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The Emperor’s Lover Was Murdered



When I opened the door to the mortuary, I found Emperor Anisha standing in front of Count Dundress’s body.


Ferno looked back at me, sweating.


As I tried to bent my knees, Anisha opened her mouth.


“That’s enough. Are you Nass Moetton?”


“Yes. Your majesty.”


“Was it you who found out that Count Dundresse died with a sword?”


“Yes, your majesty.”


“With your exceptional talent, can you find out who killed him?”




I raised my head reflexively, then hurried down again.


There was no expression on the emperor’s face that I looked at for a moment, and her voice was full of dignity.


The red eyes were looking down at me, and I couldn’t have the guts to protest that I couldn’t comply with that order.


The feeling was like eating shit. I cleared my throat and replied to the emperor’s command.


“I will do my best, Your Majesty.”


“I don’t want everyone to quibble about the count’s case. I want you to carry out the investigation alone.”


Solitary investigation?


If the one who kills the Count is a nobleman, the investigation will be complicated from the start, but do it alone.


When Anisha told me to investigate the case alone, even if the entire Ministry of Justice was stuck, I couldn’t answer right away this time.


After hesitating over and over again, I lowered my head more profoundly and carefully opened my mouth.


“Your Majesty, your commands will be carried out with uttermost  sincerity, but it will be difficult to accomplish the results you desire with my limited resources as a solitary investigator.”


Ignoring Ferno’s contemplation and faint gestures, I waited for Anisha’s reply.


The emperor was generous to me, but I don’t want to be the only one to face the emperor’s wrath and die alone if any bad things happen.


The emperor was generous to me, but I don’t want to be the only one facing the emperor’s wrath and dying alone if something awful happens.


“I will give you the commander of my SS (secret service). I’ll get rid of anything that blocks you.”

As Anisha gestured, the man behind her took a step forward.


The man looked tidy and sophisticated, with precisely trimmed black hair.


With being the emperor’s escort, you can’t afford ordinary skills.


He looked young, but if he is the commander of the SS (Secret Service), he is the emperor’s living weapon.


As expected, he looked like a solid rock, as if he wouldn’t bleed a drop of blood.


As I looked up, the commander greeted me.


“I’m Stain, Young-lady.”


“Yes? Yes, it’s Nas Moetton.”


“If you face any problem, let me know.”


Anisha, who saw Stein and me exchanging greetings awkwardly, confirmed the situation in a word.


There was no way. Since the SS commander was given to me, I can’t back out from this case; otherwise, my head will be severed.


“Yes, Your Majesty.”


Emperor Anisha looked down at my face for a moment and then stepped away.


And she left the mortuary without looking back.


Ferno hurriedly followed her, leaving only Count Dundress’s body, me, and Captain Stein in the room.


I stood there for a while to determine the crap I am into.


To determine who the culprit is, handing over this case to the Ministry of Justice and not transferring it to the intelligence agency? Why?


No, rather than that, why is it me, leaving all the talented and experienced seniors?


Although I did autopsy the body of Count Dundresses, autopsy and investigation are different.


If you want to investigate an aristocrat, my seniors with the ranks like marquis or count will do much better.


What did the emperor mean investigating with the commander of the SS?


Speaking of the emperor’s escort, it is an extraordinary force made up of top and elite among the Linton Imperial Army raised by Emperor Anisha.


Under the order of the emperor, the commander of that special service, he will help me investigate the murder of Count Dundresses.


It means the commander is an aristocrat and has the right to capture and interrogate and has the emperor’s seal.


Being an investigator wasn’t very difficult due to the nature of the Ministry of Justice, Trade, and Industry, which has been recruited approx 10,000 people due to the high turnover rate.


My goal was to make money without falling out of favor and then get a small clinic when rumors from the imperial professor subsided–

If I don’t solve this case, I won’t have a promising future, and this time the case could watch under the Emperor’s Majesty.


However, if I solved the case that the emperor was paying attention to, I might have a chance for a quick promotion.


Among the investigators, there are rumors that if you are promoted to a higher investigator position as a ‘Senior,’ your salary will double.


All I want to do is earn money and become a doctor.


It was a distant story, but when I had a pleasing imagination and lost in those feelings.


It was a risky gamble, but it was worth a try.


In addition, I am not in a position to reject the emperor’s order.


Admitting the fact that I had stepped on golden poop by crying and eating mustard (slang/pun ), Stein, who had been staring at me all the time, make eye contact.


“Oh, I’m sorry. Hey, Captain?”


“You can call me Stein, lady Moetton.”


“You can just call me Nass, too. Then Mr. Stein, are you going investigate with me in the future?”


“Yes, of course, lady Nass.”


“I’ll have to make room in the office. Well, first of all, shall we leave?”


After my words fell, Stein opened the door.

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