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The Emperor’s Lover Was Murdered


It was fortunate that it was not the work of Masu, but Ferno looked troubled by the new responsibility to catch the madman who did this against the nobility.


“Yes, sir. No commoner has such clean hands and feet. He’s an aristocrat and had never held a sword before. He’s about 180cm tall, and his hair will be blonde. Look for the missing persons.”


“It’s a mountain over a mountain. I see. Good job, Moetton.”


Ferno approached me as usual, tried to pat me on my shoulder, looked at my cleansed hand, and turned around.


I put down the cloth I was holding, staring at Perno’s back.


A sense of exhaustion that felt like it came from a long time ago resulted from insufficient sleep.


Gibril, who saw my tired face, opened the door of the examination and spoke.


“You haven’t eaten breakfast, senior? Would you like to go for a meal?”


“No, Gibril. I have no appetite–“


“Well, would you like some coffee?”


“Yes, I’d like a strong drink.”


I came up to the investigator’s office and sat down at my seat, and sighed.


The texture left on my fingertips turns into an unpleasant feeling.


This moment was unbearable every time.


I wanted to save people, but I have to touch a body that has already passed away without getting any help.


It was worth exposing the ordeals of those who died unjustly, but this feeling of helplessness was inevitable.


Since only esoteric crimes that ordinary police officers cannot solve are handed over to investigators, they must still deal with the ugly side of human beings.


Someone’s death is often tragic, but it was also challenging work for prosecutors to always line up, even with a high wage, and it required going through some scenarios that weren’t even ideal.


 In particular, I used to be assigned for more complex cases as I was tested for my abilities.


As the only female junior, Gibril, who has been chasing me all the time, had to take on only the worst cases of the Ministry of Justice.


Gibril, who always has a gaunt face, took the coffee and returned to her original complexion because of me.


I was smiling, pretending to be okay, but I was grateful and sorry for my junior, who always worked hard.


“What kind of madman is he?”


Gibril, sitting opposite of me, asked, sipping her share of coffee.


I replied, handing over the bitter coffee.


” not usually a crazy guy. The perpetrator was just trying to hide what he did. A culprit always does that.” 


“Is the culprit also a noble? A hitman or something?”


“Which hitman do this kind of murder to clean evidence?”


“I guess so. Then it’s a grudge. Wouldn’t the culprit have had a lot of grudges if he did something like that?”


“Well, maybe it is. But I think it’s an accidental murder.”


“Accidental murder?”


“Yeah, he killed the victim unexpectedly and disguised it as a masu’s work because he doesn’t want to be caught.”


“It’s plausible. You always have a good sense.”


“Don’t be conclusive. Whatever the reason is, I’m sure he’s a crazy guy.”


“Oh, This case will be in the limelight for the time being.”


Gibril hugged her head in agony, then raised her head and said.


“Senior, run away quickly before you get caught. It’s a day off today, but you have to take a break from now on. What if you’re here and get assigned to that case?”


Oh, just thinking about it hurts my head. I’ve been suffering enough the last month.


I got up quickly, handed out the cup of coffee to Gibril, and hurried out of the Department of Justice.


On my day off, I ran out of the home to do a post-mortem.


It’s really too much to do this work.


I remembered that I had forgotten the butter only when I got back home from the public wagon.


I crawled back into bed because I had no intention of baking cookies anyway.



The next day, Kildea turned upside down as expected.


As the rumors of the masu’s appearance spread, I found out that Ferno was trying to fall into a group panic as he was concerned.


It was too terrible to say that it was just a noble, but the victim was not just a noble but Count Dundresses.


The few remaining wizards of the Linton Empire and head of Count Dundresses, and above all, a man, the lover of Emperor Anisha, was found with half of his body torn off.


This morning, it wasn’t until Emperor Anisha, who had promised to go out with Count Dundresses, to go out to find the countless count as time passed, and then sent a man to find the count who did not show up and realized that the Count was missing.


I heard last night. A coachman told the Count’s butler that he had taken the Count to a bar near Mount Denville. The Count’s butler, who headed for the neighborhood, met the Police who were scouring the mountain, descend from the hill, and identified the body.


After examining the body where even the head has disappeared, let alone the clothes to reveal the identity, the butler of the count who checked the old wound on the right foot fainted, and the identity of the body was revealed.


And it was around 4 p.m. that day that the storm broke out at the already cluttered police department.


As the victim’s identity, as surprising as the body’s condition, was revealed, tension was like a thin ice plate in the investigator’s office.


The case in which the big shot was struck has received a lot of attention, making it even more challenging to investigate.


Furthermore, since the victim is not only a big shot but a high-ranking aristocrat who has been connected to the emperor, the prosecutor assigned to the case was not permitted to enter the house for the time being.

Investigators who wanted to avoid the troublesome case were eager to transfer the case from the Department of justice before the investigation began.


The nobles’ case must be transferred to the intelligence office anyway. After taking the case for no reason, only the hardships will be apparent and will take the Justice bureau’s merit.


Since I went to work, I have been holding my breath in the office.


Then the chief of police’s door burst open as if the door would break, and I saw Ferno, the head of police, racing down the office with a face I’d never seen before.


With a face similar to Ferno’s, Gibril screamed and yelled as I looked down the hallway with a critical eye on what was going on.


“Hey, Senior!”


“Hua, what? What’s going on?”


“The Emperor is here!”




As the victim was the emperor’s lover, I thought the royal court would react somehow, but the emperor appeared in the police department!


All investigators, including myself, ran in front of the Ministry of Justice Province and knelt in front of the imperial carriage.

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