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As he said that, the face pushed in front of his nose looked extremely squishy, making it easy for Nathan to see that this was a simple prank. He snorted and said, “What, do you want me to treat you to a prince?”

“No? I rather like it the way it is. Everyone finds me difficult to be around .”

“.. someone’s status is useless in the academy. I was acting on the rules.”

In fact, this was just an excuse. No matter how much the hierarchy system existed, it was a long story for Nathan to explain why he reacted the way he did around the prince. In addition, as there has been no discrimination based on status so far, it would be right to say that the status system did not touch much because I lived only within one academy I know in my head that Hazard is a prince, but it is true that he was comfortable with him without realizing it.

This was the first time I’ve seen other people treat Hazard with my own eyes, so I realize that the royal family is a royal family and that the class is clearly visible in these places.

“Don’t change, Nathan.”

‘His voice and face were still playful, but why doesn’t it seem like a joke?’

“It depends on the situation. But if you do this in front of people, it’s not worth your while”


“There’s no such thing as decency with the fifth prince spacing out!”

Did you just make a dog noise? Nathan’s face is tingled with a voice next to his ears saying, “Boo!” The story that I heard at dawn suddenly comes to mind and disappears. Nathan couldn’t find anything to say back, so he just escaped from Hazard’s arms. Hazard easily fell away from him.

Nathan rummaged through the bookshelf as if nothing had happened. In one of his hands was a list of books to collect today. ‘First, I have to pick out books to leave out in the warehouse.’ Nathan began to pick out books, leaving Hazard unattended behind his back. In his arms, books began to pile up one by one. Most of the thick hardcover books were old and on the verge of destruction, or had already been destroyed. 

When I thought about collecting several books and moving them, my arm immediately fell asleep.

“Give me those. Can I put it there?”

Then Hazard took the books Nathan was holding. It was quite a heavy sheep, but he carried it away as lightly as a feather. What Hazard pointed to was a pile of empty boxes. Perhaps Bill brought it. Nathan nodded blankly.

‘Yes, there’s a strong guy next to me, and there’s no profit I can’t afford to not use.’

The library on one side of the academy was very large. So what Nathan is doing right now is a circle. It took him a few days to finish. However, thanks to Hazard, the work was over sooner than before.

“This is the last time.”

“Well done. Well, it’s a job to find a book.”

Nathan was sitting on the ladder looking for the last volume. Magic is useful, but Professor Michael’s theory was that magic should not be relied on alone. Nathan was on the side of agreeing with that. However, sometimes I thought, ‘Wouldn’t the work of this library be easier if I engraved the magic?’ In fact, when there was no eye to see, magic was used without overdoing it. It’s a little more convenient.

The more he learned the magic, the more he realized how lazy he could live by using magic.



Nathan found the book again just before he came down the ladder. It’s the same book that had no name or top. The book that appeared in front of his eyes today was on a high bookcase, so it was a place where he could only find it if he was on a ladder. Nathan frowned hard. It was disgusting. I thought I should just look at that book this time. At this point, I was rather curious about what kind of joke I wanted to play and why it was chasing me.

“Nathan, don’t you want to go to the beach?”

It was when he reached for the book. Nathan looked down, reflectively at the words below. Hazard’s body was crouching against the bookshelf that I only saw the head of. 

“The beach? Why the ocean all of a sudden?”

“I was supposed to go to my friend’s villa, but it was too quiet to go there alone, so I was wondering if you could come with me. You’re not going to stay inside the academy all the time during the vacation, are you?”

“I was only going to be in the academy.”

“It’s better there. Let’s go play for a change!”

“Well, the sea. It’s been a while since I’ve been there.”

The sea, the sea……. I had a strange feeling. Nathan listened to what Hazard was saying in one ear and spilled while he was trying to remember the reason for the sudden signs. Then Nathan opened his eyes wide when the name ‘Remberton’ was mentioned in his mouth.

“Oh! Marquis Barcela’s summer house!”

The name Barcela reminded me. It was the place where the incident happened around this time of year. In short, if you accept Hazard’s recommendation now, you can see the incident in the original with your eyes. It was a bit of an interesting story. So far, he knew that this place was in a novel, but he never experienced the events that took place in the original. In addition, the incident that will happen this time was not such a great or big event where their lives went back and forth, and it could be said that it was the episode where they took a rest after suffering in many ways.

Below, Hazard was making words to lure Nathan, saying that the scenery there was beautiful, the specialties were delicious, and there was a lot to see that the festival was going to be held, but Nathan was still listening and leaking in one ear. Yeah, it’d be fun to go. Wouldn’t it be okay to just look around and not do anything? 

“Shall we go?

“So the lobster there… Huh?”

“I’ll go. It’s not bad to see the ocean after a long time. The part-time job ended earlier than I thought, so I think it’ll be okay.”

Looking at Nathan’s strangely excited face, Hazard thought it was good to bring it up. Originally, he should have left for a villa owned by Barcela earlier, but it was a little delayed. So I actually should have left tonight, but I was glad that I asked him once because I was worried about him but he responded better than I thought.

“So when are we leaving?”

Excited to see the original incident in person, Nathan came down the ladder, forgetting what he was just trying to do. Afraid that Nathan would fall off the ladder while coming down, Hazard jumped up and grabbed the ladder, and continued to chat.

“I’m going by train tonight. And you know that, right? The number of non-official boarding areas has increased. I heard you’re going to Yeongji, where the villa is.”

“You’re going on a non-fair ride?”

“Yeah! What do you think? It sounds fun, right?”

Nathan responded with a quizzical face, looking quite excited. Then he suddenly found that the window had turned red before he knew it.

“But Hazard, it’s good to go tonight… Can we finish the work by the last train?”

Nathan took a pocket watch out, checked the time once, and checked the boxes around him and the bookcase, which was still a little empty. Hazard’s gaze followed him around and swept his face with his palm.

“Damn it. Nathan, don’t even think about having dinner tonight! Let’s eat on the train after we clean up here first!”

Raising his sleeves to the fullest extent, Hazard piled up boxes scattered at his feet one by one. I thought I was going to take it all at once. As the box was full of books, the weight was no joke, Hazard’s forearm, carrying the box, has veins sticking out. No matter how much he is, he will have to go back and forth several times with this burden. Nathan pondered for a moment. In the end, I decided to play a trick.

“… Azar, is Bill out there?”

T/N: Not sure if I said it yet but ‘Azar’ is another name for ‘Hazard’. A bit like a nickname if you will.

“I don’t think so.”

Hazard stopped stacking boxes for a moment and peeped out of the bookcase and looked around. There was no sign of anyone but them two, let alone Bill. After listening to Hazard, Nathan took his wand, which was usually made in the form of jewelry, and held it in his hand. 


“If Bill catches me, I’ll get in trouble. Just keep your eyes on the door.”

If Bill catches him, Professor Michael will be informed. For some reason, Professor Michael was particularly fond of Nathan among his magic students. That was something Nathan also noticed. ‘Maybe it’s bothering you because you’ve been niggling next to him a lot.’ Therefore, when the story went into his ears in this way, he would be scolded twice as much as others. 

Nathan took a deep breath, and held his wand. I should have drawn a magic circle in advance, but I couldn’t prepare for today’s situation because it was unexpected. It was a moment when I missed the bundles of paper in the room.

The magic of applying mana to drawing magic gin was ink, and the wand in his hand was a pen. It was simple and difficult to draw. First, the expression to reduce the weight was engraved, and the wind was drawn so that it could be floated in the air, and then the detailed expression was engraved to arrive at the desired location. Like his master, his magic was dull. Nathan’s hands moved fast, swinging his wand with a graceful hand. Nathan didn’t let go of this time.

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  1. the pov seems to switch around a lot so it’s a bit confusing !

  2. Maybe the reason why Professor Michael was like that to Nathan is because he knows that Nathan is not Nathan. Maybe he can see it through his magical eyes.