I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 96 - To Setiria (3)

Author: CleiZz Editor: Aker and Jada





Ruel yawned and asked.


After one raid, he fell asleep as if he passed out.

He barely came to his senses and stopped by Prios for a certain period of time to have a meal.

“As expected from Ruel-nim, it seems that they purposely attacked us to check our abilities. There have been no raids since.”

Cassion put down the plate.

The appetizing smell of food tickled his nostrils.


—It must be delicious! This body is excited now!

Leo wagged his tail as he grabbed the table from Ruel’s lap.


“I have one thing to tell you.”

Cassion approached Ruel and took Leo and put him down on the floor.

—This body wants to eat, too. This body has a mouth, too.


When Leo hung on to Cassion’s legs, he put down a bowl of various sweet things such as cakes, pies, and cookies that Cassion had prepared in advance.

Leo’s eyes twinkled in an instant.

—This body likes Cassion!


Munch. Munch.


Cassion snorted for a moment and went on.

“Most of the people involved in the raid were adventurers.”

He took the adventurer’s token from his pocket and handed it to Ruel.

Ruel looked at the adventurer’s token.

The back of the certificate was marked with the emblem of the adventurers’ guilds that issued it.

The Prostone Guild.

It was a guild he’d never heard of.

“The commission office says they don’t know who the client is, right? He must have offered a huge amount on the condition that his identity remained secret.”


“Yes, that’s correct. As you expected, the client requested to remain anonymous when making the request.”


“Maybe we’ll use the same commission office next time, so we’ll hide our identity and coax it in moderation. The first time is the hardest, and the second time is the easiest.”


“I see.”



Ruel spoke again, cutting the meat elegantly.

“If you have to silence the mouth of the commission office and secretly rescue adventurers, there is a high possibility that a large sum of money has been drained. Investigate the bank.”

There were only a few banks at this time.

It wouldn’t be difficult to investigate, as there were one to three banks in each territory.


“We’re already looking into it.”


Ruel smiled at Cassion’s reply.

As expected, it was good to see you do everything on your own initiative.

“I think that’s enough rest for your shadows, right? There are many things to investigate.”


For a moment the shadow in the corner shook.

“Perhaps, they have had enough rest. They are prepared for anything.”


Cassion smiled very brightly. The shadow shook again.

“Ketlan must have heard that I was here, but he hasn’t contacted me.”


Part of the reason why Prios was chosen as the place to eat was to connect with Ketlan.

“Already waiting.”


Ruel grinned at Cassion’s reply. It was good timing.


“Bring him.”


“I see.”

As Cassion went outside, the sound of munching filled the room.


—This is the taste. Cassion’s cooking is even more delicious than what this body had in the castle.


During the banquet, Ruel saw countless desserts going into his small belly.

Now, Ruel could somewhat understand why Cassion sighed at the mention of more spirits being attached.

It felt like a collaboration between three mukbang broadcasters.

Ruel made eye contact with the spirits, who were attached to him like decorations.

Ruel was in a good mood today, so he smiled.


—When Ruel eats, a good smell comes out. This body feels happy to smell this and eat something sweet.


At this, the fork that Ruel was holding stopped.

It is said that a spirit was needed now because of the wound, but what should be done to feed them later.

Ruel looked behind him for a moment.

The spirits were already crowding around.

They filled both sides of the carriage.

‘More than before… It seems like it.’


Ruel hoped it was just his imagination.


—The smell is stronger than before.



Ruel dropped his fork.

It was as scary as the fact that the power left by the hero was the power of the Great Man.


Knock. Knock.


“…Come in.”


Ruel’s face hardened.

“It’s been a long time since I saw you… Are you sick?”

Ketlan was glad to see Ruel but slightly surprised by his firm face.


“No, sit down. Have you eaten yet?”


“Yes, I did before I came.”


“Does Red Ash know that you are coming to me?”


“Yes, they know. I informed them that I was approaching you on purpose.”


“Good job.”


Ketlan smiled at Ruel’s praise.

“Thank you for coming.”


“Are you experiencing any troubles? If it’s hard to communicate with the Red Ash, tell me anytime.”


“No. I am happy to be able to repay the favor, so you don’t have to worry about it at all.”


Ketlan finally sat down. He didn’t just come to fool the eyes of the Red Ash.

“I know we’re not very close in private, so you might as well keep it short.”


“I know.”


“So what did they ask of you?”


“There is pressure coming to isolate Setiria. I’m sure you’re tired, but I came here myself.”



Ruel smiled lightly.



Setiria’s weaknesses. It seemed to have changed its course there.

You’re going to destroy your base so that it doesn’t happen again, but it’s way too late.

The time has passed for Setiria to collapse to an extent of isolation.

“Did you see who it was?”


“I didn’t see it. But I was told that some aristocrats had already agreed.”


‘Thankfully, they make it easy to find.’

Ruel put the meat in his mouth.


“This is information about the Red Ash I heard and found.”

Ketlan pulled out the data. It was quite thick.


“Mostly it had to do with the underworld. The enemy knew where to occupy quickly and effectively. Traces of the Red Ash have also been found within…Setiria.”


Ruel was about to re-examine the underworld of Setiria, or the back alley.

Shouldn’t we pull out the weeds that sprouted where the rats were cut.

“Thank you, I’ll use it well.”

Cassion put the data in his magic pocket.

“The title that the Lord has gained, Noble of—”


“Stop there.”

Ruel hurriedly halted the following words.

It was a title that he had heard one to many times at the banquet to the point where his eardrums melted.

Ruel didn’t want to hear it privately in his eating vincinity.


“Ah… I see.”

Ketlan was taken aback.

Ruel’s eyes seemed like fire would flare out at any moment.

The process of obtaining the title was an act worthy of respect as a nobleman and individual, so he, Ketlan, was very proud whenever he heard it.

But such a violent reaction.


‘…Is it because you’re embarrassed? I see. You’ve already heard a lot of compliments at the banquet. Hearing a lot of nice compliments can get annoying.’


It was his fault to bring it up in private Thinking that, he just looked at Ruel with respect.

“Anyway, what does the Lord want Prios to do?”


“What do you want to do?”


“I don’t want to get involved with Red Ash anymore, but I do to act it’s in the interests of my Lord.”


“I just informed you that I was attacked by an unknown person, and subtly pressured by you mentioning the geographical proximity of Setiria and Prios.”

Ruel wiped his mouth and inhaled Breath.


“And don’t forget to express your personal appreciation that this attack has left my Knights mentally exhausted and physically wounded.”



Ruel hit the table lightly.

Ketlan, who was facing him, was slightly surprised, and Leo’s ears twitched.

“And leave it at this. If you insist more than this, I will make this deal a thing that never happened.”


“…Are you sure you don’t mind?”

Ketlan didn’t know if there was another strung on a leash within his house.

He didn’t have to be involved in this.

There’s someone else who had been strung along.


“Think of Prios as a priority before me.”

The more Ketlan became involved with the Red Ash, the more likely he was to turn into a dependent that had no choice but to lean on the Red Ash.


‘That’s no good. Prios needs to grow up independently to best help Setiria.’

It took Red Ash to know that Ketlan was not a direct descendant.

Ketlan bit his lip slightly.

Respect for Ruel deepened.

“There is no direct line anymore. You won’t have to worry about such a thing.”

It seems that they were killed after hearing the location of his immediate family from Red Ash.


“That doesn’t change your birthplace.”

In the end, however, Ketlan did not become a member of the direct line, whether the rest of his family was killed or not.

“Only the Lord and the Red Ash know about the origin of my birth. The one who reveals my birth is the Red Ash. The one who has stakes in my birth is Red Ash.”

Ketlan was as solemn as a dying knight for his master.


“It was Ruel-nim who allowed me to move again, whose hands and feet were cut off. Dogs don’t bite their master. Moreover, even if I die as a human being, shouldn’t I be of help to the Lord, the master?”


“…That’s not gonna happen.”

The trick to Red Ash to reveal his identity was different from that of Ketlan.

Prios needed him.

Prios had to exist for Setiria.

“I’m already prepared, so don’t worry.”

Ketlan smiled aloofly, erasing his solemn expression.


“I’ll find a way.”

How to become a family head as a member of a collateral line.

There must be a way.

“You don’t have to worry. Well, I’ll get up now. I will proceed with everything as the Lord has said.”

Ketlan expressed regret because he couldn’t stay long.

Standing up from his seat, he bowed politely and went outside.


“Cough, cough.”

Ruel looked at the place where Ketlan had left for a while and continued the meal that had stopped.


“I think it’s a waste to just kill him.”

Cassion spoke softly.

Prios was recovering quickly thanks to Ketlan.

“Why don’t you ask His Highness Banios?”

At Cassion’s suggestion, Ruel nodded his head.

As expected, the only person who immediately came to mind was Banios.

He injected mana into the ring.

“Your Highness.”


-Isn’t it still a long way to reach Setiria? It probably hasn’t arrived yet… Could it be that there’s an attack?


“I contacted you because I had a question for you. Are you okay?”

There is no need to inform him of the attack, so Ruel did not answer.


-That’s fine, what are you trying to ask?


“Is there an exceptional case where a member of the collateral line becomes the family head?”

For a moment Banios shut his mouth.

He seemed perplexed by the sudden question.


-There is, but why are you asking such a thing all of a sudden? You’re a direct descendant, aren’t you? Are you in a situation where it turns out you were collateral? In that case, I’ll gladly lend you a hand.


“I am a direct descendant, so there is no need to worry. Suddenly, I got curious, and I asked the question while talking to my subordinate.”


-I didn’t know it was possible for flattery to fly from your tongue, do it the way it was.


It was to the point where Ruel could feel the disgust through the communication device.


He also replied, rinsing his mouth with water because his mouth became dry.



-You must know that the distinction between direct and collateral lineage is determined by looking at the family crest that appears on the back of the hand.


“I know.”


-Then, do you know that the distinction between direct and collateral was because of an oath?



It was the first time Ruel had heard of it.


-On the day of the coming-of-age ceremony, the Royal Family will tell you an interesting story about the relationship between the king and a patriarch. I am enjoying my favorite tea right now.


Since Cassion had been caught over tea by Banios, his expression naturally frowned.

Of all things, that time.


-A long time ago, the king and the heads of households swore an oath to each other. I believe that the lineage of the patriarch who made the oath at that time is the current direct lineage.


“You said oath, is it an oath of allegiance?”

Banios laughed lightly.

-No, it was an oath of friendship, an oath never to betray each other. Isn’t it funny?


The subtle power struggle between the Royal Family and the patriarchs was still ongoing.


-Well, there is only one way to acknowledge the collateral line, as you asked. As the family head, with all the fanfare.


Ruel waited for the latter words.

-Dedicate themselves to this country, Leponia. If you can show some proof, then His Majesty will give you a chance to swear the oath as a reward.


“Then, are you saying that you are not recognizing a collateral as the head of the family, but as a direct descendant?”


-Indeed, this is in the case if there are no more direct descendants, it has happened a few times in the past. For example, in the case of the Kuhn family, they defended the capital from an attack by the Tonisk Empire in the past, and they became the direct descendants by winning the recognition.


“In short, they look at whether the individual devoted themselves to the country in a crisis?”


-Isn’t that a moment of sure proof?


 “Thank you.”


-I didn’t expect to receive words of gratitude, but anyway, when you return to Setiria, please use the communication device to let me know of your safety. Well then.


As soon as communication was cut off, Ruel place a slice of meat in his mouth, chewing it as if it were an enemy

‘…So, you have to smash the Red Ash in Leponia.’

Damn it.

Nothing is easy.




Ruel stepped out of the carriage, inhaling Breath.


All the knights who came to meet him and the knights who escorted him shouted Setiria.


Thump. Thump.

Ruel’s heart thumped at the sound of them striking the scabbard.

They looked the same as before they left the mansion, but their eyes were full of endless joy.



At the sound of Ruel’s cane, all the knights stopped and looked at him.

“Thank you for your hard work guarding the fief.”


At the words that brought with a faint smile, the knights roared again.



The family head of Setiria has returned.

Ruel Setiria is back.

As if to express that joy, the shouting did not stop until Ruel walked to the front door.


Tyson smiled kindly in front of the main gate.


As always, no, it was a little darker under the eyes.

“I’m back. It took a little longer than I expected…”


Tyson came running and hugged Ruel.




“You did a great job. You did a great job.”

Ruel paused with the unfamiliar warmth.

It seemed to give off an old comfort that had once been lost.

“Did you eat well? I wonder if you slept well.”


‘I hesitated if I could hear the voice full of worries that I had always pushed out.

I hesitated whether I could enjoy this warmth, which I always turned away.’


The Ruel Setiria that Tyson knew was no more.

‘I know this warmth isn’t directed at me.’

But Ruel soon patted Tyson carefully on the back.

The trembling felt on his back, the roughness of his hands, the tightly held hands as if he was afraid to leave again, were really like his father, so he couldn’t bear to push them away any longer.

So Ruel brought it up again.

“I’m back, uncle.”


For the first time, he smiled brightly at Tyson.


Author's Thoughts

I got teary at the end of the chapter. So heartwarming 🤧

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