I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 8 - I'm Back (2)

Author: CleiZz


2 days later.


“Are you sure you want to wear this?”




Ruel answered Cassion’s question in a grumpy voice.


He was wearing the same outfit he had when he first went out.


Although I had gained more weight compared to before, my clothes were still loose on my body, fluttering as I moved.


What can one do, even if the clothes are good looking, they don’t fit the person wearing it.


Cassion stared at Ruel’s clothes and opened his mouth.


“Are you sure you don’t want it altered?”




“You know you’d be shamed by others if you went out like this?”


“That’s why I will wear it. How excited will our slug be by then, when I wear these clothes and walk besides Ganien.”


Ruel’s eyes were curved happily at the thought.


“What would he feel then? How embarrassing would that be?”


“Isn’t that the same for Ruel-nim?”


“Me? Well, I don’t know if there is anyone else’s name that can fall further than mine.”


Who do they curse at when their Lord lies in bed and his deputy, Mineta, eagerly steals the livelihood of the commoners.


‘As for Mineta, who took away my means of survival? Well…’


Ruel thought he was the only one they were pointing fingers at.


Unfortunately the role of a Lord was like that. You get criticized if you do your duty well, and get cursed even more if you don’t.


As Setiria has been dwindling over the past five years, there must have been a lot of criticism thrown around. He was sure that his image was so bad that it couldn’t fall further.


Cassion laughed despondently at his side.


“Ruel-nim, you’re really strange.”




“You’re a noble, aren’t you?”




“Class of people that live and die with honor. That is the nature of the nobility. But I can’t understand in my mind why you would deliberately lower your own honor.”


“What has the honor done for me? I can throw it away as much as I want in order to live.”


Ruel rather looked at Cassion strangely.


The first thing to throw away as a member of society was the honor, in some way similar to throwing away his pride.


I didn’t know why I had to hold on to something like pride if it can’t feed me. 


‘So you are saying, you don’t consider yourself a nobleman?’


Cassion smiled with satisfaction. 


He liked the money that nobles and barons had, but Cassion passionately hated them.

Mainly due to the always pompous and arrogant look on their faces.


“Why? It can’t be fixed, so just give it up.” Ruel replied.


As Cassion observed him, there was no such arrogance in Ruel’s eyes.


“Okay, sir.”


Fu… If I were to go against him anymore, my heart might’ve torn due to the contract.


“How are you today?”


“It’s the same, but it’s not the worst I experienced.”


The poison left by the slug was cured thanks to Ganien.

But that didn’t truly treat the disease.


It was as if he had a time bomb in his body, that could explode at any moment.


“Please, don’t overwork yourself.” Cassion looked anxiously at Ruel.


He’s now completely Ruel’s man, since the day he received the Turbulent Day’s Twin Sword, he’s already known.


“Look forward to it.”


Ruel said, raising the corners of his mouth.


“As promised I’ll give the rest to you.”


Cassion was already as excited as a sword collector who finally had in his possession a precious heirloom.


“Yes, sir.”


Cassion folded one foot and entered.


“Let’s go.”


Ruel walked outside, supported by his cane.


Ganien, who was waiting outside, was dumbfounded by Ruel’s appearance, forgetting to greet him.


“Is that all you’re wearing?”




“Do you want to wear my cape?”


“No, I like it this way.”


When Ruel refused, Ganien hesitated to bring it up again.


“I speak as a friend, your outfit today is not good.”


“I know.”


“So you dressed like this on purpose?”


Ruel smiled instead of answering. 


Then using my new cane, I walked forward.


Since the slug’s visiting today to meet me, shouldn’t I stand at the gate and wait for him as the host?


Less than ten minutes after waiting, they heard the sound of a carriage.


‘It’s so fast.’


When Ganien revealed his name, that slug personally came to meet him.


Ruel was already having fun.


It takes about a day and a half to get here from the main house by carriage.


It was enough of a distance that it wouldn’t be strange for anything weird to happen between the slug and himself on the way back.




As soon as Cassion finished speaking, the carriage stopped right in front of the gate.


How much of a hurry was he in to use a carriage with four horses?


At a glance, I could see how lavish the slug was at spending just from looking at the carriage; the entire carriage was covered in intricate details, embossed with the luxurious materials.


The knights that soon followed after, showed a clear lack of discipline, didn’t even line up properly and stood scattered over the place.


‘What a fool.’


Ruel turned his head directly to the knights.


The carriage door opened and the slug appeared with the same terrible glistening appearance.


‘He is glittering today as well.’


Ruel frowned briefly, squinting at the light reflecting from the slug’s head.


“I don’t know if I’ve kept you waiting long.”


Mineta’s eyes, which first homed in on Ganien, trailed to Cassion, and finally landed on Ruel, quickly grew wide.


The clothes were obviously luxurious, but they didn’t fit the figure, this was no different from dressing up as a beggar.


‘Well, what the heck is with that outfit? It doesn’t suit you at all.’


“Long time no see, Mineta.”


Ruel smiled with delight but Mineta couldn’t force himself to do the same.


To think he even cut off the money so he couldn’t buy fitted clothes.


It’s too late to get a new change of clothes, and no clothes will fit that petite figure anyways.


Instead of meeting the Blue Knights of the Cyronian Kingdom, are you going to get your clothes tailored? What type of bad example are you setting?


‘You bastard!’


 I will have to take him in his ill-fitted clothings, as is.


Mineta’s is already grating on my nerves.


“… Let’s go, my Lord.”


“What’s the matter? Are you going to keep the guest standing here?”


“Don’t you have any other clothes?” Mineta asked very carefully.


Instantly, Ruel’s face turned cold.


As if to cover up his remark, Mineta hurriedly opened his mouth.


“Forgive me. Let’s get on.”




Ruel flashed him a dashing smile, as if he had never had that cold look on his face.




The cane touched the ground first.




Ruel’s legs moved.


Mineta became belatedly aware that the movements of the leg were very natural.


Ruel was walking.


He actually moved on his own!


Mineta’s face suddenly turned pale.


“Are you all right, Mineta-nim?”


The voice from behind him made Mineta look back. He saw Cassion was smiling, laughing as if he had seen a comedic play.


At that moment, Mineta realised.


He had been lied to and the assassin he hired had defected to Ruel.


‘Fuck! Damn it! Fuck you!’


“Be careful.”


Cassion tapped Mineta’s face lightly.


“Everything has already been revealed.”


“… You.”


The words could be barely heard from Mineta’s gritted teeth, but Cassion simply ignored him and followed Ruel.


“Oh hi, I’m late to say hello. I am Ganien Croft, a member of the Blue Knights of the Kingdom of Cyronian.”


Ganien laughed with amusement, and half bowed his head to Mineta introducing himself.


However, no answer was heard.


Mineta had a hard time swallowing his rising anger.




Ruel coughed for everyone to hear.


At that sound Mineta jolted out of thought, remembering someone was talking to him.


Ganien raised his head and looked at the fellow in front of him.


Mineta noticed what he had done when he saw the young eyes that looked displeased.


“I’m sorry, I was rude.”


“No no, I was a bit too hasty with my introduction.”


“My name is Mineta Setiria, currently in charge of Setiria on behalf of the Lord.”


“I’m Ganien Croft. Nice to meet you.”


Despite his apology, Mineta clenched his fist hard at Ganien’s cold response.

This was all because of that damn Ruel.


Ganien pointed to the carriage.


“Let’s get on first.”


“Excuse me.”


Mineta’s voice was mixed with anxiety.


Mineta did not make a good first impression, so he had a headache thinking how to rectify his image in the future.


Mineta got on the carriage.


When he saw Ruel was already sitting, he felt his stomach was tumbling into chaos.

As got in, he sat face to face with Ruel, so he kept his mouth shut.


The fact that he had to go to the main house like this is leaving an unpleasant taste in his mouth.


“You don’t look so good. Are you all right?” Ruel asked. 


At the intruding voice, Mineta briefly closed his eyes. Now that Ruel had spoken to him, he had no choice but to respond back. 


“Are you feeling well, My Lord?”


“I think I’m better than you today. Haha, that’s a joke.”

Ruel smiled pleasantly.


Seeing the slug’s face distorting, made me feel much better, making me briefly forget the pain in my body.


Inside the carriage Ganien sat by my side and Cassion sat next to Mineta. 


The carriage departed at command from Cassion.


“Cough, Cough.”


As the carriage continued its journey, only the sound of Ruel’s coughing resounded in the chamber.

Mineta found the sound grating, but he couldn’t say anything due to the atmosphere in the cabin and at the same time fearing it would affect Ruel.


It was when Ruel fell asleep that the carriage became quiet.


Grasping this opportunity, Mineta said.

“Sir Ganien.”


“What’s the matter?”


“Please forgive my inattention and rudeness a little while ago.”


“It’s okay, I don’t care.”


At that response, Mineta felt that his mistake had a bigger impact than he thought initially.

It was then, Ganien hinted.


“If you’re so concerned, would you be able to answer my questions?”


“No, of course not. Feel free to ask.”


When those words left his mouth, Ganien’s eyes glowed like a beast that caught its prey.

Cassion, sitting on the side, raised the corners of his mouth.


“The Lord had given me a place to sleep and food to eat when I got lost, and I was greatly indebted to him. However there were a few things I saw that I couldn’t understand.”




“It’s obvious that Cassion is the only butler in the house of Setiria and the Lord, he didn’t even have the right clothes in that unmanaged mansion. Why is it like that? You’re wearing such fancy accessories and high-quality fineries.”


“Well, that’s…”


Mineta stammered. He was stumped; he never expected Ganien to bring that up suddenly.


“Now please answer my questions.”


At Ganien’s firm words, Mineta’s eyes rolled quickly and soon stopped at Cassion.


“Why don’t we talk about it privately, not here.”


Mineta pointed to Cassion with his eyes. Ganien nodded lightly.


“Okay, sir.”


Mineta swallowed his saliva.


His hands trembled in fear under Ganien’s gaze.


“Then I’ll wait, surely.”



Fisss… Snap!


The fire crackled and sparked in the campfire.


Mineta was worried to death that Ruel, who was supposed to be resting in the carriage, was outside.


The whole experience made him uncomfortable and troubled. 


He could hear the sound of Setiria’s dignity falling to the floor because of Ruel.


‘Of course, it doesn’t help.’


Mineta himself was forced to come out because of the fact that he had to personally bring the head of the family back to the main house.




Mineta clicked his tongue as he glanced at Ruel.


Cassion was preparing the dinner, and Ganien went off for a short walk.


“My Lord, why don’t you rest inside?”


“Oh, don’t mind me. I feel pretty good maybe because I have always been staying inside the mansion.”


Ruel grinned ignominiously.


“No, I’m afraid you will get sick.”


“Don’t worry, because you’ve already hurt my body as much as you can.”




“The gift you gave me made my body very much messed up.”


Ruel gaze contained hostility and he stared at Mineta without averting his gaze.


Ruel wanted Mineta to go crazy.


The more you run, the more enjoyable I will find your situation to be.


“My Lord, I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”


The corners of Mineta’s mouth trembled as he spoke.


“I heard you gave me the medicine I was taking. I have a certificate validating that it contains poison. That’s too bad. You’ve been bitten by your dog.”


Ruel openly laughed at Mineta.


“There’s plenty of dogs.”


“Oh. You got the money to call for another set of dogs? Well, I’m sorry for my words. Why don’t you send the dogs again?”


“It’s so touching that you’re concerned about my finances.”


“Why would I think of your money? No, I’m just thinking of my wealth you had been nibbling away at.”


Mineta’s eyes turned red, he clenched his fist.


The Lord didn’t even realise he was kicked out of his house and didn’t even know his life was in the hands of another. If I reach out my hands right now, I can kill the Lord with one hand.


‘A mere weak bug like you?’

How dare you.


His whole body trembled with anger. He couldn’t stand it.

Mineta’s pent up anger exploded.


“Kill him now!”


The knights, who were guarding the area around the carriage, pulled out their swords.


‘Isn’t this too easy?’


I thought it would happen, but I didn’t know that the slug would readily jump into the pan.


Ruel smirked and simply inhaled the Breath.


I was too relaxed for someone who was to die right now.


At that sight, Mineta screamed again.


“Kill him right now!”


As the knights rushed in. I heard the sound of rattling armor.




Ruel quietly opened his mouth.




Cassion emerged from Ruel’s shadow.

“Kill everyone except that slug.”


Ruel smiled at the slug, who did know there were two monsters ready to help him.


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