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Author: Niks



All creatures born on this land enjoy the time given to them and return to nothing.


The same goes for Mirania, the great witch.


No, I couldn’t go against the law of life any more just because I was the ‘great witch’.


At the last minute, it was a little disappointing, but I was satisfied.


Finally, I finished everything and was able to rest. I thought it was.




Someone was calling my name…


After a very long sleep, Mirania woke up and opened her eyes. A second later, she was surprised and confused at the same time.


‘Am I alive?’


I wiggled my fingers with a blank expression. Fingers that move according to my will.


I looked down at my body.


A blanket that covers up to my chest. My face quickly hardened.


Thin fingers that don’t have any flesh.


The back of my hand was transparent enough to see the veins.


I couldn’t even blink at this moment.


My body was much thinner than I remembered. My skinny body, which was as if it hadn’t been taken care of for a long time.


Where am I?


“Oh My God.”


I was amazed to feel the power flowing in my body. What with this amazing state? Was it a situation where a river dried up and became a stream?


‘What a ridiculously weak magic!’


Standing up in embarrassment, only then could I feel someone’s presence.






My neck was stiff. My cheek stings. With a cold sweat, I glanced sideways. 


I became suspicious




For a moment, I couldn’t figure it out.


After a while, the face of someone stuck in my head appeared in front of me.


Whoops, I turned my head. A face that didn’t respond to my sudden movements.


It looks familiar somewhere.


‘No way.’


A mature appearance than the afterimage left in my head with deep dark eyes like the abyss.


‘How could it be? Was it him? That man?’


A voice without confidence flowed out of my mouth.




His response was dramatic.


His nervous face brightened. A feeling of joy loomed over his face, which was deep enough to make me flinch.




And then there’s a long silence.


Are you crying? 


Soon, the man mumbled in a wet voice.


“Finally you woke up, at last it happened.”


Mirania looked suspiciously at Grecan’s big hand, which was covering one of my hands.


Grecan? Was he really Grecan?


‘This guy?’


A man’s big hand. On the back of his hand, there were rough scars everywhere that I didn’t remember if it was there before.


There were scars that looked new, but there were also scars that had turned white and seemed like they’re from a long time ago.


“Are you hungry?”


Mirania, who came to her senses, frowned.


I guess, it seems like it was really Grecan.


Suddenly, a strange feeling came. 


I felt unfamiliar with him, who I thought I knew well.


I turned my gaze behind Grecan and scanned the unfamiliar room.


A big curtain. Furniture with an elegant texture peculiar to expensive rosewood. Famous paintings and decorations made by craftsmen in various places in a spacious room.


It was at the height of splendor.


“Where am I?”


“My house.”


Grecan simply replied.


“Your house? This was the territory of the wolves…”


Smooth and clean blanket. A pattern embroidered with gold thread. 


Mirania quickly came to a conclusion.


“I’m sure it’s not. Where’s Malandor? Leberians and Alliz. Right! Was Alliz okay? I’m sure they’ve been healed after drinking my blood, but I still need to check…”


“Stop, please Mirania.”


Grecan’s eyebrows frowned. Mirania kept her mouth shut after.


Again. It’s strange.


Grecan sighed as if he was disappointed.


“You don’t have to worry about that.”


‘Worry about that?’


Mirania’s expression became strange.


For some reason, the nerve cord felt tight.


His eyes drooped as if he was sad.


“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting?”




“I couldn’t even imagine. How long I’ve been waiting for you to open your eyes.”


Grecan’s black eyes became damp. A man with sad eyes with a male scent.


In a word, it didn’t suit you.


Mirania realized the identity of the sense of disparity she had felt.


The wolf cub she raised, and cared for until she was put to rest.


But who’s this man in front of me?


His energy was far superior to that of the former wolf leader.


A perfectly mature man’s attitude, and somehow dangerous atmosphere, made him look even more mature.


She was very unfamiliar with it.


‘How much time has passed?’


It didn’t seem like a day or two after I went to rest.


My head was hazy as if there was fog clouding my mind.


Mirania shook her head slightly to keep her confused mind straight.


I tried to regain my composure by sweeping my face down with one hand that was not held by Grecan. 


Fortunately, it was not difficult to maintain composure.


“I’m sorry, but I still need to hear it. What’s happened?”


Her golden eyes subsided calmly.




Grecan, unaware of the seriousness in her words, asked back, gently stroking the back of her hand.


His touch was very caring. It wasn’t Grecan, who jumped after the little witch’s kiss.


I was unfamiliar with Grecan’s behavior, as skillful as Leberians, so I replied one step later, removing my hand from him.


“How could I be alive when I should have died? In such a weakened state like this?”


Grecan looked down at his empty hand. Then calmly took her one hand back.


Mirania cared about him without a word.


Soon, Grecan slowly began to talk


“Yes, it almost disappeared. I really thought, Mirania was dead.”




“It was strange that I wasn’t dead.”


She examined his face gently.


A darker and more brutal impression than the Grecan I remember.


‘You’ve changed, you’ve changed completely.’


Suddenly, the tension in her gaze was already gone. Grecan said with a keen face, as if he did not know her reaction.


“On the other hand, I thought that Mirania couldn’t die like this. I’m glad you didn’t die then.”




“I did well, didn’t I? Why don’t you praise me?”


Grecan raised Mirania’s hand and rubbed her hand to his hair.


Unlike before, each and every one of Grecan’s actions was annoying, but before that, she focused on understanding the current situation according to Grecan’s words.


‘I survived and didn’t die? How?’


Mirania’s head was full of confusion and different thoughts came to mind.

The long sigh went down.


“Red flower… Was it because of that?”




“It’s unbelievable. It’s actually possible to save the dead.”


Grecan did not deny it.


She rolled up the blanket and lowered her feet under the bed. Immediately, Grecan grabbed her hands tightly.


“Where are you going?”


Looking down at her hand painfully held by Grecan, Mirania narrowed her brows.


“What else should I be doing?”


The voice that followed was bleak.




With a soft voice, Grecan blinked and tilted his head.


I stroked Grecan’s black hair without awkwardness.


Just like I did to little Grecan, who was hoping for praise.


Even though his youthful appearance had completely disappeared and he had grown into a menacing male, Grecan closed his eyes halfway and rumbled his neck to show that some of his

childhood appearance remained.


It was a sign that felt good.


After I calmed my heart, I began to soothe ‘Grecan the Black Wolf’ in earnest.


“Could you help me? I have things left to finish.”


“Things to finish?”


“I have to figure out exactly what happened, and if it’s not finished, I’ll have to end it.”


Grecan, who was enjoying the touch of Mirania, said dryly.






“What are you going to do?”




“Oh, because of your death?”


Grecan opened his eyes. It was cold as a blunt gaze. I was stunned.


“Why? do you want to die?”


A somewhat childish question. I felt the tension have eased slightly.


Had he realized the truth as the leader of the wolves, he wouldn’t have asked this question, how many years has it been?


Mirania replied calmly.


“That’s how it works.”


Mirania moved the blanket to the side and raised herself up. Even then, Grecan remained still.


The moment I want to pass by Grecan.


Grecan held my chin and wrist.


Gregan got up slowly.


Mirania was unknowingly nervous because of the dark shadow covering her.


‘When did you get so tall…’


He used to be on the large side, but he seemed like one head bigger than the others.


Standing behind Grecan, her body seemed to be covered and not a single hair could be seen as her trace.


Mirania swallowed her saliva.


‘Am I nervous?’


She was stunned by her own reaction.


Grecan placed his hand on her shoulder in embarrassment and pressed it gently.


Mirania instinctively tried to resist, but her legs bended before she could give strength to them.


Grecan looked down at Mirania, who sat in his bed.


His face looked darker as the shade fell under his deep eyes.


“What the hell are you doing…?”


Grecan’s tightly closed mouth opened as he was about to burst in anger.


“Are you going to abandon me again?”



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