I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 69.1 - It's moving (2)

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“Thank you for your hard work.”


Cassion arranged the clothes that Ruel had taken off.


“I thought I was going to die of hunger.”


Ruel was busy placing the food on the table into his mouth.


Cassion handed over a communication device while thinking that he would eat and change into uniform no matter what occurred tomorrow.


“It’s Ketlan.”


“Connect it.”


-How have you been, my lord? I contacted you even though I knew it was rude. I apologize.


“What’s happening in the middle of the night?”


-Someone called the Red Ash approached me.


Ruel stopped forking food and laughed in interest.

The Prios Incident, in which all the barons died, was known externally as something Liberan had committed.

The name Ruel Setiria was never been mentioned in relation to the case.


‘The information was successfully blocked.’


The post-processing was Cassion’s responsibility.


Ruel said, moving his stopped hand, “Keep talking.”


-There was a request to hand over information about the Lord in exchange for giving me the location of Prios’ direct bloodline.


They seemed to have recently noticed the exchange between Prios and Setiria.

It didn’t bother Ruel much because it wasn’t something that wouldn’t be revealed just by moving secretly.

What really bothered him was that they asked for further information.

‘You seem to have noticed that there was information hidden away and faked.’


It might be because of the black water incident.

It was also an incident that could not be fully covered because there were too many eyes.


‘I’m rather happy.’


It was an opportunity to mask the more important secrets within the less important information.


“Hand over the information.”


-…I don’t know what you mean. Handing over information to the enemy, I can’t do it because I owe the Lord.


“Hand over unimportant information and camouflage the more important information. They’ll make you make a Mana Oath. Only allow the conditions to comprehensively hand over my information. If they ask for more than that, boldly fold the deal.”


The urgent side was the Red Ash because they would start to feel like the information was blocked somewhere.


-I’m a little worried. If the information I handed over could harm the Lord…


“Aren’t you such a tactless person? It’s possible, but just pass on useless information. If you’re really worried, report it to me before handing it over.”



Ketlan’s voice brightened up.


“Just deal with the information I told you. Nothing more than that. You are responsible for the information of your direct family.”


-Alright, I’ll keep that in mind.

Ketlan asked cautiously, acting as if he was hesitating to hang up immediately.


-Are you feeling well? Aren’t you having a hard time living in a foreign country?


“Don’t worry, later then.”

Ruel cut off the communication first.

When talking about his body, each of them had much to say, so it was more comfortable to hang up first.


Yesterday, Ruel called Tyson, Cheynol, Billo, Drianna, and Horen to check the situation and listen to reports, and he cut off contact with them first because of the endless amount of questions; Such as whether he was eating well, whether he was losing weight, how was his health, etc.


—Everyone likes Ruel. So does this body!


Ruel didn’t know if he was jealous of the communication device, but Leo came up and stared at Ruel.


“Just finish what you’ve been eating.”

Ruel pointed to Leo’s own rice bowl.


—All right!

Leo then walked again and hid his face in the bowl.


“As you may have heard from Hina, I recruited Bianne.”


“We’ve already put up a watch.”


“You must have sent shadows to the village of Trien, right?”




“Where is it located? Do you happen to have a map?”


Cassion felt uneasy.


“You’re not going to go, are you?”


“After tomorrow’s banquet, there’s nothing more to do, right? His Majesty also allowed me to tour Cyronian.”


“So you’re going to go …”




Cassion sighed and turned over the map.

It highlighted the location of the village of Trien, and a location of the nearby village, as Ruel requested.



Cassion’s face darkened slightly at the sound of Ruel ‘s worries.

He had a hunch that he would travel here and there under the name of tourism.


‘His physical condition hasn’t recovered since the purification.’

Cassion bit his lip nervously.

Ruel, who saw Cassion’s reaction, brought it up.


“Don’t be nervous, Cassion. I’ll just enjoy sightseeing lightly.”


Ruel smiled lightly at Cassion’s expression of disbelief at his words.

There was a village named Dotol near the village of Trien.

If it was far from Trien, Ruel would have given up, but the location was acceptable.


‘Oh… What should I do?’


Ruel began to worry pleasantly.

He never thought about picking it up.


However, Ganien wasn’t there yet, the location was good, and it seemed to be urging him to take it from the perspective of various situations.





Cassion had to follow whatever Ruel’s decided because he was a loyal butler.


“I’m not going to Trien.”




Cassion’s eyes got bigger.

The corners of his mouth twitched.


“It will be you and Ganien, the Royal Knights, and the Blue Knights who will attack the hideout.”


There was still a possibility that there was Red Ash in the Royal Knights, but Ginger and Torto were being ordered to continue their search.

Rather, it was a good opportunity to filter out the rats.


Leo stared at Ruel as he raised his ears to hear where he was going.


“I’m going to take you, so keep eating.”


“…are you sure?”


Cassion’s voice was mixed with Leo’s eating sound.

It was the first time he had seen Cassion so surprised, so Ruel was rather embarrassed.


“There’s nothing I can do even if I go, so let’s just go sightseeing at that time.”

Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to see beautiful scenery while sightseeing and pick up something by accident?


“You’re quite right.”


When Cassion smiled brightly enough to make him feel bad, Ruel frowned.


‘You like it that much.’


Ruel handed over the map to Cassion and began to eat again.

As he finished eating his meal he faced that smile, his stomach felt like it was twisting.


‘I’ve been going easy on Cassion lately.’


When Billo, who was preparing to die on his behalf by now, came to mind, Ruel thought he should comfort him tomorrow night.




Cassion made sure Ruel was asleep before coming out.

He wandered around the back gardens to avoid patrolling soldiers and sat in a suitable seat.

Nobody’s going to notice this blind spot.

Cassion took out his most cherished sword, Turbulent Day, out of the collection of precious swords in his possession and set it across his legs and began to wipe it.

It wasn’t bad to feel the cold wind blowing against his face.


‘…I couldn’t see it.’


He recalled the sensation of cutting the black blooded human being. He set out to kill him. But there was no feeling of death itself, and he did not die.


‘I was confident that there was nothing I couldn’t kill with my dagger.’


When he set out into the world, everything was easy.

People were as slow as a worm crawling, and everything died just by drawing a blade.

The most difficult thing so far was this butler job.

If he had been alone, he would have never known.

Cassion raised the corners of his mouth.


‘A man who never dies. Interesting.’

As an assassin, a strong desire was boiling over.

The enemy had to die before him.

He took it for granted.

But he will continue to work hard in the future.

There’s nothing in this world you can’t cut.


“You don’t sleep at night?”

Cassion looked back, hiding the Turbulent Day.


It was Ganien.

He spoke with interest.


“I came here because I felt a familiar presence during the patrol, and I knew it would be you. What about Ruel?


“Went to bed early, I guess he’s tired.”


“Did Ruel get upset again? You should understand best, Ruel is sick.”


Ganien giggled.


“Do you have some spare time?”


When Cassion flipped the dagger he had taken out, Ganien stopped and slapped him lightly on the shoulder.

Now, he felt pain thinking about a stubborn Ruel and pitied Cassion.


“Is it because Ruel said he was going to the temporary hideout? Do you want me to convince him?”


“It’s a different issue. So, what’s your answer?”


“I’d love a match, but can you leave your post?”


Ganien gently pointed to where Ruel was, questioning.


“It doesn’t matter because there’s Aris.”


Ganien smiled brightly.


“I’m grateful that you think highly of Aris. No matter what anyone says, I’m his first teacher.”


“There is nothing that cannot be cut with an aura. That’s how I’ve thought so far. How about you?”


Ganien’s eyes glistened.


When Cassion revealed what he was worried about, he erased his laughter.

It was the same for him, who was also concerned about the black blooded man.


“Follow me. I’ll face you.”


“Are you ready?”


“I’m determined. I’m going to win anyway.”


Cassion raised one corner of his mouth at Ganien’s words.

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