I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 80 - Encounter (4)

Author: CleiZz Editor: Aker and Jada


The sound got quieter.

“Setiria! You! You bastard!”

The red blood, which had a pointed shape with the feeling of evil, became stronger, stabbing through her to approach Ruel.


Power scattered in front of Ruel.

The power of reflection worked.

“Have you only grown my strength that far?”

He laughed at Ruel.

His red blood was beyond Ruel’s control.




An unfamiliar sense spread with the sound of the power of reflection being broken.




A groaning sound followed, accompanied by a terrifying pain in his stomach.

“Die! Die! Die for me, Setiria!”

But the sound was silenced as if cut off by a knife.

The moment the cold wind tickled his cheek, blood spurted out of his mouth.

His stomach was hot.



Everyone waiting for Ruel ran forward astonishment.

He’d say it’s okay, but he couldn’t speak.

“Blood, blood comes out.”


Cassion took out the potion he received from Ganien and poured it generously.

“…it won’t heal.”


The wound refused to heal.

Ruel opened his mouth with difficulty.

Don’t waste your potions.

“Ca… cough!”

What came out was blood, not words.

Cassion tore his clothes open and saw the wound.

There was blood and something else muddy red covering it.

Leo reached out and grabbed it.



It melted.

Leo was surprised even though he was the one who grabbed it.

—It, it wasn’t of nature’s order. This body doesn’t know what this is.


“That might be interfering with the potion. Keep getting rid of it, beast.”

Cassion opened his mouth with some difficulty.

His heart tightened.

Every time Ruel’s breathing weakend, it became painful.



If it was for Ruel’s sake, Leo could move his forepaws as many times as he could.



“Yes, sir.”


“Bring in a doctor.”



Betrayal did not exist here, as it might have elsewhere.

No matter who was called, there was no reason for concern that information would leak out.


“I will stop the bleeding so that there is no more blood loss.”

Aris bit his lips tightly and pressed the wound with a cloth given by Cassion.

He was very upset that this was the only thing he could do.




Ruel opened his eyes softly.

‘My stomach ached but I was able to endure, proving the painkillers were working well. How many days have passed?’

“I’ve checked the surroundings twice and released all my men, so you can sleep with confidence.”

Leo was within arms reach. On the right, Aris was fast asleep.


“This wound is…”

His lips are dry.

Cassion gave him water to moisten his throat and passed over Breath.


“Leo purified it, but the potion didn’t work in the end. I’ve never seen such a case.”


“The Great One… It’s a scar he left behind.”

Cassion’s face crumpled.

“What does it look like?”


“I don’t know. It was just black.”


“Is she dead?”



Ruel closed his eyes and opened them.

Even though he saw her for the first time and didn’t know her name, her voice still lingered in his ears.


“It’s alright.”


‘I wanted to ask what was okay, but I couldn’t. I wanted to ask you what you are, how you know me, and what the hell is Setiria, but I couldn’t ask anything.’

“How are you feeling? Does it hurt a lot?”


“It’s bearable.”


“Today, no matter how stressed my heart was, I nearly died.”


Ruel looked at Cassion and said nothing.

I’ve seen a lot from Aris, but I didn’t expect to see anger from Cassion.

“…I’m sorry.”

Ruel opened his mouth at the heavy words.

“Do you know what power I gained?”

Cassion shook his head.


“The power of the Great One.”


“Are you kidding…?”


“It’s his power that made me sick.”

As his breathing became rough, Cassion passed over the Breath again.

Ruel took a breath and said,

“… It was his power that saved me.”


Very dog-like.

It’s not a disease or medicine. What a crappy fact this is.

It was better not to know whose power was.

The power left by a hero?

He didn’t know where the information came from, but it was wrong.

He was tricked twice by his own enemies.

He felt like he was falling through an endless hole.

“…I look … ridiculous.”

Ruel’s lips were twisted.

‘I want to scream and break everything I see, but I don’t have any strength in my body.

At that time, I should have taken the chance to attack him even if she stopped me.’

It wouldn’t have been this miserable.

“If you didn’t gain that power, you or I wouldn’t be here now.”


“…I know.”


“Life comes first. Rather than dying, it’s better to crawl away with the tail between your legs.”


“I know.”


“Ruel-nim’s life is not simply Ruel-nim’s. You have to live. You have to put your life first.”

Ruel bit his lips hard and exhaled deeply.

He had so many things that would fall apart when he died.


“I know.”


“The world was wide, and I was arrogant. Now I’m going to aim to be stronger.”


Ruel’s eyes grew bigger.

What happens if you get stronger?

“There should be no one alive baring their teeth at me. That way, Ruel-nim and I can live.”

Ruel closed his eyes.



Now he had to admit it.

There is no such thing as a peaceful life unless the Great One was erased from his life.

He had decided to live when he first became Ruel and now nothing has changed.

Living was the first priority.

Even if what he had was the power of the Great Man, it was a necessary power to continue surviving.

Ruel opened his eyes and raised the corners of his mouth.

It was a very arrogant smile.




‘…oh, it stopped.’

Noah released the hand that held his chest.

He had never spoken ill of Ruel, but his heart was tightening.

‘I thought I was going to die because it hurt so much.’

Noah breathed out a long breath while wiping his cold sweat.

‘By the way, wasn’t this mission deliberately done to prank me?’


Noah grumbled.

Regardless of where you were in the underworld, the people were the same.

Money was the answer to everything.

Money even when he was asked for something. Money for looking at things.

Money, money, money.

They were very unethical.

Noah sat down on the stairs and stared at his pocket.

Obviously, when he first started, he was a rogue who simply had a desire for…

‘Oh, my life.’

He shouldn’t have made a Mana Oath because of the money placed in front of him.

‘No, the money is innocent. I’m the one who’s stupid, right?’

He took out a lunch box that he had packed in advance, ate it, and stood up before suddenly stepping back.

“You punk!”



The window broke and a man flew through the glass.

Then another man crossed through the broken window swinging his sword.

‘What a bloody fight!’



Revealing the money was also a problem, but why are people so angry all the time?

Whatever you do, just fight and kill.

You can’t live like that.

Noah put a piece of bread in his mouth and paused at the smell emanating from the window.

‘It smells like my poison.’

He drank water in a hurry, swiftly went down the stairs, and snooped around the window.

“What kind of guy are you?”

There was blood on the sword as if he had killed the person he was chasing a while ago.

“…uh, the kind that needs to ask you something.”

“You need something to ask.”

The man shaped a coin with his fingers.

This guy was like him.



Noah put a crossbow to the man’s head and ordered,

“I want to ask you something.”


“…Well, ask away.”

Seeing that he quickly became polite, he gained a great realization.

‘I should’ve done this sooner.’






-Oh, Aris, what’s going on at this hour?



Aris hesitated.

He had contacted Tyson, but he didn’t know what to say.

He couldn’t tell him that Ruel was injured.

“I don’t know if I am taking up your time?”


-Aren’t you cold? I can see a lot of snow.


Tyson smiled kindly.

‘Wouldn’t it feel like this if I had a father?’

Aris wanted to swim for a moment in the kindness.


“It’s not cold… It’s harder than that.”


-Tell me.


“Is it true that I have become stronger? When I cut the waves, I thought I became stronger. But since the black-blooded man appeared, I don’t know. I have to protect Ruel-nim but Ruel-nim took care of me. That is so…pathetic.”


It felt like he went back to the time when he didn’t know anything and could only ask for help.



Tyson gently called Aris.

At the call, Aris suddenly felt like tears were about to pour out.


-Magic is the greatest blessing that nature has ever given to humans.




-And nature has the power to overcome anything.

Tyson made eye contact with Aris.


-We, who borrow power from nature, also have the power to overcome anything.

For a brief moment, Aris felt a light appearing in his head.

‘Nature… Nature?’


-Mana can’t lie. Mana originated from nature…




-Yeah, tell me.


“Those who are out of the ordinary are those who are out of the natural order, right?”


-Right. Isn’t that nature? Nature…?

Aris and Tyson realized something at the same time.

The mana of the person who was out of natural order was different from the mana of nature.

He realized this simple fact.


The two smiled at each other.

-Thank you.


“I really appreciate it.”


The black-blooded man was not immortal. He could have killed him.

‘How to deal… I might have found the answer. The way forward.’

Aris cut off the communication and saw the sky with numerous twinkling stars.

His eyes reflected their bright light.


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