I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 71 - Milky Way rising to the sky (2)

Author: CleiZz Editor: Aker and Jada


The shadows, which had been increased to five, were united into one and laid like a trap.

Leo, who was running away from it, stepped on it and the shadows shot up like a net.


‘I got you!’


—You didn’t catch me again!




Leo’s voice came from next to him.

Turning his head, he saw Leo swinging his tail happily.

Ruel scattered the shadows.

Obviously, there was only faint smoke in the place where Leo was.


As he tried to move the shadows again, Leo rested his face on Ruel’s lap.


—Stop this. More dirty things have been added.




Fortunately, he felt only a little nauseous, but his condition was not bad.


—This body has won.


Leo lay down with his stomach showing.

He demanded his reward proudly as a victor.


—Now tickle me.




Gently tickling his stomach, Leo laughed and moved his tail incessantly.


“It got faster. Did the wind talk to you again?”


—That’s right! It was worried about this body and let this body know.


As if something suddenly came to mind, Leo got up and jumped into Ruel’s arms.

—Ruel! Ruel! Look at this!


Leo lifted his short front paws.

A sphere wrapped in silver floated up.

Just looking at it made Ruel feel it’s sacred power.




Aris rushed in through the door.

And immediately stopped without pulling out his sword.


“Ruel-nim, I just felt a strange mana…”


“Close the door.”




Aris closed the door at Ruel’s command, but couldn’t take his eyes off the sphere Leo created.


“What is that? It feels very warm.”


Ruel looked at Leo instead of answering.


—On the day Cassion and Ganien fought, this body looked at the sky and thought of that.




—This body hated that Ruel was sick because this body couldn’t purify.

Leo rubbed his head against Ruel, removing the sphere.

There was sadness mixed in his voice.


—This body was very sad and kept thinking about it, then this body was able to make the light just now.


‘Awakening… should I say…’


—Don’t get sick because of this body.


“Cough, cough.”


A cough came out of nowhere.

Ruel gently stroked Leo.


“Congratulations, Leo.”


Aris couldn’t resist curiosity and asked, “Is what I just saw the power of purification?”




“It feels completely different from when Ruel-nim purified it. At that time, it was somewhat sad.”


“That’s the real thing.” 




Aris smiled at Leo’s eyes begging for praise.

“Congratulations, Leo.”


—This body has done it! This body is no longer a fool!


“I’ll have to check it out.”


Ruel raised the corner of his mouth towards Cassion, who showed up in a timely manner as he inhaled Breath.


“I’m back… Why are you smiling so suspiciously as soon as I came?”


Seeing Aris was in the room, a small wrinkle appeared between Cassion’s eyebrows.

Leo went down and circled around Cassion.


—Cassion, look what this body has made!


As he lifted his short front paws, a silver sphere floated up.

With Leo’s eyes staring at him asking for quick praise, Cassion squatted down and stared at the sphere.


“It’s as big as a nail, but something’s different.”


“It looks like a sphere with the power of purification. Check it out.”


Cassion immediately took out black water at Ruel’s command.

And he dropped just one drop on the ground.

The black water did not spread out, but shook gently like jelly and stopped.

Leo stuck his tail close and put the silver sphere to the black water.

Everyone paid attention to the scene.

But surprisingly, nothing happened.


‘Isn’t that purification?’

Ruel looked at Leo with a cough.

Leo was flustered and hardened.


“Beast, it’s not that it doesn’t work. It’s very small, but it’s shrunk in size.”


At Cassion’s words, Leo jumped in place.


—This body has purified it! This body is a great purifier!


Leo stepped on the black water while running.




Ruel held back his laughter as he saw it purified in an instant.


‘Can you break the fun?’


“Leo, can you explain to me how you used Purification a little while ago?”


—Of course!


In a triumphant voice, Leo ran to Aris.

Aris sat on the floor and listened to what Leo was talking about.

That’s what happens when you become a wizard.

Ruel looked away from them and turned towards Cassion.


“Give it to me.”

He looked over the data Bianne received from the Red Ash one by one.

The location, structure, and map of the hideout were perfectly written.


‘Did you find an angle to hit them perfectly in the back of the head?’


The corners of his lips went up as he thought about how to hit them unaware.


‘You have to double the trap.’




“Did you understand, Sir Torto?”


To Ruel’s question, Torto raised his fist where the royal knights’ patterns were.




Torto said as he was given a secret mission by His Majesty Huswen, and that this mission was a good opportunity to strengthen the bond between Leponia and Cyronian.


“Don’t forget that there is still an insider among the Knights.”


“I know.”


“I think the insider has something to do with this mission.”


Torto’s eyes frowned slightly.

Not only did he have an informant in his own Knights, but he reached out to Cyronian.


“I can’t imagine how far the connection is.”


Ruel inhaled Breath and replied.

“Me too, anyway, don’t reveal your secret mission to the knights until you get to Trien. After that, if someone shows suspicious behavior, you take care of it.”


“Alright, my lord.”

There was a slight loss of strength in the voice that answered.

He knocked out a few insiders, but maybe it was because of his anxiety that there could be another.


“Sir Torto.”




“How far does Sir think of Leponia?”


“If I didn’t intend to work for Leponia, I wouldn’t have been a royal knight in the first place.”


Torto showed his heart for Leponia without a single hesitation.

Ruel gave a present for him, full of loyalty.


“Sir Torto, wouldn’t it be quite high if it was enough to put an insider in the Royal Knights?”




He uttered a tremendous sound casually.

No aristocrat could defame the royal family.


“It’s almost time to leave, so I’ll depart now.”


“l…I will. I’ll go ahead.”

Torto’s face with his head up was full of confusion.

The Royal Knights were a group that existed for the king and together for Leponia.

That’s why they trusted the royal family more than anyone else.

Ruel shook the natural belief too easily.

Torto looked at Ruel again with the door in front of him.

His eyes looked very anxious.


“May I ask why you would say such a thing?”


“Aren’t you the head of the Royal Knights who should defend the royal family?”


Protect the royal family.

Ruel was saying that.

Torto bent down and went outside.


“There is nothing hanging on the heart of Sir Torto. I think that was a little hasty.”


“I know.”

Ruel inhaled Breath.

“I shook it on purpose. The more people know the truth, the better- Cough, Cough.”

Ruel frowned at the pain in his chest.


When Cassion handed him the medicine, Ruel shook his head.

“Not yet, let’s get ready anyway. I wonder if the lake in Dotol Village is as pretty as the lake in Prina Village.”




It took a full two days from the royal palace to Dotol.


On the way, he stopped by a nearby village and stayed for a day.


-… There is no news. From time to time, we hear only rumors that Ruel-nim has an incurable disease. Mixed with rumors that Ruel-nim was originally ill, even this is rather quiet.


Ruel smiled at Dion’s report.

The interest in himself has been cut off very well.


‘That’s great.’


He stroked Leo and opened his mouth, “What about the second prince?”


-The second prince is also not showing much movement.


“Okay, keep up the good work.”


-Please, come back safely.


The communications device’s light went out.


‘Why isn’t there any movement? Is it because I’m here?’


He ordered the Birds, Ketlan, and Bianne to report regularly because he expected the Red Ash to play tricks while he was away.


‘But there’s no movement, so you must have noticed Banios’ check, right?’


Lumina and Prios were on a leash, so they could be used at any time.

Ruel inhaled Breath. I have more and more things to think about.


Tap. Tap.


When Ruel tapped his thigh, Leo hit Ruel’s hand with his tail.

And when Ruel stroked Leo again, Leo closed his eyes as if he were satisfied.

Cassion spoke to Ruel.


“Ruel-nim, why don’t you get some fresh air?”


“What’s the matter? You said I couldn’t because of a slight fever.”


“You look troubled.”




“Didn’t you entrust the work of the second prince to Prince Banios? Birds will ask for information from Leponia, and Bianne will come here for information, so you don’t have to worry too much.”


“I know.”


But contrary to the response, Ruel’s life depended on their movements, so he was concerned even if he knew.

Ruel held a cane.

As Cassion said, I thought it would be better to get some air.


—This body will go, too!

Leo’s tail wagged.




“Wait a minute. You have to prepare steadily.”

Cassion took clothes out of his pocket for Ruel’s outing.

It was not until he was fully armed that he was able to go outside.


“Are you going for a walk?”

When asked by Aris, Ruel nodded.

On the way, the knights said they would escort them, but he didn’t want to take them just for a light walk.


As Aris followed Ruel, people recognizing Aris came out one by one.

Each of them was mentioned the name ‘Magic Swordsman’.




When he stepped on the fine snow outside, he felt a little relieved.


“You seem to have a lot of worries,” said Aris quietly.


“When you have a lot of worries, a match is the best.”

Ganien followed after him even though he never asked for him to follow.


Cassion silently frowned at Ganien.


A tactless fellow.

Ganien expressed resentment as if he felt Cassion was swearing with his eyes.

“Why? I’m not that tactless. I have no choice but to follow my teacher’s orders.”


Sien issued a strict order not to leave Ruel’s side at any time except for the moment when he removed the temporary hideout of the Red Ash.

He was a mysteriously proficient teacher, so he had to follow his orders closely.


“Leave it alone.”

Ruel snorted.


What can I do if you are following me?

Ruel just walked along the path of an unknown village.

When Leo chattered to himself and Ganien brought up the story of the last match to Cassion, Ruel just walked, listening to the story and Aris’s comments.


“Ha.” Ruel exhaled deeply.

I felt free after a long time, so my mind was clear.


‘After all, people should rest.’


We’ll be in Dotol Village tomorrow.

It was disappointing that he couldn’t directly watch how the temporary hideout would be robbed.


‘If you want to pick it up from the Dotol Village, you’ll have to fill your pockets in advance.’

Ruel walked and walked looking at the stars that filled the sky.

Then, when Ruel stumbled for a moment, questions poured out to ask if he was okay.

“I only felt dizzy for a moment.”

Ruel grabbed his head and said.


“Why don’t you sit over there for a second?”

Cassion pointed to a flat rock.




Leo stepped off Ruel’s shoulder and ran into the wide snowfield.




He jumped in head first and only moved his short back legs that were not buried in the snow along with his eyes that peeked out.

When Aris ran hurriedly and pulled out Leo buried in the snow, Leo smiled.


—It’s really fun! Aris, try jumping too!


Then Leo jumped into the snow again and buried his upper body in the snow.

Aris looked at Ruel with Leo flapping his short hind legs in the distance.


‘You don’t have to ask for permission one by one.’


When Ruel nodded, Aris flew into the snow with open arms like a cross.



Listening to the vivid sound, Ruel sat on the rock and coughed.


‘You’re having fun.’


“Aren’t you cold?”


“Oh, it’s alright.”


I heard Aris and Leo giggling.

Before I knew it, Ganien’s voice was mixed in.




Snow flew here and there as if the event had turned into a snowball fight.


—This body can be made bigger!


“That’s a foul, Leo.”


“You’re using magic in a cheap way, right? Alright, I will use aura.”


Ruel felt a sense of calm when he saw the three fools.

Cassion took out a blanket and covered Ruel with it.

“Doesn’t it make you feel a little more at ease when watching someone act like an idiot?”


“You’re right.”

Ruel inhaled Breath.

When he wondered why Cassion was so kind, he remembered the sword he got from Ganien’s villa yesterday.




Snow from somewhere spread across Ruel’s face.

“Can you see? What more wonderful skills I have, like my marksmanship?”

Ganien chuckled.




“Sometimes I thought it would be okay to be stupid. Doesn’t your head get cold right away from having an empty head?”

Cassion smirked.


“…I wasn’t doing anything stupid.”


Cassion sighed as he touched Ruel’s forehead.

His hands were hot.

The fever went up immediately after getting hit by some snow.

There was even a squeaking sound.

Maybe he will be very ill tonight.

Lately, Ruel has been complacent about being ‘fit.’

He was still walking glass.

Cassion reflected on himself and handed over a fever reducer.

“Are you alright?”


Ruel nodded.

He could only bear nodding with his head ringing.


—This body will scold Ganien!


“…You haven’t helped me much either.”


Leo’s front foot, which he raised vigorously, slipped down.

Leo looked down and quietly curled up next to Ruel.


Knock. Knock.


“It’s Aris.”

The door opened softly with a careful voice.


“Are you alright…sick?”


He should have stopped Ganien.

Perhaps because he had fun after a long time, he forgot his position as an escort.

He was ashamed.


“I just have a fever as usual. Never mind.” Ruel’s voice was drained.


Aris glanced at Cassion.

He shook his head.

Aris closed the door carefully again at the signal not to say anymore.


“I’ll be better by tomorrow.”

Ruel groaned and closed his eyes.


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