A Spirit’s Special Treatment Chapter 2 - What Is the Specification Of a Possessed Person

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[<System> Connect to the ‘Suspect Support System’.]


[<System> Bring Life Insurance Full Package Perks, Obligation Training Period, Blessing of Rapid Growth, and Pocket Money]


[<System> Slowly starting original work and launching the tutorial by Mandatory Training Period].


During the process, the survival difficulty was adjusted to Grade F, and the behavioral standard was constrained.


[<System> The genre of the original is Infinite Rebirth, so assign the original ‘plot’ to begin after the tutorial. Please wait a moment as it takes time to load….]




After I woke up from the system message, I saw a low wooden ceiling.


This place seems like an old attic.


[<System> Synchronization complete named Ellet Rodeline’.]


So this is the support system provided by the Administration, as the reviewer said.


After organizing my thoughts, I tried to get down from the bed.




I dangled my feet in the air as they didn’t even touch the floor. I was kind of embarrassed knowing how short my legs were.


I ran over to where the mirror was.


Beyond the glass mirror, a ten-year-old pink-haired girl was blinking with green eyes.


“Wow, I look like a doll.”


I tried to stick out my tongue while looking at my reflection and admiring myself for about ten minutes.


Then I remembered the sad reality.


‘Ahhh! I can’t become a babysitter with a small body like this!’


I decided to swallow my grief and understand the situation first. 


The body I possessed, “Ellet Rodeline,” was said to be the daughter of a high-ranking aristocrat. 


But to be specific, there are one or two villains who overpowered the protagonist. I need to know the name of the noble family… 




Then, the structure of the mansion unfolded like a game map in front of me.


[<Area> ‘Count Gillette’s Castle’


Count Gillette’s castle in the far east of the Kingdom of Vinchester.


Note: Be careful as the Count’s son is ruined!]




I remembered right away. Count Gillette’s bastard son!


Originally, he was the son of a master swordsman, but he bought his knighthood with money due to his lack of talent.


The protagonist saved him from dying when he was forced to enter a dungeon.


The protagonist did not want a reward, but he was accompanied to the Count, who promised the protagonist that he would be compensated.


It was obvious what the compensation was going to be because he was a spoiled brat with the qualities of a vicious noble while the protagonist was a pushover.


The brat treated the protagonist like a mercenary, and when he arrived at the estate, he wiped his mouth and kicked him out. 


And as soon as the protagonist left the Count, a ‘dungeon burst’ occurred near the castle, and the Gillette estate was destroyed by monsters.


Compared to the fierce cider, the sweet potato section was a very long chapter.

t/n: cider meaning refreshing and sweet potato meaning frustrating


‘Ugh! If I think about it again, I think the sweet potato I had at that time will come up!’

The disaster that would unfold in the Gillette estate was hard to escape, but the problem was that it could happen anytime, anywhere.


Dungeons were spreading like tumors all over the continent.


Dungeon Burst was not strange no matter when and where they came from.


“Heuk, I’ll die shortly after the original story starts. If only I had paid attention to the content of the novel, I would have been…”


The map disappeared and a magnificent library-like screen came to mind.


[<Menu > ‘Integrated Study’ 


Books are food for the mind! Keep all books that your current body has bought or read in her lifetime.


Note: However, it is limited to officially distributed books.]


“Wow, that’s great.”


It was real. From the elementary grade book ‘Right Life 1-1’ to the R-19 reverse harem novel I bought the night before I died, it was stored in a storage space.


I quickly arranged it alphabetically.          


‘There it is!’


Remarkably, Seguhoe was completed. The odds of my survival rose substantially.


Still, I wanted to guarantee my complete safety.


It would be nice if the body I possessed had special abilities.


“System, what else?”


I had high expectations because I had already been given what I needed twice. As if responding, a message popped up.


[<System> Receive Bing’s Life Insurance Full Package Perks, ‘One-time Cash’.]




It was when I rolled the capitalist tone out of my mouth.


[<Others> “120,000,000 Cash”


Life insurance payment based on the terms and conditions that your current body signed up for before her death. 120 million, all in cash.


Note: Cash can be recharged in the currency of the current world.]




It was strange since it felt like I was receiving my death insurance in cash.


‘Wait, the fact that there is cash…?!’


As the screen changed, my suspicions soon became real.


[<Menu> ‘Reincarnator Exclusive Cash Shop’ Special products that increase the probability of survival for reincarnators all in one place! If you have money, you can live safely even in a difficult S-class novel!]


I sorted out the products by popularity so I wouldn’t be fooled.


[<Product> ‘Ex-Package (Battle)’ A must-have product for those who possess fantasy and martial arts worlds. One type of combat capability can be selected and awakened according to the worldview of the work, such as aura, magic, divine power, and martial arts. Price: 10,000,000 Cash]




What? It’s a product that can make someone obtain abilities?


My instincts shouted.


“Oh, I have to buy this!”


Awakening an ability is essential in a S-level difficulty world.


I bought it without looking back.


However, I put off using it. In Seguhoe, the abilities present were aura, magic, and divine power.


Magic and divine power were abilities that caused collisions with each other, but it was possible to use them in the same way.


Instead, they were divided into main and secondary abilities according to the order of awakening.


I decided to read the novel again and choose what to awaken first.


There was also another popular product that caught my eye.


[<Product> ‘Rapid growth’


Blessed by the gods of the Bing Administration, it doubles the achievement rate of all abilities.

Price: 1,000,000 cash]


My instincts shouted again.


“Oh, I have to buy this, too!”




[<System> Cannot be purchased. The higher version of the product is currently in effect.]


[<Others> ‘Blessing of Rapid Growth’


Blessed by the gods of the Bing Administration, it increases the achievement rate of all abilities by five times.


Note: It was judged to be overpowered, so it was a limited perk of Bing’s Life Insurance Full Package.


Price: Not for sale]


‘Wow, a limited privilege item that you can’t buy even if you have money!’


I wanted to compliment my finger for clicking ‘Yes’ on the spam message before I died.


I closed the window after taking a good look at what other products were being sold.


I was very motivated, thanks to the former packages I received; Blessing of Rapid Growth and Integrated Study.


“Let’s read a sweet potato novel with this momentum!”

t/n: sweet potato meaning frustrating


I opened the first chapter of Seguhoe. I read with speed from start to finish.


I quickly saw a plot hole within the story.


However, after four hours of hard concentration, I screamed without reading the ending.


“Aah! I’ve gone to the 77th chapter, but it’s still not over! It’s too frustrating!”


‘To match the title of ‘Regression Until the World is Saved’, the protagonist keeps regressing to the point that it’s painful.’


Just as when a group of human beings aboard a sinking ship, the perishing human beings usually betray each other and become cowards.


For such reasons, a bad persona is a result of certain events, but the set personality given to the protagonist was ‘a good and faithful saint who served God and walked in chivalry.’ It was the perfect example of a pushover.


Of course, the sweet potato pass, or the main character, was also a person, so every time he went through all kinds of harsh things, he gradually fell down.

t/n: sweet potato pass meaning pushover


The protagonist’s good tendencies, which remained strong from the beginning, became more neutral due to the loss and betrayal of colleagues whom he believed in, superiors whom he respected, people he saved, and family members he met again.


Then, he began to become evil, due to the incident in which he was hit three times behind his head by the heroine, whom he loved and believed more than anyone else.


I read the 77th chapter, and it was very frustrating.


If someone asked me which was the least frustrating chapter, I would pick chapter 17 with no hesitation.




As soon as the protagonist came back, he was killed by the last boss!


The 18th chapter began immediately after the protagonist died without being able to feed the reader sweet potatoes. It was the vainest chapter of all time.


Still, during the 77th regression of his lifetime, it seemed that there was hope for saving the world.


I made up my mind and tried to read the original story.


[<System> The original ‘Round’ assignment has been completed.]


That was right! It was an infinite regression, so it didn’t matter how many times the main character went back! When the tutorial was over, the original novel began, and when the story began, the protagonist returned.


Among the timelines created during the novel, which one would I be assigned to?


I can survive only when the main character saves the world. Therefore, the more the main character regresses, the higher the chance of my survival.


‘Ah, God! Please take a high turn!’


The message had been updated.


[<System> The original novel will proceed after the 17th chapter.]


Was this the price I had to pay after saying the 17th chapter was the least frustrating? Or was it the price of deception that God calls on atheists?


From the beginning, the main character died like a worm to the final boss, the world.


No! No!


There are only a few chapters before the final boss, but I couldn’t believe I was caught in that 17th episode!


I gripped my head and let out a scream of despair.




I was supposed to let out a groan, but it came out as a cute noise.


Our sweet potato pass will only be useful after the 70th chapter, during the 17th chapter he was like a little kid. I couldn’t have brought him to fight against the last boss, who was described as a supreme being.


I came to a realization.


‘Let’s say there’s no main character. That means I can only trust myself! In order to survive I must be strong on my own!’


The system’s requirements also indicated that this was the correct answer.


[<System> After completing the system tour, the tutorial quest will occur.]


[<Quest> Compulsory training time for Bing’s Life Insurance ( S-class reincarnators)


The original S-level difficulty.


In order to survive when it starts, the only answer is to level up. Let’s sharpen my intelligence and become one of the top 100 talents in the world.


Time Remaining Until Tutorial Ends: 3392 days, 2 hours, 15 minutes


Current Ranking: Displayed as 1,000th place.


Success Reward: ???


Failure Penalty: death]


The word “death” was terrifying.


Whew, that’s fine, I’ve got plenty of time!


I clenched my fists and became determined.




“Oh my god, you scared me!”


Suddenly, the attic door opened, and a girl spotted me and widened her eyes.


“Here! Here you are!”

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