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For a while, only the sound of two people eating sandwiches could be heard quietly in the room. It wasn’t a dirty grump, but an occasional clatter of teacups or a rustling of paper wrappers from the sandwiches.

At first, I was worried that it would be a little burdensome to eat in the morning, but I ate all of it at one point. Indeed, my stomach was full from the morning after a long time. Nathan suddenly thought that this wasn’t bad.

. . . 

No, it’s not good at all.

“Hyuk, yuck…!Hazard, you……! Did you feed me meat to do this?”

The voice of exhaling and speaking trembled with betrayal. Nathan glared at Hazard, who was running with a nonchalant face. He grabbed him right away and reached for a quick shake, but he lightly avoided Nathan’s hand. Nathan eventually had no choice but to stop in place. He took a heavy breath and gripped his side.

I put my hand on my side. The lungs were torn, and breathing was hard. ‘Oh, I’m dying!’

“Nathan, we haven’t even turned three times yet!”

“Ha, ha. Hazard, whoo. Why do I have to run on the field?”

Nathan stared at Hazard breathlessly. His blond hair glistened brilliantly in the sun. There were beautifully stylish muscles in the rolled-up forearm. Compared to Nathan’s arm, which has no muscles, it seemed to be twice as different. It hurt my pride again.

“There’s a saying that you have a healthy mind in a healthy body.”

Hazard, who put his hands on his waist and straightened his back and spoke cheerfully, was indeed a man who matched the saying. First of all, Nathan’s impression of the rinsed face was like that. Of course, that’s true. 

I should have known when I was eating the meat in the morning. When I finished eating, I should have known something strange when I was led by him to take a walk. I should’ve just run away when I arrived! When Nathan was forced to go around the vast field for about two laps, he quickly became tired. 

“If you’re smart, your body doesn’t suffer much.”

“Nathan! If you have a good body, your brain doesn’t suffer!”

‘The head of the rock.’

Nathan cursed Hazard inwardly. Of course, he wasn’t a really bad-headed muscle idiot character, but now Nathan has nothing else to focus on.

“Nathan, it’s even harder mentally because your body is not healthy! First, let’s keep moving and build up our stamina with me!”

“I don’t-”

Nathan was disgusted by the remark. The wizard did not exercise! For nearly two years, Nathan was already wonderfully imbued with Professor Michael’s ideas.

“Shall we stop here for today?”

Looking at Nathan, Hazard sighed. It was only a few laps, and he was shaking like a newborn baby deer, so it was somehow strange for him to force Nathan to exercise.

“Nathan, I don’t want much from you either. It’s not good for your health if you overdo it.”

“The guy who knows that and yet…”

“Just during the vacation, no. Isn’t it a proper exercise if you go around the smoke field even for a short time in the morning? I know wizards sit at their desks and don’t use their bodies, but don’t you think your current state is hopeless?”


Nathan had nothing to say because it wasn’t wrong again. However, instead of replying because it was annoying, I stared at Hazard unevenly. Under Nathan’s profanity, Hazard deliberately shrugged his shoulders with more exaggeration.

“Look, you’re so skinny.”

Hazard rolled up his sleeves like him and grabbed the thin arm that was revealed, and this time, he grabbed Nathan’s waist with a large hand, which seemed to be nothing unusual, covered by his shirt. Hazard opened his eyes wide as if he was surprised by catching him. The clothes were more tucked in than I thought.

“I- Well, it’s just standing there! Your skin is white because you don’t see the sun, and you don’t have muscles because you don’t work out! How is this a normal body?”

Nathan used to bite himself, forcing off the hands of Hazard, who was rubbing his body here and there.

“I’m not the only one like this! All the magicians are like this!”



“I’m worried about you. What are you going to do if something really happens?”

Nathan got goosebumps at the embarrassing words and closed his eyes and took another step away from Hazard.

‘How can he say that so easily? Is it because he’s the main character? I’m going crazy. Why am I embarrassed?’

‘It’s against the law to say that with a suddenly serious face.’ Nathan swept his creepy arm off the immune-free horse. But it wasn’t that I didn’t like the embarrassing words. ‘Who in my life would say something like that? If you think of it that way, there is nothing you wouldn’t listen to when they say that.’ ‘Yeah, it’s only a short run in the morning. Of course, exercising was annoying and I hated it.’

“I got it. I got it all right! Instead, it’s just two rounds of jogging. I can’t do more than that. I don’t have time to do it!”

“Well thought out! I’ll help you, don’t worry!”

Help? Nathan creaked at the ominous remark and looked at the glum face. I felt like something bad would happen to me if I said something wrong here. So Nathan decided to get out of the smoke screen.

“I’m going. I have to go to my part-time job.”

I thought the time would be just right if I went now. Today is the day when new books come into the library, so I was busy this morning. I need to sort out the books to send and move them to the warehouse.

“… Why are you following me?”

“Well, because I’m bored?”

“Hazard, I’m not going to play. I don’t have time to care about you even if you follow me.”

“I’ll just watch from the side. I’m not disturbing you!”

With his eyes shining brightly, he couldn’t just throw Hazard behind him, so Nathan had to go to the library with Hazard hanging next to him. Nathan thought Hazard was rather bored. Come to think of it, something happened during this vacation in the original novel.

When I came here, I remembered most of what would happen in the original story, but the case of minor incidents was a little diminished. There must have been an incident at this time of year. However, I vaguely remembered that the accident site was not an academy. Nathan was in doubt for a moment.

Why is Hazard still at the Academy?

“Bill, I’m here.”

“Oh, welcome. Nathan. Yes? You’ve brought a friend today.”

“That’s what happened.”

“Excuse me!”

Hazard, who popped out from behind Nathan’s back, greeted brightly. Nathan, who was lost in thought with his cheerful voice, also came to his senses. Bill’s face, looking at Nathan with a benevolent face, was stained with embarrassment. He sat comfortably and jumped out of his seat and bowed to Hazard.

“Oh, this is a surprise guest. Welcome, Fifth Prince.”

Nathan was momentarily surprised by Bill’s polite attitude. I realize that Hazard is a prince. Hazard smiles strangely at Nathan, perhaps because such feelings have been revealed on his face.

“Come on, don’t do that. I’m a student at the academy, too.”

Hazard waved his hand and put his arm on Nathan’s shoulder and stopped him from bowing. Nathan was reeling under a heavy weight, but he did not bow because of Hazard, who held his shoulder. Nathan grumbled dissatisfiedly at him. Of course, Hazard didn’t even listen.

“Nathan said he was working here today, so I followed him to help. What should I do first?”

“Oh, well. It’s a bit of a hassle today, so if the prince helps me…” 

The appearance of the old man sweating looked very difficult. I wanted to tell Hazard that he shouldn’t do this as a prince, but he refused the royal family’s words, and Bill hesitated as if he was in trouble because he couldn’t ask him to work. Hazard must also know that Nathan had noticed, but he had the nerve to pretend not to know. In case of Hazard said anything else, Nathan had to save Bill.

“Bill, I’ll take care of it. Look at the other thing. Can I organize the new books?”

“All right. Good luck. Here’s a collection list and a new book list.”

Bill has a relieved smile on his face. Instead of shaking off the heavy arm on his shoulder, Nathan rather headed toward the bookcase, which he held tightly. The steps that follow me gently from the side are light. Nathan spoke too softly for Bill to hear, but Hazard, who was right next to him, could.

“Stop bothering the old grandfather.”

“This is a little unfair, Nathan. What did I do?”

“If a prince of a country suddenly appears and says, ‘I’ll work!’ everyone would be like that. They’re having a hard time.”

“Well, did you realize that I was a prince?”


“You called my name and treated me lightly, so I thought you didn’t know I was a prince.”

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