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“Nathan, you aren’t going home again this year?”

“No, I’m just going to stay here.”

“Would you like to come over to my house? I’ll call both Etton and Robert.”

“Thank you, but it’s okay.”

“I’ll make sure to send you a letter.”

“Okay, get home safely.”

Finally, Nathan, who saw Berry leave in a carriage, turned around and entered the academy. His destination was the library.

After the accident in the forest of the test, time flew by again, and the vacation time of the Aurora Academy came. Most of the other students went home, and the academy, which was always full of energy, was as quiet as it was during midnight hours even though it was midday. It wasn’t without the occasional student, but it was only a handful.

“I’m here.”

“Oh, welcome Nathan.”

When he entered the library, an older gentleman who looked kind in the face found Nathan and laughed. It was Bill, the librarian. Nathan didn’t know his full name, and it was just that he was calling him Bill without much thought.

“Which shelf should I start with?”

“Could you put the books in their place first?”


Nathan pushed the cart full of books. There were only Bill and Nathan in the library. The quiet library was tasteful, and Nathan liked this quietness. He slowly brought the book back to its original place, checking the title of the book in his hand and the name on the bookcase. 

When the vacation began, Nathan remained at the Academy for the past two years instead of returning to Baron Norbert during holidays. 

‘It’s because I was afraid to go back.’

There were people who knew the original Nathan. It wasn’t just an acquaintance either. They were together from the moment they were born, knowing not only Nathan’s past but also his personality in detail, much less his memories. Just by them sending a letter to Nathan every month, I could see how much they cared and thought of Nathan.

Each time Nathan thought about it he suffered from an unprovoked guilt. The real Nathan is long gone, and they still wait for the boy they once knew to come home. ‘So I thought I should go at least once. But I’m sure they would notice something wrong when they’d see him now.’ So Nathan couldn’t go to the baronet. It was actually a little hard to send a letter. 

He had to think about whether it would look like Nathan’s handwriting. If it had not been for Nathan’s luggage, he would not have copied the cursive script.

A letter arrived asking when he would come home again this time, but Nathan replied that he could not come again this time. Nathan felt sorry for them, so he was sending them half the money he received from a part-time job at the Academy. Now, organizing this library was one of those part-time jobs.

It was usually a part-time job for commoners. This is because the motto was still strong that ‘Aristocrats do not work.’ However, Nathan had no money, and the faculty who knew his situation recommended him, so he could work part-time.

Nathan didn’t go out of the academy except when he went to Rupelham, so he had nowhere else to spend money on. It wasn’t that he didn’t have much of a chance to follow his group to the city by train from time to time. Nathan collected money step by step over the past two years, except for the money sent to the baronetcy. He is graduating soon, and Nathan will probably not go to the baronet after graduation. 

‘Therefore, I needed money to live alone, and I had the intention of disposing of the baronet upon graduation.’ It is not unusual for a wealthy aristocrat to dedicate his estate to the royal family. Of course, he also wrote letters to those who would be in the baronet asking for their opinions in advance. ‘Maybe they’re getting ready to go somewhere else, too?’

“Let’s see… where did this come from?”

Nathan looked grimly at the book left on the cart that had already ended. Usually, the title should have been written, but this book did not have a title. At first glance, it was an ordinary book. There was also a luxurious feeling, but Nathan felt strangely reluctant.

“Bill! Bill! There’s an untitled book!”

Originally, those in the library shouldn’t shout like this, but there were only two people in this library today, so Nathan purposely raised his voice and called Bill. But there was no immediate answer. Nathan held an unknown book in his hand and headed to where Bill had just been.


There was no one at the reception next to the entrance. A pile of papers and books while white steam was coming up from the tea that seemed to have just come down. That was the only trace of a person sitting until a while ago, but the ‘Bill’ Nathan was looking for was gone.

‘Where did he go? That’s weird. He usually announces when he has somewhere to go.’

Nathan decided to sit down and wait for Bill to come. The quiet library was perfect for naps, and the warm sunlight pouring out of the window urged sleepiness. Nathan shook his head to stop himself from dozing off. 

Haaam. “When are you coming back…” 

T/N: Pretty sure ‘Haam’ is the sound of a sigh

Thinking about reading a book, Nathan thought for a moment and opened the book he had in his hand. Nathan’s face frowned subtly more every time he turned a page.

“What, there’s nothing there?”

Yes. The book was all covered with blank pages. Not only the content but also the title. ‘Why is there nothing written?’ Nathan went from disbelief to build a feigned smile the next moment. ‘What is this… it seems someone brought it here on purpose to play a trick.’ There’s nothing he can do.

Surprising and strange in the world, magic exists here there’s a lot that could be possible. No title in a strange book arouses curiosity and can bring the interest of the students.

If it was a kind of a surprise box, that would be easy to understand. Because students do to play most of those surprises. ‘To be honest with I have experienced those several times.’ 

‘… not a good memory.’

Nathan deliberately decided to ignore the book. Close the book, and when Bill comes, you should give it to him later.

. . . 

Nathan was busy enjoying himself during the vacation. There was so much to do that he wondered if there was a shortage of workers in this wide academy, even if the income was good. Since Nathan was tired and could not think of anything else, he seemed to be more obsessed with work. And when he went back to the dormitory with his tired body, he could fall asleep without much thought.

After a few weeks, letters came from the students who returned home. Each was an invitation to come to his house, but Nathan politely declined. It didn’t mean he didn’t want to go out of the academy, but it was also true that he hesitated.

They will all soon be out of the academy, but it is true that he is worried that he should prepare in advance and look for another secure place in the world. However, the security here is the best so far.


Nathan stopped when he was going to the management office on the side of the academy to mail a letter. Nathan frowned and stared at the book by the window.


The unknown book found in the library on the first day of vacation was caught in Nathan’s sight even after that. The book, which he thought he should give to Bill, was forgotten because Bill came and was run over by work. Then a few days later, the book appeared again in front of his eyes. Nathan was surprised and dumbfounded as if it suddenly fell from the sky, but it was not only once or twice. It seemed like a book was following him as if it wanted to see him quickly.

His reluctance grew day by day, but he didn’t want to pick up that book and check it out. Nathan looked around. That won’t cause people to suddenly appear in the hallways where there’s no one.

“I’m annoyed.”

It’s a hell of a prank. ‘I’m sure that guy who played that prank must be somewhere in the academy. I’Il throw that book at your face when I see you.’ Nathan ignored the book again today.

Nathan was busy again today. Instead of Michael, who was busy managing the forest of tests, he had to water plants in the herb field. Besides that, he had to go to Rupelham

. . . 

It was already well past 10 at night when Nathan came into the dormitory after such a busy day. By then, the idea of that book had long since disappeared. There was an untimely disturbance when he accidentally woke him up. Fortunately, thanks to the help of other professors, the disturbance quickly ended, but just hearing the scream made Nathan exhausted. 

‘My ears still seemed to hurt.’

Maybe that’s why he couldn’t sleep well today. How cold it was in the quiet room. It was still warm, but it was actually a little hot today. Nathan thought it was strangely cold when he was alone in the room. 

The cold did not go away even if you put on a thick blanket and turned on a heater. Nathan curled up to his heart’s content under the covers. After tossing and turning a few times, Nathan could barely fall asleep.

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