I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 7 - I'm back

Author: CleiZz




Ganien called Cassion, who was heading to Ruel’s room.


“What’s the matter? Do you have any inconvenience?”


“No, it’s not something like that, but I do have something to say.”


“I don’t know why you have been talking to me so politely since this morning.”


Cassion took the watch out of his pocket and checked it. There were 10 minutes left.


Ruel had asked Cassion to wake him up at 8 o’clock, so Cassion had to wake him up on the dot.


He didn’t want to imagine his heart pounding in pain, if he failed to complete the command,

Cassion said.


“Keep it short.”


“I apologize in advance for being rude. Why don’t you join me? I don’t mind if it’s not right now. But later…”


“I refuse.”


Cassion cut him off with a phrase.


Ganien, who suggested it, seemed to not understand the reason for refusal.


“I suggested it because I knew the time you spent with Ruel wasn’t that long. But I didn’t think you’d say no at once.”


“Because you’re a guest here, I’m putting up with this rude behaviour.”


Cassion took a step without looking back.


“Sigh, what a waste.”


Ganien looked at his back and scratched his neck.


If he had met Cassion first, they could have teamed up.


The Lord, assassins, and raids.


The combination of these three things made the relationship between Ruel and Cassion so strange.


But it certainly wasn’t a close relationship.


‘…did that mean there’s something strange about Ruel?’


In Ganien’s eyes, there was nothing special about Ruel that could capture Cassion’s heart.




In Ganien’s eyes, Ruel was just powerless.


‘Did I understand something wrong? Is there something else I’m missing?’


Hmm… It would be best to observe Ruel again.




5 days later.


My eyes were filled by the red sunset.


The sky was really wide, as I stood on the ground with my own two legs.


I kept my mouth shut because I felt something was going to rise up from the inside.


‘I did it.’


I really did it. I walked.


I walked over to the peak and smiled back at Cassion who was behind me.


Cassion laughed all the way up to that point.


“Well done.”


“Honestly, I didn’t expect you to do it so soon.”


Ganien clapped his hands in admiration.


“Thanks to your help, I did it. Thank you.”


With a nod, I thanked the two.


“Ruel-nim, please sit down for a moment.”


Cassion walked into the mansion with his mouth raised, as if he had seen something that excited him.


I glanced back at the backyard where Cassion had gone.


Ganien, who had nothing to do, pulled out all the weeds and cleared out a wide space.


I sat on the ground and inhaled my Breath.


“Sir Ganien, I’m sorry, but could you come over here?”


“I’ll come up to you.”


When Ganien came next to me, I tapped the floor lightly.


The attempt to win over Cassion was disgraceful today, but necessary.


Ganien sat down and asked, “Did you have anything to say?”


“What do you think of me?”


Ganien smiled awkwardly as if Ruel had read his mind.


“Did you happen to notice that I was trying to take Cassion? I didn’t know Cassion was such a light-mouthed person.”


“No, I just saw Sir Ganien’s eyes coveting Cassion. So what’s your opinion of me?”


“I think it’s great that you walked in such a short time, but honestly, it’s not interesting.”


At the very straightforward review, I laughed.


The evaluation was about to be overturned easily. Soon enough.


“It would be a long way to the Royal Court, but would you mind staying here for a while?”


“I’m here for sightseeing, so I’m fine.”


“Are you going to look at the Kingdom of Leponia and decide on reconciliation or even an alliance?”


“Since I am here for sightseeing, isn’t it right to look around?”


There was a brazen conversation between each other. I pointed to myself.


“Then don’t look far and look at me.”




“See how I get Setiria back, which is currently in ruin.”


The wind blew softly, stoking the fire to Ruel’s firm eyes.


“Sir Ganien, you know what kind of power Setiria holds. The only entrance to the Kingdom of Leponia and the gate block to protect the country through the Masu Forest. Once Setiria is destroyed, the Kingdom of Leponia is over.”


My firm voice doesn’t sound so bad. Hmm


“Because you’re aware of that fact, you came to Setiria.”


Ganien’s eyes were filled with embarrassment. But it wasn’t long before a smile crossed his mouth.


“I know that, so I have to use you, the Lord.”


Ganien was beginning to like Ruel’s brazenness.


“Because of this, I’m going to have to get Setiria back.”


The looks in Ruel’s eyes were pretty good.

Ganien laughed loudly.


Obviously, until a few days ago, Ganien didn’t know why Cassion was willing to follow Ruel.


But Ganien was sure of something today.


How can I hate him when he admits his weakness and does not feel ashamed to seek my help, and is working so hard for the people of the kingdom and not just for himself?



Ganien was interested.


Ganien held out his hand even though he knew it was rude.


“The only people who can ask me this brazenly for a favor are His Highness, my parents, and my friends.”


I took his hand.


“I am shamelessly asking, dear friend.”


“Puahaha.” Ganien laughed again.


It was fun to see Ruel calling Ganien a close friend without a change of expression.


“All right, feel free to use it.”


Ganien had a smug smile as if to provoke Ruel.


Originally, Ganien was supposed to visit the King of Leponia first, but now he decided to postpone his own task.


Because he didn’t want to miss the fun that was going to happen.


“Cough, cough.”


As soon as the sweat cooled down, I coughed.


I glanced at Ganien and reached out to him.


When he tried to hold my hand, I told him my demand.


“Lend me your cape. It’s a little cold.”


“… Huh?”


Ganien took off his cape with a dumbfounded face.


Ganien felt uncomfortable, he felt like he was being robbed.


“Give me a gift to celebrate our new friendship.”




It was a bit absurd, but Ganien still looked through his belongings.


As far as I knew, Ganien received goods in return for helping merchants when he came here. He may not need them, but I needed it.


So Ganien should hand it to me rather than selling it elsewhere.


Ganien, looking through his belongings, then held out a bracelet.


“Do you have a mind-reading ability?”


“Would I stay here stupidly if I did?”




I pretended not to hear Ganien’s sarcastic comment and received the bracelet.


The bracelet was tightly embedded with yellow gems and was dazzling, but it did not look practical at all.


But it was useful for him.


“It looks expensive.”


I shook the bracelet, pretending not to know.


“It looks shoddy. They said it’s been imbued with magic that makes one walk better. You don’t need to worry.”


“Then it’s something I really need.”


It was a necessary item rather than a weapon decorated with various magic for myself, who could barely lift a sword.


“It’s ok, I don’t have any use for it.”


Ganien said as if he doesn’t need payment.


Can I?


The grace I received is undeniable, but the resentments I’ve received so far are unforgettable.


Ruel wore the bracelet. Soon, he felt a ticklish sensation on his legs.


‘Is this what using magic feels like?’


The sensation soon went away, but I felt good.


“Thank you.”


I sincerely expressed my gratitude to Ganien.


“It’s not great. I can’t take the gratitude for this simple thing.”


“You’re itching for a fight, aren’t you?” How about having a match with Cassion until you leave.”


“That’d be great!”


Ganien answered without hesitation.


The word ‘match’ had already lit the spark in his eyes.


Before he was a knight, he was a swordsman who loved to fight.


This will be a better gift than any other Ruel can ever offer.


“What is this? Deciding without the person involved.”


With a cane in his hand, Cassion walked over them.


“I got something good, so I have to repay the favour. ”


l shook the bracelet on my arm.


Cassion came over to Ruel in no time, and looked closely at the bracelet.


“It’s just a shoddy bracelet. I’m unhappy that you received something like this and are getting me to have a match with this guy.”


Cassion grumbled as he was frustrated.


“This bracelet is useful for me. It can assist me with walking.”


“Oh, if that’s the case, I can try. I will fight hard, even if I am not good enough.”


Cassion bent down and stuck out his cane.


The handle of the black cane was decorated in silver.


“It’s my present. I thought you would need this in the future.”


“Thank you Cassion, I’ll use it well.”


It just so happens that I was thinking I needed a cane.


Haa.. The best thing I ever did was roping Cassion.


I rose from my seat with the cane as the support.


The lightness, length, and touch of the cane were perfect.


I felt a familiar ticklish feeling surrounding my body, so I realized that there was some magic.


I didn’t bother to ask because I thought Cassion would have already bound it with decent magic.


I stood straight and looked at Cassion.


“I’m going home in two days. Make the slug come here with proper information.”


Cassion glanced at Ganiel and bowed.


“Okay, I’ll throw some bones to make them come running like a dog.”


“I like it.”




Ganien called out to Cassion.


“You have to fight because your master has already given his word.”


“I’ll do it after I get the Lord inside.”


“No, I’ll be watching from here. I’ve never seen you fight.”


I wanted to see with my own eyes what Cassion and Ganien were capable of.


“You can get cold and have a fever.”


“I’m fine with this.”


The cape was quite warm, perhaps there’s a warmth spell.


Cassion looked around, frowning.


“Sit over there, then.”


The place he pointed out was the very corner of the backyard.


‘That far?’


Before I could say anything, Cassion guided me to the spot.


“Raise your hand if you think you’re going to be shocked and strain yourself. Not only that but if you feel ill again…”




Cassion chuckled lightly at the young man voicing his displeasure.


“I see.”


Cassion knew that no matter how much Ruel pretended to be an adult, he hadn’t gone through his coming of age ceremony yet.


“It’s nice to see you like this, but health comes first. Don’t force yourself.”


I waved my hand instead of answering. Cassion chuckled at Ruel’s altitude.


As soon as Cassion turned his back, all the laughter stopped.


Cassion unfastened his collar and took out his dagger and stood facing Ganien.


Ganien’s lips curled slightly at the battle intent coming from Cassion.


“Are you going to do it with the intention to kill? Or do you want to kill me?”


“What are you talking about? Sparring is like killing, isn’t it?”


As soon as Ganien finished talking, Cassion disappeared.


At the same time, Ganien’s sword slashed backward.




Wind arose.


The two blades facing each other trembled slightly.


“It’s very hard to live.”






Cassion turned the dagger in the other hand and aimed for Ganien’s neck.


Ganien’s hair fluttered as he twisted his waist and leaned back his neck.


Ganien laughed.


That was a killing blow.


“This is fun.”


Ganien straightened his posture and raised his knees aiming for Cassion’s chin, which his opponent swiftly dodged.


But Ganien, like a hellhound scenting its prey, did not allow a single moment of respite.


He chased and threw his sword at Cassion’s heart.




He felt no sensation in his hand except for the sound of air being pierced.


Cassion was not there.


Ganien immediately pulled back his sword.




Two daggers and a sword struck.


Cassion felt his arm tremble from the force.


At the same time, Ganien’s sword drew back, going for another attack.




At the ensuing clash, My mouth gaped open in disbelief.


I heard something scattering near me, but I couldn’t see the two’s movements properly any longer.




I knew.


That they are now fighting purely with physical strength.




Ganien’s leg, which blocked Cassion’s attack, slightly shook at the impact.


‘Crazy guys, should I start digging a hole to hide myself?’


The two men’s offensive became more intense.


Even though it was just swinging and bumping, the wind intensified, and dust blew everywhere.


“I’ve finally warmed up. Why don’t we really go now?”


“All right.”


I couldn’t hear what they were talking about, but the moment I saw the light rising from their swords, I hurriedly raised my hand.


If they didn’t stop it here, I felt like the mansion would be destroyed.


In a blink of an eye, Cassion appeared in front of me.


And I saw Ganien.


‘Haha, look at the speed.’


Cassion asked anxiously.


“Are you all right?”


“My… head hurts.”


My head hurt when I found out that I was involved with a monster on my own.


‘I chose to live with this path. I can live, right?’


My complexion turned blue.


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