I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 95 - To Setiria (2)

Author: CleiZz Editor: Aker and Jada






Seeing the sight of the three princes gathering side by side to see him off, Ruel was full of nervous energy, but he laughed for now.

What could he do? They were royalty.

“It is an honor beyond anything else to have all of you, the princes, see me off.”


The First Prince who made eye contact with himself, the Second Prince who came to keep the First Prince in check and protect the Third Prince, and finally, the Third Prince who was supposed to see him off.


Among them, there were two Red Ashes.

Faced with those who aimed a knife at his throat, it seemed like something he ate in the morning would come up.

It was Banios who approached first.

He said with a hint of displeasure.

“Brothers, what business do you have with Lord Setiria?”


“At the banquet, I was rude to Lord Setiria. You forgave my mistake with an open heart, but I came here because I am not comfortable allowing you to leave with such a rude impression.”


Huan made up a reason by referring to his last mistake.

“You won’t make any excuses, will you Lord Setiria? I thought it wouldn’t be bad to become closer,” said Adoris with the shamelessness of an iron plate.


Rather, Huan looked refreshed.


‘What an asshole.’

He didn’t want to look him in the face anymore.

“Cough, cough, cough!”

Ruel did not hold back as usual due to a cough that came out just in time, and just spat it out.

What if your stomach and chest just hurts too much?

You don’t want to see a face that you don’t want to see.

“Are you okay? Looks like we’ve been occupying you too long.”

Banios made a fuss and pretended to support Ruel.


“It’s cold, so come and enter the carriage.”


“I can’t… Cough!”

It was the first time he felt the cough was a good thing.

Ruel went to the carriage door as if being pushed by Banios’s will.

He gave the three princes a strong impression of being forced into a carriage.


“I’m sorry. You came to see me purposefully, but I am unable to greet you properly.”


“No, I’ve been holding on to people who aren’t feeling well for longer than intended.”

Adoris said with a kind smile.


“I didn’t say I was going to see you off beforehand, so the second uninvited guest would be me.”

Huan admitted, letting it slide.

It was difficult to keep a smile on his face as he looked like he was trembling, so Ruel decided to get inside the carriage as soon as possible.


“Thank you. It’s going to be cold, so go in quickly. Then I’ll be on my way.”

After bowing to them, he entered the carriage with the help of Cassion.




The air felt refreshing.

Since the carriage Ruel had been riding was exclusively for the Royal Family, they changed back to the original carriage.

After riding in a wide carriage with a place to lie down, he felt that his carriage was too small.


‘It’s too narrow to the point of bursting.’

As soon as Ruel got into the carriage, the spirits, who were all stuck together, scattered around.

Leo also paused and tilted his head.

—The carriage has become smaller. This body should have a soft bed.


“When I get to Setiria, I’ll ask my uncle to change the carriage again.”


“A carriage with a place to lie down?”


“Do you remember when you first met my uncle? He changed the space with magic. A carriage should be possible. We should make it wider and more comfortable.”

He learned that Banios knows where to find the beds used in the royal palace.

He must have received a lot of money, so it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a good bed that they could use frequently.

“While we’re at it, let’s change the bed.”


Suddenly, when Cassion laughed, Ruel frowned.



“Isn’t that funny? You only buy a bed and a carriage with the money His Highness gave you. Should I say it’s like Ruel-nim is a child who got his allowance for the first time. It’s very ambiguous.”


“You wouldn’t understand as you have never laid on that bed. If you had laid down, you’d want it!”


—That’s right! It was so soft! This body felt like it was in the clouds!

Leo said, wagging his tail.


“You see that?!”


“Do you intend to spend your money somewhere else?”


“I don’t have any.”

That’s right.

Cassion smoothed his chin.

He realized that he had made a mistake due to Ruel’s behavior that was more mature than his age.

Ruel has not yet become an adult and has lived as if trapped in that mansion for five years.

‘It’s almost like he has no sense of spending money… No, that’s not it.’

How much money did it cost to match the equipment of the two knight orders of Setiria?

There was a time when the short budget was covered by private expenses.

You’re giving so much to others, but what about yourself?

‘Do I have to teach you this?’


“Are you not going? Are we going to stay here all night?”




Cassion knocked on the wagon wall.

Only then did the carriage move.

“Don’t think about useless things and pay attention to your surroundings as soon as you leave the capital.”


“Yes, I understand.”


“Though, the assassin isn’t in the carriage this time, is he?”


“No, sir.”

Ruel looked at himself with a disapproving face.

“Did you forget that I have a sworn oath?”


“You’ve been acting in a way that makes me doubt if it’s functioning properly.”


“Loyalty is something that varies from person to person, isn’t it?”

Cassion chuckled softly.


“But Ruel-nim, I thought about it and couldn’t find an answer, so I’ll ask. Do you have any reason not to be extravagant?”



Ruel frowned instead of answering Cassion’s question.

As such, it meant that the topic Cassion brought up was dog-talk to Ruel.

“Even if you know Setiria’s financial situation, you still ask that? We’re barely recovering, but you expect me to spend on luxury?”


“That’s what a typical noble person would do. The kind of people who strangle their fief residents’ stomachs and think only of their own safety.”


“They’re crazy. It’s a very stupid thing they do because they do not understand that what they enjoy is only possible because of their fief residents.”


Cassion almost asked, ‘Aren’t you a noble, too?,’ but as Ruel acted so differently from those other kinds of aristocrats, the words died in his mouth.

“Yes, it is.”

He answered lightly, casually handing the snack into the hands of Ruel, who took it in silence.



As usual, he could hear the sound of eating meat pie.



With the sound of the fox next to him munching.





At Drianna’s words, Horen took the reins firmly and replied.




“I’m so pissed off. Isn’t that natural?”

Drianna’s eyes were swollen as if she had cried all night.


“I’m angry, how dare they touch my master.”


“I mean Ruel-nim.”




“He’s trying to carry everything. I find it so upsetting. I came all this way because I wanted to be of help, to be of strength.”


“That’s how it should be… but it’s probably because of how he grew up. But honestly, I was happy yesterday because I was acknowledged by Ruel-nim.”


“Easy-going bastard.”

Horen just laughed.

Drianna glared at him.


“If you betray Ruel-nim, I will burn you without leaving behind any ashes.”


“That’s what I was going to say.”


“You too, Aris! You especially will be torn to shreds!”

Drianna shouted to Aris, who was on the other side, to be heard.


“Put aside the harsh words and get ready.”

Horen drew out his sword.

The enemy had come.

How dare they.

“Listen, I said I would never let my guard down against Ruel-nim’s enemies. Of course, I meant it sincerely.”

Drianna, the Mage of Fury.

Her hands were already covered in flames and with her legs braced, balanced on her horse, she brought her hands together.

“There will be not a single leaf unturned.”


From her fingers came a large flame sword, the size of three adult men combined.

It was a signal that the enemy had come and the first attack had begun.

“Cut down everything with your swords!”

Following Drianna’s gesture, the flame sword swung wide to the right.



The trees and the hidden enemy’s neck were neatly cut off with the sound of whistling wind.



In the aftermath of where it was swung, fierce flames soared toward the sky.

It was the magic from another spell she had cast.

The carriage stopped and all the knights disembarked from their horses.


“One more time!”

Drianna paused, lowered the position of the flame sword and swung it back to the other side.




“That’s terrible.”

Horen stuck out his tongue at the sight of her attacking again and again.

When he looked at the other side of her, everything was frozen.

It was slippery enough, just enough to slide on a sled.



Horan grinned when he saw a thunderbolt falling on the ice.

‘Oh, that’s right. They had the same teacher, didn’t they? Or maybe not. Tyson-nim is really gentle, isn’t he?’


Horen eased off his horse and threw his sword into the air at the same time.


“Sorry, it smells a bit.”

Among the enemies, there were also those who used auras.


It was not smart to let your guard down only because you can cut through magic with aura.

“Protect the Lord and complete the formation!”

The firepower of the magic knights was strong, but the reaction time was slow and it took time to cast the spell.

At Horen’s command, knights and magic knights were mixed and formed a square formation around the carriage.

How can a body forget a lesson learnt?

It was a formation made by working with the magicians hundreds and thousands of times.


“The training seems to be working pretty well.”

Cassion looked out and smiled slightly.

When the magic of the Magic Knights was completed and ready to be fired, the knights moved backwards, and vice versa. Quickly, the knights moved forward when they were casting spells, so they were able to deal with the situation smoothly.


“Because they are my knights.”

Ruel replied as if it were natural.


“I also see personal resentments. Did you inform the two vice captains of the Red Ash?”




“You’ve fueled the silent flame.”


“I have a slight regret. I didn’t know it would burn this much.”


—If you get burned, you’ll be in big trouble. This body will turn it off.

Ruel looked at Leo, who was speaking seriously, followed by the spirits, who were saying something, and stroked Leo’s head.

Leo soon laid down, showing his stomach.

—Pat on this body’s stomach, not this body’s head.


Ruel was stunned by Leo’s attitude, which he had taken for granted now.

When Ruel stopped and looked at him for a moment, Leo gently shook his tail and his eyes shone brightly.

‘…I picked it up, so I’ll take responsibility.’


Ruel inhaled the Breath with one hand and rubbed Leo’s stomach with the other.

“How long will it take?”


“The level of the enemy has risen, but the Knights are far superior, so it will end quickly.”

Ruel paused for a moment.

‘It can’t end so soon.’

Why would he show the enemy the real strength of the Knights?

They had to hide it.


“Connect the communication device to Drianna.”


“I see.”

Cassion pulled out her communication device and infused it with aura, and Drianna’s face was immediately visible.

Tyson and Drianna always do the same thing, why do wizards prefer to display their faces on their communication devices.

Drianna turned off the light in her hand and hurriedly touched something, and the screen turned off and only her voice was heard like any other communication device.

-Ruel-nim, this is Drianna. Did you contact me because you wanted it to be finished sooner? I’ll take care of it as soon as I can.


“No, it’s the other way around. Act as if everything you just did was your greatest strength, that it’s the limit of your abilities. The same for Horen as well.”


-…Um, I see.

A bitter voice was heard.

But she soon replied again, as if she had noticed what he wanted.

-Is the reason why you’re ordering us to hide our power to limit our enemies’ power?




-I see. I will deliver Ruel-nim’s order and control the power.

Ruel cut off the communication first.


Cassion smiled faintly.

“Ruel-nim, do you expect the enemy to measure the power of the Knights under the guise of a raid?”


“Yes, I guess it’s to find out how much the knights have grown by comparing it with the previous incident at the gateway and now.”

Contrary to expectations, if the Knights are stronger, they will send more enemies.

He wasn’t sure why, but the enemy couldn’t move forward confidently.

The reason he judged this was covert actions of responding indirectly with the help of nobles and barons.


“Cough, cough.”

Ruel coughed and spoke.


“Last time with the Royal Knights, because of the waves, I had no choice but to show off my skills. Did you forget what came of it?”


“How could I forget? An absurd notion like a black-blooded man emerged.”


“Unless the reasons why they can’t come forward and can’t be revealed are not resolved, the current policy of maximizing efficiency with minimal effort will continue. We have to respond by lowering the level accordingly.”


Ruel’s lips went up.

It had to be themselves who controlled whether the black-blooded man popped out.

Looking at the window, he saw his knights acting more sluggishly than before as if they were tired.

The order seemed to have been delivered well.


“…Now we need to find the king.” (Cassion)

He didn’t know if he had met the unknown existence the nameless woman had said was the king. Issue being there was no clue.

There’s no more power remaining from the hero.


“I met the king at the banquet. I already found it.” (Ruel)

When Ruel gently scratched his stomach, Leo waved his tail again with a languid expression.


“Is that the king you were talking about then? There’s no clue, is there?” (Cassion)


“That’s a headache. At least I have no choice but to wait for someone like the nameless woman to come to me.”


Ruel closed his eyes for a moment from the sudden spike of pain.

“I’ll give you medicine.”


“No, it’s mild.”

It was bearable.


“Anyway, for now, we have to go back to Setiria first.”

Ruel opened his eyes again.


“After that, I have to meet the family heads and catch them one by one.”


“Who are you going to meet first?”


“Rie Kuhn.”


“Isn’t Corrence Lumina first?”


“I was going to do that, but before I make an appointment next time, she wants to see Turbulent day. She wants to see it, so I have to show her.”


Cassion let out a deep sigh.

He might have to make another replica of the lovely Turbulent Day.


“Isn’t it possible that Rie Kuhn is also a Red Ash? I think it’s a hasty decision.”


“It is true that she supports the Second Prince, but in my opinion, she is not the Red Ash. She only supported him because of their mutual understanding.”

Ruel smiled mischievously.


“When I return, I’ll have to prepare to greet the guests.”

It’s time for Turbulent Day to do great things once more.


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