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The Emperor’s Lover Was Murdered Chapter 2.1


The dazzling white carriage door opened, and Emperor Anisha got off the carriage.


While Perno approached almost crawlingly and talked to Emperor Anisha, I glanced and groveled at the image of the Emperor.


Anisha, an iron-blooded emperor who developed the barren island Linton, abandoned half of the land due to masu’s hauntings into a great power comparable to the other countries of the Sigelon continent.


The emperor who produced fireworks from her hands was an archmage who made explosive magic herself and a commander who led the army directly to the tip of the northern Thornpen Mountains.


The land recovered from the beasts was fertile, and the economic power of the Linton Empire became the driving force for explosive growth. It was able to lay the backbone to open the way for imposing trade with the various countries of the continent.


In the Linton Empire, Emperor Anisha was a living god.


She, who wields absolute imperial power, was evaluated as arrogant and overbearing, but no one could speak to her authority.


The Emperor’s Lover, who changed several times after the death of the emperor Eisen seven years ago, was in itself a glorious gossip and a shortcut to power.

It was about three months ago that Count Dundres became the emperor’s lover.


The imperialists, who regretted that the only prince, Landid, was weaker than his mother and that he had not inherited any of great magical talents from her mother, instead welcomed the meeting of Count Dundresses and the emperor.


Count Dundresses was, in comparison to being incomparable to the king, was also a sorcerer, so bureaucrats were eagerly awaiting the birth of the 2nd Prince.


Even after the 1st prince turned 25, the emperor’s reluctance to name him as crown prince intensified their expectations.


Emperor Anisha was 46 years old this year, and although she was old enough to have children, it was not impossible.


Maybe it’s due to the abundance of mana, but Anisha appears to be in her mid-30s at most.


She was always energetic and beautiful.


The flowing blonde was dazzling, the emperor’s complexion was flawless, and the reddish eyes were like precious jewels.


It was the first time I saw the emperor’s face so close, but I couldn’t help but admire it.


She was an emperor, the supreme ruler, full of elegance and dignity. Nobody here has the guts to oppose her and meekly bow down to her because of her oppressive aura.


Whether or not the rumors that Anisha liked Count Dundresses were real, she rushed up to the Department of Police and wanted to see his body, despite the denial of Ferno, the Department of Police’s head.


After Anisha’s insistency Ferno lead her to the morgue, then the investigators returned to the office.


The investigators, taken aback by the emperor’s unexpected arrival, assembled to share the emperor’s news.


Some pinpointed the age difference with the now 32-year-old Count Dundresses, and others refuted with the emperor’s age.


Then there was an unnoticed war, and the emperor arrived unannounced.


Even if the case was transferred to the intelligence office later, we must face the emperor’s scorn. If the case is settled before the transfer, we may be hired by the intelligence bureau.


Everyone wondered who Ferno would call, so no one left the investigator’s office. I also talked with Gibril about who would be assigned the case.

I’m curious if the senior Ruben, whom Ferno wants to succeed him, will be in charge.


Because of Rubel’s exceptional expertise and abilities, as well as his status as a former count, it would be convenient to investigate the count’s event.


Maybe Ferno, the head of the police department, will take the case directly.


He’s from a marquis, so it would be a little easier to pick up the count’s case.


Since the emperor came here, it was probably something that Ferno would assume first.


Anyway, it had nothing to do with me. I had to get a job right away, so I came to the Ministry of Justice, but my dream was to be a doctor.


It’s funny now, four years since I’ve been a prosecutor., so I decided to focus on treating alive patients from now, if possible. [T/N- She doesn’t want to post-mortem dead bodies. ]


There was a limit to my elevation in the Ministry of the Interior, where you need family support for promotion, which I did not have, and the prosecutors who had been aiming for promotion had a chance in the count’s murder case if the emperor’s attention turned to them.


In any scenario, I doubted that the opportunity would come to me, causing me to surpass my seniors.

As the gossip went back and forth for a long time, a police team member came up to the office.


“Well, Inspector Nass Moetton. Come down to the morgue.”


“What? Me?”


I immediately stood up, pointing my finger at my face.


Jibril stared at me with anxious eyes.


I went down to the morgue, receiving Gibril’s worried farewell.

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