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The Emperor’s Lover Was Murdered

Chapter 6 Part 1



I thought I would fall asleep soon, but I blinked in the dark and stared blankly at the ceiling.


I was tired, but the realization that I had been assigned a murder case to the Emperor’s dictatorship held me sleepless.


The Marquis of Gullyl was famous enough that I know him even I, who was not interested in the trends or gossip of the aristocracy.


He was known as the emperor’s lover until half a year ago.


He was a favorite of the emperor for two years, and now the only fiancee of the 1’st price Lantid and the niece of the marquis is mentioned, and she was a remarkable figure among the aristocrats.


If the head of the Linton Empire’s best family, along with the title Marquis of Serafel, killed Count Den Dress, was it because of jealousy towards the Count, who was also the emperor’s favorite.


I had heard rumors that the marquis’s response was fierce when the emperor was invaded in the count’s murder case.


I can understand that he didn’t want to be easily discarded, as I heard rumors that he was clinging desperately to his majesty, but can it possible for him to murder the count.


Was the emperor really worth much to committing such an extreme thing for her? 


Or did he lose his mind due to the wounds of a broken heart?

Or rather, even if he really is the real culprit in this murder case, can I find out?


What if I mess around? Then for sure, the marquis will throw his gloves at me.

[Declare for a duel that can be a gunfight or swordfight]


Come to think of it, wasn’t Marquis Gullail called the best  Imperial Swordsman when he was young?


Will he confess — If not, how else should subpoena the duke?


It’s worrisome to summon the marquis.


I was just called on a holiday and had to do an autopsy…


After many thoughts, I even poured out my resentment towards the emperor who entrusted me with this task, and I finally fell asleep late at night.


The following day, I went to the Police Department, thinking that I did not want to go to work, and Stein met me at the entrance to the Police Department building.


Looking a little surprised at my swollen face due to lack of sleep, he comforted me and talked to me.


“I reported it to His Majesty, and she gave me a strong supporter.”


So the person is a more vital supporter than the SS commander.


Why is it that anxiety precedes happiness?


“Who is he?”


“Waiting in Miss Nass’s office.”

I asked who it was, and Stein stepped forward as if guiding me.


Curious about the identity of the reinforcements, who will even help investigate the Marquis Gulil, I climbed the stairs and headed to the second floor of the office.


However, for some reason, all the investigators rushed out into the hallway outside the office and chatted.


I saw Gibril’s ponytail and patted her on the back, and spoke.


“Why is everyone out there?”


“Seni!, senior. What the hell are you doing?”


“Huh? As you know, I’m investigating the murder of Count Dundress.”


“Yesterday Your Majesty came, and today…”


“Today, what? Who is here?”


I asked nervously, but Gibril pushed me back with a face of indescribability.


It was hard to tell whether the eyes of fellow investigators standing in the hallway were sympathetic or suffocated.


The moment I entered the office door and looked at my seat, I immediately knew why they were being driven into the hallway.


The only prince of the Linton Empire who has the same honey blonde hair as His Majesty Anisha, blue eyes that he inherited from his father, Prince Aizen, and the only prince of the Linton Empire who has stayed on the frontline for a long time and has recently returned to Kildea.

In other words, Prince Lantid, who will become the next emperor, sat in my seat and got up.


The prince walked right in front of me.


The reinforcements Stein spoke of must not be him, please, not him. [T/N- sorry dear he is]


Even with the Marquis Gulil, it’s hard enough, but the prince! I begged fiercely in my heart, but Lantid looked down at my face and asked.


“Are you Moetton Young lady? No, should I call you Inspector Nass?”


I stood there dazedly, then hurriedly folded my knees.


Regardless of whether it was a Young lady or an investigator, the body, which had been felling to the floor fiercely, was held in the hands of the prince, thinking that he would be lucky if he were not taken to the intelligence bureau for the crime of looking at the prince’s face.


I stood up straight, with both arms held by him.


“You don’t have to. Let’s skip the greetings from now on.”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


“I think we should hang out together for a while. Why don’t we skip the title Moetton Young lady?”


“Yes, well, thank you, Your highness. You can call me whatever you want. “


“Then miss Nass. I was sitting there while you were away.”


“I apologize for you came to an inconvenient place, Your Highness.”

“Omitted the apology. I was fine, but your co-workers seemed uncomfortable. Are there any vacant offices in the Ministry of Police?”


In response to Lantid’s question, I looked back at Gibril with earnest wishes.


Gibril read my words perfectly and nodded vigorously.


“There is Your highness.


 “I’ll show you around.”


“Then shall we move there?”


“Yes, Your Highness, come this way.”


I took the lead and walked forward, looking only at Jibril’s ponytail, who was guiding the direction.


The prince and Stein were taken in a private office used by a senior investigator who had recently retired.


The senior investigator called me, watching the prince get down on the shabby sofa and wondering whether he should serve tea or not.


“Miss Nass. Sit down. I’ve received a brief report from Stein, but I’d like to hear more details.”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


So, I was able to sit face to face with the prince at eye level.


This sitting arrangement is driving me crazy.

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