I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 82.1 - Playing Chess (2)

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It was too obvious.

It bothered him.


“Furthermore, I obtained Leponia’s attack plan from them.”




As Ruel reached out, Hina turned over the data.

Parts of it were different, but it was the same information he had obtained before meeting Banios.

This almost fell into the Tonisk Empire’s hands.

Ruel bit Breath after inhaling.

“Who tried giving this to them?”


“They didn’t know each other’s names in case they were caught. All he said was that he secured it from one of the Cyronian nobles.”


“It means we need to find the one who’s connected to the Leponia nobles among the Cyronian nobles.”


“The Red Ash’s primary goal is Ruel-nim, but the secondary goal is the Kingdom of Leponia. It seems that they intend to start a war.”


Ruel’s eyes shook.

Only when he died could war break out.

However, if there is a situation where you can’t find him like now, what would you target next?

The answer was obvious.

Ruel injected mana into the ring.

“Cough, cough.”

Ruel moved his mouth, enduring the pain that racked his body.


“Ganien, the Red Ash’s goal is His Majesty Huswen.”

If there was a way to start a war other than killing himself, it would be to directly attack Cyronian’s King, Huswen.

It was a good opportunity for the enemy because the timing of his disappearance could be used as a cover for their sins.

What’s the hardest thing about pacifying nobles?

If you don’t have proof, then the truth is whatever they make it to be.

Ruel is a person from another country who disappeared suspiciously while traveling, so even if he returns, there wouldn’t be an alibi.

After that, he would dance on the board laid out by the nobles, solving everything for the enemy, without getting a drop of water on their hands.

If, of course, the enemy’s plan works.


-Oh, Ruel.

Ganien’s voice was bright.


Did he really listen to his own words?

Ruel reiterated.

“I’m not kidding, Ganien. The Red Ash is after His Majesty Huswen…”


-I’m already next to His Majesty. My teacher is with me too, so don’t worry.

Only then did a long sigh flow out of Ruel’s mouth.


“When did you notice?”


-After hearing that the person who attacked you was a noble, His Majesty secretly called Teacher. Although, I only came to report and got caught. Oh wait.


Huswen’s voice was heard after a rustle.

-Lord Setiria.


“Yes, Your Majesty, I’m glad you’re alright.”


-I’m sorry I surprised you, but please understand why I didn’t inform you beforehand.


“It’s okay. It needed to completed silently, so it’s only natural that you couldn’t bring it up.”


-Thank you for understanding. Anyway, I expected the enemy’s target to switch to me after Lord Setiria was hidden, so I would be able to cut them off sooner or later.

A joyful laugh followed.

Using yourself as bait. He was not an ordinary king.

-This is a personal request, so you don’t have to listen to it but can you stay hidden until the enemy comes for my neck?


“Yes, that’s what I was going to do.”


-Thank you.

Ruel mentioned Bianne and asked him not to kill him before cutting off the communication.

After hearing Huswen’s answer, Ruel looked at Hina.


“Are the captured Red Ash dead?”


“I didn’t kill him.”


“It would be nice to be able to directly confirm that there is a hideout of the Red Ash in the Tonisk Empire. Is it possible?”


“I don’t know.”

The question was answered by Cassion.


“What is certain is that the Tonisk Empire put a barrier on the border just before the kingdom was destroyed, so outsiders cannot enter.”


In other words, the Red Ash that tried to enter the Tonisk Empire was a Tonisk native.


“Is brainwashing possible?”


“It’s impossible. Normal brainwashing takes a very long time. If they were brainwashed through magic, we would definitely catch it.”


A deep sigh flowed from Ruel’s mouth.

There’s no way to get confirmation that their hideout is in the Tonisk Empire.

“Don’t kill them for now. They’ll be an important witness.”


“Of course, I kept them alive on purpose for that fact. I will also remember to keep an eye on the Tonisk Empire.”


Hina, who grasped Ruel’s speech pattern, snatched away the papers before he asked for them again.


Ruel answered sternly, then pulled down his blanket and gestured to Leo.


Hina immediately rushed to Leo and held him in her arms.

“Spirit-nim, I brought something delicious for you.”



Leo looked at Hina with anticipating eyes.

The tail wobbled violently.

‘I need to educate him not to blindly follow someone who promises him something to eat.’


Silence quickly fell as Hina and Leo left the room.

Cassion’s gaze at himself was burdensome.

He sat down in the chair, placing the data in his magic pocket one by one.

“I’ll review the data, so I hope Ruel-nim will focus only on resting.”

He handed over the painkiller to Ruel.


“I’m not telling you not to do anything. It’s a concern that the wound doesn’t heal.”


‘I can’t say that I reviewed the data because I was bored.’

Ruel silently swallowed the medicine and looked out the window.

The sun was still up.

Now, as Cassion said, all he has to do is wait.

Knowing that, staying in bed was as hard as being sick.

“I’ll be quiet, so stop watching.”

Ruel reached out his hand as soon as he finished speaking.

Cassion shook his head.

“You can’t eat the snacks yet.”


“Not that. There’s something I’ve been reviewing in the data. That’s all.”


Cassion sighed as he recalled the data mixed in with the rest.

He must have been looking at the data on purpose when he was cleaning it up.






“I know, Teacher.”



Ganien drew his sword.

The sword under the moonlight shone for a moment.

How many years ago has it been since he had fought with Sien?

His heartbeat raced with excitement already.

“You must leave them intact enough to speak.”


“I know that.”

Sien may have said something else, but he couldn’t hear it.

“Don’t kill the enemy just because he provokes a blue knight or anything else infuriating.”


“You worry too much. Trust me, teacher.”

Ganien grinned and opened the window.

“I’ll take the right side.”




Ganien split the flying arrow in half.



Sien released a throwing dagger, inserting itself into the enemy’s head.

“This is why I’m worried, Ganien. Don’t forget that your sword doesn’t reach infinitely. Calculate your distance from your enemies and always keep in mind the means to kill them from a distance.”

Contrary to his calm voice, Sien’s sword blew off the enemy’s head.

He looked to the left and raised his spirits.

“Come, intruders.”

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