I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 90 - Banquet

Author: CleiZz Editor: Aker and Jada


The main character of today’s banquet was going to be Ruel.

Everyone in the hall paid rapt attention to Ruel’s entrance to the banquet.

Ruel walked slowly as if enjoying their gaze.



He walked firmly with the cane, in a leisurely gait that slightly revealed his arrogant eyes.

He looked at them serenely, his mood calm.



Corrence Lumina turned his head pretending to ignore him as soon as his eyes met Ruel, while Ketlan Prios lightly nodded his head, trying to hide his delight.


Diagos Shio looked at Ruel with a slight glance.

Then Ruel’s eyes met his second daughter, Serti Shio.

It had been a long time since he had last seen her, so when Ruel smiled it was a bit more welcoming. Serti hurriedly covered her face with her fan and lowered her head.


‘The rest…’


He thought all the lords were gathered as of the number of people present, but the other two individuals did not look like what he saw in the files provided to him.

There was no Rie Kuhn or Ben Liobenez to be seen.


“Cough, cough.”

Ruel paused lightly in his steps with a cough.

He wasn’t feeling very well today either.



Ruel moved his feet in surprise at the sudden voice of a woman coming up close. At that moment, he reeled from sudden dizziness.

Aris caught both the cane and Ruel that almost fell to the floor.

“Are you okay?”

Ruel nodded to Aris’ question.


—This body is not surprised and was ready. Hehe.


After glancing at Leo, who was shaking his tail, Ruel stood back in place.

“Sorry, I’m sorry. You’re very surprised. Are you okay?”

The lady was at a loss with an apologetic look.

Seeing Ruel’s eyes of inquiry, she said while fiddling with her fingers.

“Greetings, my name is Rie Kuhn, head of the Kuhn family.”


‘It’s Rie Kuhn.’

Her cheerful personality was shown on her face.

Ruel immediately smiled and held out his hand.

“My name is Ruel Setiria, the head of Setiria. It’s because I’m in delicate health, so you don’t have to be too apologetic.”


“But you almost got hurt because of me.”


“It’s just a little awkward with this being my very first official banquet. How could I complain after meeting such a beautiful individual willing to grace me with her presence.”


“You flatter me.”

Rie was happy and acting as if she had met a fellow comrade, lowered her voice.


“In fact, this is the fourth or fifth one for me as well. Anyway, it’s been a while since I have attended one, so it’s a bit awkward. But, I’m a senior at attending banquets, so if there’s anything you don’t know, feel free to ask.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she smiled broadly.


Sniff. Sniff.

Leo wandered around Rie, sniffing her and recalled something familiar.

—It smells like Ganien! But Ganien’ scent is stronger.

Leo said Ganien smelled of iron and sweat.

Rie seemed to be as much a training fanatic as Ganien.

She immediately looked at Aris and held out her hand.


There was a slight flash of fighting spirit in her.

‘Does everyone act like this when they hold a sword?’


“Hello. This is Rie Kuhn. I thought this lord had learned the sword, but the aura I felt must have flowed from you.”


“This one is Aris, a Knight of Setiria. It is an honor to meet my lord.”


“Before I am head of a household, I am a knight. You understand my meaning, correct?”


“I do.”


“If someday the opportunity does arise would you accept it?”


“I’d be honored.”


Rie smiled brightly at Aris’ response and covered her mouth daintly with the fan.

“Oh, I must apologize, I have kept  the main character of this banquet long enough.”


“That’s alright.”


“I’m really personally interested in Setiria’s heirloom, so I hope you’ll invite me to Setiria later on.”


‘… Are you interested in Turbulent Days?’

Ruel raised the corners of his mouth. It was very good news.

“Of course.”


When permission was readily granted, Rie clasped her hands tightly and finally suppressed her joy.

“Well, I’ll come back later.”


Ruel turned his head following Rie’s back after she smiled and walked away.


‘Is it just a favor? Or is there a purpose?’

He couldn’t tell the two apart now.

Ruel inhaled Breath and moved to find Ben Liobenez.

Diagos Shio seemed to want to approach him, but he was quickly distracted when he saw someone.


—Someone came behind you.

At Leo’s words, Ruel looked back.


There was an older man with white hair that was quite tall.

“Well, you still hate me.”

The man uttered the words as if meant to be heard by Diagos.


And soon he smiled and reached out his hand to Ruel, revealing a missing tooth.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Ben Liobenez, and I approached first thinking that I might be the one you’re looking for. If it was the wrong assumption due to my excitement, I greatly apologize.”


“No, it is just as you expected. My name is Ruel Setiria.”


Ruel took his hand and smiled innocently.

Since he was the only one among the family heads who hadn’t reached adulthood, innocence could be a weapon.

“It’s my first time attending this banquet, and since it’s a place where I can meet all the family heads, I think I was in a hurry because I felt I had to meet them all face to face.”


Ben laughed loudly.

“You don’t have to think so highly just because it’s between family heads. It’s okay because I’m uncomfortable with that, too.”


“I don’t know if I should say this, but I’m being very careful not to speak carelessly, as it feels like I’m meeting my grandfather for the first time.”


Ben Liobenez had no children.

If he had children, and then grandchildren, they would be exactly his age.

Above all, who wasn’t aware that Ruel lost his parents.

Ben paused for a moment and immediately pointed to the door.

“I would like to speak with you again after greeting His Majesty.”


“Yes, that sounds good.”

All the nobles and ministers quickly recognized who would appear following the appearance of the royal servant.

The door opened once more.

“Prince Huan Leponia, Prince Adoris Leponia, and Prince Banios Leponia, the small suns of Leponia, enter!”

First, second, and third princes entered in the corresponding order of the announcement.

It was the first time he had seen Prince Huan’s face, so Ruel did not forget to look carefully before bowing his head.


After the three princes entered alone, the servant shouted louder than ever.


“His Majesty Brans Leponia, the sun and the highest in Leponia, enters!”

When the king made his appearance, the crowd became quiet.


Even with the same movements as others, the sound of footsteps, walking, and clothes brushing against each other sounded special.

The king took his place.

After seeing everyone bowing their heads toward him, he opened his mouth in a slightly dull tone.

“Everyone, raise your heads.”

Only then did the silenced sound return.


“Today is a banquet to welcome Lord Ruel Setiria, who has traveled to a faraway country and conveyed my will.”


When the king looked at Ruel, a more burdensome feeling came upon him, heavier than the attention when he first entered.

There was a variety of greed present in the eyes of those watching in the crowd.

They had tried clinging, using him, and others were purely jealous.

‘…I’m already tired.’

But Ruel shed all those eyes.

He felt heavy.

The hand holding the cane was losing its strength.

“I would like to take this opportunity to give credit to the Lord of Setiria.”

The king looked at Ruel gently.

He inhaled Breath and moved forward.

Why is the short distance to the king so far away?

He felt a cold sweat from his forehead and back.

His stomach tightened, and his hands trembled.

He didn’t get sick thanks to the medicine, but it seemed that the symptoms had returned.


‘Damn it.’

Ruel persisted, recalling the reward the king would give him.

‘… I’d like a lot of money.’


In Cyronian, he received other things besides money, but in Leponia, the only thing they could present himself with was money.

There was a lot to do when he went back to Setiria.

He had to rebuild the walls and dams of the entire village, and he needed a lot of money to repair the gates and replace the soldiers’ supplies with new ones.



The sound of a cane rang out in front of the king.

Ruel tried to kneel, but the king stopped him when he saw his condition.

“Just because you don’t kneel to me doesn’t mean I don’t know your loyalty, so no need.”


“I am very glad that Your Majesty recognizes my loyalty.”

The king smiled lightly and looked at the minister standing next to him.

He handed Ruel a money pouch.

It was finely woven with silver thread and showed a pattern with seven swords embedded in the heart, a symbol of the Royal Family.


—It smells like Ruel’s favorite!

At Leo’s words, Ruel seemed to feel light in his tired body for a moment.


Gold coins. Money.

“I give you five million gold coins with a humble heart.”



Ruel’s heart beat hard at the sound of 5 million.

Setiria’s one-year budget was about 50 million gold coins, so it was more than empty money.

Ruel calmly held out his hand, holding down the corner of his mouth that was surging uncontrollably.

“It’s an honor.”


If this was a reward, he was willing to go to the Kingdom of Kran as the representative of the delegation.

If he stayed for more than two weeks and earned 5 million gold coins, it was good business.

Of course, Ruel knew that the meaning of an apology was also mixed in that 5 million gold coins.

When he went to greet the king before the banquet, the king apologized again for not knowing about Setiria’s circumstances.

He did not ask who covered his ears, if the king himself ignored it, or why it happened.

Perhaps the king was pretending not to know even though he knew it all, and Ruel thought that this amount was a reward related to the silence.

He didn’t mean to blame.

The position of king was a burdensome duty that could not be compared to a position of a mere head of household.


He felt a cold touch on his palm.

The pouch was lighter than I thought.

‘I can’t use it.’

No matter how much the power of resistance grew, it was still impossible to take things out of the magic pocket.

‘I can’t even give it to anyone.’

It was the thing that the king had given him.

He would have to put the five million gold coins in his safe and leave them to Cassion.

After that, the king spoke of Ruel’s good deeds, and the sound of music spread through the quiet hall as everyone congratulated.


As soon as Ruel stepped down from the king, he walked to a resting place on the outskirts.

He wasn’t in good enough physical condition to meet someone.

If he didn’t rest immediately, he would collapse.

Aris helped Ruel on the sofa.

“Are you tired?”


“More than I thought.”

Aris wiped Ruel’s cold sweat.

It felt like all his stamina was being sucked out just by wearing formal clothes that didn’t comfortably fit, with all the eyes watching closely, and trying not to reveal his wound.


Even if the spirits made the wound recover faster, it is still a long way off.

“Would you like some medicine?”

When Aris asked carefully, Ruel hesitated and nodded.

He had already taken one before entering the hall, but given the current state, it was unlikely that one painkiller would be enough.

Ruel took the medicine that Aris handed over and saw Leo approaching the food in the hall.

It wasn’t his fault even if he was caught.


Ruel took a short deep breath and closed his eyes.

It was a pity that he couldn’t lie down.

“Are you okay?”

At the voice of Banios, Ruel opened his closed eyes.

Aris bowed his head and stepped back for a moment.

“I won’t die.”


“I’ll tell His Majesty, so why don’t you rest for the remaining evening?”


“It’s alright. I can’t ruin my first banquet because of illness.”


Ruel finished his sentence and coughed as he bit Breath.


Aris, who had withdrawn, hurried over and covered his mouth with a handkerchief.


Ruel vomited black blood.

No matter how much he covered Ruel’s mouth with a handkerchief, he couldn’t stop the sound.

“I’m going to bring some water.”

Banios said with a stiff face.


Despite him offering, he couldn’t ask a prince to run an errand.

“I’ll be back.”

Aris left, handing his handkerchief to Ruel.




“It’s alright. As I said before, it’s just a symptom of the disease. Now step aside. It’s not good to stay long.”


Since Ganien visited Banios, he temporarily acted as a diplomat and took care of Ruel, who became the representative of the delegation, but it was not a good choice to come any nearer.

Banios’ declaration of support had to be made during the coming-of-age ceremony to be effective.

Banios hesitantly opened his mouth

“I’ll only be here until Sir Aris comes back, and not everyone knows you’re sick, so this will be okay.”


“Please allow me to close my eyes for a moment until Aris comes.”


“Go ahead.”


Who would say anything when the prince allowed it.


Ruel snorted and closed his eyes.

His body was already exhausted, but the fact that the banquet had just begun felt scarier than he thought.

A few minutes later, Ruel heard footsteps.

It wasn’t the sound of Aris, but someone with a hint of arrogance heard in their steps.

Banios opened his mouth in astonishment at the sound of his footsteps.



Ruel struggled to open his eyes and saw a spirit running around on his lap.


‘I’m sure you’d have investigated everything before you came.’


Ruel took a breath and looked up.

It was the First Prince.

Ruel stopped attempting to stand and only managed to hold on to his cane due to the dizzy spell that hit him.

“Your Highness, Ruel Setiria…”


“I know your name already, so it’s okay not to get up, so sit comfortably.”

Huan looked at Ruel with an apologetic face.


“I’m sorry to come here during the break, but I came here because I was curious about you, who was called the name Noble of Darkness. But, I didn’t know there would be a guest already present.”

He glanced sideways at Banios.

“It’s the first time I’ve been in charge. This was also coincidental, so we were only talking lightly.”


“You don’t look well, is it okay to leave it as it is?”


“It’s alright if I take a break.”

Ruel inhaled Breath.


“The youngest must be more comfortable to be with than me who you’ve met for the first time. It’s nice to meet you, Lord Setiria. I want to speak with you again once you are in better health. Would that be okay?


“I would be honored.”

Huan looked at Ruel worriedly and then turned around.

Ruel slid down on his seat.


‘Damn it.’

It was a good opportunity to meet the First Prince alone.

He blew the chance because of his failing body.


“Are you okay, Ruel-nim?”

Aris had returned and Ruel drank the water he handed over, clearing his mind a little.

Ruel closed his eyes and forced the power of recovery to work quickly.


There was one more opportunity for the princes and the family heads to gather together like this three days before the New Year, but they could not drag the wait any longer until then.

Before that, he had to find out who had joined the Red Ash, so he was planning on making full use of the meeting today.


‘Let’s hang in there.’



There was a sound from the power of recovery a couple of times before it stopped.

Ruel opened his eyes and covered his mouth with a handkerchief.


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