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Part 1: Count Dundress’s murder


The cool breeze blew the curtains, and sunlight poured in between them.


 I opened my eyes comfortably.


It’s a cozy cottage on a hill overlooking the strait of Tofino.


The white sunlight was pouring into a channel that connects the Sigelon continent.


Located at the highest point of the hill, where many cottages and small numbered houses are huddled together beneath this hill where four seas meet, creating magnificent scenery that can be viewed from the window of the second-floor bedroom that been my sweet Home for a month.


I am Nass Moetton, a self-made doctor on the verge about to be expelled from the family. 


However, I have grabbed my belongings and some savings accumulated for four years to run away from home.


Well, although Imperial Bank still owns more than half of the land, I still succeeded in getting my own home six years after I came to Kildare, the capital city.


As I rolled over the bed, opened my eyes, and found letters send by my family on the side table.


According to the letter sent by my step-sister, my older brother was furious.


I didn’t open the letters sent by my brother, Barnster, but it was evident what was written even I didn’t read the contents.


I’m going to use those to light the fireplace today after deciding I turned around holding a pillow.


 Today was my day off. 


It was too much to buy a coach but to drive around in a public carriage until last month, as the coach was overloaded for bringing in new bed and furniture.


So I returned on the weekend and rolled around on the bed, yet I was barely able to breathe after getting paid just yesterday.


 It’s a day off, and I want to bake cookies after a long time since I baked something.


I’m only confident about baking chocolate chip cookies, and after baking, I’m thinking of giving them to Gibril.


I went down to the kitchen, scratching my head.


I was not good at household work, but I wasn’t able to afford a maid because of my job.


 I looked around the room and pulled out only the teacup and tea from the chest of drawers.


Carefully, I held a cup of black tea in my hand and bit the rye bread.


After spending my quality time alone, I got up and went to the bedroom and sat down on the recliner placed by the window.


I like to drink warm tea in the afternoon while buried my body on the sofa and enjoying the cool sea breeze from outside the window.


Downstairs, I heard an urgent knocking on the door, along with shouting for my name from afar.


Sighing at the familiar voice, I found the brush, put it on my shoulder, and slowly went downstairs.


While heading for the front door, the sound of knocking on the door grew even louder.


“Senior! Senior Nass! Are you sleeping? Senior!!”


“It’s noisy, Gibril. What the hell is going on?”


“It’s a big deal, senior!”


“What’s a big deal? That I am taking a day off?”


Without pretending to listen to me, Gibril shouted.


“A corpse was found which killed by masu!”


My face hardened at the words of my junior Gibril, who was always a bit fussy.


I asked urgently, not noticing that the brush was running down from my shoulder.


“A masu ?  a masu was found in Kildea?”


“Yes! Senior, the Ministry of  justice has been in chaos right now. Manager Ferno told me to bring you right now for examine the masu .”


“Come on, wait a minute. I just need to change my clothes.”


I rushed up to the second floor, opened the closet, and put on the clothes I could get.


In a hurry, I combed my hair with my hand, grabbed a ribbon to tie my hair in my mouth, and ran downstairs again.


With my hair tied and boarding in the carriage, Gibril briefly described the incident that turned upside down the police department over this morning.


The hunters found the body of a man half-eaten by a masu on the foot of Mount Denville on the northeastern outskirts of Kildea, the capital of the Linton Empire.


The poor man’s body was in a terrible shape, so the veteran investigators of the Ministry of Police, who went to retrieve the body, were said to have struggled for a long time.


The story of the corpse that the masu ate was spreading out of control, and this was a serious matter if it were to reach in the emperor’s ears.


I heard Gibril’s explanation, but I couldn’t understand it, so I asked again.


“Are you sure of the masu? Gibril, all the masu in the south were defeated. Is it possible if the men get killed by a mountain animal?”


“I thought so, too, but looking at the body, I knew why it was they called its masu’s work.

Uh, you have to see it yourself. Everyone is just waiting for your results. “


Jibril shudders, adding to the description of the body he saw.


The body had no head. There was no left shoulder and arm and half of the left torso.


When the Ministry of Police brought the upper half and lower half of the naked body, the head of the police department, Ferno, reportedly found me, who was the best among investigators.


After studying medicine from the academy, I applied for the Imperial Palace to get my dream job as soon as I graduated.


And while I went to the interview, I met a professor who was anxious to give me trouble from the academy.


Pointing out my mistakes during class and bothering me all the time, and in the end, he rejected me after awkwardly laughing.


I’m not sure how anyone without any ability became imperial righteousness, but I couldn’t give up just yet, so I challenged him next year as well.


And I met him that year too.


I’ll never be able to become an official imperial court doctor as long as he’s in the imperial palace. 


Even worse,  he spread the rumors about me, and for that, the other legislator rejected me.


My brother Barnster told me to come back and get married, but I chose to remain in Kildea.


Even though I was disappointed with my efforts so far, I couldn’t simply return and get married.


Then, smacking the back of Barnster’s head, I got a job at the Department of Economics, knowing that I wouldn’t have any choice if I were to reject the offer.


Despite Barnster’s intimidation and conciliations, I was able to safely establish a home from Kildea due to my ability to discover more evidence than any other detective by medical review and autopsy. 


Ferno, the chief of the police department, greeted me as he hovered in front of the decaying corpse.

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