I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 75.2 - Money is the best! (2)

Author: CleiZz Editor: Aker and Jada

“What about Noah?”

The space behind Cassion was empty.


“Ruel-nim, I’ll take Noah with me somewhere else for a moment,” asked Cassion, taking out a handkerchief.




“I’m thinking of stopping by the guillotine for a while.”


“…Oh, go ahead.”

Ruel grinned.

If you don’t know what an aristocrat is, you should experience it for yourself.

Cassion left the room, departing politely as he had come.


—Ruel, Ruel, what is it?


“What commoner, to a nobleman, doesn’t know how to be afraid… ”


Ruel hurriedly covered his mouth with a handkerchief.




At the same time, Hina appeared and caught him as he leaned backwards from the pain that came like a wave.


“Are you all right? I’ll call the chief.”




Ruel’s mouth was stained red with blood.

After wiping it off with his handkerchief, he sat back down.

It was fortunate that Torto and Aris went to go order.


“It happens all the time.”

He answered, hiding his trembling hands.

The aftermath of the cleanup was bigger than he thought.

The body was in pain again.


—No. Something dirty as large as the three front feet of this body has grown. Doesn’t it hurt?


“It’s all right.”


Ruel picked up Leo and held him out to Hina.


She hesitated and hugged Leo.


“It is an apology.”


Not even the shadows were allowed to step forward.

You should apologize for unintentionally scratching their pride.

Hina held Leo tightly and opened her mouth.

“You don’t have to apologize. We can decide what we can do or can not.”




“I’ll report this to the chief.”


“Do as you please.”


Hina smiled as she felt Leo’s soft touch.





‘How dare you threaten me, asshole?’

Noah gritted his teeth and fiddled with his neck.


He went to the guillotine yesterday and was finally released, so his whole body was still trembling.

Does it make sense to die just because you insulted an aristocrat?

What is the nobility?

‘… No matter how much I think about it, I think I’ve been tricked.’


“Listen up, Noah. By coming to me, all former traces of you have been erased. Keep in mind that from now on you will have to live as a Leponian, not a Cyronian.”


Looking down at himself from the guillotine, he remembered the words that Ruel-nim whispered.

I was not interested in Cyronian and Leponia anyway.

Money was the best thing.

Even if he regretted it anyway, he already took Mana’s oath, so there was no way out.

‘For a few gold coins, no. Not a few pennies, because there were 1,133 in total. And there is nothing wrong with the gold coins. The fault is that sick… ’

Noah grabbed his chest and groaned.

‘Damn it…Huh?’

He put the reins aside for a moment and grabbed the bow right next to him.

There was something.


Sniff. Sniff.


There was a familiar smell of poison.

The sound of footsteps in the forest is estimated at five people.

‘It’s a patrol team.’

Them was not a soldier because he couldn’t hear a heavy sound.

‘Then it’s okay to kill?’

The bow was pulled tight.


“…Rush up.”




Thin, sharp spikes of ice shot through the chests of enemies.


“Sneaky bastard!”

Noah aimed the tightly drawn bow at Aris.

In the last fight, if he knew he was a wizard, he wouldn’t have chosen distant combat.

Being a wizard, brazenly wearing a sword and pretending to be a swordsman, crazy.


‘No, he handles swords very well. What do you call using magic and wielding a sword? Anyway.’ 


“That’s my prey!” exclaimed Noha.


“Hunting? Your job is to assist Cassion, and I’m in charge of guarding him. I’ve taught you many times, but you still don’t listen.”


Aris looked at Noah as if he were a jerk.

The carriage door opened for a moment.


“Aris, search.”




“I’ll come with you.” (Torto)


At Torto’s request, Ruel nodded.


The carriage door closed.


“I don’t think it’s Red Ash for now.” (Ruel)




Ruel raised the corners of his mouth as he ate the meat pie gracefully.

He thought it might have been done by some of the aristocrats who opposed the alliance.

“There is no way that Red Ash is so sloppy. I’m sure I got caught by accident. Maybe we were the only ones riding in a carriage.”


“That’s right. We’re the only ones in this neighborhood that move in a carriage. In the next town, we’ll hide this carriage and find another route to the villa.”


Ruel nodded instead of answering.


‘The one who leaked the information that I’m going back to Dotol must have been Red Ash.’




‘The nobles who opposed the alliance must have rushed at the opportunity while salivating.’




Noah pressed close to the carriage wall and slammed the door.




At Ruel’s words, Cassion looked at Noah with fierce eyes.


“Have you still not recovered from standing on the guillotine?”


“What should I do?”


Patting Leo, Ruel made eye contact with Noah.


Noah was startled.


Ruel looked ready to die if he lightly touched him, but there were times when Ruel’s eyes seemed to see through everything.


“You drive a wagon well. That’s what you’re going to do from here now.”


“What do you mean…”


The carriage door closed again.


Cassion opened his mouth at the sight of Noah walking grumbling.


“Why did you really bring him here?”


“If you need someone to protect your back, he’s reliable.”


“You mean that?”


Ruel laughed out loud at Cassion’s blatant dislike.


“Not you, Aris.”


The reason why Noah was brought was for Aris, although he gave him as a servant to assist Cassion.

If you had someone to protect your back, wouldn’t you be able to walk forward to your heart’s content?

Ruel asked while inhaling Breath.


“What do you think?”


“The combination is not so bad, except that there is friction between them.”


—What about this body? This body must fight alongside Aris.


Leo scratched Ruel’s clothes with his front paws.

After one stroke, Cassion restrained Leo.


“Stop it, beast.”


Leo stopped his paws in a sullen mood, then opened his eyes wide begging at Ruel.


“Yes, you too.”


—I knew it! This great body cannot be left out!”

Leo’s tail moved vigorously.


“So, Cassion, continue to work it well. Until it’s more usable.”


Ruel smiled at ease.

It was a very cheeky smile.

“His mind was very clean.”


He’s lived in the mountains for half his life, so that’s inevitable.


“But it’s still worth it.”




When Ruel ate about three meat pies, he heard a knock on the door.


“I found traces and notes.”


On Aris’ respectful palm was a note, a feathered earring, and an arrow.


Ruel saw the note first.


– We found a target. Near the Selemina Forest.


‘They left it on purpose, but it’s not rewarding. It’s not written who wrote it.’


“There’s poison on the arrow.”

Cassion grabbed the arrow and said.


—Uncle said that poison kills you.


Sniff. Sniff.


Leo approached Cassion and smelled the arrow.

Cassion tasted the poison on his finger from the arrow.

Aris was startled.

Leo was also surprised.

—Is Cassion going to die?


“Th, the antidote right now…!”


“It’s all right.”


Cassion’s expression after tasting it subsided.

“Well, before mark, Ruel-nim …”


“That’s the poison I made. I thought the smell was strangely familiar.”


Cassion and Aris waved their hands and stared at the approaching Noah.




Noah stopped on his way and looked at them.


‘What’s wrong with them again?’


“The poison you made?”


Ruel raised the corners of his mouth. It was a significant laugh.


“… Yes, I combined it, but it works really well for monsters.”


Well, listen very well.

Because I almost died from that poison.


“I can’t make it even if I order it as I don’t have any ingredients at the moment.”


“Who did you sell it to?”


“I’m not a genius. How can I remember all that?”


“Can you tell from the poison?”


“I can tell that for sure. It has its own unique scent.”


Noah smiled triumphantly and his eyes were drawn to the earrings that Ruel shook in the air.


“What kind of bird feather is it?”


“It’s Meru, a bird that lives in the west here. It’s too hard to  catch it, but you nobles use it as  earrings. That’s quite a lot of money. You can get 20 silver for one, I’m jealous.”


West of the Selemina Forest.


‘I’ll leave it to Ganien to investigate.’


Ruel coughed and opened his mouth.


“We are leaving after the body is disposed of.”


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