportunity.

There were many ways.

Typical examples were putting poison in food or attacking while there are a lot of people.


This place was a different country and he was an outsider.

If he dies, the alliance that was formed, at best, will be destroyed and his death will allow the Red Ash to find whatever they are trying to gain.


‘It’s totally worth it.’


The people who leaked confidential documents related to Leponia will never miss this opportunity.

Most of them had no worries because they were unaware of Cassion hidden in his shadow, ready to strike.


‘First of all, I’m sure of one.’


Unlike others, a noble walked forward with a glass in his hand.

The man bowed his head and greeted Ruel, despite Ganien’s blatant look at him to leave.


“My name is Bianne Chen, my lord, Sir Croft.”


Then Bianne saw Aris. “A pleasure to meet you as well.”


“My name is Aris. It’s an honor to meet you.” Aris greeted as he was educated.


“My name is Ruel Setiria, nice to meet you, Sir Bianne Chen,” Ruel smiled lightly.


Through Cassion, they had investigated Bianne Chen’s bar.

The place was deserted.


According to Cassion’s personal opinion, it seemed fairly recent that the location was moved.

Whether it was moved knowing that Banios had investigated the place, they planned to move from the beginning, or knew that Banios was investigating and sent in fake information, there were all sorts of possibilities.


Now, Ruel was curious of Bianne’s inner thoughts encouraging him to approach him.


“I’ve heard a lot about the Lord’s performance. I can’t believe you can do such a thing in another country. The lord is a true aristocrat.”


“The compliment is too much, I just did what I had to do as a fellow human being.”


Bianne smiled broadly and gave a respectful look.


“The Lord seems to be very humble…”


“Cough, cough.”

Ruel’s cough interrupted unintentionally.

It was only a short time, but Bianne’s eyebrows gathered inward.


“Excuse me. Sir Bianne Chen, I think the lord should rest for a while.”

Aris didn’t miss the chance.


Bianne Chen.

It was the name he heard from Ruel.

Most aristocrats would know that Ruel is already ill.

Aris naturally supported Ruel and headed to the lounge as planned in advance.

The nobles, who saw Bianne approaching and only got to peek at the opportunity, looked despondent.

It hasn’t been long since he has entered.

Ruel stood tall and spoke out so that the nobles around him could hear him.


“Ganien, if His Highness comes, please inform me.”


“Don’t worry.”


Ruel left and Ganien didn’t move.


“Sir Chen.”


Ganien, who was left alone, looked fiercely at Bianne Chen, who was still standing next to him.


“Go ahead.”


“It’s a risk to life to make such useless remarks. Do it in moderation.”


Ganien provoked Bianne and moved to deal with other nobles.


“Remember those who approach you after I leave. First of all, those people aren’t Red Ash, they’re more like ordinary aristocrats who just want to eat a piece of the cake.”


Recalling what Ruel had said, Ganien quickly looked at their faces as they headed out towards Ruel.


“I remember those who follow me once I leave. The Red Ash are the ones who want to kill me somehow. They’ll somehow aim for the moment when the important escort is gone.”


‘First to approach, there are ten people.’

Cassion and Aris were attached to Ruel.

Ganien is getting ready to fight.




There was only one method of Red Ash such as Carbena, Hale Lumina, Plane, and Liberan.

He was using the magic lamp method that said he could achieve what he wanted.


Bianne Chen was one of those villains with a typical sense of inferiority who felt that the Croft’s had deprived him of the glory and power to defend the frontier.

He wanted the Blue Knights to disappear.


No, to be exact, he was hoping the Croft family would be destroyed.

Like Nintra, those who are not loyal but gain something will surely fall in the trap.

The current situation was similar to a novel, except that the incident itself and the subject had changed to him.


“I’m following you.” Aris spoke softly.


“As Ruel-nim said, I can feel the signs of multiple people.”


At the following words, Ruel laughed with relief.


To be honest, he carried out the plan with a fifty-fifty chance as the story and the plot have changed a lot.


‘Thank god. The development may be different, but the core of the plan remains the same.’


Even in the novel, Bianne’s plan failed.


‘I’m sure he’ll fail again this time.’


Ruel entered the room, holding back his laughter.

When he stretched out his legs and looked up at the ceiling, Ruel felt hunger.

Even if the food at the banquet looked delicious, it was difficult to get his hands on it because I didn’t know which food could cause an allergic reaction.


“Ruel-nim, Cassion made this snack just in case. Can I give it to you?”


“Give it to me.”


Ruel tried to hold it in, but it was hard to hide.

Aris turned over a piece of meat pie.




What a familiar taste.


—This body, too.

When Leo ran toward the snack with his short legs, Ruel grabbed his mouth and placed t it in his mouth.


—Oh! It’s very delicious.


‘I’m done eating.’


Obviously, he ate a lot of black things before coming to the banquet.


“I envy Ruel-nim because I can only watch the snacks disappear before my eyes. Did Leo see where they went?”


“I heard Leo likes my eyes?”


—Yes, Ruel’s eyes are very clear and clean.


Aris raised one eyebrow at the elusive remark.

By the time four pieces of the meat pie disappeared in an instant, Aris hurriedly tucked the snack in his pocket.

At the same time, Leo’s ears drooped.


—This body wants to eat more.




Ruel finished a piece of pie and then bit the Breath in his mouth.


Knock. Knock.


The door opened carefully after the knock.

Bianne opened his mouth with a startled face.


“Oh, I didn’t know the Lord was here.”


‘You’re making me laugh.’


Ruel raised his upper body and frowned at the cough that burst out.

He took medicine, but it still hurt.


“Ah, don’t get up. I’ve already heard that you’re not feeling well. You can lie down comfortably.”


“Well, excuse me.”


Ruel lied down comfortably again because he didn’t want to get up in the first place.


‘It’s perfect if you’re eating pie here and doing your overdue work.’


Bianne sneaked into his place and began to talk to him carefully.


Most of the time, he talked about ‘Cyronian’s attractions’ alone, so Ruel only nodded his head from time to time.


“…You seem very close to Sir Croft.”


When Ruel looked at Bianne, Bianne waved his hands exaggeratedly.


“Don’t get me wrong. I said this because I was amazed that people of different nationalities became friends. I apologize if I was rude.”


“Sir Chen, I don’t like to talk in circles.”


“I want to be close to the Lord.”


“What can I get out of this?”


Bianne’s mouth drew an arc.


He glanced at Aris.

He didn’t mean to take interest in Aris.


“Say it.”


“Don’t you know about the Red Ash? I think I can help you.”


Ruel grinned at the unexpected remarks. It was fun.


“How so?”


“I think you’re looking for a hideout of the Red Ash. I can let you know what I know.”


It wasn’t Cassion.

As a result, he was convinced that it was Banios who leaked the information.


‘Okay, it gives me a chance to trace back the information, and confuse the information source.’


Ruel took it easy and inhaled the Breath.


“Don’t you have to kill me?”


“They said they would give me what I wanted, but it was so insignificant that I actually secured it without their assistance.”


“But can you give me what I want?”


“There, within Red Ash, I could obtain what the Lord wants.”


“Cough, cough.”


Ruel coughed, raising his upper body.


A glance.


Ruel did not miss Bianne’s gaze at the window.




Trust was simply built up and collapsed faster than expected.

In particular, trust could be built up very quickly when there was a shared enemy.

Ruel certainly knew what Bianne was after.


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