I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 72 - Milky Way rising to the sky (3)

Author: CleiZz Editor: Aker and Jaka




The fever remained until morning, perhaps because of the accumulated fatigue from traveling.Ruel led his heavy body into the carriage feeling dizzy.



Ganien, who was waiting in the carriage first, coughed dryly and looked at Ruel’s countenance. He must have been quite sorry to hear from Aris that Ruel had caught a fever because of him.




“Is it going well?”


Ruel asked casually, inhaling the Breath.

He had requested Bianne to compile the information of knights involved with Red Ash and hand over the info to Ganien.

The more Red Ash they caught and the more information obtained, the more secure his own safety was.


“It’s in progress.”


“Let me know when you get the results.”


Ruel glanced at Cassion at the door.

The wind blew into the carriage causing his body to tremble.


“Wait a minute.” (Ruel)


Ganien stopped at the doorway.


“Don’t think about useless things, just take care of it properly.”


Only then did Ganien’s face brighten but with a sour voice.


“Do not worry. It’s something I learned very well in Leponia.”




The door of the carriage closed with Ruel’s answer.

Ganien took a deep breath and moved towards the Knights with a determined face.

The Red Ash touched his country and was aiming for his own friend.

He stood in front of the pre-assembled group of Blue Knights and shouted loudly.


“The honor of this nation depends on our sword. Do not allow any enemy. Do not allow the word ‘danger.’ Recognize who we are protecting.”


After taking a breath, Ganien opened his mouth again.

“Protect it.”


“I’ll protect!”

The entire Knights answered at the same time.

The Knights marched in a blue wave, led by Ganien.

Joining the Royal Knights, they escorted the moving carriage.


“Would you like another fever reducer?”


Ruel shook his head left and right when he saw the medicine Cassion was holding out.


“I ate it earlier.”


“I’m asking because your fever didn’t go away.”


Ruel shook his head again.

Guiltily, Leo looked at Ruel.

He had thrown three snowballs at Ruel.


—This body feels sorry.


Instead of talking, Ruel stroked Leo’s head.

He found it funny that his body became so hot after being hit by snow, but what’s wrong with the opponent who threw it?

With a slightly trembling hand, Ruel inhaled the Breath.


“One more day, we’ll see Dotol Village. If you change your mind and want to go to Trien…”


“I’m not going.”



Contrary to what was said, Cassion was relieved.

Ruel recognized his position objectively after the Plane incident.

He didn’t have to go to this temporary hideout himself.

It wasn’t a role he could play in the first place.


He could use magic, but not to the level he could defend himself in combat.

But one thing had to be pointed out.


“Cough, cough.”


Cassion took out a handkerchief and put it near Ruel’s mouth at the sound of a strong cough.




When he vomited blood for the first time in a while, the familiar smell of blood came up in his mouth.

But his body became comfortable.


“Cassion, there’s only one reason I’m visiting Trien.”


The black-blooded man.

Cassion stayed silent for a long time before answering reluctantly.

“… I see.”




Knock. Knock.


The carriage door opened.

It was morning when they started, but now the red sun was setting.

Ganien pointed his thumb behind him.


“Ruel, we’re going to separate here.”


They haven’t seen Dotol Village yet, but it was right to start moving now to surprise them properly.


“Good luck.”

That was all he could say.

Ganien smiled and rejoined the ranks.


“What about you?” Ruel asked Cassion.


“Hina will go instead of me today. Something’s bothering me.”



If Hina goes, that’s fine.

The carriage door closed again.




It was quiet.

There were no news of raids until they reached Dotol Village.

The word that he would go sightseeing in Dotol would have already spread among the nobles of Cyronian.

Nevertheless, it was still.

Ruel didn’t like it.

If he had some struggle, he would have been much more comfortable.

‘What is the enemy up to?’

Cassion had sent a shadow to check the Red Ash to confirm if the order Bianne gave was real.


It was also confirmed that the temporary hideout actually existed and was leaving soon.

Ruel inhaled the Breath.

“The enemy is lurking.”

Cassion frowned slightly before opening the carriage door.


‘No wonder it was quiet.’

That’s right.

The Red Ash can’t let this opportunity go.


“Leo, do you smell anything like the black-blooded man?”


—I don’t.


“That’s enough, leave it alone.”


Without a black blooded man, Cassion should be able to face any attack or any enemy.

Ruel smiled and got out of the carriage.

Dotol Village was small enough to count how many houses there were from here.


‘It wasn’t a lie when Huswen boasted that the lake was beautiful.’


The lake behind the village contained numerous stars.


‘It’s wonderful.’


Ruel looked briefly at the lake, coughing.

The lake in the village of Prina was also beautiful.


—Ruel! Ruel! Can this body swim? Stars in the water! This body wants to jump in there.


Leo, who was in Ruel’s arms, scratched his clothes with his front paws and asked.



Ruel whispered in Leo’s ear and took a cane.




He moved his cane and headed to the accommodation of Dotol, which he had arranged in advance.

He was followed by the Royal Knights and Blue Knights, who did not go to Trien.




Only the sound of the cane and the sound of the heavy footsteps were heard.

Cassion took out a blanket and covered Ruel with it and said quietly.

“The enemy is moving.”



Ruel bit Breath.

There’s something he has to pick up in Dotol Village.

He was a little worried.


‘Well, he has the tenacity of a cockroach, so he’ll be just fine.’




Aris’ eyes turned to the left and right.

There was something wrong in the still atmosphere.

A buzzing sensation came from the entirety of the surroundings.




Aris drew his sword quietly and the knights in coordinated movement took battle position and the two vice-captains shouted.



At the same time, all the lights in the village went dark, sinking the surrondings into heavy darkness.




Aris shouted vigorously with a sound from all sides.


“…show me your power.”


The flame from Aris’ fingertips flew high and spread across the sky.

—This body will help!


Leo’s tail and ears pricked up.

The flame grew bigger and bigger and became a bird.

It was bright enough to light up the whole village.

The enemy was clearly visible.

Some of the Knights took out their shields and surrounded Ruel.


Ting! Ting!


Hearing the sound of arrows colliding, Ruel choked.

When the sound stopped, the battle began with the loud shouts of the two vice-captains.

“Eliminate the enemy!”

He was worried about the safety of the villagers, but first of all, the goal was to annihilate the enemy.

Some of the Knights remained, holding shields and guarding Ruel, defending him.


The vice-captain of the Royal Knights spoke to Ruel, “Evacuate by carriage.”


“Yes.” Ruel also thought it was a good move.


If it’s the strength of the carriage, hadn’t he already seen it on the bridge?



Cassion quietly called out Aris.


“I know.”

As soon as Aris turned back, he blew off the enemy’s neck that approached through the royal knights. The head flew and blood poured out.


“Don’t let your guard down. There’s a wizard among the enemies.”

Aris warned the Knights, then with small transparent ice shards, shoot them towards the approaching enemies.




As soon as the ice hit, the enemies’ magic was broken.The Knights’ attack followed immediately. With the scream of the enemy following him, Ruel headed to the carriage under the protection of the Knights.




Cassion heard the flying arrow and looked down and waited silently.

It wasn’t an arrow from the enemy.


Screaming came from elsewhere.

An enemy who was hiding in the carriage in advance was pierced in the head by an arrow that flew from random.

Ruel’s mouth twitched slightly.


‘I’m glad he’s alive and well.’

It worked out as expected.


“Cassion, how does it look?”


Cassion looked at Ruel with a slightly surprised look.


“Are you going to pick it up?”

The words ‘in the midst of this?’ seemed to be missing.

Ruel smiled.


“Keep an eye on it.”

When Ruel was about to get into the carriage, Leo said urgently.


—It’s here!




“What’s wrong with you…”


Cassion grabbed Ruel and dodged backwards.


Black objects slammed into the carriage.




The carriage, which had been steady against the waves, was crushed at once.


“Are you alright?”


When asked by Cassion, Ruel looked at the bodies of those Knights who had been protecting him.




His heart raced like the first time he used Purification.

There had been no appearances of the  black-blooded man as of recently.

But when it decided to make it’s appearance there wasn’t only one.

The fact was sharply lodged in his heart.

‘These crazy guys!’


They must have just drank black water.


‘What the enemy is after…’


Ruel turned his head quickly. It was time to think coolly.

Dotol was a small village.

That meant that no matter what happened, there was a high possibility of the village being buried.

That’s why he asked Huswen to bring the Knights.

Ruel hurriedly bit Breath in his mouth with a weak breath.

Power came into his hands.

If the enemy has enough power to overwhelm the two groups Knights, isn’t Dotol a huge tomb?


‘What the enemy is after is a complete wipeout…!’



At Cassion’s question, Ruel took a deep breath and spoke loudly.

The Knights were unable to deal with black blooded man.

This was the only way.

The enemy was after him.


“Everyone, retreat!”


This order was directed to not only to the Knights but also to Cassion’s shadows.

The Knights paused at the order.

It was not an enemy easily defeated.

“Light over there, Aris!”


Ruel gestured towards the beating heart.




It was only then that the Knights understood when the fire that had left Aris’ hand lit up where Ruel pointed.


A black-blooded man.


“Disperse now!”


At Ruel’s voice again, the Knights gave up the engagement and withdrew immediately.

They understood how fearsome these creatures were because they had seen them before in the previous battle.


“Even so, I cannot abandon Ruel-nim. I will protect you.”


“He’s right, we’re knights. We’ll do our best to protect you.”


The vice-captains approached Ruel and pointed their swords at the enemy and the black blooded man.

Other knights also came encircling Ruel.

Ruel’s expression hardened.


It was a good word. Unless it’s was time to get a grip on the situation.

‘Crazy guys, I told you to disperse, but you choose to stick to me?’

His heart raced.

He felt them coming closer.

Then, a cold wind blew.

The wind was blowing from Aris.


—This body will help you.


Leo jumped off and ran to Aris.




Pure white breath leaked out.

The ice was so cold that it seemed to freeze instantly upon sight.

The amount of ice increased as Leo clung to Aris.




A knight lifted a shield for Aris.

The enemies were not fools.

They wouldn’t let anything be prepared.

Ruel bit the Breath and moved his shadow.

If we stick together like this here, won’t we all die together?


“Please wait a moment.”

Cassion stopped Ruel.

Cassion’s eyes were purple.


“Do…Don’t call.”


“I know. I’ll kill him first.”


He doesn’t call his men.

There was a limit to the number that Ruel could purify.

It would be easier for Ruel deal with if the enemies were gathered together.

Weapon tracking.

That’s why he had to get rid of the annoying enemies before the black blooded men came any closer.

Cassion quietly and secretly disappeared, as it was the butler’s duty to secure the owner’s safety.


With Aris’ loud shout, the sword was struck into the ground.




The area was covered with ice.

Trees, grass, approaching enemies, and even the black-blooded men were frozen.

Aris stumbled after exhaling a strong breath.

The Knights were relieved little by little.


—Not yet. There are still people who are out of the world’s natural order.

Leo ran to Ruel.


Ruel walked forward, coughing.

The road opened by itself.




“It’s dangerous.”


Ruel kept walking despite the cries of knights who stopped him.




The gaze was noticed because the sound of the cane was heard loudly.

“Don’t play into the enemy’s hands. What the enemy wants is the death of all of us.”


—This body can do it. Ruel, stay put.

Leo stamped his foot and followed after Ruel.



In the direction Leo looked, Ruel had already moved his shadow.

The black one was caught.

The black thing permeated the shadow like a powder dissolved in water.

Ruel said, barely swallowing something rising up his throat.


“I won’t say any more. Spread out, now.”

Ruel stumbled for a moment because his head was dizzy from the fever.

There was a fine line between bravery and recklessness.

He set out to let them know that what they had was not courage, but recklessness.

‘Get out of my way.’

At this rate, the dog’s death was waiting.

The two vice-captains stared at Ruel and the black-blooded man before opening their mouths.



Ruel said to them, who just noticed the situation going back.


“The target is me. Don’t be sacrificed.”


He tried to hold it in, but blood flowed down his mouth.




The vice-captain of the Royal Knights clenched his fists feeling furious. They couldn’t move their feet. Rather, they were being protected by the target they were supposed to protect. Now that Aris had frozen the black-blooded men there was an opportunity.


“…I wish you.”


But Ruel said not to choose a dog’s death.

Feeling the taste of blood in his mouth, the vice-captain turned around.


Ruel opened his mouth as he did, wiping his mouth.

“I am here.”


Black-blooded humans who were not trapped in ice located Ruel at once.

For a moment, he felt goosebumps.

‘I’ve felt it before.’

Ruel’s shadow moved at the same time as a thick black liquid spewed from black-blooded humans.

‘I guess I’m a very delicious prey.’



The sword wrapped with ice swayed.

The black stream froze at once and fell to the ground.

Ruel spoke emphatically to Aris, who stood in front of him.


“Get back.”


“I can’t do that! It’s still moving!”


Every time Aris exhaled a strong breath, his white breath came from his lips.

He was Ruel’s escort before he was a knight.

Whatever he said, it was his job to protect Ruel’s life.




The sound of ice cracking came faintly.

However, the ice barely caught the ankle, making it of no use.

What can I do to get rid of them?

He felt like he was holding onto the distant sky.


“Cut it down! No matter how many times!”

Cassion’s voice was heard.

The purple aura decapitated the black blooded human closest to Ruel.

But something black, woven like a thread, put his neck back in place.

Aris bit his lip.

Isn’t it the same situation as before?

Cassion swung the dagger again.

Cut it.

He concentrated on that single determination.

There was nothing that could not be cut with an aura.




Cassion’s two daggers moved like crazy.

In the place where it was cut, Aura was left like an afterimage, and Aura was embroidered in that place.

There is nothing perfect in this world. There must be a gap.

He raised his momentum.

He used all of his power for the first time.




The ground rang, the floor went out, and a storm blew around Cassion.

Nevertheless, the black blooded man, who had been split into dozens of pieces, regenerated again as if he were laughing at him.


At that time, a fleeting but faint trajectory came into Cassion’s eyes.


Cassion moved his hand along the trajectory.

The light of the aura became stronger.

The sensation he had felt countless times came to his hand.

The feeling of being cut off from life.


The black-blooded man melted down.


The thick black water stream was seen cut in half.

Cassion caught his breath and found a huge hole in the wall replacing what he had been struggling with for so long.


‘Did you cut it? You cut that?’

Ruel couldn’t believe it even when he saw it in person.

He inhaled the Breath with his trembling hand.


“He is not a man who never dies.”

Cassion laughed.


The black blooded man was not immortal..

However, the way to kill him…it was very difficult.




An arrow from afar hit the black-blooded man’s head.

It wasn’t a regular arrow.

There was something attached to the arrowhead.

As soon as the powder on the arrowhead spread, the outer part of the black-blooded man melted and somewhere in the body shone as much as a fingernail.

Aris stabbed with his sword without hesitation toward the shining place.


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