I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 93 - Banquet (4)

Author: CleiZz Editor: Aker and Jada


Adoris wiped a smile from his face and revealed his true feelings. His face, which showed sincerity, looked very uneasy.

“Convince my brother, Banios, to stay out of this.”



What does that mean?

Words did not come out of Ruel’s throat at the absurd request.


“What you want to know is the one who planted the mark on you, the truth of what happened five years ago. I know, so… ”


“Wait a minute.”

At that moment, Ruel realized that Adoris was serious.


‘Are you crazy?’

Adoris, who had joined hands with Carbena, who had turned Setiria into a mess, was now brazenly demanding a favor of himself.

“Are you saying this in your right mind?”


The words couldn’t come out politely.

They gave him poison disguised as medicine, only to leave.

He was one of the culprits who tried to take his life, but that person was proudly asking for a deal, citing things from the past.

‘How can a piece of shit like you underestimate me like this?’


“I am well aware that my request is not easy, and I promise to protect you from the Red Ash if you do me a favor.”



Ruel snorted.

He saw the Red Ash swaying the Cyronian nobles.

He was also aware of the attack on the King of Cyronian.

Not only had he faced a black-blooded man but also met the Great Man in person.


Can a prince with nothing but power protect himself from such lunatics?



His stomach was so hot.

He could feel blood surging to his eyes.

He seemed to be laughing at all the struggles he’d made so far.

“Can you protect me?”




Ruel hit the table hard.




Along with it, a plate shattered into broken pieces, embedding glass shards into Ruel’s hand.

—Ugh. Ruel, what’s wrong with you? Doesn’t it hurt?


Leo’s words did not reach his ears.

Ruel had an urge to tear Adoris apart at any moment.


“How are you going to protect me from the Red Ash? I don’t think you can protect your younger brother properly, so why are you asking me? Are you saying that you can protect me?”


“The situation between you and my brother is different, and unlike you, my brother has too many enemies to protect against.”




“Aren’t you my enemy right now? It’s not the Third Prince that has many enemies, it’s me. It is me, not the Third Prince, the enemy is after!”


“Didn’t you attract them in the first place! I’m telling you to take responsibility for it!”


“It is you who brought in the Third Prince!”



Adoris was so surprised that he forgot to even get angry at Ruel’s words.


“I told you that it was Your Highness that attracted the Third Prince… cough!”

A cough followed with the taste of blood lingering in his throat.

It was because he shouted so forcefully.

Ruel tried to calm himself down by inhaling Breath.

It’s only one more day being chased by the enemy.

That discomfort and restlessness should have subsided, but seeing him still getting worked up, it seemed that he hadn’t fully calmed down yet.


“It’s not a deal in the first place to offer what you can’t do. It’s called intimidation in other words.”


One corner of Ruel’s mouth went up.


“But since you revealed your weakness first, shouldn’t I be the one to threaten you instead, Your Highness?”


Adoris sighed deeply.


“Are you going to refuse my hand? I’ll admit you have a lot of enemies, that was my mistake. But don’t you need protection even if you’re disgusted?”


“Let me ask you one question. Have you ever attacked me?”

Adoris frowned.


“I thought you would be different from the broken toys scattered over there, but you don’t unconditionally hold hands with the enemy. That’s a very outdated idea.”


Adoris stood up right from his seat and glanced at Ruel.

There was a lot of disappointment.

The look was revolting.


“Let’s hear it out.”

Ruel caught Adoris trying to go out in a calm voice.


“I don’t trust it if I don’t hold the leash. Give me the leash of Your Highness, and I’ll consider it.”


“Consideration? I have ignored your rudeness to this point, and I bowed my head, and above all, you have already grasped my weakness.”


“I don’t doubt the deep brotherhood, but since you don’t know why the Third Prince got involved to begin with, it feels like a very weak leash. Give me a real leash.”


The once noisy hall became silent for a moment.

And Ruel couldn’t help laughing at the quiet voice.

Indeed, Banios did what he told him.

At the sight of Adoris’s discomfort, Ruel leaned deeply against the sofa and opened his mouth.


“Very well. If you don’t want to give up your leash, give up the throne for your good brother.”




“The Third Prince decided to give me a present. The commotion just now seems to be a gift for me.”


Adoris stormed out of his seat, startled.


‘It’s very tearful. It’s not even a third-rate drama.’


He didn’t know why, but looking at the rough flow of events, the first and second prince were fighting for power, and the second prince was protecting the third prince from the first prince and Red Ash.

Whether it’s a brotherly fight or whatever, he, the target of the Red Ash, became their shared target.


‘…It’s annoying.’

His hands began to throb.

He couldn’t hear the sound of recovery reaching its limit, but the dripping blood didn’t stop.


‘Is it because of the stab wound by the Great Man?’

A hand popped out of Ruel’s shadow and handed him a cloth.


“You can’t kill. I’ll listen to the nagging when I get back.”

After Cassion paused, Ruel stood up.




Blood dripped through the cloth wrapped around his hands.

Seeing the blood made him feel even more sick.


—You are still bleeding. Doesn’t it hurt?



Ruel looked at Leo with an apologetic face.

Leo must have been surprised.


—You have nothing to apologize for. If this body gets angry, this body will break everything as well.


Still, he couldn’t go out like this.

Ruel sat down again. It’s his first party and he didn’t want to ruin it.


“Could you call Aris for me?”

Thanks to the earrings from the Cyronian royal treasure trove, Aris seemed to sense where Leo was.


—This body will see. Stay still until this body comes.

Aris will notice even if he can’t hear.


Kuroo kuru.

The mongrels hung on Ruel’s arm and gathered at the glass-infused hands.


‘I don’t know what you’re saying.’

It looked as if they was worried about himself.

Ruel tapped them and inhaled Breath.



He sighed automatically.

Both princes were Red Ash. It was the worst.

It saved time to find out whether the first prince was Red Ash or not, but at the same time it was tiring.


‘I rejected Adoris’s offer, and provoked him, but if he really wanted to protect Banios, he will have no choice but to cling to me again.’


Because he has survived the Red Ash so far.


Ruel turned his head at the sound of heavy footsteps.


Aris’ puzzled eyes soon turned fierce.

“Did that prince do that?”


He was in the mood to go kill Adoris right away.


“No, I did it because I was angry. Is it possible to erase my blood so that it doesn’t show?”


“I’ll try.”

Magic was forbidden in the banquet of the royal family.

No one was free from the clause.

Aris said yes at once even though he asked for a difficult favor.


“It’s a string of events. It seems rather urgent.”

After checking the surroundings, Cassion appeared.

Leo clung to Ruel in surprise and soon smiled brightly.


—It’s Cassion!


As Ruel reached out his hand, Cassion sighed.

“No matter how angry you were, you should have distinguished the place to hit. It wasn’t a good choice to hit the plate.”


When the cloth used to stop the bleeding was removed, blood was still flowing.

Cassion paused for a moment and then stared at Ruel.

“I think there’s something you haven’t told me.”


“It’s not what you think, I think it’s because of the wound left by him.”

The mysterious woman took some of his mark, but it quickly filled up again.

Perhaps it was because most of the power of recovery was allocated to the wounds suffered by the Great Man.

It was judged that this wound was more dangerous.

Cassion’s brows wrinkled.

“That’s worse news than I thought.”


There was calm music playing outside that didn’t fit the current atmosphere.

As a matter of fact, Ruel felt more like shit.



But Ruel answered calmly as usual.




As soon as Adoris returned, people’s eyes were drawn at once.




Every step he took, people gave way as if the waves were spreading sideways.

‘That’s not enough.’


Adoris hid his trembling hand uneasily.

At the end of the road where people parted, he saw Banios.

He had the same playful face as usual.

Adoris took a deep breath.

‘Setiria, you bastard.’


It was clearly a trap to play with his mind.



“Where are you going?”


“I was on my way back from meeting Lord Setiria for a while. Why is it so noisy?”


“Then you didn’t hear it.”


Adoris looked at Rie for a moment and asked, looking again at Banios.

“You mean Lord Kuhn? If that’s the case, I’ll…”


“No, brother.”


His heart dropped with a thud.

“Otherwise, what news has come?”


“Didn’t you always ask me? What do you want to be?”


Adoris seemed suffocated by the pouring gaze like a pointed spear.


“I want to be a king, too.”

Banios looked at Adoris with a confident glance.



Adoris couldn’t speak easily at the shocking sound.


“I deserve it.”


“…Banios, that position is…”

There were too many eyes.

Adoris swallowed what he was about to pour out.




He heard the sound of a cane in the back.

It was an unpleasant sound, like tearing his own heart.


“Congratulations, Your Highness Banios.”

Ruel smiled at Adoris and immediately bowed his head to Banios.


“I’m so happy because it’s my first time receiving such a greeting.”

Banios smiled broadly.


Ruel laughed happily, too.

It was a very definite gift.

This banquet was for Ruel, but since Banios had declared that he would challenge the throne, it turned into a banquet for him.

As the object of attention changes, Setiria will quietly disappear from the gaze of others.

Later, ministers and nobles congratulated Banios.



Adoris bit his lips hard and vented his anger.


“Your Highness, we are in public.”

Ruel raised the corners of his mouth.

His figure was arrogant.

“Don’t you need me yet?”


Adoris’s lips trembled at Ruel’s quiet voice.

The look filled with anger disappeared the instant Adoris blinked his eyes.

Just like when he first saw Adoris, he showed a slightly arrogant yet confident look.

Ruel hated to admit it, but it was a perfect poker face.


“Since what we talked about a while ago is not over, why don’t we continue to share more next time?”

Ruel laughed when Adoris said that he would leave his proposal.

Indeed, Adoris meant to protect Banios.


“The Royal Family’s waiting room will be inconvenient, so let’s find a place that is more comfortable for you.”

There were many eyes now because of Banios’s presence.

Nevertheless, there was only one reason why Adoris had to bring up the word royal.

It was a warning to be careful of the individuals associated with Red Ash present in the royal family.

Since he received several concessions, he decided to give one.

“It’s my honor, Your Highness.”


Just like Adoris had the opportunity to kill himself in the presence of the Red Ash, Ruel really wants to be close to Adoris.

Ruel only looked at Adoris with a broad smile.


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