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“Why are you approaching me?”

As he did so, Nathan flinched back. Behind his back, he touched the window in the hallway. Hazard, who took advantage of Nathan’s gaze for a moment, approached him before he knew it and reached out to Nathan.


Hazard snatched his skinny waist quickly, and carried Nathan on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Nathan exclaimed in astonishment at the sudden overturned view.

“What- what? Put me down!”

“Come on, come on, let’s go back to sleep!”


His stomach hurt from his stiff shoulders, but Nathan was not in the right mind to care about it now. Hazard strode along with Nathan in his arms. Nathan was stunned and struck Hazard on the back with his fist, but only his hands hurt.

“I told you to let me down!”

So Nathan gave up hitting and grabbed Hazard’s back head. My hands were covered with soft blonde hair. Hazard suddenly felt a pain that seemed to want to pull his head off so he pretended to be hurt.

“It hurts, it hurts, okay! I’ll drop you off!”

Hazard finally threw Nathan down on the bed. The bed rocked loudly. The soft bed absorbed the shock irritably well, so Nathan lay quietly on the bed without shaking. Nathan, who was full of confusion in his head, belatedly came to his senses and tried to raise himself. But before that, Hazard rolled him up in a quilt and left him unmoving. Nathan barely got to say how the situation was just absurd and now all he could do was pout.

“…What are you doing?”

Nathan raised his voice more than usual because he was giddy and speechless. He wasn’t angry with Hazard, but he was just embarrassed in a series of unexpected situations, so his words were sharp sounding.

“Oh, where am I going at this time of night?”

Azar mumbled, sweeping back his tangled hair.

“Your room will be ready by tomorrow. So let’s just sleep tonight, huh?”

I thought I could solve it if I struggled, but Hazard wrapped me up like a cocoon. 

It was faster for Azar to come up to the bed. Nathan wriggled back in surprise. The head of the bed touched his back and there was nowhere else to run.

Hazard, sitting on the bed, tilts his head looking at Nathan. I heard a laugh. Nathan’s murky green eyes were shaking wildly at him. Hazard, who was looking at Nathan with his mouth covered for a while, soon folded his eyes and smiled with them. Then, he dragged Nathan with his blanket, hugged him all over, and lay down on the bed.

“What, what? What are you doing?!”

“Because I think you’re expecting something?”

Nathan was stunned by the voice full of wet playfulness. It was so hard to catch up with him!

“Let’s sleep comfortably, I really need to sleep now.”

Azar buried his face in the blanket, embracing Nathan, who was wriggling and struggling in his arms. His arms and legs tightly bind Nathan in his arms.

“…How can you sleep comfortably?”

Nathan lamented. How can you say to sleep comfortably in this position when you are tightening him with your waist and legs? 



Then Nathan stiffened himself with a murmur near his chest. Nathan just rolled his eyes and looked at the place where the sound originated. The top of Hazard’s round head in his vision.

“..I haven’t slept well for more than four days now. It’s really my limit. Of course, it’s the same for you. Do you know what the Doctor said? They suspect you’re overworked. You should stay in bed for about three days. So why don’t we sleep quietly now?”


Nathan shut his mouth. Now I could see that the voice was drowsy. So what can he say to that? He was responsible for 80% of Hazard’s sleepless nights. A faint sense of guilt creeps up. Nathan closed his eyes tightly. I couldn’t sleep, but Nathan was also tired mentally.

‘…Yeah, it’s not that hard to be a bamboo wife.’

Nathan’s stubbornness was also dampened by the thought of Azar, who had suffered not sleeping in his own bed because of him. So Nathan relaxed all over his body. He wriggled and relaxed his rather uncomfortable posture, and tried to find a comfortable posture.

‘I’m not really going to sleep now.’

My head, which had been hardened by the quiet night air, is now working. Was there really no place for one person to sleep in this spacious mansion? There must have been plenty of time to prepare roughly. Furthermore, if it didn’t matter if it was a room that wasn’t cleaned yet, it would have been possible to receive only one room that wasn’t used roughly, and in other ways, Hazard would have had the option of sleeping anywhere. Nathan realized that he might have been fooled by this main character’s nonsense. 

‘There really is something wrong for me to be fooled by that nonsense…’

Following a sigh, the hair in front of my nose was disheveled. 

Nathan closed his mouth tightly, flinching at him.‘Can he really sleep like this? Isn’t it uncomfortable to sleep with someone else?’

Nathan was uncomfortable, to be honest. Maybe because I always fell asleep alone, but with someone next to me, I felt like I couldn’t fall asleep because I was worried about everything I could do. Even if I closed my eyes to fall asleep, the signs that there was another person next to me became more vivid, and eventually, I had no choice but to open my eyes again. The illusion occurred that he could hear not only his breathing but also his heart. And all of that tickled his nerves, so there was no way he could fall asleep.

The blond hair shone brightly in the dark. The head is round and the fine hair is scattered on the sheet. Nathan glanced at it silently. If his hands were free, he seemed to want to stroke them, so he just wiggled his fingers under the blanket for no reason.

‘I can’t believe I’m so defenseless.’

Even if Nathan is harmless enough, shouldn’t he be honestly careful? Apart from his kindness, many sought his life, so Hazard not only did not sleep in front of others but always used the room alone. In the original book, it was only when he went on an adventure and slept outside or had only one room because there was no place to sleep. But now it’s far from that situation.

I was slightly worried that the mouse was worried about the cat, but wouldn’t it be very dangerous for him to be so sloppy to others?

“Azar, you brat. Why do I sleep so comfortably without knowing the world? I think the prince of a country should not sleep with other people next to him without thinking.”

“Shut up, Nathan.”

“All right, all right. Go to sleep, go to sleep.”

I shouldn’t have said that. He grumbled more into Nathan’s arms in his sleep. Nathan was stunned by the weight of his body. Nathan also thought that he would not be able to sleep because the body temperature of others digging into the product was very unfamiliar.

Maybe it’s a good thing. He was afraid to fall asleep. The fact that my body moved and spoke freely while I couldn’t remember it made me feel worse. It didn’t matter when I didn’t know that, but now that I found out, I was endlessly anxious to fall asleep. 

Only then did Nathan understand why Hazard had not told him the truth. 

If I had known about my sleepwalking earlier, this anxiety would have grown uncontrollably. Then it was obvious after that. It would have been a series of vicious cycles. I should not be stressed out as much as possible, but it was obvious that it would never have healed as it was because it was stressful just to keep reminding myself.

After coming to this world, he often suffered from insomnia. This is because things like his current situation, the set future that will happen, and the uncertain future that may change due to him have all contributed to his anxiety. 

During the day, I was busy adjusting to the current situation, so I didn’t have time to think about anything else. 

However, as soon as he lay on the bed at night, thoughts pushed to one side poured out like a bank burst and occupied his head. So he couldn’t sleep easily. Every time he tries to comfort himself that he needs to sleep, his sleepiness goes away. That’s why he falls asleep repeating the same word like brainwashing.

Nathan, who had been unable to sleep every night in that way, chose to solve insomnia by overworking his body. 

When I was tired, I could fall asleep by fainting, so I could not think about anything. So from some point on, I had a habit of being busy while I was awake. If I was distracted by work and studying, I could fall asleep with just my eyes closed.

But from one day on, the method began to be useless. It was after Nathan had a dream. Even if you fall asleep, your tiredness doesn’t go away, it only adds up. 

His dream took up the time he could sleep, so his mind could not think properly at some point. What happened just a moment ago came to mind like a piece of broken film, and the number of moments he couldn’t remember increased.

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Hazard rolled him up like a burrito XD

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